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Legends in Chu and Han/C11 move talented women
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C11 move talented women

The Yellowstone served as the Head Minister of Zhuang Xiang King and helped the Young Emperor with his work. After that, he was accepted into the imperial palace as a hanger-on and advisor. He was a university scholar specializing in military strategies and had once used the name 'Fang Yan'.

In the ancient encyclopedic book "Lu's Spring and Autumn" by Lu Buwei, the Prime Minister, "On the Power", "Decision Making", "Three Thesaurus" and other military strategies were all written by the Yellowstone. After that, he was harmed by the relationship between Lu Buwei and Qin Huang, and saw through their violent methods of colluding with each other, so he abandoned his post and returned to Shang Shan with the other three ministers, which became known as the "Four Hao of Shang Shan" in history.

When Long Tianyu heard the name of the Yellowstone, he immediately thought of Zhang Liang, the number one strategist by Liu Bang's side. In the early days of the Radix Cyperi, although he was only one of the bright stars under Liu Bang's command, his thought of being "soft and weak victorious" and "strong" was greatly praised.

In the Three Kingdoms era, when Mr. Mirror, Sima Hui, recommended to Liu Bei that the world was filled with prodigies, he said, "In this world, only Jiang Ziya, who has existed for eight hundred years, and Zhang Zifang, who has lived for six hundred years, can compare to him."

"What are you thinking? Can you tell me? " The girl's bright eyes flickered with a strange light. Her curved brows seemed to be frowning, and her beautiful eyes seemed to be happy yet not happy as she asked.

Long Tianyu came back to reality and saw her bright eyes shining brightly, his shoulder was cut into pieces, his waist was cut into pieces, his neck was extended into a fine line, his white skin was exposed, his temperament was calm and elegant, his long hair fluttered in the wind like clouds, like a fairy who had fallen into the dust, making anyone who looked at his feel inferior, only after being stunned for a moment did he come back to his senses, and said, "N-nothing!"

The girl still thought that he was thinking about poetry, poetry, poetry, or ideas, but she heard that his tone seemed to be concealing something. She resentfully glanced at him and said, "If it's inconvenient for you to tell me, then don't say anything. I don't have any intentions of making things difficult for you."

Long Tianyu saw that her beautiful eyebrows were knitted slightly, his beautiful face was filled with a pure and holy radiance, he was extremely beautiful and at ease, and could not help but ask: "I have not asked you for your name yet?"

The woman's delicate figure turned and looked up at the bright moon. She stood in front of the man, displaying her incomparably beautiful curves and her pure and pure appearance. He said blandly, "I didn't force you to answer. Why are you asking me?" Haven't you heard the principle of "do not do what you want and don't do what you don't want"? "

Long Tianyu was stunned. Seeing her pretty face and frowning slightly, his black and soft hair tied up into a simple bun and held in place with a jade hairpin, a small lock of hair could be seen falling down.

At once, he cupped his hands together and bowed, "My lady, you have the grace of a human, transformed from a fairy into a human. You are like a lotus that has descended from the heavens.

Long Tianyu has indeed committed some immoral acts, please forgive his, and don't lower yourself to the same level as me! "

When she saw his serious expression, she could not help but burst out laughing and say, "You don't have to be so polite, nor do you need to be so modest. The godfather had predicted that in the future, the young master would definitely not be someone to be trifled with; I'm sure that the young master is usually proud of his talent, but at this moment, he is actually bowing and kneeling down, thinking that he would look down on a girl like me."

Long Tianyu quickly said: "Young lady is joking, I admire young lady from the bottom of my heart, I do not dare to look down on her!"

The woman smiled at the crescent moon, she was embarrassed and her beautiful eyes shone with exquisite light, she breathed with a sigh of relief, "Idiot! Let me tell you his name! "My surname is Chunyu, and my single name is' Wan '. I wonder if you will remember it in the future?"

Long Tianyu's heart warmed, and he shouted: "I will remember this for the rest of my life!"

Wan-Er's face turned red. Under the moonlight, she looked even more beautiful. It was like she was surrounded by celestial mist. In fact, she was not from the mortal world.

She did not say anything else, but turned around with a blush on her face and sat beside the zither in the middle of the pavilion. She stretched out her creamy hands to stroke the zither strings, and with a "Ding Ding Dong Dong", a string of zither notes flowed on the zither strings, the rhythm gradually increased in volume, sometimes in speed, but every sound was extremely accurate.

The zither's melody was gentle and gentle, just like the music of heaven. The woman's mind was filled with thoughts, and she began to sing along with the music, "Qing Qing Zi Zhi, leisurely my heart, I can't let you go, but I can't? Qing Qing was pampered, and she thought long and hard about it. She wouldn't let me live, but she wouldn't come? To the west, in the city, in one day, like the west of March! " The voice was soft, soft, yet sweet. It could be heard from a spirit mountain, or perhaps it was the sound of spring water falling from the clouds.

Long Tianyu had already completely melded into the zither, and the person who was listening to her singing was the Zhi Wu of the? Classic of Poetry ? Zheng Feng?.

The Book of Songs was the earliest collection of poems in ancient culture. A total of 305 poems were collected in the Zhou Dynasty, which were formerly called "Poems" or "Poems". The Confucian Scholars in the Han Dynasty called "Book of Songs".

Long Tianyu also could not remember how he managed to return to his room that night, and only felt that his own thoughts following the sound of the zither, floating through the entire valley, or even the entire world.

For the next two days, the Chunyu Wan'er changed the medicine on time three times a day and brought the three meals into his room. She took care of him meticulously and blushed, but she never spoke to him nor shared a meal with him, causing Long Tianyu to not dare to ask around.

Pure Yu Wan'er played it for a long time every night, and the sound was getting softer and softer, as if it was filled with tender love and honey. However, it was extremely complicated, making Long Tianyu unable to fall asleep while tossing and turning on his bed.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed and Long Tianyu was no longer heavily injured. He was looking forward to one day but had not yet reached Yellowstone.

When facing such a woman, she actually didn't even have a single move against her. To make such a talented girl see him in a new light, he had to be capable, he would need to be more knowledgeable than the people of this era, which was more than 2000 years of knowledge. This was wealth, and he should make good use of it, she liked poetry and poetry, so he decided to start with this aspect first.

The next day, Long Tianyu walked out of his house and saw the Chunyu Wan`er, who was playing the zither in the pavilion in the bamboo forest.

Mountain pavilion, bamboo forest, jade zither, a beauty.

The mountain breeze melded with the zither music, creating a spacious and beautiful scene. The celestial sound lingered within the valley, as if entertaining its own entertainment, and it also seemed to be communicating with nature.

Long Tianyu walked to the side of the beautiful woman, and today, Yu Wan'er was still dressed in a long white dress, which matched her otherworldly temperament. With her cherry lips, and her extremely beautiful face, he barely managed to control his emotions and smiled: "Miss Chunyu, your zither music is like the music of heaven, it makes me admire you a lot. Last night, I suddenly had some inspiration and wrote a song for you, and I wonder if you would like to play it along with my lyrics and tone."

When Yu Wan'er heard that he was going to sing a song, she became interested. She placed her hand on the zither strings and nodded, "This won't be difficult. Just sing it and Wan'er will play the zither music."

Long Tianyu's mouth curved into a smile, it was extremely lethal, and he laughed: "Then, I will be making a fool of myself in front of young lady." Then he adjusted his voice and sang with deep affection, "Years are rare when they are silent, the autumn wind is tired of drifting, the setting sun cannot bear to leave me hanging on the wall, the words of my old lover have already flowed eastward with the sound of the tide, and when I look back, the past also falls with the maple leaves...

"Love has come to an end, hatred also gives up on the promise, fate considers itself humorous, too many thoughts cannot be left to me ?"

"A few close friends rarely stay behind, yet when I look back, I can only hear laughter and drunkenness in my dreams ?"

"Laughing and speaking nonsense, the ancient fanatics are now all gone, their blades are all gone, their dreams are shattered, their dreams are ruined, their journey has been ruined, and no one understands what they have seen and experienced for many years. The song will eventually dissipate, the hair on the temples will grow white, the cheeks on the temples will turn white, the candles will burn, and the disciples who fight for glory will lose weight. When the tears dried up and the blood in their eyes surged, even the snow would fly into the air ? "

As the song "Free and Unrestrained Sighs" was sung deeply, it had a sense of being a hero who had fallen, seeing through the concept of grudges and grudges in the world, it was faint and quiet, desolate and vigorous, and did not lose the feeling of being a saint who had returned to the mountain forest, Xiao Ao and the others. Wan-Er was initially surprised by this phrase and tone, it was completely out of tune with the current world, but she was a Zither Master after all, and quickly entered into her meditative state, completing the song together with Long Tianyu.

After playing the zither, Yu Wan'er was still unable to let go of the hand. She stood up, smiled at Long Tianyu, and said: "Young Master Liu's words are astonishing, he has a sage's temperament, and the words he uses are unique and unique. Young Master, I wonder if you have a name for this poem?"

"I call it 'Free and Unrestrained Sighs'!" Long Tianyu replied.

"< < Free and Unrestrained Sighs > >, although one is carefree, one cannot help but sigh. What kind of artistic conception does one have to possess to write such words? Young master is truly talented. Besides this, I wonder what other reasons young master has?" Chunyu Wan'er asked with a look of anticipation.

Long Tianyu was a little muddle-headed, as expected, this girl is a talented one. He was so interested in poetry, and started to create nonsense: "In the past, when I had nothing to do, I played around with poetry, and felt that there were too many words and replies to help me express my feelings, so I just randomly wrote a few poems that were completely inconsistent with poetry?"

"Oh, Master thinks so too. It is similar to Wan-Er's thoughts. Can you sing a poem of your own to broaden Wan-Er's horizons?" Chunyu Wan'er asked with interest.

"This, of course." Long Tianyu's mind quickly spun, and he thought of a poem by Su Shi, and recited: "When will the bright moon be? Asking the sky for wine, he wondered what season it would be in the heavens. I want to ride the wind and go home, but I am afraid of the beauty of the palace and the cold of the high places. Dancing to make out the shadow, how did it seem like he was in the mortal world! Zhu Ge Pavilion, Ling Qi, sleepless. He shouldn't hate him, what's the matter with him? It was difficult to complete the story of the people who had their sorrows together and the moon that was full and round. "Let us hope that we will live on for a long time, with a distance of a thousand miles between us."

This was the first time she had heard such a poem. It was so beautiful and profound that she murmured, "I hope we can live for a long time! That was the most wonderful poem Wan-Er had ever heard... "

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