Legends in Chu and Han/C10 Nether Valley Beauty
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Legends in Chu and Han/C10 Nether Valley Beauty
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C10 Nether Valley Beauty

Long Tianyu jumped off the cliff with his back facing the sky, causing all the Qin Soldier s to be stupefied. Even the bravest of people could not be at ease in the face of death, and this person was actually able to smile at life and death as he calmly jumped off the cliff.

Just as the more than a hundred Qin Soldier s were in a daze from shock, the flame in front of their eyes suddenly flickered. Following that, a sky splitting sound of thunder resounded, and everyone's body was accompanied by heart-tearing and lung-splitting pain.

An explosion came from the top of the cliff, destroying the mountain peak which was several feet thick. Over a hundred soldiers, without knowing what had happened, had already been scared out of their wits and stepped onto the path of the Yellow Springs. Of course, they would not have thought that they would die under the sticky explosives after more than two thousand years.

Long Tianyu was currently in a state of free fall, falling vertically with a gravitational acceleration. At this time, he was analyzing his own weight, the height of the cliff, the free acceleration and how much resistance and time he had to reduce his falling speed to zero with a calm mind.

At the same time, his right hand grabbed onto the wrist of the golden watch and twisted it. With a "sou" sound, an extremely thin steel wire shot out from the golden watch and wrapped around a small tree on the cliff wall, causing the acceleration to decrease rapidly. Then, it fell down a few meters before it slowed down and finally stopped, remaining only a few meters away from the ground.

As the king of secret agents, he was not invulnerable to all kinds of dangerous characters. He also could not fly, so there were quite a few protective gadgets!

Although he was currently suspended in midair, if he safely landed on the ground, it would not be difficult at all. When he was still afraid, his body suddenly trembled, and the short tree on the upper side of the tree was pulled up by the steel wire and dropped to the ground.

His entire tiger body fell down onto the ground involuntarily. He could only feel a tremor beside his ear, and under the force of the gravity and the impact on the ground, his internal organs seemed to have turned in a circle, his vision turning dark, even if he had fainted.

After an unknown period of time, Long Tianyu gradually regained his senses, after which he felt an unbearable pain, and slowly opened his eyes.

On the table were many bamboo tools and jade artifacts, all of them being ancient musical instruments. On the wall hung a large ink painting, a bronze mirror was placed in the south corner of the window, and there was also a bright moon jade brush and rouge pollen. It seemed to be the daughter's room.

Long Tianyu smelled the faint orchid fragrance that permeated the room, and then he threw the light red silk to the side. He sat up and realized that his head and calves were wrapped in bandages, and were faintly aching pain.

Lightly lifting up his injured right leg and examining it, he discovered that it was only a slight fracture, and could not help but silently praise himself for his luck. Letting out a breath of relief, he immediately heard the faint sound of a zither.

The melody was graceful and smooth like the flowing water between a waterfall, the desert was flat with wild geese falling and sand falling, like the fresh snow in the spring, the bitter cold and the sweet plum blossoms mixed together. The sound of the zither was not restricted by any known melody or clich?, instead, it was poured into the strings by the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth, producing a second of celestial sound.

In the past, Long Tianyu often played with the piano, violin, and jazz drum, but he had never played with the ancient music industry.

In the aesthetic aspect, the zither music is summed up as thirteen images: masculine, sudden, urgent, bright, siren, strange, broad, cleaving, clear, light, harmony, Tian, slow, and the musical thoughts are summed up as seven categories: cheerful, affectionate, lofty, relaxed, artistic, sage, and immortal.

Cai Yong of the Han Dynasty wrote in her book "Zither Practice": [The past generation of Xixi made the zither, so to combat evil and prevent lust, to cultivate the mind, to reverse the innocence of the innocent], since ancient times, the zither gift as a moral instrument, used for the pottery to improve the temperament, change the customs, and then [the god's virtue, the harmony of heaven and earth].

Long Tianyu was attracted by the sound of the zither and became curious. He supported himself on the bed and limped out of the bamboo house, only to see a lady wearing a plain white robe dancing on the zither like a pair of beautiful white butterflies under the moonlight in front of him. Her figure was graceful and graceful as she sat under the bamboo pavilion.

A light breeze blew past her, causing her long hair to dance in the wind. She looked like a fairy that had transcended the mortal world, elegant and refined.

Long Tianyu took a few light steps forward, and looked at his from the side. His beautiful skin was cut like a knife, beautiful and clear like jade, his bright eyes looked at Gu Panyan under his long and curved willow leaf like eyebrows, and when his lips opened and closed, his beautiful pear dimples were naturally by his cheeks, his beautiful long and clean neck was extremely alluring.

Long Tianyu's mind was a complete blank, he could not believe that such a beautiful lady existed in this world. She was quiet, elegant, and elegant, like a fairy in the sky, and could not help but think of a poem.

She turned and looked into Long Tianyu's eyes, but there were no emotions mixed within, and she said indifferently: "Oh, you're awake, are you feeling better?"

Long Tianyu wasn't a person who was clumsy with his words, but at this moment, he was so beautiful that he was stunned speechless.

"I, I ?"

The woman giggled and said, "Seems like the brain injury is still not healed!"

She was the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen in the entire history, whether it was in the future or in the ancient times. With Yu Ji's and Yu Ying's beauty, she was even slightly inferior to him, especially with her disposition. He stuttered, "This ?"

The smile on the woman's face disappeared, and she returned to her unshakable, pure, and cold demeanor. She said lightly: "How can you walk around without recovering from your injuries, and even if you do, you shouldn't ruin the peace and quiet of others. I've been meditating for a few days, and tonight, the moon suddenly lit up with inspiration, playing this song, and it was actually broken by you. Oh, what did you say just now?"

Long Tianyu was annoyed by her smile, and his whole body felt itchy. He thought that every time it was him who electrocuted a woman, but today, the woman had made him lose control of his body, which was unprecedented. He couldn't help but think: The more I act in front of a beauty, the more arrogant I have to be.

At this moment, the pride in his heart rose, and he immediately returned to his usual cool demeanor. He smiled faintly and said, "Swallowing and singing in a box of Ice Springs, letting the jade sound fade away. No need to change the melody, the moon in front of Zhuo's house is bright. "

When she heard the words' Wu Shan Ye Yu ', she could not help but blush, her pink neck drooping slightly. After reciting the entire poem, and savoring it for a long time, Fang Ru Meng woke up, her beautiful eyes shining, she once again looked at Long Tianyu carefully, and asked shyly, "Who is the Zhuo Family? Is it your wife? "

"Huh?" Long Tianyu was startled by her sudden question and recalled that the Zhuo in the poem should be the talented daughter Zhuo Wenjun. It was written in the "Han Ji" that the famous scholar Sima Xian had obtained Zhuo Wenjun's position through the zither, and had admired his for a long time, becoming a legend in the annals of history. However, that was something that happened after Qin Dynasty, she obviously did not know about it!

Long Tianyu randomly said: "The Zhuo Family generally refers to a talented woman. Oh, right, where is this place? Didn't I fall off a cliff? Could the lady have saved me? "

At this time, the girl seemed to be very interested in him, and she immediately calmed down. With a smile like a flower, she said, "This is the place! "Hehe, this is the Yellow Stone Valley that has been cut off from the rest of the world, you fell off the cliff at the right side of the valley. My foster father rescued you when he was picking herbs yesterday evening and placed you here, he truly admired and respected you, saying that you only suffered minor injuries after falling off the cliff tens of thousands of feet. It is the sign of a saint, he specially warned me to take good care of you!"

The beauty then blushed again and whispered, "Is this my first time coming into contact with a stranger's body?"

Long Tianyu felt ashamed and thought: "If I were to fall from the top of the mountain, it would be weird if I didn't fall to the ground and get shattered to pieces.

Seeing her slender and graceful neck drooping like a swan, with its small cherry lips and light fragrant lips, he wanted to step forward to embrace her and give her a deep kiss.

Long Tianyu suppressed his distracting thoughts and immediately said gratefully: Thank you, young lady, for saving me. I must thank you in person tonight! "

The woman replied, "My godfather is a strange man. He is currently studying mystical arts at the Star Observation Pavilion, three miles away from the inner valley. He said that he will visit you in three days!"

Long Tianyu was very interested in the techniques that she mentioned. He was well aware that metaphysics was the main philosophical thought of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and it originated from the Spring and Autumn Period. It was a kind of cultural thought that originated from the fusion of Taoism and Confucianism.

The original meaning of the word "Xuan" is a deep red near the color of ink, so in Xu Xian's "Essay" the meaning is: Xuan, also bitter. The characters were from Laozi's "Classic of Virtue". And the name of "metaphysics" is precisely because in the period of Wei and Jin dynasties, the three books of "Zhou Yi", "Laozi" and "Zhuangzi" were called "the three mysteries".

When Long Tianyu was still in university, he had studied a few books on this subject. However, there were many flaws in the reference book, and thus, he was unable to further study it. When he found out that he was saved by a master, he asked excitedly, "May I know how to address you, my godfather?"

The woman in white saw the look of anticipation on his face and thought to herself, "Could it be that he is even proficient in metaphysics?" He really is a strange man, no wonder my godfather said that he has signs of a saint! " He said: "Godfather is from the Qi Nation, his name is Huang Gongshi, and everyone in the world calls him Yellowstone!"

"What?" Yellowstone? " Long Tianyu was stunned when he heard his.

He suddenly thought of the idiom "A child can be taught, but cannot gain anything in return", and thought to himself: Wasn't the Yellowstone the teacher of Zhang Liang, the author of the? Tai Gong Military Law?, a generation of mysterious expert?

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