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C7 Dragon-breaking Star

"You want to get any information from me, that's wishful thinking!" The leader said. Lee Baiyun thought, "This guy kept saying he can't tell me any news, which means he knows a lot. I must get this kid to ask him and see what the hell he's thinking.

"Puppy!" Don't you know you're finished? "

"Is that so?" The leader smiled indifferently, "I think you are too arrogant! I need to be punished! " That person laughed lewdly. The Sky Annihilation Demon Hook in his hand shone with a black light. He rushed forward and attacked him. The black light on his hand was like an unspeakable power that covered Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi.

Yang Xuechi had long known about the power of his Devil's Annihilation. She naturally did not dare to be careless. She extended her body and avoided the black light. Her white hands shot out like a white dragon and wrapped around the leader.

"Speak!" Otherwise, your bones will crack and you will die! " Yang Xuechi said loudly.

"Humph!" "The leader didn't care about Yang Xuechi's threats at all." Hehe! This kid is really tough! " Lee Baiyun became interested in the kid, so he asked, "Hey!" When I was in the countryside, we had a children's game. Would you like to play it? "

"Tch!" "What trick can you use to scare me!" The leader looked at Lee Baiyun in dissatisfaction. Lee Baiyun did not say anything more to him, he raised the Wolf Soul Sword and drew a circle in the air. In the circle, Lee Baiyun made ten small holes, he took out five round stones and said: "You have five of these, I will have five, whoever gets the fastest and the most accurate, throw these five stones into the hole, whoever wins will be the one to obey."

"What?" That leader didn't expect Lee Baiyun to have such a method. Ah, he was suddenly overjoyed in his heart. This bastard is really an idiot. I have cultivated for so many years, could it be that I can't beat him? He agreed immediately. Yang Xuechi didn't understand, but she didn't ask Lee Baiyun. She just stood there quietly, wanting to see what the hell was up with Lee Baiyun.

Lee Baiyun had been an expert at playing marbles since he was young. It was naturally impossible for him to win against Lee Baiyun, but Lee Baiyun had deliberately lost to him.

"I win!" "Haha!" The leader laughed.

"Yes, I've lost. You can leave now!" Lee Baiyun said.

"Really?" That leader was a little doubtful.

Lee Baiyun said affirmatively, "I'm speaking the truth!" The leader was extremely excited and happily scampered off.

Lee Baiyun smiled and said, "Let's keep up."

Only then did Yang Xuechi realize that Lee Baiyun was harboring enemies on the map. Yang Xuechi followed behind Lee Baiyun. In her heart, she felt that this kid was really smart, she really couldn't see through it.

After following for a while, the leader directly entered a bamboo forest. "The bamboo forest used to be an unmarked cemetery, but someone planted a bamboo many years ago. As a result, these graves were covered by bamboo and turned into a sea of bamboo like this.

This bamboo forest was quite dangerous, as it was one of the divisions of the Dark Domain. I wonder what kind of conspiracies they have here.

When that person entered a tomb, he looked around and found that no one had knocked on a bamboo that was as thick as a bowl beside him. When that person entered a tomb, he looked around and found that no one had knocked on a bamboo that was as thick as a bowl next to him.

"It seems like this person's identity is not small. This place is filled with strange things." Yang Xuechi said.

Lee Baiyun said softly, "Be careful. Let's check it out here."

Yang Xuechi knew very well that she wasn't in a hurry to get there.

The leader suddenly kneeled down in front of the man in red clothes. With a wave of his hand, the leader vanished into thin air.

"Demon Sovereign Technique!" Yang Xuechi was astonished. It seemed that this person had quite the background. Those who could cultivate the Demon Sovereign Technique would generally have a high status in the Dark Domain.

"You know?"

"I know, it's better if we leave quickly, otherwise he will find us!" Yang Xuechi panicked as she looked at that person's high cultivation base. Maybe he had already noticed the existence of Lee Baiyun and her.

Lee Baiyun was also very clear that the reason why that person killed the leader was probably because the leader exposed this place. Since he knew, then, just when Lee Baiyun was about to leave, Ergou flew over with fiery red clothes. Lee Baiyun only saw a flash of red and that person was standing in front of them.

"Still trying to run away!" The man said coldly.

Lee Baiyun also said seriously, "What do you think? If you don't run, are you going to kill me? "

"Humph!" You dare to destroy my outpost, so you have to pay the price! " As the person spoke, his killing intent surged.

Lee Baiyun was not afraid at all. He said calmly: "I can be killed by you, can you let this girl go?"

"Girl? Haha, you are a thousand year old fox spirit, yet you followed a fifteen or fourteen-year-old youth. The man laughed.

"You're courting death!" Yang Xuechi flew into a rage. "No matter what, this young man doesn't know that I'm a thousand-year-old fox spirit. However, he saved my life a thousand years ago, so no matter what, I must repay him in this life!"

"You! Sister Xuechi, is what you said true? " Lee Baiyun was extremely shocked.

Yang Xuechi knew that it would be useless to continue hiding the truth, so she might as well accept it. She calmly replied, "Yes."

"Why!? "Why did you lie to me!" Lee Baiyun said angrily.

Yang Xuechi said painfully, "I didn't mean to deceive you!"

"Hey!" "Young people, you coquettish fox, you guys stop blabbering so much. Anyway, it's a dead end for all of you today. Leave these words of love and you can go and slowly say them in the underworld!"

"You damned bastard!" Yang Xuechi's white practice suddenly spilled out. Two pairs of white practice tentacles stuck onto the red-clothed person like squid tentacles.

At this moment, Lee Baiyun, who was staring dumbly, suddenly returned to normal. He thought, "No matter what this Big Sister Xuechi is, she's still good. At least she's good to me. I once said in my heart that I won't let anyone hurt her!"

"Whoosh!" Wolf Soul Sword was unsheathed. The red person was frightened by the light. Although his cultivation level was high, he still didn't recognize the weapons of their dark domain ancestors.

"Wolf Soul Sword!" That person exclaimed, "How could you have access to our Dark Domain!?"

Lee Baiyun did not chat with him at all, and the sword in his hand went straight to his Heaven's Spirit Point.

"Kid!" "His cultivation is rampant!" A red sword suddenly appeared in the red robed man's hand.

"Fire Phoenix Sword!"

"What!" Lee Baiyun had also heard of the Fire Phoenix Sword. It was said that this Fire Phoenix Sword was the sword of a Devil Path Lord, and for some reason, it fell into his hands.

"Looks like we won't be able to escape our doom today!" Yang Xuechi said.

"Even if we die, we have to tear off a piece of his flesh!" Lee Baiyun had no fear in his heart.

"Cut the crap, you're courting death!" The red clothed man brandished his Fire Phoenix Sword, causing a large amount of fire to fall from the sky. The fire pounced towards them. When the flames on the sword fell there, they would burn there. The flames were extremely powerful, sticking there and burning there.

He really was ruthless!

Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi were in an extremely sorry state. They were forced to hide everywhere by the Fire Spirit Sword.

As long as they hid there, the Fire Phoenix Sword would fly there. In the sky above them, the flame that fell from the Fire Phoenix Sword would turn the place they were hiding in into a sea of fire.

Not long after, the bamboo forest was completely surrounded by the Fire Phoenix Sword!

"F * ck!" "I don't want to live anymore!" Lee Baiyun could no longer bear the pressure of the Fire Phoenix Sword anymore. He angrily jumped up and pointed the Wolf Soul Sword at the Fire Phoenix Sword. A Fire Wolf floated out from the Wolf Soul Sword. The entire body of the wolf soul was covered in blazing red flames.

"Fire Wolf?" The red clothed man was very surprised. How the hell did he refine the black-hearted old man's sword to such an extent?

Lee Baiyun's Wolf Soul Sword only had the words "Wolf Soul Sword" on it, but it had already faded away, leaving only the body of the sword which was as dark as iron. Lee Baiyun's Wolf Soul Sword only had the words "Wolf Soul Sword", and the body of the sword which was as dark as iron, and the dark blue light still remained on the sword, along with the power of soul devouring. However, after devouring the Fire Spirit Sword, the Wolf Soul Sword changed the attribute of the Wolf Soul Sword.

After the Fire Wolf rose into the air, it resisted the flames. At the beginning, the Fire Wolf's power was very thin, as if it was about to be exterminated by the fire phoenix sword. But after a while, the fire phoenix energy became stronger, and the fire phoenix sword immediately became smaller by a third, and the red-clothed youth became anxious. He immediately activated the fire phoenix sword, and with the support of the red clothed man, the fire phoenix sword immediately pounced forward, enveloping the fire beast within.

"This is bad!" Lee Baiyun felt that the Fire Wolf spirit was unable to resist the strong flames, but he didn't know how to recall the Fire Wolf spirit. Just when he was very worried, the Fire Wolf Soul suddenly became much stronger. After it slowly became stronger, the Fire Wolf Soul shouted towards the sky, "Wu Ao!" With a sound, he pushed the fire phoenix sword back. The Fire Phoenix Sword no longer had flames, it was the same as scrap metal.

"Clang!" The Fire Phoenix Sword fell to the ground.

"Whoosh!" Lee Baiyun's Wolf Soul Sword quickly flew towards Fire Phoenix Sword. The Fire Phoenix Sword was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Lee Baiyun laid on the ground quietly, not moving at all.

"It's over!" The red clothed man closed his eyes.

"Sizzle sizzle!" The Wolf Soul Sword was absorbing the spiritual energy from the Fire Phoenix Sword. Once it could absorb all the spiritual energy from the Fire Phoenix Sword, the Fire Phoenix Sword would snap into several pieces. Lee Baiyun looked at the cracked sword body and wondered why the sword looked like it was made of stone. The Flame Phoenix Sword was now pitch black, like a charred rock. This was the Black Spirit Stone, a type of white rank stone used to forge swords.

"Please forgive me!" The man in red was begging for mercy on the ground.

"Spare you?" Yang Xuechi hated him so much that she wished she could chop his bones into pieces and feed it to a bastard!

"Immortal Lady." I beg you, look at how young I am! " In fact, he was preparing a second-hand concealed weapon.

He was holding a handful of Heart Devouring Corrupt Bone in his hand.

"Stop, don't move!" Is the poison in your hand here to kill us? " Lee Baiyun saw his actions clearly.

"Humph!" Do you think I would surrender? You are all wrong! " The red clothed man laughed loudly. The Heart Devouring Bone Powder had already spread out from his hand.

Lee Baiyun immediately got lucky. The light backfired on him, turning the Heart Devouring Bone Powder back into its original state. When the Heart Devouring Ruins hit the red figure, the red figure let out a loud cry, and in an instant, it bled out of its seven orifices and died.

"This poison is really powerful!"

"Sigh, he reaped what he sowed! However, this guy has quite the background. He actually knows about my background. " Yang Xue Yi said indifferently.

Lee Baiyun wanted to ask about the relationship between him and Yang Xuechi.

Yang Xueyi said indifferently, "I've already said it before. A thousand years ago, you saved me, and I'm here to repay your gratitude."

"That's it?"

"That's it." Of course, Yang Xuechi replied apologetically, "I'm sorry, it was my fault before! I shouldn't have, I'm hiding this from you! "

"What the heck is this!?" Lee Baiyun would never eat such vulgar and despicable things. He said, "Since you have been here for a thousand years, aren't you very powerful?"

Yang Xuechi said, "We are of the animal race, and we cultivate ourselves to become adults. After we become adults, all the skills we used to cultivate have been turned into nothing. After we become humans, we start to cultivate our cultivation methods, so if we have the chance to become adults in a thousand years, we won't have much of a chance."

After Lee Baiyun heard his words, he finally understood what was going on, so he said, "I understand."

By the time they wanted to leave, this red-clothed person's corpse had already turned into a pile of corpse water.

"He really is powerful!" Lee Baiyun looked at the corpse on the floor and sighed.

"Cough cough, it's time for us to leave! "Look, it's already very late. I haven't eaten yet, so I'm already hungry!" Yang Xuechi said.

Lee Baiyun also felt hungry, so the two of them returned to Bamboo Town.

After the meal, Lee Baiyun arranged for Yang Xuechi to rest at an inn. Tomorrow, he would continue to help Yang Xuechi find a place to stay.

Yang Xuechi agreed with Lee Baiyun.

In this boundless land, life was like the blink of an eye in the past. Cultivators cultivated in order to obtain eternal life, which was the goal of all Cultivator.

When he returned to his living quarters, he was still awake. Lee Baiyun was waiting for Lee Baiyun. Lee Baiyun's master's face was very unfriendly, as if he had a lot of things to say to him.

"What did you do today?" Jiulongzi said with a straight face.

"Master! "Me." Lee Baiyun hesitated for a long time before being unable to say anything.

"Sigh!" You can go to sleep now. I hope that you can find your way back in the future! " Jiulongzi sighed.

"Master, it's me." Lee Baiyun wanted to tell his master about what he had done on the shore, but he was extremely scared, so he kept his words to himself.

Thus, Lee Baiyun bid farewell to his master and prepared to rest for a while. He walked out and was stopped by Jiulongzi. He said to Lee Baiyun, "Wait, go to the elder's place tomorrow and get some sword or fist techniques to train."

When Lee Baiyun heard his master's words, he was extremely happy in his heart. Although these Luozheng Sect martial skills were nothing to him, but to Lee Baiyun, these martial skills were things he really longed for. Even when fighting at full speed, he regretted it so much that he didn't even learn any martial skills. How could it not be enjoyable to learn martial arts tomorrow?

Looking at Lee Baiyun's leaving figure, Jiulongzi looked at the Devil Dragon Star in the sky and the constellation lit up again.

"Looks like this Falling Cloud Continent will become very bloody in the future! Since the Devil Dragon Star appeared, then what about the Dragon Star? Why hasn't he appeared yet? " Jiulongzi also knew how to use the Star Sculpting Spell. It was just that the pill that he had displayed before the world was this pill. Last time when Lee Baiyun fell into the chasm, he saw through the Star Observation Spell that Lee Baiyun was still alive.

At this time, suddenly, not too far away from Devil Dragon Star, a Dragon-Breaking Star appeared.

"This Dragon-Breaking Star is actually him!" Jiulongzi was extremely curious, how did Lee Baiyun's constellation become Dragon Breaking Star?

"Not good, the Big Dipper is in the middle, suppressing the Dragon Star's aura. It seems that this kid is just as I was worried!" He will go astray, but the outlook is still clear. " Jiulongzi had always been one, right? This was because he had cultivated for many years and had fallen into the mortal world. He was infatuated with the mortal world and wanted to finish what he had to do in his life.

He often wanted to obtain some cultivation technique or secret technique, so even if he died, he would feel at ease. Jiulongzi was after all a mortal after all, and a mortal at that, he would have desires!

Jiulongzi thought to himself, "This kid seems to have some martial arts manual. I feel he has an imposing aura. Could it be that this kid has secretly obtained a book and is training on his own?" Jiulongzi guessed that he decided to observe his two disciples to see what he was training in.

Lee Baiyun didn't know that his master was such a trash.

Lee Baiyun did have a secret scripture on him, and this was the Heart Cleansing Spell. Lee Baiyun covered this thing tightly, afraid that others would find out about it.

This wasn't unnecessary, Lee Baiyun knew clearly in his heart that this brat did not care about this kind of cultivation technique at all.

Ever since Lee Baiyun got this thing, he had never practiced it once.

If that was the case, he could escape the scrutiny of these so-called cake makers.

With his cultivation ability, it would be difficult for him to keep this' Washing Heart Record '.

The next day, Lee Baiyun woke up early in the morning. He didn't sleep well last night because according to what his master said yesterday, I can choose a martial skill book for myself in the attic of the Long Classic.

After he greeted his master, he walked towards the Scripture Pavilion.

At this moment, the room outside of the Scripture Pavilion was filled with people who were preparing to fight with Uncle Huang.

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