Legends in Chu and Han/C4 Beauty Yu Ji
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Legends in Chu and Han/C4 Beauty Yu Ji
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C4 Beauty Yu Ji

Long Tianyu picked up some firewood and rocks and repeatedly grinded them for a while before making sparks. Because it was a hot and dry day, the firewood burned easily, thus he successfully ignited the firewood. If it was a rainy day, he probably wouldn't be able to ignite the firewood even after grinding it for a long time.

The woman took the firewood and kindled it into a small pile, burning it to keep warm and remove the cold. Originally it was a hot summer day, but in addition to the raging flames, the moisture on her clothes evaporated quickly.

Long Tianyu picked a wooden pole, sliced it into a sharp point at one end, and entered the river to fish. In an instant, he stabbed a dozen or so crucian carp onto the water, stripping off all their intestines and organs, and washed them clean with water from a stream. Then, he placed them on a separate wooden rack to roast the fish.

He sat at the side roasting fish, his eyes inadvertently catching a glimpse of the beautiful woman's figure reflected on his clothes. Her figure was slender and slender, her curves were exquisite, and because she had not eaten a single drop of oil for the past few days, she seemed a little soft and weak. However, the lump of flesh on her chest was not small at all.

"That's right, Miss, I haven't asked you for your name yet. How may I address you as Miss?"

Her jade-like hand was stroking her long hair as her face gradually regained its color. In her heart, she was thinking, "Although I've been through a lot and have a narrow escape, knowing this heroic youth is a blessing in disguise. When she heard his question, she was overjoyed and said," My name is Yu Ji! Jiangdong. "

Long Tianyu was stunned. "Wu Yu ? "Yu Ji?" His heart shivered, "Isn't this the woman that Overlord of West Chu Xiang Yu loves? Why is she here? Could it be that she still hasn't recognized Xiang Yu? "

This was not something to be surprised about. He had just returned to ancient times, and he had already seen a legendary figure! Her name was Miao Ge, and in 209 B.C., she helped Xiang Liang to kill his subordinates and rebelled against Wu Zhong. Yu Ji adored Xiang Yu and bravely married him, taking him as her concubine.

After Xiang Liang's death, Xiang Yu was the second general, and Shi Sheng was the first general. Yu Ji and Xiang Yu were inseparable from each other, and Xiang Yu was trapped under the ground during the battle of Chu Han. He was left alone in the midst of fighting, and had no food, and had heard many songs during the night, thinking that he had lost everything in the world.

This went all the way until the Twenty-first Century found the tomb of Yu Ji in the southeast of Anhui Province. From ancient times till now, it had attracted countless tourists from all over the world with its unique historical charm.

He remembered a few years ago, when he was still studying at Yan Jing University, a student president had organized a group to travel to the ancient monuments. He had also been to Yu Ji's tomb garden and recalled the two black statues in the showroom.

"Brother Liu, why are you crying out in alarm?" Is my name not good? " Yu Ji smiled faintly, thinking that he had heard of her name before. Within Great Qin, there were four names: Dong Yu, Xi Liu, Nan Lan, Bei Xue. Dong Yu was referring to Yu Ji.

Long Tianyu regained his senses, suppressed his shock and changed his tone: "Your name is beautiful, just like your person!"

Yu Ji, sitting at the other end of the hall, heard the other party's praise for her and chuckled lightly. She thought to herself that this person had a flowery mouth as well, but didn't always behave in a serious manner. It would be terrible if he was a Confucian Scholar, so she immediately asked, "Then why is Elder Brother Liu so responsive?" Have you heard of me? "

Of course Long Tianyu would not say that he knew about her from the history books. His mind suddenly stirred as he said, "No, I just suddenly thought of a verse," Since ancient times, beauties have had many lives, leaving Green Tomb to Dusk. " Thinking about how beautiful people and things can never stay by their side forever, it's hard to feel at ease in my heart for a moment. "

When Yu Ji heard these words, her body suddenly quivered as she murmured to herself, "Since ancient times, beauties have had many lives, leaving Green Tomb to dusk ?" When she thought about how, despite her stunning beauty and talent, she had become a martyr's shrine, she would have been trapped in the sarcophagus of the imperial mausoleum if he hadn't saved her. It was just like the mood in the poem, she couldn't help but cry.

Hearing her silence, Long Tianyu became curious, "Miss Yu Ji, what's wrong?"

He then heard Yu Ji sigh and said, "Yu Ji was originally a singer. Although she has some reputation and talent, the people and nobles here are still concerned about her health and her youth. Before, I was thinking that when Yu Ji is old and decrepit, she might meet a noble merchant and might take her in as a concubine. In this life, if her luck is bad, I think she'll be found on the streets. A weak girl, no matter how outstanding she is, she won't be able to escape her fate."

Long Tianyu sighed lightly, he never thought that Yu Ji would be so clear-headed to talk about his own fate. Living in this feudal era of two thousand years ago, women were like goods, and according to historical records, it was common for nobles and high ranking officials to give their concubines and singers pleasure. There was no status at all, and other than hoping for a good ending, what could a weak girl do? No matter how good you are, the men of this age still care about your appearance and figure.

For a moment, the two of them did not speak. Each was immersed in their own emotions.

After a while, the silk clothes quickly evaporated, and Yu Ji took off her undergarments and put on her outer garments. She then hung them up to dry. After tying up her waist scarf, she supported the wooden frame and walked out.

Yu Ji was dressed in a long white dress with a waist that fluttered in the wind. A ribbon tied around her waist was held tightly, which made her look even more graceful, as though she was an immortal.

The long skirt was tied up to the top and the ribbons were tied together, revealing her beautiful and slender figure. Yu Ji's face was rather graceful, her hair was like a waterfall, her skin was white like jade, her neck was long and slender, and her eyes were shiny like black paint, further accentuating her mesmerizing beauty.

When Long Tianyu saw his, he was shocked. The fresh water gave birth to hibiscus, the decorations of the ancient women were light, but there was a natural feeling of being dismembered, as if it was filled with spirit energy. When he thought about the beautiful makeup of the city women in the future, it instead lost its natural beauty.

As Yu Ji had not finished eating for many days, and had just drank some fresh water, her physique was extremely weak. Once she stood, her body was trembling lightly, swaying unsteadily, and her waist was swaying like a willow branch. Her pale face had already recovered a little of its color.

The crucian carp was slowly cooked, and the fragrance slowly spread out. It was as if one could smell its fragrance even within ten meters.

Yu Ji had not eaten for a long time, and after smelling the aroma of the fish, her appetite started to stir. Her lower abdomen started to growl, and her face turned red as she embarrassedly covered her face with her hands, appearing extremely adorable and helpless.

"Haha, the fish is cooked. Come, let's have a taste of my barbeque skills." Long Tianyu passed a bunch of roasted carp meat to the beauty. The surface of the fish was glistening with oil and had a sweet smell.

Looking at the fragrant roasted fish, Yu Ji could no longer hold it in and started to eat. Although there were no seasonings, Yu Ji still felt that the taste was fresh and delicious.

Long Tianyu handed the other fish over to her. Yu Ji was a little embarrassed to take it, perhaps she felt embarrassed about eating it just now.

"Hurry up and eat. There's still plenty left. It's enough for us to eat our fill." Long Tianyu smiled and handed his over, he felt that the beauty's hands were smooth and gentle.

This time, Yu Ji was more reserved as she ate. She chewed and swallowed carefully, even her manner of eating had broadened Long Tianyu's horizons, hence he was able to eat first. He would first fill his stomach, and no matter which dynasty or generation a person was in, he would always have to eat, drink and sleep first.

After such a mystical experience, Long Tianyu had once again traversed time and space, and had once again fought a fierce battle with Qin Creek. He had long since exhausted all of his energy and was completely exhausted, so now that he had eaten his fill and drunk enough, he laid on the grass and basked in the sunlight.

She stood up, slim and graceful, with a long robe belt hanging by her waist. As she stood up, her body swayed gently, her muscles white as snow, her facial features picturesque, her expression gentle and graceful, and her aura as elegant as orchids.

Long Tianyu watched in rapt attention, his large hands patted the grass beside him, and said: "You come over to rest as well. When you wake up, take care of your spirit and physical strength, so that we can leave this place."

She almost died in the mausoleum, becoming a burial ground for the First Emperor of Qin. Now that she had escaped from danger and survived, it felt like a lifetime had passed, and under her grief and exhaustion, she laid on Long Tianyu's arm, hoping to fall asleep without saying a few words.

The sober Wu Yu was incomparably charming and beautiful, but the sleeping Yu Ji was pure and weak. When a man saw her, he couldn't help but let his imagination run wild. He wanted to use all of his strength to protect and love her.

Long Tianyu turned his body, looking at the beautiful woman beside his, his beautiful face filled with mixed emotions. This is the Yu Ji that had been passed down throughout the ages, I've seen his in person, this is not a dream.

At that time, the President of Science was assuming that two thousand years ago, aliens flew onto Earth on a UFO and unintentionally broke into the Royal Tomb to fight with the soldiers and take away the woman in the sarcophagus?

This assumption did not hold water, as it was clear that he was the one who had returned to the Qin Dynasty from the Twenty-first Century on that flying saucer. In order to protect himself, he had to get rid of the soldiers and bring Yu Ji out of the Royal Tomb.

Or would different space-time be repeated in the same space, so how could a dead person come back to life with different space-time after all? Wasn't the world a material world? He then recalled Einstein's special theory of relativity and his equation of mass energy. When the speed of energy reached the speed of light, time would reverse and flow to a relatively intersecting space and time.

To the people of the Twenty-first Century, then their disappearance would become a mystery. Who could imagine that they would begin another life reincarnation in the ancient times?

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