Legends in Chu and Han/C15 Night Sword Saint
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Legends in Chu and Han/C15 Night Sword Saint
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C15 Night Sword Saint

Long Tianyu walked to the back of a big tree, parted the vines and looked over, only to see a clearing in front of the bamboo house, a blue light was flashing, dancing in the air, at the heart of the sword light, the white bearded old man who was waving his sword horizontally was Cao Qiu Dao, and in his surroundings, it seemed as though there was a ball of Qi revolving around him, it seemed to be the legendary Innate Sword Qi.

His sword was like a roaming dragon, his rhythm was smooth and his steps were agile, fast and unstoppable. Especially when he used his sword's aura, it was like thousands of horses galloping. The sound of the wind was strong, and his energy only shook the dirt and dust on the ground.

Long Tianyu was secretly shocked, and thought: My darling! Could the legend be true? The Upper Sky Sword Qi of a warrior can leave the body and injure people, killing them is invisible, I am still far from this legendary realm!

While he was lost in his thoughts, a shadow flashed in front of his eyes. Before he could see clearly, he felt a chilling cold attack his face. At the same time, a pressure that felt like a mountain pressed down on his body.

Long Tianyu didn't have the time to think about it, nor did he have the time to pay attention to it. Relying on his conditioned reflex caused by the change in environment, he suddenly tilted his body to the side to avoid the cold light.

In front of him, there was a sixty year old man dressed in grey standing on a sword. His black and white hair was scattered all over his shoulders, he had a strange face, sharp eyes, and eyes like the sea, calm and unfathomable. He gave off a cold and ruthless feeling, as if he was in danger without getting angry.

Long Tianyu gasped and cried out involuntarily: "Cao Qiu Dao?"

His body seemed to emit a bone-piercing cold aura, enveloping the surroundings, he nodded: "I did not expect a junior to recognize me, but look at you, you are young and your skills are swift and nimble. Being able to dodge my cold attack was not easy, but unfortunately, you barged into the forbidden area, so don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Under the other party's overbearing aura, Long Tianyu could not help but be secretly shocked. [Wan-Er is right. Sword light is ruthless. How is that child's play?

He might not be soft-hearted if he begged him, not to mention it was not his character. To be able to fight with such a master at the peak of the martial arts realm was already a special honor. Maybe he could go through the Life and Death Training and gain a lot of insights into his own cultivation!

Immediately, the fear in his heart faded as his arrogance rose. He said confidently: "This junior is not talented. Please be generous with your advice, senior Sword Saint!"

Long Tianyu thought: Rather than being scared, I might as well give it my all! The other party's aura was overbearing, completely enveloping him. Devouring would destroy his fighting spirit, and experts could battle with each other without holding back, much less being affected by the other party's influence.

Cao QiuDao's eyebrows twitched. He was confused by the young man's actions. Seeing him standing there like a different person, looking so relaxed and excited, he thought to himself, What is this kid up to? He was actually unmoved by Ye Xiao's sword aura. He was truly brave!

The corner of his mouth curled up into a smile, as if he was reminiscing about his past invincible style, he shouted, "In the past thirty years, you are the second person to dare to stand in front of me and ask for advice. But compared to that person, you are much calmer.

Long Tianyu calmed his mind and entered into the state of clarity. He observed every minute changes the other party made, thus grasping the change in his mental state. This was the principle that Long Tianyu had always been following: strategic contempt of the opponent, strategic respect of the opponent!

At this moment, he was still standing there without moving and said, "Then what are you waiting for, senior?"

What kind of person was Cao Qiu Dao? He was well aware that the opponent's psychological strategy was to lure him, although his momentum did not weaken in the slightest because of it, but he was still angered by the arrogance of the opponent. He thought to himself: What an arrogant brat, seeing how much inner strength he can completely rely on his body's natural reflexes, his physique is extraordinary, he is indeed the best material for practicing the sword, and also wants to test him!

As he made up his mind, Cao Qiu Dao did not release any sword qi. He restrained a part of his cultivation and held his sword horizontally in front of him, swinging it diagonally and piercing the left shoulder of his opponent. Like a tiger coming out from its lair, his steps were like thunder, surging wave after wave towards Long Tianyu.

Long Tianyu was calm on the surface but he looked calm on the surface. His heart was in turmoil, seeing the opponent's figure flash, like a ghost, the sword piercing towards him seemed extremely ordinary, but it made him feel as though he was unable to match it. The cold Sword Qi almost caused him to suffocate, he was extremely obedient!

The fact that life and death was suspended at the first line made Long Tianyu even more excited, he immediately calmed himself and waited for the tip of the sword to rush over. Using his senses, he suddenly leaned to the right, and at the same time, he pulled out a military dagger from his leather bag with his right hand and slashed downwards towards the wind.

Dong ? The dagger struck the other party's sword, and the flames in the blade burst into flames. A humming sound could be heard for a long time.

Long Tianyu retreated three steps and felt his right hand go numb. He thought: "Despite his age, the strength of his wrist is actually so astonishing! Not to mention that my weapon is short and sharp, and when my blades meet, I should be able to save a lot of energy, otherwise I would have been forced back more than three steps. "

As the saying goes, an inch shorter and an inch riskier, the advantage of avoiding an attack of one's own is that one can only fight in close range. One can only rely on his innate reaction and the interception of punches to catch him off guard.

Cao Qiu Dao's sword was knocked away and he took a step back. His palm trembled as he thought to himself, "This young man is very skilled. Not to mention inner strength, the pure arm strength of his body is not comparable to mine. He is just an unpolished jade!"

Swish! The sword beam suddenly erupted, as it activated a bit of Sword Qi. The force behind it caused the sound of wind breaking to echo out, causing the sword to move swiftly like a shadow, seemingly a simple sword strike that contained three ruthless moves, enveloping Long Tianyu in a ball of Sword Qi.

Seeing that, Long Tianyu deeply understood the famous sword master, his sword skills were indeed at a superb level. Although it looked simple and plain, it was extremely skillful, possessing an unstoppable domineering aura.

When thinking about his usual fighting techniques, not only did he have to be quick in hand, fast in eyes, but he also had to be quick in heart. He had to grasp the direction and force of the opponent's attack in advance, and then attack later, using the shortest route to hit his opponent's vital points.

The sword move was ethereal, looking real and illusory, looking real and unreal. At the moment, Long Tianyu's heroic spirit surged, he roared towards the sky, the sound was like a dragon's roar, he did not care which sword strike was real and which sword was illusory, he decisively lowered his waist and sat on the horse, waving the dagger like a pool of autumn water, slicing a half circle of cold light in front of the door.

"Clang!" The sound was endless. The two fought at a fast speed, and the ten or so exchanges of blows were like a sudden explosion. One could tell how fast they were in the blink of an eye!

Long Tianyu unleashed all of his strength, turning left and right slashes, he closed his eyes and completely withstood the enemy's over ten sword strikes that were incomparably sharp and powerful, his robust body shook violently, blood seeping out from his palm, his right arm trembled with a numb strength.

After fighting fiercely with his sword, Long Tianyu was almost out of stamina, because he did not have his Qi to protect himself, only relying on his physique, against such a powerful opponent, he was fighting fiercely, his luck was too good, he was secretly shocked in his heart: "I am already at the end of my tether, if we were to continue fighting, I might not be able to hold on, this old man really lives up to his reputation, how can I escape?"

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