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Legends in Chu and Han/C5 innermost feelings
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C5 innermost feelings

The two of them were extremely sleepy. When they woke up, it was already afternoon, and Long Tianyu had already put on his clothes, but he was dressed in a modern fashion, with a T-shirt, military pants, and short hair. He looked extremely handsome, but he was too far off from the Qin Dynasty era's attire.

Long Tianyu couldn't care so much now. He decided to change his clothes after they left the Weishui Mountain Range and the forest. He turned towards Yu Ji and said, "Lady Wu Yu, go and wash up. We're almost on our way."

Yu Ji was confused, "Big brother Liu, where are we going?"

Long Tianyu smiled and said, "Of course it is to send you back to your homeland, settle down, and then I will travel around the world."

When a modern man suddenly returned to the ancient times, what he wanted to do the most was to travel the world and satisfy his curiosity. When a modern man suddenly returned to the ancient times, what he wanted to do the most was to travel the world and satisfy his curiosity.

Witnessing the rise and fall of history, spanning two thousand years of time and space, how many people in the past and in the present could do such a feat? Damn it, this father will do it.

She thought for a while, "No matter how famous or talented she is, the people will just treat her as a show to please them. What the noble officials care more about is her appearance and body. When she turns old, who would appreciate your talent and talent?"

"Brother Liu is a true hero since he doesn't covet beauties. I wonder if Yu Ji is lucky enough to follow him, but alas, perhaps he might not even care about me!" Yu Ji was filled with self-pity, and her heart was filled with grief. She couldn't help but shed tears.

Long Tianyu was still excited, he turned and saw Yu Ji crying, and asked: "Lady Wu Yu, what's wrong?"

Yu Ji wiped her tears as she forced a smile and said, "No, it's nothing. This time, escaping from death was like a nightmare. Now that I see daylight again, I feel touched."

Long Tianyu nodded, he thought to himself, this experience is like a nightmare, I don't know what kind of strange dream it is for me to be in this situation, I didn't even think about it in my dreams, I can really travel back to the ancient era through time and space, and meet the ancient people who died two thousand years ago, it's too ridiculous.

When Long Tianyu was mentioned by her, all of them sighed: "Life is like a dream, no matter how powerful the nobles, or how lowly the commoners, in the end, all of them cannot escape from the play of fate, and all worldly possessions vanish like a dream! If I knew this would happen, would I have been so determined to keep my faith? "

Yu Ji felt that every word that the man said was very novel. She couldn't help but mumble to herself, "What is the 'Dream of the South'?"

Long Tianyu was stunned by the question, and then he remembered the story of "Dream of the South". It was due to the fact that Young Master Li from the Tang Dynasty was a scholar a thousand years from Qin Dynasty, so of course she had not heard of him.

He explained: "This is an idiom, a man named Chunyu Yu, who dreams of being a South Kotai in the Great Huai'an Country, enjoying great wealth and prosperity, only when he wakes up will he realize that this is a great dream. So the Great Huai'an Country is an ant's den under the Great Sophora Tree in the south of the house, and then he used 'Dream of South Kotou' to express his joy!"

Yu Ji nodded as she chewed, "So that's how it is. This is similar to Zhuang Zhou's way of explaining the profound truths of life through the mystique of fables. Throughout the ages, only he has truly understood the difference between life and death, longevity, success or failure, right or wrong, and honor and disgrace. He has transcended all constraints of the world.

Long Tianyu was startled, he did not expect that not only was Yu Ji exceptionally beautiful, but from her understanding of the Villa, he knew that the intelligence of this beauty was also extraordinary. No wonder her charm was passed down throughout the ages, and she was able to continue on for a long time, causing him to have a whole new level of respect for her.

He remembered reading about Zhuang Zi in the university library. Zhuang Zhou, a man of the Song Dynasty, had once been an official of the Painting Garden, in the same generation as Liang Huiwang and Qi Xuanwang. In the history, I, Han Fei, recorded that King Chuwei was a poor man for life after hearing his name.

"Zhuangzi" is one of the Taoism classics, "Zhuangzi" fifty-two articles, thirty-three subsequent generation, divided into seven, fifteen, and eleven, for the note of Guo Xiang, the thought, structure and style of the inner text are more consistent, generally considered Zhuang Zhou's own work, the external and the miscellaneous text are also followed by studies, even into the individual chapters of other schools, there are many differences between the thought points and the inner text.

In philosophy, the path of nothingness sometimes gives it some materialism; in politics, it sometimes advocates absolute inaction, sometimes it advocates the above and the underworld; in the attitude of the world, it sometimes preaches discord and sometimes it favors avoidance; in the view of life, it sometimes advocates the oligarchy and sometimes it preaches the indulgence; but unfortunately it belongs to the category of idealism and is not promoted by the education of the future.

"Let's go, it's best if we can leave the valley before nightfall, this is one of the tombs constructed by the First Emperor of Qin, there will definitely be guards stationed here, if we stay too long, I'm afraid that something will happen, it's better that we leave early, if we meet so many Qin Soldier, I won't be able to beat them." Long Tianyu knew that he was seriously exhausted, and would need some time to recuperate, so he couldn't fight anymore.

Yu Ji nodded her head and said, "I will follow Elder Brother Liu's arrangements. I have no objections."

Long Tianyu smiled slightly and said: "Alright, I will go over there and prepare two wooden sticks as walking sticks. The foot of the mountain is covered with thorns, so that we can use it to scout the way ahead. He took the opportunity to walk away so that his wife could change her clothes in peace.

Yu Ji's heart was filled with gratitude as she saw his figure disappear into the forest. She shyly took off her long gown, revealing a figure as smooth as ivory. She put on a pair of sun-dried undershirt and shorts, and then put on a long skirt.

When Long Tianyu came back, Yu Ji had already put on her clothes. She was wearing a long, pure white dress with a high waist, which was tied up to the point of the ribbon. Her dress was fluttering with the ribbon tied around her waist, making her look even more beautiful.

"Damn, she's really beautiful!" Long Tianyu swallowed his saliva. As the saying goes, a hero will feel sorry for a beauty, and even a hero would be lecherous, let alone a man who had the needs of a normal person. Even if it wasn't something that involved the affairs of a man and a woman, just looking at her made him feel that her beauty was edible and was extremely pleasing to the eyes.

"Let's go!" Feeling the scorching gaze of the other party, Yu Ji lowered her head, her face slightly flushed, while she secretly rejoiced in her heart.

Long Tianyu sighed in his heart, "What a shy, delicate and beautiful woman! If any man were to see it, he would want to spend his entire life protecting her. I wonder what Xiang Yu looks like, for him to have such a beautiful woman as his wife, it's no wonder that a story of a tyrant taking away his wife was put on. It's been passed down through the ages, and it's truly worth it! "

As Yu Ji's body was still extremely weak and her feet were not wearing shoes, she had already been thrown down from the Royal Tomb. The thorns on the ground had yet to pierce her delicate feet, causing Long Tianyu to feel pity for her.

Long Tianyu had carried Yu Ji out of the mountain range, and three days later, in the middle of the village in the middle of the mountain, in exchange for a few sets of farm clothes. Especially Yu Ji, she was too beautiful, and once she walked onto the official road, she would definitely provoke trouble, and with Long Tianyu's current abilities, he was not able to protect himself, let alone the woman who was as beautiful as a fairy.

After a few days of idle chatter, Long Tianyu found out that Yu Ji was actually one of the most talented girls in the Qin Dynasty. Together with the other three Xue Mengyi, Lan Yudie, and Liu Shishi, she had become known as the Four Great Masters of the Strong Qin, which was known as "Dong Yu, Xi Liu, Nan Lan, Bei Xue".

Qin Er was afraid that the news would leak out, hence he buried the entire singing and dancing group along with his two concubines who had won the fight. As for Yu Ji, she was tied up in the sarcophagus for five days without drinking the poison, and just as she was about to lose her hope, Long Tianyu coincidentally saved the emperor's tomb and allowed her to see the light of day once again.

The two of them had been travelling for a month, and their relationship had grown closer and closer. Previously, they had slept separately, and later, they would sleep together during the night, but later on, they would also sleep together. Even though they didn't break the last layer of the barrier, their feelings for each other deepened every day. Wouldn't that be embarrassing to death!

After the Hangu Pass, they travelled eastwards for a few days before arriving at the ancient city's Luoyang. On both sides of the wide ancient road, there were halls, pavilions, pavilions, paintings, eaves, gorgeous buildings, all of them were on a large scale and flourishing with people. The streets were filled with millet, yellow rice, buckwheat, sorghum, cattle, cattle, cattle, pigs, sheep, and so on.

Long Tianyu curiously looked at the ancient clothing that would only appear in movies and TV, with all sorts of clothes. It could be seen that under the unified system, different races were living together, and it was very lively.

Yu Ji pawned the golden hairpin and turned it into silver, then went to the restaurant to eat a sumptuous meal. She bought a handsome horse and a few pieces of clothes, as well as some dry rations and tents for the long journey. The two of them didn't stay in the city for too long, so they went to the stream in the eastern part of the city and took a bath before changing into new clothes.

Long Tianyu was dressed in the official uniform of the Qin Dynasty, tying up the few pieces of equipment that he brought along with him today. He had tied up his hair that was longer than a month and after shaving his face and beard, a handsome and delicate face appeared on the surface of the lake.

It was the first time that Yu Ji had seen Long Yunyu in gorgeous Qin clothing. Compared to the shabby clothes that she had bought from a village man in the mountains, they were many times stronger, and as she looked suspiciously at Long Tianyu's face, her eyes as bright as jade. The charming smile on the corner of her mouth captivated any woman's heart.

Long Tianyu turned around and looked at Yu Ji, who was dressed in light green, with her chest and waist covered in water. Her black hair was draped over her shoulders, and there was only a single white jade hairpin stuck onto her body, and there was no longer any decoration on her body at all. Her skin was blue and white, and they made her look like a bright moon hanging in the night sky.

This level of beauty, in front of the Twenty-first Century, was simply like the descent of a fairy. There were very few of them in the world, and because they had been in intimate contact with each other day and night for the past two months, although they were not really charming, the relationship between them had grown deeper and deeper. Seeing this amorous atmosphere, he felt his resistance plummeting, until it almost reached zero.

"In the past, she was Xiang Yu's woman. Should I take this opportunity to be the third person? "Pah pah, she still doesn't know Xiang Yu, what the f * ck is a sword!" Long Tianyu was warring in her heart, and she didn't know how long she could stay in this world. As a result, she didn't want to hurt her these past few days, but now, the resistance was decreasing.

Her cheeks were burning hot, and when she thought about how Long Tianyu would leave after giving her the most precious place, her heart ached. This sour feeling made Yu Ji suddenly muster her courage, and she said, "Brother Liu, Yu Er will dance for you!"

Long Tianyu's eyes lit up as he said joyfully: "I have my wish, I dare not ask you."

Yu Ji pursed her lips into a smile. This Big Brother Liu had a scholarly air to him! With her feet covered by the sleeves of her clothes, she danced gracefully, as if she was dancing on water. Her gait was like a light cloud covering the moon, and the beautiful curves of her curvy bottom were fully revealed. When she swayed, it was full of charm.

This dance of Yu Ji's was extremely beautiful, causing her clothes to flutter in the wind like a fairy.

Long Tianyu gazed at Yu Er's skilled and beautiful dancing skills, and the charm of her every move, and sighed in her heart. Because he saw a face that seemed to carry endless hidden bitterness and self-pity, tender as cream, with teary eyes, it made people feel a sense of closeness and pity.

When Yu Ji finished singing her Rainbow Skirt Dance, she stood gracefully on the lawn and looked at Long Tianyu with teary eyes. She was a little reluctant, a little self-pitying, a little excited, and a little unsure of why she was looking at him in a daze.

Long Tianyu's expression was grave as he stood up and looked at Yu Ji with deep emotions. He walked over and sealed Yu Ji's lips without waiting for her to say anything.

Yu Ji was momentarily stupefied. She allowed him to kiss her as this time, he was simply too excited. His arms were also much stronger than before, as if he was afraid of losing her. Finally, she was unable to control her emotions and passionately responded.

At this moment, the two of them had completely forgotten about their worries and were passionately entangled with each other.

Long Tianyu looked at the beautiful Yu Ji whose face was like a painting, whose face was filled with spring, and who was incomparably embarrassed, and felt an intense amount of love for her.

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