Legends in Chu and Han/C3 escape from death
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Legends in Chu and Han/C3 escape from death
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C3 escape from death

Seeing the scene in front of him, Long Tianyu was startled: "The terracotta soldier has revived, the Armour has returned back to normal, the bronze spear and sword are ready to strike, the cold light is moving and the killing intent is surging, he asked in shock:" The Great Qin Imperial Guard? "

The weak and beautiful woman trembled in fear due to the Qin Soldier's power. Her head shrank into his embrace, like a frightened rabbit, causing others to love her.

One of the generals of Qin Army stood in front of the array and took out his sword, pointing it at the two of them and asked: "Who are you? Whoever dares to infiltrate the Royal Tomb and scheme against the enemy shall be punished with death! "

Long Tianyu heard his words, his left hand held the beauty tightly against his back while his right hand held the handgun tightly. With the current situation, he reckoned that he could not let his off, he could only fight and escape from this place!

When the Qin Army saw that he did not say a word, she shouted coldly: "Insolent thief, why are you not giving up yet, wait for me to kill you!" As soon as he finished speaking, he brandished her sword, and with a flash of green light, she dashed up the stone steps and stabbed forward.

Only then would she feel safe. She thought that if they were all destined to die here today, to be able to share the same life and death with this man, then she would no longer be lonely or afraid.

Long Tianyu thought: "Let's see if your sword is faster than my spear!" He extended his right arm forward and leveled it, shooting out his spear straight at the chest of the Great Qin Guard General.

With a "bang", a armor piercing bullet shot out from the front of Qin General's chest. With too much force, the bullet broke through his armor and instantly flew out from the back. The remaining force of the bullet had yet to dissipate as it shot into the wall a few dozen feet away.

Before the leader could see clearly who the concealed weapon was, his face was filled with suspicion. A burst of piercing pain rushed through his mind as he screamed, "What a fast concealed weapon!" His body trembled and he fell to the ground, dead.

"General Huan!" His eyes were filled with hatred as he glared at the young man in front of him. Suddenly, he drew his sword, and with a cold light shining like a rainbow, he ordered, "Disciples of the Meng family, listen up. Screw this thief!"

Long Tianyu secretly felt ashamedhee had just returned back to the ancient times and committed the crime of murder, but thinking about how he lived in the times of war, when the strong ruled over the weak, she could not bear to be soft-hearted. If he did not have a gun to protect himself just now, the one who died would be me, and since her life is like grass to Qin Soldier, then why would I lose my life without a reason, if he wanted to kill me he would have to pay a heavy price.

Facing the hundred odd Qin Soldier guards that rushed over, Long Tianyu clenched his teeth and hardened his heart. Everything that happened today, either you die or I die, with a pull of the trigger, "Bang, bang", a few sounds, and more than a dozen people were shot to death. When the bullets were all shot, Long Tianyu took out his dagger, rushed out like a tiger and wolf, close combat.

His strength wasn't weak, and he had already stood at the peak of future generations of martial artists. He wanted to confirm just how great the disparity was compared to these guards!

With his bronze sword in one hand and dagger in the other, he charged left and right. Fortunately, the Qin Soldier had not eaten for a long time, so they had exhausted all their energy to attack him. In the dark underground palace of the ancient tomb, they were not able to line up and kill him.

When she saw the hundred over Qin Soldier attacking them together, she knew that there was only one man left and the disparity between victory and defeat was obvious. She already knew that she was not yet destined to die, at least before she died, she would be able to see a heroic figure fighting for her life and death, but she hoped that after death, her soul would be together with her. Even if they did not enter the cycle of reincarnation, they would at least have a companion in this dark tomb.

But right after that, she saw a shocking scene, the man was like a god descending, killing until Qin Soldier was completely defeated without any chance to retaliate, blood sprayed out, his armor was broken, and his head was rolling in the air, screaming miserably. After a while, the sounds of battle had disappeared, leaving behind only the scattered corpses.

Long Tianyu heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that the match was over, but suddenly one of the terracotta soldiers on the stage split open, and from within, a general appeared, clad in silver armor and iron leaves. He had an imposing demeanor, a thick beauty, sharp eyes, as he looked down at Long Tianyu with a face full of frost.

"How dare you! If you dare to disturb the king's rest, you will be killed!"

This Qin general took out his sword and jumped down. He moved like a escaping rabbit, his hands were nimble as he dashed towards Long Tianyu.

Long Tianyu frowned, he could already feel that this person was a strong opponent, holding onto his sword with both of his hands, he rushed forward, facing him head on!


The bronze swords released a string of sparks. Both swords trembled simultaneously, and a buzzing sound rang out. The two people's arms were extremely powerful, and the shockwave from the collision was extremely numbing.

"You're courting death!" General Qin unleashed his sword art, mighty and mighty. In the battlefield, sword arts tended to be simple and effective, aiming straight for the vital points without any unnecessary movements. Moreover, it was ferocious and did not leave any leeway as it seemed to use all the strength in his body.

Long Tianyu had also learned a few sword techniques, but they were not commonly used. Most of them would fight with enemies with bare hands, or even use daggers.

Their arm strength was about the same, and their agility and agility skills weren't too far apart either. It seemed that his strength was on par with General Qin's, and after going out, he might have the strength to protect himself in this chaotic world!

General Meng was unrelenting as he slashed seven times in succession. Although each strike was made at a tricky angle, it was like a flash of lightning striking over.

With the help of his nimble movements, Long Tianyu quickly dodged and was forced to defend against more than ten strikes. Suddenly, an idea struck him and revealed a weak point, luring his opponent to take the bait.

"Look at the sword--"

Meng Qin seized the advantage and thrusted out his sword. As fast as lightning, his sword fiercely stabbed into Long Tianyu's right chest.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The woman had seen everything clearly. She cried out in fear, her face filled with grief, thinking that she was going to die soon.

However, when the bronze sword was thrust into his clothes, the tip of the sword could not move forward. Qin General Qin could not help but be alarmed.

Long Tianyu's body was wearing a bulletproof vest, it worked at this time, and was forced to take the risk of being tricked by the opponent. The sword tip was too powerful, after being stabbed by the sword tip, his skin and flesh started to hurt, the invisible sword qi seeped in a little, but at least it was not injured.

He seized the opportunity to strike and struck the astonished General Qin with his sword. The sword had been used to seal the throat, a fatal strike.

The Qin Army warrior spat out a mouthful of blood and groaned. Her face was filled with anger and unwillingness as she collapsed to the ground.

Long Tianyu heaved a sigh of relief. If it wasn't for the mysterious mission to prevent the terrorists from coming and destroying him, he would have been covered in protection. Otherwise, he would have really become a Undead in the First Emperor of Qin.

The woman was dumbstruck. She still had some lingering fear when she saw a group of over a hundred soldiers, all of whom were powerful warriors, being killed by Shi Yan alone. Her heart trembled.

Especially when he had always been standing in front of her, preventing his Qin Soldier from going past his body to hurt her. Sometimes, he would even not hesitate to use his body to block her path, causing her to be intoxicated and moved.

Long Tianyu looked around, sensing that there were no enemies left. After the battle, he felt exhausted.

"Young master, what should we do now?" the woman asked softly.

Long Tianyu was gently called back by the beautiful woman, bringing him back to reality and said: "Of course it's to leave first, I can't stay here any longer, the air is becoming thinner and thinner, if I don't leave soon I'll suffocate."

The woman was afraid when she was staying in the pitch black underground Royal Tomb, but when she heard that she could leave immediately, she was overjoyed, and did not bother to ask what 'hypoxia' meant anymore?

Looking at her beautiful face, which was as snowy as a flower's, Long Tianyu thought to himself that such a beauty like her had actually been buried alive. It was truly too unreasonable, Long Tianyu pitied her as he carried her with one arm and carried her down the stairs, looking for a way out of the mausoleum.

After a long time, he used the light from his watch to crawl around the cave for a while. Then, he found the hole caused by the flying saucer colliding with the cliff wall of the waterfall.

Long Tianyu thought: The rest of the exits in First Emperor of Qin have traps, so we cannot rush in recklessly. Only this way will be the safest and most direct one, so he reached his hand into his equipment bag and took out a palm-sized soft detonator, setting the time to detonate before inserting it into the rubble.

He held the beauty in his arms and retreated to the side. Just as the girl was at a loss about what to do, she suddenly heard a loud sound and a hole was blasted open. Bright rays of light shot through the water into the hole.

At this moment, she felt an incomparable sense of security. She even felt that this man's entire body was filled with a sense of mystery, and only by entrusting his life to such a heroic man would he be able to protect her and ensure her safety!

Long Tianyu carried her to the cave entrance, and observed the water flow below the waterfall rapidly. He estimated how big of a run he would need to use to escape the water flow, and smoothly fall into the water surface. He lowered his head and asked: "We will jump out of the waterfall's cliff, are you afraid?"

The woman's cheeks turned red as she shook her head and said, "With you by my side, I'm not afraid of anything!"

Long Tianyu smiled back at his, thinking that with such a gentle and gentle beauty, how could she underestimate him? Taking a deep breath, he held his tightly and dashed out of the water curtain at the entrance. Borrowing the speed of the flowing water, he instantly fell into the pool.

When the two of them were halfway into the water, they were slowly brought out of the water by the buoyant force. Long Tianyu carried the mermaid and climbed onto the shore, looking around him.

At this time, the sun was setting slightly in the afternoon. Long Tianyu picked a flower and grass and at a suitable location for the sunlight, he gently placed the beauty down and said: "Let's rest here for a while, and dry our clothes so that the cold air does not enter our bodies. We have a cold."

After Long Tianyu finished speaking, he took off his charred and tattered military uniform. He wore a gun bag, the equipment under his clothes, and his bulletproof vest, revealing his strong upper body. Because he had been participating in all kinds of special training and bodybuilding activities for a long time, his firm abs and broad chest revealed the masculine charm.

The beautiful woman's face turned red as she thought to herself, "He is really handsome!" After a moment of hesitation, he took off his snow-white plain clothes. As it was the end of summer and he didn't wear much, after taking off his plain white dress, all that was left was a red apron and a pair of shorts.

Long Tianyu had already taken off his boots and army boots, leaving only one piece on him. He turned to look at the beautiful woman, only to see that her chest was red and her undergarment was filled with curiosity.

Long Tianyu saw that she was holding onto his head, her pale face had recovered its blush, his expression was bashful, with his hair draped over his shoulders, water droplets kept on dripping down his hair, his beautiful eyes were bashful, his red lips were like a ripe cherry, making people want to take a bite.

Long Tianyu guessed that he was embarrassed to take off her clothes. With a smile, he took out a few wooden sticks and started to work on a wooden rack in front of the lady. He placed both of their clothes on top of the rack to block their view of each other.

Long Tianyu said: "Now I can't see, your body is extremely weak, you can't get cold, your clothes will easily spread through the lake, and will get sick. When I start a fire, you can bake your clothes dry."

With that, he turned around to pick up the wood and firestone that had been broken into pieces. As he looked at Long Tianyu's figure walking further and further away, his heart trembled, he never thought that this strange man not only had the abilities of a hero and the courage to do so, he was also so meticulous and gentle, different from many other men in the world.

She had seen too many noble families, imperial court officials, and travelling swordsmen. Every time she had seen him, he had first thought of how to obtain her body and take advantage of her, but he had been so considerate and considerate. He was truly a different man from the masses.

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