Legends in Chu and Han/C19 Lying on the ground
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Legends in Chu and Han/C19 Lying on the ground
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C19 Lying on the ground

Long Tianyu did not take this bandit bandit seriously, and looked at his opponent sideways, like a tiger with a bear's back, leopard head, ape arms, and a wide mouth. He was half a head shorter than and looked average, but his eyebrows were thick, and his eyes flashed with a bright light.

Yong Chi? This name sounded very familiar. Was it Yong Chi who had once lived a life of slaughter and dogs with Liu Bang?

After that, he rose up along with Liu Bang and fought in wars, but how could a generation's general do such heinous acts in broad daylight? However, when he thought about how Liu Bang was also a ruffian, it was not surprising for his friends to be like this.

Just as he was thinking, Yong Chi bellowed, he moved like a tiger, thrusting forward with his sword, like a bolt of lightning.

Long Tianyu was quick with his eyes and hands, when he saw the other party thrusting towards him, he could clearly see the power and the direction, and revealed a mocking smile. The other party's sword technique looked powerful, but in reality, it was just a bluff, with a body of brute force, it did not contain any exquisite sword techniques.

Long Tianyu did not pull out his sword, but waited for the tip of the sword to rush over, his body suddenly tilted, dodging the tip of the sword, waiting for his remaining strength to weaken, when the sword stabbed into the air, he extended his hand and grabbed the wrist that the opponent was holding his sword with, at the same time using a fist cutting technique, bending his right knee twice, and struck Yong Chi's lower abdomen twice consecutively, then followed up with a left hook fist, pierced with full of force, and ruthlessly struck's face.

The battle had ended in an instant, and this punch's arm strength was astonishing. Coupled with the power gathered from the side during the boxing process, the principle of instantaneous eruption had forced both him and his sword four or five steps back.

Yong Chi felt dizzy, when had he ever seen such a quick and nimble fighting technique? With a flurry of fists, he used both his knees and elbows, lying on the ground, not daring to fight, he shouted: "Kid, Master Yong will remember this, in the future, I will definitely not let you off!" With that, he staggered away, not daring to fight again.

Long Tianyu laughed lightly: "Don't wait too long!"

He turned around and saw the woman with messy long hair and naked body. Her delicate body was tiredly huddled together as she hugged her arms. He didn't know if she was overly frightened or shy, but he was worried that she would expose some important parts of her body.

If you look carefully, the woman should be in seventeen or eighteen places, beautiful and elegant, with delicate eyebrows, snow-white skin, shoulders, well-developed breasts, and breasts half exposed, as if they had been opened in a jade bowl. Her legs are white and round, slender and graceful, and she is still sitting on the ground, slightly out of breath, her eyes red and swollen, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Long Tianyu took off his outer clothes and draped it over her body. When the beauty had yet to recover her wits from shock, he took the opportunity to lift her up by the waist, and said tenderly: "Where is the young lady's home? I will escort you back! "

When the woman heard the sound, she came back to her senses. Thinking of the dangerous scene just now, she buried her head in his bosom and began to cry loudly.

Long Tianyu was at a loss on what to do, he could only comfort her with warm words. After a long while, she stopped crying and asked while petting his back: "May I know Miss's name? "Where do you live? I can escort you there!"

She raised her head and looked up at the man who was holding her in his arms. She was handsome and confident. She couldn't help but be stunned. How could there be such a free and easy person in this wilderness?

She said in a low voice, "My name is Xiao Xiang'er, and I live in the Pei County not far ahead of us. I have only been staying with my aunt for a few years. I'll be in trouble. "

Long Tianyu heard that this was the Pei County, and thought: "Could it be the resting place of Liu Bang? It looks like I made a detour for a few dozen kilometers last night, and accidentally stumbled upon this place, but since I have already arrived, I might as well take a look at Liu Bang first, and see just who kind of person he is. "

At the moment, he asked curiously: "Miss, there is no need to be so courteous. If you see injustice and draw your sword to help, then you should be a martial artist. That's right, did that criminal just now ? That... "What about you?"

Xiao Xiang's face flushed red and he sneaked a glance at him before shyly lowering his head. He warned with a voice that was like a mosquito, "Luckily Young Master came in time, that scoundrel only tore apart his clothes and didn't ?." "No one is like that!"

Long Tianyu nodded his head slightly. It was still alright like this, but if something really did happen, it would likely leave behind a shadow for a young girl. No matter what era it was, females were always weak.

Xiao Xiang saw him fall into a daze and asked, "Xiang'er still doesn't know young master's name?" You ? Are you really willing to escort me all the way back? "

Long Tianyu smiled: "A man has his words, how could he lie to a weak woman? Furthermore, I am going to the Pei County, and I, Long Tianyu, am taking on the position of Flower Protector. "

Xiao Xiang recited the word 'Flower Protector', and it was extremely fresh. He carefully chewed on Fang Ming's words, and he couldn't help but blush as it spread to his ears and neck. At this moment, the young maid in the distance had stopped crying as well, and she wiped away her tears as she arrived beside the Young Miss.

Long Tianyu lovingly placed his down, then turned around and said: "Miss, please change your clothes first, I will go and bury the coachman in your house, then we will set off immediately."

Xiao Xiang, who was in his embrace, felt his entire body become hot as she felt the man's aura for the first time. Now that he put his down and didn't have the slightest bit of greed or beauty, even though he admired the man, he couldn't help but feel a sense of loss as he hoped for him to hug his for another moment.

Long Tianyu walked over, burying the driver who had sent her home, who had been killed by a sword, then whistled, and chased after Yue Liang Ma after hearing the sound.

Xiao Xiang changed into a pink embroidery outfit. He was light and lithe, with a slim waist, long hair that was combed into a bun, and an ethereal appearance. He walked in front of Long Tianyu gracefully and asked: "Big Brother Long, do you see if I can wear this way?"

Long Tianyu looked carefully, and saw that his eyebrows were like jade, her eyes were like autumn water, his face was clear and beautiful, and he was elegant and intelligent, making her a beauty. He could not help but praise, "So beautiful!" After saying that, he carried her by the waist and placed her on the horse chasing after the moon. He then carried the young maid up as well.

Long Tianyu led his horse on foot, and after walking for four hours, they finally arrived at Liu Bang's old home, the Pei County. After passing through the high walls of the city, they entered a wide street, with stone houses, mud houses, and wooden buildings lined up in two irregular rows on both sides.

Just as Long Tianyu turned his head to tease the beautiful woman, ten feet away from the inn, over ten sturdy men appeared out of nowhere and stood in the middle of the street with swords in their hands, blocking their way.

One of them was the bandaged Yong Chi. Pointing to Long Tianyu, he turned to a person who seemed to be the leader of this group of people and said, "Third brother, it's this guy who's beaten up brother. Today, no matter what, we have to release our anger!"

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