Legend Of Sword Devil/C9 Qi Deviation
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Legend Of Sword Devil/C9 Qi Deviation
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C9 Qi Deviation

Lee Baiyun stood under the window and looked outside. That scene really shocked him. Under the moonlight, Yang Xuechi was as beautiful as a fairy in the moon. It could even be described as spotless. Lee Baiyun was so shocked that his mouth couldn't close when he saw this scene. He stared blankly at Yang Xuechi dancing in the moonlight. Her cultivation was indeed extraordinary. Lee Baiyun thought to himself: Can I imitate her cultivation technique?

This was impossible! Lee Baiyun recalled Yang Xuechi's words during the day and felt that this cultivation sect was really a demonic sect. Humans were merely a part of cultivation. Why did they need to be so fragmented? This was what Lee Baiyun didn't understand. This was the so-called benefit. In front of benefits, people who were originally innocent were no longer innocent. People who were originally evil were even more so. Since I'm hungry for demon-type benefits, naturally I won't allow demon-type cultivators to train in human techniques. Similarly, humans aren't allowed to train in demonic techniques either.

Lee Baiyun felt a little frustrated. No matter what, he can't accept the current broken rules. Since I have already cultivated the Wolf Soul Sword, this means that I have broken the seal, then what do I have to be afraid of?

Lee Baiyun thought like this and the knot in his heart disappeared. Besides, Sister Yang Xuechi also said that as long as one was proud, they could practice anything. Even if it was a so-called righteous cultivation technique, wouldn't evil people be the villains? Thus, Lee Baiyun secretly watched Yang Xuechi's training from under the window.

Yang Xuechi cultivated in breathing exercises. Actually, it was different from humans' cultivation techniques. The only difference was, human cultivation techniques were smooth and they cultivated in the opposite direction. Reverse cultivation techniques were usually nothing, but with this reversal, the effects were different.

In the early stages of the demon clan, this was very powerful because what they cultivated was a reversal. However, the later stages were not as smooth as the upright path.

Lee Baiyun's Jing and Mai were in chaos when he was secretly learning like this. His vital energy and blood started to move erratically. He just didn't know that such a change would cost his life. When Lee Baiyun reached the Qi Hai acupoint, he suddenly felt an incomparable pain. He screamed and fainted.

When Yang Xuechi heard Lee Baiyun's scream, she immediately stopped and ran into the house. She ran into the house and saw Lee Baiyun on the ground. Seeing his flushed face, she became anxious and took his pulse, which indicated that his Genuine Qi was running amok.

"This is bad!" This guy has three Genuine Qi running around. One is for me, one is for those bull-nosed people, and the other one seems to be for outsiders. Yang Xuechi looked at Lee Baiyun with a strange expression in her heart. She didn't understand why Lee Baiyun looked like he was collecting junk into his body.

"Oh no!" He still has an hour before his Qi and blood gushes to his death, unless, only Devil Crystal can save his life, my cousin Yue Lei already has one, furthermore, it would take an hour to get to Yuezhou! This is killing me! " Yang Xuechi was so anxious that she started to think of a way to put her feelings into words.

"Got it!" Yang Xuechi remembered that she still had a single Spirit Stone in her pocket, and with this guy, she could at least sustain this brat's fate for five more hours. At that time, I would go to the back mountain of Luozheng Sect, where there is a rank 4 beast, and if I kill those beasts, I would be able to obtain the Devil Crystal. That way, I wouldn't have to beg my cousin for it.

After Yang Xuechi gave Lee Baiyun the crystal stone, his expression gradually returned to normal. Only then did Yang Xuechi's worried heart loosen a little.

"You have to hold on well. I will definitely bring back this single Devil Crystal!" After Yang Xuechi was ready, she immediately headed towards the back mountain of Luozheng Sect.

She moved quickly and soon arrived near the place where the flamewing dragon used to appear. A vicious magical beast of the Flamewing Dragons. Inside the stomachs of these magical beasts, the proportion of Devil Crystal in the Flamewing Dragon was much higher than other similar ranked magical beasts. Hence, she chose the Flamewing Dragon.

This Fire Winged Dragon's attack power was very strong, so when ordinary Cultivator met this Fire Winged Dragon, they would only be able to die. This Yang Xuechi was here to save him. Otherwise, she wouldn't have come to kill this Flamewing Dragon.

In her heart, she couldn't bear to part with Lee Baiyun. This man had once saved her life.

For countless years, the ancients had loved this kind of love story. However, to Yang Xuechi, she would rather not be mentioned in the mouth of others. She only wanted Lee Baiyun to be safe.

Lee Baiyun laid on the bed and fell asleep quietly. However, he didn't fall asleep. Suddenly, he blinked his eyes and stood up. Earlier, although he was unconscious, his ears could hear Yang Xuechi's words. He could clearly hear Yang Xuechi's words that she was going to the back mountain.

"No, I have to go. The monsters in the back mountains are extremely ferocious. I'm not feeling well because something happened to her. I'm going to collapse!" Lee Baiyun packed up briefly before he hurried to the back of the mountain.

Along the way, Lee Baiyun walked as fast as he could. He didn't have time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, he only cared about Yang Xuechi's safety.

Yang Xuechi was currently surrounded by a group of Flamewing Dragons. The Flamewing Dragons were spewing fire. There were ten of them, and each of them was an adult beast. Normally, fire dragons spat out fire. Each of their attacks were as powerful as a human being in the late stage of the Gui Yuan Realm. Therefore, it was equivalent to ten experts in the late stage of the Gui Yuan Realm surrounding Yang Xuechi.

"Tiger Thrust!" A Flamewing Dragon was the first to spit out flames. Yang Xuechi's hand, which was holding the saber, was immediately injured by the flames. The moment he felt pain, the white training manual in his hand was released.

"This is bad!" Yang Xuechi's face turned pale. This time, all of the Fire Winged Dragons started to spew fire at the same time.

Just as the nine flames were about to land on Yang Xuechi's body, a familiar sword blocked them.

Following which, a gorgeous Fire Wolf rushed out.

"You're here!" Yang Xuechi was very surprised. She looked at the spirited Lee Baiyun and felt very comforted in her heart.

"Hm!" "Be careful!" He held the Wolf Soul Sword in one hand and Yang Xuechi with the other. Yang Xuechi leaned against his shoulder.

"I won't let anything happen to you! And by the way, I want to thank you for saving me! " Lee Baiyun said, "I won't let you down!"

The Fire Wolf released by Lee Baiyun's Wolf Soul Sword immediately jumped onto the neck of those Fire Winged Dragons and bit on their necks as a mission. The wyverns fell from the sky one after another.

"These Flamewing Dragons seem to be afraid of these Fire Wolf." Yang Xuechi looked at the ferocious look on the Fire Wolf's face.

"I think that's what it means to love or to understand me, so I'll take a break. It seems to be especially excited."

"Hehe, look at your treasure. It's so good that I almost lost my chance in vain." Yang Xuechi's practice had a hole in it.

"I want to help you find some Sea Silks. These are made from silk that are not burnt or cut by blades." Lee Baiyun was once like a swordsmith, so he had read a lot of books in this area.

Yang Xuechi was curious. She looked at Lee Baiyun with a strange look and said, "Eh, why do I feel like you are hiding something? You are like an expert. I don't even know about the Sea Worm Silk, how did you know? "

"Heh heh, I am also a bystander. I am not that great. "Since you know about the Sea Worm Silk, where can you find it?"

"I heard it's in my soul sea."

"Faint!" That's where the deerwood is. It's so far, but we can go to the Ice Plains. Hehe, do you want to go to the Ice Plains first? Where is the beautiful scenery, the beauty of the scenery, and the simplicity of the people? "

"Right now, I don't have the qualifications to leave my sect. Sis, I will help you get the Sea Serpent Silk." Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi only talked for a short while before the Fire Wolf killed a large group of Fire Winged Dragons. Lee Baiyun looked at the Flamewing Dragon's body on the ground and felt very sad. "This Flamewing Dragon is really unfortunate to have been slaughtered like this."

The Fire Wolf understood Lee Baiyun's intentions. It killed one and then cut open the Flamewing Dragon's stomach, searching for the Devil Crystal.

He searched up and down, but there was not a single Devil Crystal. This was truly a discouraging matter!

In the afternoon, he slowly approached the expiration date of the crystal. Lee Baiyun clearly knew that if he was unable to find it, his life would be in danger. He could clearly feel a surge of reversed energy scurrying around in his Qi Sea.

Of course, Yang Xuechi saw Lee Baiyun's discomfort. She said anxiously, "Are you alright? Sigh, why haven't there been any Devil Crystal yet?"

At this moment, a red-eyed flamewing dragon appeared.

"This is bad!" The leader of the Flamewing Dragons had arrived. This fellow is fiercer than those guys, I wonder if this Fire Wolf is its match! " Lee Baiyun exclaimed.

"It's because up till now, we can only go forward bravely. We are compatible with the Fire Wolf. We have a chance of winning!" Yang Xuechi said firmly.

The Wolf Soul Sword in his hand used the first five moves of the Rising Light Sword Skill, and Yang Xuechi also used his own free time, so who was the one that attacked the Flamewing Dragon leader at the same time? This leader was surrounded by them, although the Flamewing Dragon was very powerful, but its biggest weakness was that it could not use its wits to fight on its own.

After a few rounds of fighting, Lee Baiyun was able to clearly see the rules of the Fire Winged Dragon.

"Hehe!" The Fire Wolf s, you attack from the back, big sister Xuechi, you attack his left side, I attack from the front! "

"Understood!" Under the pincer attack from Yang Xuechi and the Fire Wolf, the Flamewing Dragon was immediately overwhelmed. Lee Baiyun used "Rising Light" to stab three large holes into the Fire Winged Dragon's body.

"Porcelain!" The Flamewing Dragon fell to the ground. Lee Baiyun had also endured to the extreme. When he saw that the Flamewing Dragon had died, his legs gave way and he fell to the ground.

The Fire Wolf quickly dug into the Flamewing Dragon Leader's stomach and found a light blue rock the size of a fist.

"Aooo!" The Fire Wolf let out an excited cry.

"Ah!" "Found it, we've found it!" Lee Baiyun shouted excitedly.

"That's right!" We found it! " Yang Xuechi called out in excitement as well.

Lee Baiyun swallowed the Devil Crystal and quickly took liberties with it. Very soon, he was back to normal. The Fire Wolf cried out and entered the Wolf Soul Sword.

"There's the sound of fighting!" Yang Xuechi looked alert.

"Yes." Lee Baiyun stood up slowly and looked in that direction. He saw a thin guy fighting with someone from his sect, and that person was someone he knew. He was the person who was walking like a dog beside Pann Yong. Why does it look like a person with Dark Domain? Could it be that Senior Brother also met someone from Dark Domain? But what did they have against each other? It was too late to think about this. The blue clothed man already saw Lee Baiyun and exclaimed, "Junior Brother, come and help me!"

"Yes sir!" Lee Baiyun knew that in front of the enemy, his sect was the biggest, and his personal grudge was small. Lee Baiyun knew this very well, so he relied on his sword to help.

What the thin guy didn't expect was that Lee Baiyun would come to help. Of course he knew Lee Baiyun. Lee Baiyun had killed the man in red in the bamboo forest. This man in red was the Hall Master's guard, named Dan Bing. The Fire Phoenix Sword in his hand was the sword of the big shot, Six-Leaf, of Dark Domain. However, it was a pity that it was taken care of by Lee Baiyun with one strike.

At that time, this skinny Nine was watching from the bamboo forest tunnel. He knew that he was no match for Lee Baiyun, so he quickly slipped away. However, his path had already been blocked by Yang Xuechi.

"F * ck!" Little girl, quickly get out of the way for this uncle! " The thin man saw that something was wrong, so he immediately retreated. At that time, his path was sealed off. How could he not be angry?

"Hehe, little skinny boy, are you someone from the Dark Domain?" Yang Xuechi saw the symbol of a flame in his hand. He was from the same sect as the red-clothed person that Lee Baiyun killed in the bamboo forest that day. It seemed like things were getting complicated, so why were these people gathered near Luozheng Sect? Even if Lee Baiyun had a hundred heads, he still couldn't understand. What were these people trying to do?

When Lan Yi saw that Lee Baiyun had helped her deal with this man, she quickly thanked him, "Junior Brother, thank you. I'll leave this place to you. I'll head back to my sect and ask for reinforcements!" As he spoke, the blue-clothed man slipped away like a wisp of smoke.

"I'm here!" Such a fellow is really boring! " Yang Xuechi saw the blue robe disappear in front of her and felt upset.

"Let him go!" Lee Baiyun felt that it would be good for him to leave, as he didn't want to embarrass himself.

"Tell me quickly, what are your Dark Domain people doing around here!" Yang Xuechi said angrily.

"What do you want to know? "But, maybe I can't answer your questions, I feel like I'm going to die soon!" The skinny man was so scared that his face turned pale, as if he was really going to die soon.

At this moment. Suddenly, a venomous floral snake flew from the west and coiled around the thin person's neck. Then, Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi wanted to go up and save him, but the snake suddenly tightened with all its might.

The man whizzed and the snake flew away again. The speed was so fast that Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi didn't even have time to react.

"That was close!" Yang Xuechi patted her chest and asked, "Who is this guy?" Why didn't he take our lives? "

Lee Baiyun's face was gloomy. He looked ahead and said, "I don't think this person wants to kill us. They intentionally left us alone. It seems like in the future, they will play us in front of the monkeys! "

"This, it's actually like this, this is too shameful!" Yang Xuechi clenched her fists tightly. Her emotions were agitated.

"What should we do now? We'll talk about it later." Lee Baiyun smiled faintly. He didn't care about these things at all.

"That's true. No one can predict what will happen in the future. Let's talk about it after we've done the right thing!"

"That's it, don't you think?" Lee Baiyun looked at the road that led to his sect. Recalling that there were only nine days left before the competition, his mood was no longer relaxed.

"There are still nine days before the competition."

"So, you don't need to randomly cultivate any other cultivation methods. Just a single cultivation method. It's already good enough that you have finished cultivating it."

"That's right, I think we should go back!" Yang Xuechi looked to the west.

Just like that, the two of them left the back mountain. On the way, he met a few disciples of Luozheng Sect. These cultivators were envious of the beautiful woman beside Lee Baiyun.

He was someone who could receive books in the Scripture Pavilion, and was naturally someone who could cultivate outside. However, once he entered the Luozheng Sect's gate, he would no longer be allowed to cultivate outside, and would have his own quiet room where he would focus on cultivating.

This was disciple's test in nine days.

Lee Baiyun naturally responded seriously. His thought process was very simple, it was to enter Luozheng Sect so that his father would not worry.

For the past few days, he had been cultivating seriously, trying his best to catch up with the time he had lost. Therefore, he was now working even harder.

Concentrate, calm your breathing.

"Swish!" The Wolf Soul Sword issued from the bamboo forest. The moment the sharp Wolf Soul Sword was unsheathed, all of the bamboo leaves in the bamboo forest slightly trembled.

"This is the resonance effect!" Yang Xuechi instructed Lee Baiyun on the side. After all, she was a fox demon that had cultivated for many years. Although she was on the same level as Lee Baiyun, her sword force was not as powerful as Lee Baiyun. After all, she had Fox Race, so the innate conditions for cultivation were much more complicated and difficult than it was for humans. The innate and superior qualities of men speed up their cultivation. If a person did not achieve anything in the short span of ten or so years, they would age and then die. Although the progress of the cultivation of beasts such as Fox Race was slow, their lifespan was longer than humans.

The Rising Light Sword Skill was fast, accurate and ruthless. In a split-second, it wanted to defeat the enemy. Lee Baiyun understood this point very well. Hence, this sword technique was very particular. For those who did not have a solid foundation, it was very difficult to cultivate it. Although Lin Baiyun was already well versed in basic swordsmanship, he was still unable to find the key point.

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