Legends in Chu and Han/C16 Teach a disciple to learn the sword
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Legends in Chu and Han/C16 Teach a disciple to learn the sword
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C16 Teach a disciple to learn the sword

Just as Long Tianyu was thinking about how to escape, the sword master in front of him suddenly stopped. With a cold glint in his eyes, he retreated a few feet away and stood on his sword, and laughed in satisfaction: "Not bad, not bad, in the past 30 years, you are the first person to stand in front of me, standing in a defensive position, and completely receiving all these strikes. Although this old man does not use much inner strength, it is already very rare for you to be able to take this move!

No matter whether it is arm strength or courage, you are a rarity in the world, and you actually do not rely on your eyes to receive my attacks, but only on your senses. Even I am unable to match up, thinking that I, Cao Qiu Dao, in my old age, have actually met such a genius. "Haha ?"

Long Tianyu was shocked, thinking, was it true? His face was filled with joy and excitement, but it did not seem like he was faking it. Furthermore, his opponent had the upper hand right now, if he were to take the advantage of the situation, he would definitely win.

He immediately said respectfully, "In terms of swordsmanship, this late life is far from being your senior's match. Please forgive me for having acted so arrogantly earlier!"

He stroked his beard and said with a smile, "That is just for now. As long as this old man imparts his sword art to you, with your talent, you will surely dominate the world in the future and become the new Sword Saint!"

Long Tianyu thought about it carefully and felt that his words were not without reason. With his knowledge and wisdom on various aspects, learning the sword was naturally easy, and he hesitated to speak: "But to do anything without achieving anything is not right. This is my first time meeting you, so how can I bear Mister's wrong love?"

Cao Qiu, God of Lightning, saw that the young man was not affected by his peerless sword art, but was full of pride. He thought to himself, "This kind of jade is hard to find, so I want him to be my last disciple!"

At this moment, he waved his hand and said, "How could this old man misjudge you? Don't be so girly, I admire men the most in my life; no matter who my enemies are, as long as they are real men, they are worthy of respect! "As a man, I will gladly agree with this old man."

Long Tianyu thought about how he had come to this era where the strong preyed on the weak, where the strong fought in battles, and how he didn't have a gun in his hands. In order to survive and dream, he had to become the strongest person, filling himself in on all aspects, learning the weimen and the [Tai Gong Military Law] combined with his own Twenty-first Century's battle tactics. From then on, he formed a completely new strategy and thinking.

Although he was a special forces king with strong fists, his martial power was not weak, and he could not be considered an expert in this ancient era where all the people were fighting and travelling the world. Especially in the face of a Sword Saint who stood at the peak of this era, Fang Xingjian knew how terrifying a sword expert was.

Long Tianyu thought for a while, then said firmly: "Since Sir has so much love, it is difficult to refuse such kindness, and if I decline, then I will not know how to appreciate kindness, and will instead be unfair! Master, junior Long Tianyu pays his respect! "

Cao Qiu Dao was overjoyed and said happily, "Amongst all the bad disciples I have accepted in my life, there are still four who have barely passed the test. Unfortunately, with the limited talent of the four, I have been able to follow four different sword paths based on my comprehension ability, and have been known for being fast, ruthless, fierce, and gentle. This old man has always sighed, he was empty-handed with his peerless sword skills, and there was no one else who would be able to see Tian Yu tonight ? Haha, at least the heavens will not disappoint those who have worked hard for you. From tomorrow onwards, you will come every morning to learn the sword, and this old man will teach you all this absolute art! "

Other than secretly praising him for his good luck, what else could Long Tianyu say? After paying his respects to the Grandmaster Swordsmanship, he made an agreement and returned to the talented girl's room.

Chunyu Wan'er was still sleeping soundly. Her snow-white body was lying on the bed, her hair was loose on the pillow, and the quilt on her body had been stripped halfway.

Her long eyelashes stood out above her closed eyes, her cherry lips slightly opened as she breathed, the tip of her tongue lightly resting on the side of her mouth. A few strands of perfume were wrapped around her, making her appear even more coquettish.

Long Tianyu's blood boiled when he saw this, but thinking that he would have to seek guidance from the Sword Saint in a few hours, in order to chase after his dreams, he could only rely on his outstanding mental strength to suppress his lust, and fell asleep with the beauty in his arms.

From then on, Long Tianyu woke up at daybreak and went to the bamboo house to practice Ancient Sword Arts with the Sword Saint. Because of his talent and his previous understanding of martial arts, as long as Cao Qiu Dao demonstrated once, he would memorize everything, digest and absorb everything, improving at a very fast speed. After two months, he had learnt all of the Sword Saint's sword skills and moves, even if he had fought with Cao Qiu Dao once, if the latter did not use the Xiantian Qi, just based on the competition alone, he would not lose easily!

Spring passed, and autumn passed. In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

At this time, in the spring of March, the cicadas chirped, the cliffs in the valley formed a strange peak, the trees were shaded, the lake rippled like a mirror, infinitely gentle.

In front of the boudoir of the talented woman, there were Yulan, Cherry Blossom, Hibiscus, and Rhinoceros trees crisscrossing each other. They were rich in purple and red, colorful and colorful.

As the first rays of the morning sun shone, two people could be seen fighting with swords in the forest. One of them had eagle-like eyebrows, sword eyes, white beard that fluttered in the wind, with steps as fast as the clouds, a sword in his hand that danced in the air, and an attack that was like a raging wave striking. The other one had eyes as bright as the stars, a face like jade, a sword body like a swimming dragon, and under the opponent's powerful and cold sword qi, he remained emotionless.

Although Sword Saint was experienced and skilled, he was after all inferior to his opponent in terms of strength. After more than three hundred rounds, he was still unable to break through Long Tianyu's door, and Long Tianyu was obviously unable to do anything to his opponent.

After the two sides exchanged more than thirty blows, Cao Qiu Dao gave a long howl and retreated out of the circle. He sheathed his sword and laughed, "That's right! He really was a genius! It will only take a few months for the sword arts to be on par with me. I'm afraid that at that time, the title of Sword Saint will have to change hands! "

Long Tianyu stood up with his sword casually, and said humbly: "Master is teasing Tian Yu again, you did not use 50% of your inner strength, otherwise I would have been defeated a long time ago! Even after ten more years have passed, Master will still not lose in the slightest! "

"Haha ?" Cao Qiu Dao stroked his beard and laughed, "I have been obsessed with the way of the sword all my life and have no regrets in the world. Just as < < Zhuang Zi's Sword > records, 'All under the heavens, only I am a sword fanatic'.

'In the way of battle, the spirit of the inside and the peace of the outside world, like a good woman, afraid of the tiger, afraid of the Qi of the cloth, and adamant with the gods. It is like the sun, biased like a rabbit, moving with the shadows, like light, like breathing, not being able to control the laws, going against the laws, not going according to the rules, not listening at all. He had perfected his sword-arts to the point of perfection.

In the future, as long as you train both internally and externally, take the time to meditate and train your Qi, train your inner strength, and the sword qi will come out of your body, you will become a true expert swordsman, and at present, can still be considered an outer sect swordsman. Let me show you a weapon at the end, in the future, if you meet the master or a successor who uses this weapon, you must be careful! " With that, he turned around and returned to his room. In a moment, he took out a beautifully carved, simple wooden case with decorative patterns.

Cao Qiu Dao opened the box in front of Long Tianyu and took out a ray of green light, which looked like a pool of autumn water, emitting a cold Qi.

Long Tianyu looked over with rapt attention, and when he saw the weapon in his hand, he could not help but exclaim: "This is ?. Dongyang Dao? "

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