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Legends in Chu and Han/C12 fairy mate
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C12 fairy mate

Her long black hair was casually tied up with a white jade hairpin. She was tall and elegant, and her shoulders were cut at an angle. Her clothes were fluttering in the wind, and her timid body looked like a passerby in a painting.

Under the hazy moonlight, her dark and bulging back was outlined. It was so captivating. Her eyes rippled like the water in a pond, sparkling. Her pupils were clear like the lake in autumn, spotless and unblemished.

At this moment, her beauty felt even more lifelike, as if a fairy from the moon had descended into the mortal world.

Long Tianyu was in a state of indecision, he naturally leaned over, placed himself right in front of her, and wrapped his arms around her small waist, his big mouth moving towards his cherry lips.

"Pop ?"

After Long Tianyu finished kissing his, he saw the goddess's stunned face, as if he had completely lost his consciousness and was looking at him in a daze. Long Tianyu made up his mind, and faintly guessed that this was his first kiss, and without hesitating at all, he kissed the corner of Yu Wan'Er's mouth again.

"Ahh ?"

Pure Yu Wan'er started to regain her senses, realizing what had happened. She used both of her hands to push at her opponent's chest, but the big man Long Tianyu had more strength in his arms, hugging her tighter, the more she kissed, the more his heavy breathing made her feel dizzy.

Wan-Er was proud and learned, yet she didn't have the time for a man or a woman. As she shouted, her body and mind gradually lost their strength. She was struggling less and less.

After kissing for a while, Yu Wan'er's delicate body gradually started to tremble. Her expression became seductive. After a while, she finally put her hand on the man's neck and kissed him deeply.

Long Tianyu hugged the beauty in his arms and loved his as if he was the most precious treasure in the world. He whispered into her ear: "Would Wan'er be willing to let Tian Yu have you forever?"

Chunyu Wan'er was in a daze. She could no longer hear what the other person was saying. She only let out a drunken moan in place of an answer.

As if he had received his royal decree, Long Tianyu's heart was in ecstasy, his hands wrapped around her waist as he picked up Pure Yu Wan'er, and walked towards the bed within the house.

The soft cry of a broken melon sounded like a form of flattery, as if it was saying goodbye to a young girl. It was as if tears and complaints were flowing down his face, making him feel infuriated.

The plum blossoms again, the pure witness of the plum blossoms.

The next day, a ray of sunlight shone through the bamboo window into the quiet room, slowly moving to the faces of the men and women on the bed.

Long Tianyu gradually woke up, and praised the heavens for their kindness and care.

He went down to the kitchen and cooked a few small dishes. However, he didn't have any household appliances or natural gas fuel in the ancient times, so he stayed in the kitchen for more than two hours before preparing a simple meal.

Long Tianyu looked at his blissful face, then suddenly remembered something and asked: "That's right, Wan'Er, why hasn't Uncle Huang come to see me yet?"

Chunyu Wan'er frowned slightly, and pouted: "What Uncle Huang? He is my godfather, so when we meet, my husband will definitely call out to him as well! "

Long Tianyu scratched his head and laughed: "I understand Madam! Then why hadn't his godfather come? I still have a lot of questions to ask of him! "

"Maybe he is studying strange stars. He can forget about the time. If my husband wants to see my father, I can just take him to the Star Observation Pavilion in the valley!"

After a moment of rest, Yu Wan'er washed her face and put on the clothes that she had secretly made for him for three days. The clothes matched his size and were just right in size.

Together, they walked out of Wan-Er's room.

The trees in the forest were lined up in dense rows, covered with purple ganoderma, white stone, fragrant orchid, young bamboo, the spring flowing and winding, and the ancient cypress leaning on a deep cliff.

In just a few minutes, the two of them had arrived at several bamboo house s, the stone paths were filled with moss, the bamboo fences were filled with vines, and two cranes that could only be seen in the "Wild Zoo" stood at the front of the house.

Pure feather Wan'er held Long Tianyu's hand and pushed open the door: "Godfather, who do you think Wan'er brought here?"

Long Tianyu looked around the room. The bookshelves and tables were filled with bamboo slips of all sizes, the northern wall looked like a huge Go board, but the black and white were not Go board. It seemed like they were intertwined into a formation using the phase of the stars in the sky, with five White Pearls lined up side by side. He was in a daze, not knowing what to do.

An old man walked out of the bamboo house. He wore a long gray robe, and his white eyebrows were like snow. His long beard was fluttering, and his tranquility was extraordinary. His temperament was holy like a celestial being.

When the Yellowstone and Long Tianyu's eyes met, both of them trembled as they thought to themselves: As expected, it is innate!

Four days ago, because he was unconscious, his face was pale and his face was covered in dirt. He did not take a close look and upon seeing the other party's glowing and happy expression, he couldn't help but be stunned.

Looking at her daughter's charming face, who would have thought that the beautiful and talented "Ice Snow" Wan'er, who was usually beside the man, would not have guessed the reason!

She smiled and said, "Wan-Er is truly worthy of being the most talented girl in the world. How come after three days of separation, she married herself to a man and became a woman? I don't even know anything about it, do I?"

Pure Yu Wan'er was so embarrassed that her cheeks turned red, and she scolded: "Godfather! It's not like that, it's just him ? "Even when the words were about to reach his mouth, he couldn't say it out loud, so he could only vent his anger on the lover, extending his slender fingers and pinching Long Tianyu's ribs. He pouted and said," You're so bad, you made me lose face in front of my godfather!

Long Tianyu endured the pain, smiled at Yellowstone, and said: "Dad, don't joke with your precious daughter, if not I will be able to endure it tonight!"

The two men, one old and the other young, looked at each other and smiled.

Long Tianyu curiously asked the Yellowstone: "I wonder if godfather has any findings during these few days of research? Wan-Er and I waited for three days to see our godfather out of the valley, so we asked her to bring us to a meeting so we could personally thank his for saving our lives. "

Yellowstone stroked his beard, and said: "This old man just happened to meet you at the right time, in the next few days, I will have to thank Wan'er for taking care of you! Her daughter was a wise man, and she was destined for good. "As her godfather, I am happy for her. I hope you will treat Wan-Er well in the future. I will have my wish granted from now on."

Long Tianyu embraced her beauty in his arms and swore to himself. He said resolutely, "Godfather, don't worry. I, Long Tianyu, will love and love her for the rest of my life!"

Chunyu Wan'er was moved by her beloved man's words. Her beautiful eyes turned red as tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. She had already become his wife.

Yellowstone nodded his head in satisfaction. He looked at the board of the Star Gauze Tribe and sighed, "Two months ago, this old man observed a star phenomenon and discovered a resplendent 'Overlord Star of the Saint Realm' that fell near Mount Li in the northwest. This is a sign of the heavens, this old man knew that a genius of the modern and ancient era had descended onto the world.

Long Tianyu was stunned, but he thought in his heart: "What star Overlord of the Saint Realm? Could it be Overlord of West Chu Xiang Yu? Or was it the rogue emperor, Liu Bang, or the god of war, Han Xin? Huh... Wasn't the evening two months ago the day when I rode that huge rotten UFO to descend into the's Tomb of the Mo Mountain? "

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