Legends in Chu and Han/C17 Warring States
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Legends in Chu and Han/C17 Warring States
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C17 Warring States

Long Tianyu was very surprised to see the weapon in his hand, why did he already have the Eastern Ocean Saber of the Island Nation in the period of Radix Cyperi? He had trained diligently in national martial arts and free martial arts. He had also collected various martial arts and weapons from different countries. He carefully compared their strengths and characteristics.

This Eastern Ocean Saber was a type of sword art that belonged to the path of the Japanese army. It only had that many moves, but it was extremely powerful, fierce, fast, fierce, ruthless, diabolical, and was easy to understand. If one wanted to master it quickly, it would only take two or three months.

Cao Qiu Dao saw that he was in a daze, and was only shocked by the mystical weapon, and immediately explained: This weapon was imitated by me according to what I used to be an opponent, after twenty years of hard work, I have not produced any results, and because of that the weapon has no pattern, I can look for it and go back and forth, it is completely natural, combined with my inner strength and blade technique, it is extremely reckless, if Tian Yu meets it in the future, he must be on guard against it!

Long Tianyu laughed involuntarily: "Master, you might not know this, but this weapon mainly uses heavy and fierce attacks. With the combination of wrist strength, arm strength, and waist strength, it is only a thin line, the heaviest force, and it is not invulnerable! "The person who uses the sword must be calm, avoid the actual situation, and can use the force of force without having to block it forcefully. He can use softness to control the force, and when he makes a move later on, he can win with no moves!"

Cao Qiu Dao's body trembled when he heard this. His sword-like eyebrows were raised and his eyes were shining brightly. He seemed to have found a treasure that he had dreamt of obtaining for dozens of years as he muttered, "A thousand pounds ?" With softness, but with strength ? Later, when it was ready to go ? Defeat with no moves ? There was a way to win without a move ? Haha ?. This old man has finally thought it through ? He finally thought it through ? "Haha ?" Laughter echoed in the valley. It didn't stop for a long time. Suddenly, there was no more breath left in the place as the laughter faded away.

"Master..." Long Tianyu was startled, he looked over, only to see his blade touching the ground, supporting his body, his clothes fluttering like the wind, like a god, but where did his Qi come from?

The sword-arts masters of the seven empires had died at the age of a hundred, their lifespan running out!

Long Tianyu, Yellowstone and Wan'er had buried Cao Qiu Dao's body deep within the valley. The surrounding mountains were lush and verdant, surrounded by clouds and mist, the mountains were clear and the waters were beautiful, the trees were lush and beautiful, it was a treasured land.

Long Tianyu buried the East Ocean Saber and the broken General Chop sword in front of Cao Qiu Dao's grave. With grievances and grudges, gains and losses would eventually come to an end, and when he thought about his master's and disciple's relationship, and the kindness he had given to the sword, he could not help but feel dejected.

The three of them stood there for a long time, then the Yellowstone sighed and led the couple to walk along the pathway. After being silent for a while, the Yellowstone suddenly turned around and asked the two of them, "Wan'er, what do you think of the Great Qin that has existed for hundreds of years?"

Chunyu Wan'er's cleverness and intelligence was the first to look at her beloved son. Her beautiful eyes were filled with a frightening splendor as she said, "Zhou Pingping and Dong Qian initiated the Spring and Autumn Warring States, causing Zhou's position as the ruler of the world to decline. His disobedience led to the annexation of the other nobles and the internal strife of the other kingdoms, leading to the change of the situation regarding the battle for supremacy in Spring and Autumn.

"The great dukes have all proclaimed themselves to be the hegemons of the 'Overlord' and the 'Overlord' of the 'Overlord' and 'Overlord' of the 'Overlord'. They have relied on their military might to order the dukes to emerge during the battles of the Spring and Autumn Period. They have successively named themselves the 'Five Tyrants of Spring and Autumn' of the Nine Prefectures, Duke of Qin, Duke Song and Xiang, Duke Jinwen and King of Chuchang and Duke Qin Mu.

"Since Korea, Zhao and Wei have been divided into three ranks, history has entered the Warring States Period. The political order of the Warring States period had undergone a great change. The small dukedoms had been annexed by the large dukedoms, leaving behind only Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei, Qin, and other great dukedoms, also known as the "Seven Heroes of the Warring States".

Because of this, it has developed the fastest, thus posing a great threat to the six Eastern Kingdoms. Back then, when Su Qin planned to form the "He Zong" group to oppose the six nations, not long after, "He Zong" was defeated by Zhang Yi's "Lian Heng", the trend towards unification of the West Qin was unstoppable! "

Yellowstone stroked his beard with satisfaction and nodded, then turned to Long Tianyu and asked: "Tian Yu, do you have any idea who will be the one to die?"

Fortunately, he had read a lot of history books, otherwise, he would definitely be humiliated at this moment. He immediately said calmly: We will destroy the six nations, the four sides will hate each other, and Chu You will be furious. Although three families will die, Qin! "

Yellowstone was half focused: "As expected, he is very insightful. Although I think highly of Chu, but I am not as certain as Tian Yu. Last night's 5 stars flash, I am afraid that the war is about to start, what are Tian Yu's plans?"

Long Tianyu looked at the talented girl deeply and sighed: "Zhuang Zhou once said, 'To make it small and seek insight into the larger regions, one must be confused and unable to feel proud.' "For example, the worms of summer will never know the snow in winter; life is short, if you pass by quickly, a man will be born into the world, and you will be able to pursue your dreams according to the circumstances. As long as your heart is at ease, you will be worthy of the heaven and earth!"

Chunyu Wan Er's eyes revealed an intoxicated look. She was obviously moved by her husband's arrogant and proud character.

Yellowstone nodded his head and sighed: "I'm afraid this is a road of no return, maybe even losing his life, does Tian Yu think it is worth it?"

Long Tianyu was filled with lofty sentiments, and blurted out, "Who doesn't die in ancient times? As long as I let go and pursue my own dreams, striding on my own life, success or failure doesn't matter at all. If I can fight evenly with the hegemon, fight against destiny, and drag the tide with me, I will live my life! "

"Ah!" Wan'er exclaimed as she held her beloved man's arm. Her entire body leaned towards her husband as she murmured, "Life has always been one's life, and no one has ever died. Let the Core shine ?" He could not help but lean closer.

The Yellowstone praised: "Everything is predetermined, Tian Yu is indeed an extraordinary person, I wonder when Tian Yu will make his move?"

At this time, it was the beginning of April, and according to the historical records, Hu Hai had ascended the throne. In the seventh month of the year after he ascended the throne, it was the first time in Chinese history that a peasant uprising broke out;

Whether history can be changed or not? Whether or not the last ruler of Heaven's Mandate was Liu Bang? They would not interfere with their own thoughts, because in their eyes, history was nothing more than a story that had already happened. The so-called laws of history were just marks left behind by future generations on the mark of history.

However, the scientific domain of his own era could not be verified. How would the future change after one could travel through space and time and return a person back to the ancient era for change? Maybe it is simply a different space, so it doesn't affect each other. In short, I have to prove it once and turn history upside down!

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