Legends in Chu and Han/C14 Wen Tao Wu Ji
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Legends in Chu and Han/C14 Wen Tao Wu Ji
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C14 Wen Tao Wu Ji

The Yellowstone said calmly: Although the stars are chaotic, and I am unable to predict who will be the last, but the King of Qin is rampant, the citizens are not in a good mood, and there is abuse of torture, and there is a burning in the hearts of the people, destruction is only a matter of time, and Hu Hai is unscrupulous and shameless, without a father's outstanding martial arts manual, I am afraid that once there are some soldiers causing trouble, it will be hard to stop them, and it would affect the entire body.

Pure Yu Wan'er frowned, thought for a while, and spoke with emotion, "Father's words are reasonable. The ancients always said, 'Reach for the right, gain more help from the wrong, lose the right.' Today, the brutal have fun, lose the people's will, and bring disaster to the royal family!"

The words of the two caused Long Tianyu to ponder deeply. In his mind, he saw images of generations of dynasties, from the moment of their rise to their destruction, the moment of their destruction, the moment of their fall from grace. Since ancient times, they have been in disarray, and thus, they could not help but sigh emotionally and say: "Not bad, people can use copper as a mirror to straighten their clothes; Now that the Great Qin was strong on the outside but weak on the inside, it was like a paper tiger that was not enough to cause trouble. Huh... Why are you looking at me like that? "

It turned out that the two were moved by his astute words and were impressed by his new words. Their beautiful eyes flashed and their eyes shined brightly. The two of them pondered over their words and stared at him for a while.

Pure Yu Wan'er came back to her senses and said in admiration, "When one looks at the mirror of the ancient, one can see the victor; when looking at people, one can see the victor and the loser. Who else could speak more lucidly than my husband? Paper tiger... Is it a doll? "

Long Tianyu scratched his head, thinking to himself, it was really an unintentional act, who would have thought that Wei Zheng's words would be so clever, even the ancient people were impressed by this sentence, and said awkwardly: "Paper tiger? It was ? In. The tiger on the silk is just trying to scare people off! "

Sigh! Talking to the ancients was really troublesome. In addition to removing the common spoken English, one would also need to enclose a translation after taking on the style of the ancients.

Her smile was like a flower, and her cheeks were filled with an enchanting dimple. She pursed her lips and said, "Haha, this is the first time I've heard such a novel and interesting metaphor. I love my husband."

This old man thought that the knowledge of my disciple Zhang Zi Fang was already something that was rarely seen in the world, and could even be considered a rare genius. I didn't think that Tian Yu's talents would actually surpass his own, it seems like this old man had really underestimated the heroes of the world!

From today onwards, no matter what, this old man will accept you as my last disciple and pass on all of my knowledge, including the < Tai Gong Military Law > to Tian Yu. In the future, I will lead your army and arrange a formation.

Long Tianyu felt ashamed in his heart. Seems like Zhang Liang had already mastered his skills, but he did not know whether he should seek for a good master or not. There was still half a year until the Chen Sheng Great Swamp, and Zhang Liang should not have met him yet!

He immediately cupped his hands together and replied, "Father thinks so highly of Tian Yu, so I can only accept."

"Haha, Tian Yu doesn't need to be modest, you will definitely become an earth-shaking character in the future. To be able to entrust your goddaughter to you, this old man is very pleased."

Pure Yu Wan'er's face flushed red, she wrapped her arms around Long Tianyu and cutely said: "godfather ? Why is it Wan'er again? Anyway... Wan-Er will never leave him. "

Fortunately, Long Tianyu had studied seal characters while he was still in university. After reading them once by himself, he translated them into simple Chinese characters in his mind and memorized all of them. Whenever he encountered something he did not understand, the latter would explain it all and allow Long Tianyu to quickly master it. He couldn't help but admire the beauty's brilliant knowledge, no wonder she was able to rule the world.

After Long Tianyu thought about it again and again, he divided the weimen into two types.

The former was a way to predict and choose favorable time and direction by combining time and space with the knowledge of "Zhou Yi", "Zhuo Yi", "Luo Shu Jiu Zonggong", and sixty years' worth of astronomical calendar knowledge. As long as it was used in military battles, it would choose time, land, people, and help make decisions.

The latter was entangled with Taoism and other spells, such as chanting. The superstition was heavy.

For the past three months, Long Tianyu had been researching the Military Strategy Heavenly Book, and at night, he had toured the fairyland together with the beautiful woman.

That night, Long Tianyu suddenly remembered something and asked: "That's right, Wan'er! "Father's bamboo house has a house about one mile away. He closes the door all day long and yesterday, I saw an old man walk out from within. He stood in front of the house for a long time with his hands behind his back before returning to the house. I wonder who he is?"

Chunyu Wan'er was extremely tired, she reached out her hand to draw a circle on his chest, and said tenderly: "Oh, him! He was an old friend of his foster father's when he was young. Ten years ago, he moved into Yellowstone Valley. Wan-Er had only met him twice. According to her godfather, the man's surname was Cao. His name was Qiu Dao, and he was a sword expert from the seven kingdoms. He was known as the "Sword Saint".

Twenty years ago, he had once competed with a Qin Nation general in a match. The two were evenly matched, it was difficult to tell who was the better of the other. Once the Qi Nation is dead, Master Cao will stay in the valley, close his doors and comprehend the sword, thinking about how to break through his opponent's cultivation method. After leaving seclusion for three days a year, you can count with your fingers, these few days are quite similar, and it is the right time to leave the house to practice the sword.

Long Tianyu was afraid that the beauty would be worried, hence he replied his with an 'En', but he thought in his heart: "A sword expert? He was known as the "Sword Saint"? I don't know if he has the legendary ability to fly over the roof and wound people with his sword qi in Wuxia novels? "

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. He could also be considered a special forces king, but back in the ancient times, his swordsmanship had yet to improve and he had yet to experience the ultimate warrior of this world.

Seeing that the beauty's breathing was steady, and she was fast asleep, Long Tianyu gently got rid of Wan'er's four limbs. He quietly got off the bed, put on his clothes and left the room.

Borrowing the moonlight, Long Tianyu walked along the quiet valley path. Banyan trees, ginkgo, cedar, water fir and magnolia all kinds of trees intertwined in the middle of the path.

Stepping under the bright moonlight, it didn't even take half a cup of tea before they arrived near the house. Gradually, they heard the rustling of leaves and the rustling of sand in the forest.

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