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Legends in Chu and Han/C18 Hero Save Beauty
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C18 Hero Save Beauty

Long Tianyu looked at the extremely beautiful and innocent Wan'er and asked, "I want to negotiate with my godfather and Wan'er. Ever since Hu Hai came to power, although he did not have the talent of his father, the Emperor, he was still more brutal and tyrannical than usual. He massacred the royal family, military and officials alike, and used criminal laws without restraint.

"The world is as though it is filled with dry firewood that has been exposed to the sun for a long time. As long as there is a spark, it can ignite a prairie fire, but Tian Yu wants to take this opportunity to go out and adventure for a while. I also have a wife whom I love that I temporarily placed in the longevity spring of Chu. I have not seen her for so many months and I really don't feel at ease. I have to go and fetch her, so I have to separate for a while with Wan-Er and my foster father. "

Chunyu's slim body trembled. She looked up at her lover and said, "Are you going to leave me alone? [I am yours now. I should follow my husband, unless you hate him and refuse to take Wan-Er!]

Long Tianyu had always spent time with her refined and pure side, otherwise it would have just been an ordinary side. At this moment, he was being spoiled by this talented girl, causing his blood-boiled heart to melt in a beautiful state.

He immediately surrendered and said, "Wan'er, please spare your husband. We are just leaving the valley to understand the current situation of the world. "Even if I come back in a few months, I will be together with Wan-Er. I will be flying with my talented daughter then. It is just that I have traveled so long and I don't want Wan-Er to be hurt along with me. I will listen to my husband!"

Just as she was about to retort, her body suddenly softened and she was held in her embrace by a big hand. The other hand was placed on Yellowstone's butt, gently rubbing it, causing her to feel weak and weak. She panted slightly, blushing, and buried her head in her lover's bosom, not saying a word.

The Yellowstone sighed: "This trip was not easy, and there were many setbacks, I hope that Tian Yu could be cautious. I had wanted to make a divination for the king, and it is strange, but Tian Yu's current position is located outside the Three Realms, not among the Five Elements, so it is hard to predict his future. It seems that his fate is entirely in your hands, but with Tian Yu's intelligence and skill, I am afraid that nothing will happen to you, but you have to be careful.

Long Tianyu nodded in acceptance before replying, "Tian Yu will definitely remember this godfather's teachings. At the very least, three months, or at most half a year, he will definitely come to welcome Wan'er. At that time, he will bring her along no matter what."

Pure Yu Wan'er looked up at her lover, her beautiful eyes reddened as she sobbed, "I hope that you will keep your promise and don't forget me. I hope you will come back soon. Sigh!" "You don't even know how you're going to spend the rest of your days, you must be tired of me!"

Yellowstone smiled slightly: "Didn't Wan'er spend the past twenty years with me, this old man, in the valley? Back then, I was extremely happy to see you playing with the zither and growing flowers. Was it all an act? Or are you going to ignore your godfather once you have a husband? "

Chunyu was embarrassed. Two bright red clouds appeared on her face. She stomped and said, "Godfather ?" It's not like that. However... It's just that they're worried about him! " He turned to Long Tianyu and said: "Hmph, dead Tian Yu, if you're brave enough, why don't you come and try with Wan'er?"

Long Tianyu said joyfully: "I, Long Tianyu, will do as I say, I am not afraid of fate. Since Madam has spoken, your husband might really not return!" With that, he pretended to walk out of the valley.

Chunyu Wan'er suddenly grabbed his arm. How could she bear letting him leave? The little bird and the girl were next to him. They were about to separate, so it would be good if they could stay a little longer!

Yellowstone saw that the famous' ice beauty 'who was one of the three most talented girls in the world, was unexpectedly subdued by him, and couldn't help but sigh to herself. It was likely that no woman in the future would be able to escape his charm.

For the next ten days or so, the two ladies knew that they were separated. They didn't go out of their rooms, only played the zither, and fought to their deaths. Pure Yu Wan Er let go of herself and had fun with her husband.

Ten days later, Long Tianyu packed his luggage, and under the escort of Wan'er and the Yellowstone, he arrived at the entrance of the Yin Valley. Huang and Mu respectively gave him precious treasures.

Yellowstone gifted him a treasured sword passed down through the generations of his ancestors. It was named 'Broken Army'.

Long Tianyu used all his might to pull out three inches, and felt the cold Qi coming out of the sword sheath, it was extremely cold and threatening, it was a treasured sword matched with a hero.

Yu Wan'er wanted to send him off another ten miles, but she was stopped by Long Tian Yu. She reluctantly stopped and watched him leave with tears in her eyes.

Long Tianyu tidied up his feelings, tied the 'Army Destroyer' treasure sword behind his back and rode his mount, also known as' Moonseeker '. He moved like the wind, a white figure flew past him like a gust of wind, traveling around 30 li in a breath.

Long Tianyu seemed to feel that the sky was wide and that there was no limit to it, so he urged the horse south. According to the map that the talented girl had drawn beforehand, as well as his own understanding of the geography, he took a detour around the Old Zhaoge, passing through Rongyang, Dingtao, and Changyi, and headed straight for Chu.

Long Tianyu lied on the grass and dozed off for a while. When he woke up, it was almost noon, so he got up and walked to the small stream. He picked up a bottle of spring water and sent it into his mouth.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of a woman crying for help. In his mind, Long Tianyu immediately thought of the words' chivalry and righteousness', he had practiced a set of peerless sword technique, and was just about to look for a few swords to test the sword when he heard the sound of a person crying for help. He held onto the sword and pierced through the branches of the tree, arriving at an empty space.

He saw a fourteen or fifteen years old maid sitting on the grass, bawling loudly. A few steps away, a tall and sturdy man, bare-chested, was about to lay his hands on a peerless lady.

Seeing that, Long Tianyu secretly shouted, but he was extremely obedient, luckily he had arrived in time, he immediately shot forward, his body moving like a tiger or leopard, in a flash he sprung six or seven meters, his movements was extremely fast and nimble, with a loud roar, he brandished his right palm, striking at the enemy's face.

The big man was very excited, but he didn't expect that someone would hit him. He turned around and saw a fist approaching like an iron hammer. He didn't dodge it in time, and with a "bang", his whole body was hit a few feet away.

The big man let out a miserable howl and rolled a few steps before standing up. His nose bridge had caved in and blood spurted out. He wiped the blood off and picked up his sword from the ground and scolded: "You birdman! You dare to ruin Master Yong Chi's good fortune, you must be tired of living! "

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