Legends in Chu and Han/C2 Royal Tomb and Earth Palace
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Legends in Chu and Han/C2 Royal Tomb and Earth Palace
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C2 Royal Tomb and Earth Palace

Long Tianyu stuck closely to the cabin of the ship, and his entire body was in extreme pain. He felt as if he was in a time and space tunnel, surrounded by balls of star light that were revolving in a profound trajectory.

The people and the time dressed in different dynasties clothes before him continued to fly by. Qing, Ming, Yuan, Song, Tang, Sui, Jinguo, ancient mountains and rivers ?

In the blink of an eye, he was shocked to find that he and the UFO were both flying towards a waterfall from the sky.

Bang! With a loud sound, the flying discs struck the cliff of the waterfall. The remaining force did not dissipate, they instantly entered the cave behind the water curtain.

After an unknown period of time, Long Tianyu woke up slowly. His head was spinning, his entire body felt like it was on fire, he bore the scorching pain and crawled out from the flying discs. His eyes were as black as a cave, and he was unable to see his fingers in front of him.

Long Tianyu laid on the ground to catch his breath, recovering most of his strength, he thought: "What place is this? Didn't Professor Ye say that he would land in the Inner Mongolia Grassland, and that there would be troops from the military region to receive him? Why is it so dark? Even if it's dark, there should be stars? "

As he thought about this, he gradually smelled a pungent smell, like the stench of rotting corpses. Could it be that cattle and sheep were rotting in the vicinity? Curious, he forced himself to stand up and shine the luminous meter on his left wrist. Suddenly, a gentle blue light shined in front of him.

Long Tianyu looked over with rapt attention, to see that he was standing on a platform, on top of which stood a row of armored Tauren Soldiers, all of them looking like they were made from imitations of real people, with different faces and imposing looks. According to their clothing and their arrangement, they could be divided into general, army officials, archers, knights, Wu Dun and more, with more than a hundred war chariots, hundreds of Taun Horses and over ten thousand weapons.

Long Tianyu was related to the ancient history and culture, and upon seeing the array formation, he could not help but be shocked, and cried out: "The army of the First Emperor of Qin is charging in? So we came to the Shaanxi Museum? "

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, he heard a faint sound of stone walls knocking against the walls behind him. The sound was very soft, because in this dark environment, one could hear a pin drop. He turned his head in shock and saw three sarcophaguses placed on a sparrow platform on the stone steps.

Long Tianyu muttered in his heart: "Could it be zombies?"

Taking a deep breath, he moved his left wrist forward and borrowed the light from his watch to explore the path ahead. He took out a gun from his waist with his right hand.

He carefully walked up the stairs and arrived in front of the sarcophagus. The sounds came from within the sarcophagus. He thought that there might be someone inside so he pushed the lid of the sarcophagus with both of his arms.

Long Tianyu looked into the sarcophagus and saw a woman lying inside. She was dressed in a white dress and had a picturesque look, her beautiful eyebrows were knitted together, her face was pale white and she looked extremely tired. She was secretly shocked, and was completely dumbstruck: Isn't this the person in the painting?

Could it be that he was still in a dream that he had repeated for several days? But why was it so clear this time? A burning pain came from his body. It seemed that it was not a dream.

If all of this is really happening, then is it that she came to the modern Twenty-first Century, or that I returned to before AD? There is a difference of more than two thousand years, how could we have met?

The lady in the sarcophagus had a pale face and her breathing was erratic. Her voice was so soft that it could not be heard, "Young Master ? Save ? "I ?"

Long Tianyu felt as if he had just awoken from a dream, he finally regained his senses and understood what the lady was saying, and immediately asked: "Miss, are you alright? How did you fall asleep in the coffin?" As he spoke, he stretched out his arms to carry the woman out. He was gentle and soft as he sat in his embrace.

The girl was exhausted and only had her last breath remaining. Her entire body leaned against her chest and her breath was weak without the slightest bit of strength. Her cherry lips trembled, "Water ?" "Water..."

Seeing that, Long Tianyu guessed that since she had not been in the water for a few days, he had dehydrated. He immediately looked around at the walls and as a result, the mountain cave was located at the bottom of the mountain.

He gently placed the beauty on the ground and quickly ran to the nearest stone wall. Using his clothes to moisten her body, he returned to the woman's side and slowly dripped water into her fragrant mouth.

After a while, the woman woke up. She looked at the strange man who was hugging her and blushed. Her daughter's face was bashful and bashful. Her pale cheeks had turned a little red and she had regained some life.

When Long Tianyu smelled the faint fragrance of her body entering the house, the inside of her body felt warm and jade-like, his breath was orchid sweet, his face was blushing red, causing his originally pale white and delicate face to look even more beautiful, just like an exotic flower that had just been born, elegant and graceful.

The beautiful woman had recovered some of her strength and she could already see Long Tianyu's face clearly. He was about twenty-four and fifty years old, and his eyebrows were sharp like a man's. She softly said: "This brother, were you also caught and brought to the mausoleum to be buried?"

Their languages were a bit different, but most of them could understand each other. Even after speaking a few more times, they could still communicate.

Long Tianyu was startled and asked: "What mausoleum is it? What time is it that you dress so strangely? Is it BC or the Twenty-first Century? "

The woman was at a loss. She shook her head and said, "I don't really understand you, Young Noble. I only know that a few days ago, the news of's majesty's death spread through the Xianyang.

Long Tianyu's heart trembled, he knew that he really had arrived at the Qin Dynasty of more than two thousand years ago. If the First Emperor of Qin had truly died a few days ago, then right now, it would be 210 BC! According to the historical records, the King of Qin won the battle thirty-seven years ago, and on the fifth tour he died in the dune. Minister Zhao Gao forged the imperial edict and made Prince Hu Hai the emperor.

Because of the dune coup, there were many people who suspected him. Therefore, it was a complete massacre, with twenty-two princes and princesses of the sect, and everyone in the sect were terrified, because when his father was being buried, in order to keep it a secret, he had actually buried tens of thousands of craftsmen and concubines, as well as Qin Shi Huang Concubine, in the mausoleum. Furthermore, Hu Hai was a fool, and had no authority over his country.

In the end, the peasant rebellion ended in the destruction of the Qin Dynasty in 206 BC, and then the various marquises came together, supporting their own troops. This was the day when Liu Bang and Xiang Yu would fight for the rights to the world, and after four years of fighting, Xiang Yu's army was defeated, and they would be able to kill their way to the Wu River, while Liu Bang had established the Western Han Dynasty.

Thinking up to here, a strong curiosity towards history arose. What exactly did Xiang Yu and Liu Bang look like? How could a prostitute win against the arrogant Overlord of West Chu, and how could Xiang Yu be as strong and brave as the legends said? Even though it was recorded in history, she still could not be at ease.

Since Chen Sheng has not started his uprising yet, Liu Bang should still be doing nothing in the Pei County, depressed and disheartened. It would be better to use Liu Bang as a partner and help him oust and overthrow the Qin Dynasty. In the future, I will also have the opportunity to fight against Overlord of West Chu Xiang Yu on the battlefield.

He couldn't help but think, was he really not going back? Father, mother, and close friends will definitely worry about me. There's also Jing Wen, she is already pregnant, so how can I break my promise? Thinking of this festival, she could not help but feel dejected and cold.

When the woman saw his strange expression, she thought that he was worried that he would not be able to leave, so she advised: "This King of Qin's Tomb is a suspicious grave, through tens of thousands of artisans, it is built on a mountain, the project is vast, there are many traps, it is difficult to leave, if Young Noble truly wants to live, then ? If you bring me along, it will instead implicate Young Master! " She felt sorry for herself.

Long Tianyu felt that the beauty's breathing carried a faint fragrance, and landed on his face. His heart raced, and he gently raised her chin, carefully examining her, the beauty had her hair draped over her shoulders, with a rosy blush in her cheeks and brows like a spring mountain, eyes like deep pools, a straight nose, and curved lips, a pair of towering peaks within the simple clothes on her chest, it was truly a captivating sight.

Looking at the beautiful woman's beautiful face, Long Tianyu could not help but exclaim at the perfection of the creation of heaven. Such beauty was actually captured by Zhao Gao and buried alive.

When Long Tianyu saw the woman's soft and sad expression, and then thought of her tragic experience, a strong sense of male chauvinism rose up in his heart. He thought that he must save her and bring her to a safe place, and guaranteed: "Don't worry Miss, I won't leave you behind to escape.

When she saw that he was not joking, she was extremely grateful. A woman in her prime, who would be willing to be trapped in a mausoleum and be buried alive in it, with their souls buried in the fierce mausoleum of a tyrant for generations, entangling with tens of thousands of lonely souls, never to reincarnate.

"Thank you, young master. You're such a good person!"

Long Tianyu sighed in his heart, this woman was like a frightened bird, so weak that any man who saw his would want to use their greatest strength to protect her and prevent her from getting hurt, just as he was about to say something to comfort his, he heard the sound of pottery breaking and breaking not far behind him.

"What is that sound?" Long Tianyu calmed down and immediately felt the dense sword aura, the blade aura became cold, he calmed his mind and looked down, only to see at the bottom two sides of the stone wall where over a hundred broken pieces of pottery were coming out, the pottery fragments had fallen onto the ground, and from the empty shell came out over a hundred mausoleum guards, who were dressed in Qin armor, holding bronze swords or spears in their hands, they stood in an array, releasing cold light.

"Oh shit, the terracotta soldiers are coming to life?" Just as Long Tianyu was overwhelmed with shock, he suddenly heard a Qin Army General among the Mausoleum Guard shout, "Those who steal the Mausoleum of Books will die!"

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