Legends in Chu and Han/C13 Heaven's Mandate: Unfathomable
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Legends in Chu and Han/C13 Heaven's Mandate: Unfathomable
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C13 Heaven's Mandate: Unfathomable

Long Tianyu continued to fly. The bravest general of the Radix Cyperi should be the Overlord of West Chu Xiang Yu! But the one who used a weapon like a god was not Han Xin alone, but no matter how legendary they were, in the end, they were both not Liu Bang's match!

Would he change history if he were in the middle of the Chuhan war? Was the predestined development changed by human efforts? However, when he thought about it again, he realized that it was rare for him to experience things like teleportation. Could it be that he was still unable to change the people and events of this era?

According to Einstein's special theory of relativity, under the premise of the establishment of the spacetime tunnel, different kinds of virtual alien spaces and time existed in the universe. There were people and things that were similar to each other, and under a certain amount of energy and light speed, they could travel through the broken black hole, travel through space and time of the alien universe, return to ancient times, and travel through the future.

The time and space of this foreign land was no longer the time and space where he lived in his previous world, but it developed according to the same law. It was like the water flowing to a lower place, and as long as there was an external counterforce interference, it could change its characteristics and rules.

If his speculations were not wrong, as long as he understood its development pattern and dared to reverse it at the crucial point, he would be able to completely change the history of this space. Then, the Qin Dynasty might not be the Han Dynasty after it perishes.

Thinking of this, a sense of pride flowed through his blood as he kept asking himself, "Can I change?"

All of a sudden, Yu Wan-Er shook his arm and called him lightly, "Husband... Darling ? What are you thinking about? Didn't you say that you have a lot of questions to ask of your godfather? "

Long Tianyu came back to reality and thought: At this moment, what I would like to ask is whether Einstein's third hypothesis of special relativity is true or false in the universe system. However, no matter how knowledgeable and talented dad was, he might not be able to answer it!

Being suddenly asked by her, his mind went blank, and for a moment he didn't even think about the doubts he had in university. He pointed to the five white pieces on the board and asked, "May I ask what is the purpose of those five pieces?"

Yellowstone stroked his beard and said, "This board is a combination of the heavens, the earth, and people. It is said that this old man is destined to become an astrologer by following the rules of the Luo Shu Nine Palace and sixty years old. It is a blessing in the night.

Ever since the appearance of the Overlord of the Sacred Realm in the world, a strange phenomenon appeared on the stars of the Heaven Realm. "Luoze, Fainted, Emperor, Five Cripples, Si Wei." A five star connection is the sign of chaos and chaos. " Then he sighed.

Chunyu Wan-Er's body trembled when she heard that. She was obviously surprised, and said curiously: "How is that possible? The King of Qin had to deal with all matters of victory and government, it was a magnificent and unrestrained martial arts strategy, it had destroyed the six nations, unified the world, ended the war between the various dukes, and established the Qin Dynasty. It had been named the "First Emperor" since the establishment of the Qin Dynasty.

Thereafter, the King of Qin would frequently use troops to open up territories, and from twenty-six to thirty-three years of rule, send several hundred thousand people to attack the land of one hundred thousand, to the north of the Yinshan. In order to prevent further intrusions, they would build a great wall, fix the road, and secure the Qin Nation's defenses.

During the reign of the King of Qin, they had reigned supreme, indulged themselves in pleasure, stirred up the world, and the citizens were unable to live, but the six nations were no longer that old, and had lost their manpower. Back then, Su Qin and the six nations were together, and even with a million troops, they were unable to attack the Qin Army, not to mention the fact that there are millions of people in the Qin Army, who would dare to commit an offense against death? "

Yellowstone shook his head: "'Ge Ze, Faint Chang, Emperor, Five Savages, Si Wei' are all mysterious stars in the sky. As long as there are two stars parallel to each other, there will definitely be an ominous omen in the world. The last time Ge Ze and Huang Chang met, it was precisely the Martial King's opportunity to conquer the world.

When Pure feather Wan'er and Long Tianyu heard this, they were shocked. The talented girl was shocked that the Great Qin had been united for only ten years, and the second half had just ascended the throne.

Long Tianyu was shocked that he could actually predict the future. He only raised his head to look at the stars, and he could already predict the future.

Through the historical information, he knew that Hu Sheng was not lying. One year after the inauguration of the, Liu Bang took advantage of the three years after the outbreak of Chen Sheng's uprising to cross the Yellow River and save Zhao, leading Xiang Yu's troops to the west.

After Xiang Yu knew that Liu Bang had broken through the Xianyang, she led her troops to the Xianyang. She had killed Zi Ying and burned down the Qin Palace. The fire raged for three days without end. After that was the battle between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, who had been fighting for four years for the throne, and Chu Han.

He could not help but feel admiration for the Yellowstone, and asked curiously: "The godfather has an astrological sign, knows people's destiny, and can't be compared to others, but I wonder what kind of proof is used in the study of profound knowledge?"

The Yellowstone continued to speak, "The weimen itself is the eight trigram formation of the nine palaces. The wonders of the weimen were all hidden in the Eight Trigrams and the Sixties.

The sixty-year-old flowers formed from the combination of ten days dry and twelve earth branches were mainly made of time; the nine palaces made up of eight different types of gossip were made up of space and space, while the weimen combined the two things into one, which included heaven, earth, man and god.

One of them is too long, six, the ancient name of "three types", is the most profound skills in the art of divination, can be used to measure the national luck, the time of geographical disaster. (1) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (4) (3) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4)) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4).

The three types of absolute arts didn't have a heavy meaning, but their key point was the way to change. It was like flowing clouds and flowing water, whether there was a boat or a boat, whether there was a boat or a boat, whether it was a boat or a boat, everything was at random, in the process of scattering, the so-called 'transformation' would lead to the 'circulation', the 'circulation' would lead to the 'circulation', the 'circulation' would lead to the 'circulation', the 'circulation', the 'circulation', the 'circulation' circulation ', the' circulation 'circulation', and the 'circulation' circulation '.

All things had their own reasons, and men and women had their own reasons. One must know the way of the use of troops, and one must know the way of the use of troops, in order to be able to distinguish the victories of a hundred battles, and to distinguish the master of the house, one had to be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort, so it was possible for the battle to be strong or weak, turning the stone into gold was the miracle of decay.

This old man once wrote a? Tai Gong Military Law? that focuses on the changes of Yin and Yang, the static movements of people, and the main guests, combining the eight ideas in? Zhou Yi?, the nine palaces in Luo Shu, and sixty sixty-six years old people to choose time, geography, man, and to assist in the movement of troops and the formation of formations. "

Long Tianyu nodded his head repeatedly, he did not expect that there would be so much knowledge in astronomical profound arts. It seemed that after thousands of years of being passed down, the records of the future Twenty-first Century would already be a drop in the ocean, and many important ideas would have already been lost.

He recalled that Zhuge Liang had met an expert during the Three Kingdoms period, passed down the weimen's Heavenly Book, could summon the wind and summon the rain, and had even set up the "Eight Diagrams". It was very likely that this technique was one of the most profound "Three Techniques".

Pure Yu Wan'er was intelligent and easily understood. Her beautiful eyes flashed as she said, "Father has yet to reveal which of the six kingdoms is a marquis, and we can overthrow the West Qin. Because it doesn't seem very likely right now?"

The Yellowstone frowned: "This is precisely the thing that this old man has been puzzled about for the past few days, every time the royal family rises and falls, they would change phase. This change in phase indicates that there is going to be a new Master and dynasty, but this time ?

"Ever since the descent of the Overlord Star, the Five Star Orb has completely disrupted the phase of the stars in the sky. I'm afraid that no one can predict the fate of the stars in the sky, because this enlightened lord is not limited by the phase of any astrology. Perhaps, the final hegemon can change his direction only when the war is pacified in the future!"

Long Tianyu was greatly shocked this time, and thought deeply in his heart: What's going on? It was clearly recorded in history that after the death of the Qin Dynasty, Han Gao's ancestor, Liu Bang, established the Western Han Dynasty in 202 BC. Could it be ? Could the fate of history really be changed?

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