Legends in Chu and Han/C1 Special Tasks
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Legends in Chu and Han/C1 Special Tasks
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C1 Special Tasks

China, a secret military base in the northwest of China.

Three military special forces helicopters suddenly landed, and from the front and back of the aircraft, twenty elite soldiers of the special forces troops jumped off, quickly and cleanly spreading out to protect the other helicopter in the middle, and then the door was pulled open by a special forces soldier, and a handsome young man in a brown and green military uniform stepped out of the cabin.

This time he was twenty-five years old, and with a height of 1.83 meters, due to long period of training and training, he had a sturdy and tall body, the muscles on his body were not prominent, but they were extremely streamlined and beautiful, giving off a feeling of explosive power.

Long Tianyu trained in the Martial Arts in his family since he was young, joined the army at the age of seventeen, and then joined the special forces. When he was twenty-one, he had already become one of the top warriors in the strongest special forces, the 'Soaring Dragon'.

The most famous battle was his battle with the King of Mercenaries last year in Africa for the sake of saving hostages. He desperately injured the King of Mercenaries and killed the other party, making him famous in the mercenary world. No one could have imagined that he was the youngest instructor of China's ace special forces.

After Long Tianyu was heavily injured, he rested for a year in the military area, and immediately after he was discharged, he received this mysterious mission!

At this time, he was escorted by the special forces to the entrance of the base by the six guards at the base, who immediately took him into a room filled with high-tech scanning equipment. After doing identification and a full body security check, he arrived at a medium-sized iron door, wondering in his heart, "According to Chief, this time, at the mouth of a waterfall that was cut off from the Shaanxi Weishui, there is another secret Tomb of the First Emperor of Qin that was unearthed. It should be linked with the National Museum and specialized archaeological organizations, so why would it suddenly be done research at the base?"

A guard reached out and placed his hand on the crystal screen on the left side of the metal door. After the computer fingerprint security system had been identified correctly, an electronic code locking device appeared on the wall. The guard entered the code quickly and skillfully.

Afterwards, Long Tianyu was sent down to the hundred metre deep underground top secret command system. Stepping out of a series of heavy gates, he saw that there was a row of heavily armed special forces responsible for the safety of their important positions. The walls of the corridor were filled with high alloy materials that could protect against shock, fire, magnetism, bulletproof, and were equipped with high technology security devices such as thermal infrared, laser scanning, imaging monitoring, and heart rhythm identification systems.

A few minutes later, Long Tianyu walked to the large gate at the end of the long corridor, at the entrance stood a female officer. She had a slim and graceful figure, beautiful eyebrows and cherry mouth, fair skin, a pair of clear eyes, and was even more beautiful, probably due to training in the army, she did not have any extra fat on her lower abdomen, her entire waist was soft and elastic, her long hair wrapped up in her hat, coupled with her green military uniform, it gave her a refreshing feeling.

When the female officer saw Long Tianyu, she was extremely excited. This was the leader of the top special forces in the country, the youth with the strongest individual combat ability, a legend of his invincibility in battle spread throughout the army.


"The leaders are all inside. Please enter, Commander Long!"

Long Tianyu smiled faintly as he stepped into the gate. The scenery in front of him suddenly brighten up, it was actually a vast hall.

He then walked up to the research command room on the second floor. There were more than ten high ranking generals, more than twenty professors and archaeologists standing by the apparatus, looking at the main hall through the window.

Hearing the footsteps behind him, they all turned their heads around. Seeing Long Tianyu coming over, a smile appeared on their faces that were at a loss.

After Long Tianyu saw the various generals and professors, he turned to a middle-aged man and asked: "Department Head Qin, what relationship does the Royal Tomb have with the aviation field? Why are you studying here?"

The Deputy Minister of Defence smiled and asked, "What do you think that is?" As he spoke, he pointed to the center of the lobby.

Long Tianyu walked in front of the bulletproof and magnetic glass and looked around curiously. He was shocked to see a seven to eight meter tall giant object standing in the middle of the field. It was made out of mixed gold and looked like a huge furnace.

The lobby was filled with all sorts of apparatus, like the interior cabin of a huge spaceship. Dozens of researchers and researchers dressed in white were busy operating all sorts of apparatus.

Long Tianyu looked at the flying object that looked like a spaceship from another planet, and asked puzzledly: "What does this have to do with the Royal Tomb?"

An archaeological professor explained from the side, "A month ago, this underground royal mausoleum that was unearthed in the Weishui of Shaanxi Province was very different from the past First Emperor of Qin mausoleums. This strange, modern technology is still unable to develop flying objects.

Long Tianyu was confused, thinking, how could there be an alien? That's ridiculous.

The archaeologist professor continued, "In addition to the horses, chariots, weapons, and bronze jewels, there are three sarcophaguses in the Royal Tomb. These sarcophaguses are carved with decorative patterns, and the women in the sarcophagi, bracelets, jade artifacts, and portraits are confirmed to be females.

Only the sarcophagus was empty, leaving behind only a portrait. When the coffin was unearthed, its lid was already activated, so we assume that the woman inside the coffin was not dead at the time, but was saved by someone. Some Scholars suspect that it was an alien who saved the Royal Tomb. "

Long Tianyu found it even more hard to believe and asked curiously, "Please use the Mirage Lamp to put down her portrait."

Everyone was stunned. Why did he have to look at a portrait of an ancient beauty instead of asking what kind of experiment he was going to carry out?

In fact, even Long Tianyu did not understand why he was so curious. When the other party mentioned the disappeared lady, a vague image appeared in his mind, as if he was reporting the scene of an ancient beauty jumping out of a waterfall and falling into the water.

The staff had been instructed to do a computer analysis and project on the screen the picture of the missing woman who had been unearthed.

Long Tianyu looked over with rapt attention, only to see the image of the woman in the portrait looking extremely charming and elegant. She was elegant and graceful, and in a moment of concentration, she looked strong and determined.

Suddenly, he couldn't help but be shocked. He thought to himself, 'So familiar, isn't she the woman in his dreams in the past few days?' What does she have to do with me?

Looking at Long Tianyu's surprised expression, Department Head Qin walked over and said, "Tian Yu, after this aircraft was unearthed, it has sealed off all traces of this news and handed over the Museum to the National Research Institute and the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics for research. According to President Han of the Academy of Sciences, this unidentified flying object is a Universe Flying Plate or an Air Shift, and through sufficient energy, it can be activated to be spread to any location. If the function of this flying object can be researched and used in military and aviation fields, the country's space technology will be able to soar thousands of miles, leading the countries of the world!"

"However, some of the enemy intelligence agencies seem to have received the information and sent a lot of people here to destroy it. That's why I sent an application to the Military Department to have your ace Special Forces team come here to protect this UFO."

Long Tianyu nodded his head. He had done this many times, and knew that there was important information in a certain country, hence he had been sent to rob or destroy them. Similarly, if other countries knew that Hua Xia had discovered this, they would definitely send some elite agents and mercenaries to destroy it.

"It has been buried underground for so long, will its performance be affected?"

Professor Ye from the Academy of Sciences said, "Don't worry. There have been a lot of maintenance work done by professionals, and there are no signs of damage or loss of the fasteners. Besides, we are not experimenting with living people.

Professor Ye was very excited and said, "Originally, I wanted to use electricity and gas as the energy source, but it simply couldn't reach 1% of the required energy, so I used the huge energy generated by the hydrogen fusion reaction to transmit it to the energy zinc plate of the Frisbee. After the energy is fully loaded, I can start the experiment smoothly.

At this moment, a white-clothed scientist in the lobby sent out a signal that everything was ready, waiting for the next instruction!

Everyone on the second floor focused their attention on the Deputy Minister of Defence.

Department Head Qin said resolutely, "Alright! All departments are in position, let the experiment begin immediately! "

As the command was given, all the equipment in the laboratory immediately became busy. Countless lights lit up, mobilizing hundreds of researchers to operate and monitor the room.

As time passed, the hydrogen nuclear reactor beside the flying saucer had undergone more than 20 hours of fusion, accumulating a huge amount of energy and transmitting it to the energy board of the flying saucer. The more the energy gathered, the stronger the energy became. All of the lights in the Flying Butterfly's cabin lit up, causing the plane's body to tremble non-stop as it emitted an ear-piercing sound of explosion...

Seeing that, Long Tianyu anxiously said: "The energy is sufficient, cut off the energy immediately!"

Just as his voice faded away, the control center's machine seemed to have been struck by lightning. Flames shot out in all directions, and an alarm suddenly sounded.

The researcher in charge of monitoring the magnetic field inside the furnace said in a panicked voice, "The energy in the cabin of the UFO is rising abnormally, constantly strengthening the fusion process of the hydrogen nuclear reactor. Please give instructions!"

Department Head Qin and the others had never seen such a scene before, and could not help but break out in cold sweat, not knowing how to issue such an order. If the fusion reactor exploded, not only would it destroy the entire laboratory, but it would also destroy the aviation base's "Ship of Man 10". The losses of this group of countries were hard to estimate!

Long Tianyu immediately made a decision and shouted, "Turn off the activation button for the interior cabin of the flying discs, and isolate the energy input! "Hurry up..."

Upon hearing the order, the researchers in the hall below rushed forward. They knew that the nuclear blast would destroy the hearts of the staff members who were within a few meters of them, preventing them from moving forward.

When Long Tianyu saw that he was in imminent peril, he immediately threw out a punch, condensing all of his strength and smashing the bulletproof glass with his fist, he somersaulted through the air, jumping down from the 4m high command platform, he rushed into the interior of the flying discs, holding down a row of unknown command buttons, and shouted: "Hurry and move to the designated target!"

Before he finished his sentence, a sound like thunder suddenly came from the core of the furnace, followed by the trembling of the laboratory, and the intense white light shot out in all directions following the explosion of the nuclear reactor. In an instant, a black hole of energy was formed at the core of the white light, breaking through space and time, and sucked Long Tianyu who was in the flying discs and cabin into it.

Due to the disappearance of the huge UFO that was filled with energy, the explosion of the nuclear reactor lost its original power. The aviation base was suddenly blown away, but the secret laboratory a hundred meters below was turned to ashes.

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