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Yu Ji's legs slightly curled as she laid down on her side. Her pair of beautiful eyes seemed to be open and shut, while her pitch-black hair scattered all over her shoulders.

Long Tianyu had already removed the clothes on his body, leaning on it, without any problems, a ball of fire ignited in the blood of the two people.

When Yu Ji woke up, it was already deep into the night. A crescent moon was alone in the boundless night sky crying. Her tears sparkled as they drifted in the night sky, forming specks of starlight, making the night sky even more quiet and lonely.

She lovingly drew circles on his firm and broad chest. Her heart felt much better as she finally had a home. Although she hadn't known him for more than two months, these two months were her happiest days!

His talents, his skill, his spirit, his gentleness, all attracted her.

Long Tianyu also regained his senses and looked down to see the beauty in his embrace wrapped around his body like an octopus, his small hands constantly drew circles on his chest as he smiled and said, "Do you know, if you tease me like this, the consequences will be severe?"

Yu Ji's face flushed red as she said with a gentle smile, "I'm not afraid at all. Big Brother Liu loves Yu Er so much but it's too late for me!"

Long Tianyu nodded his head: "That is true, as long as I, Long Tianyu, am still alive, I will not allow anyone to bully you!"

Yu Ji pressed her body against his chest, her heart at peace. She hoped that this relationship would last for a long time, and that she would be able to spend her life with her beloved.

In the morning of the next day, Long Tianyu calmed his emotions and started walking south with Yu Ji. The two of them were sightseeing and sleeping in the morning, of course, there was a lot of love and love between the two of them.

The first time Yu Ji tasted it, she changed from a young girl to a young woman. She was so happy that she danced and sang in front of her lover, singing and singing all day long in a Jiangnan melody. It was quite a melodious tune, and Long Tianyu couldn't help but admire her talent.

Long Tianyu carried Yu Ji, who was wearing a green dress, on her horse and rode together with her. Around them were undeveloped land, an endless forest of trees, horses, deer herds, goats, rabbits, and wild wolves that were everywhere.

Arriving at a forested area, Yu Ji suddenly heard the sound of weapons clashing against each other from far away. Her body slightly trembled as she tiredly hid in the embrace of her lover with a shocked expression on her face.

Long Tianyu was curious: There are so many thieves in this chaotic world, this place is densely packed with forest, who knows who is fighting and fighting here? He turned around and whispered to Yu Ji, "Let's go take a look. Stay behind me and don't make a sound. If there's any danger, we can ride our horses and run. If there's someone who needs help, your husband will face injustice!"

Yu Ji was very worried, but seeing that her husband was moved, she couldn't bear to touch his heart, so she gently nodded her head.

Long Tianyu was still smiling as he rode towards the sound of the weapons. The two of them arrived at a side of a forest and looked through the leaves to a clearing in the forest to look for the source of the sound. There, they saw over a hundred Qin Soldier surrounding and attacking a group of troops in the middle, while the Fang family was fighting with all their might, although they were not lacking experts, but the servants and unarmed maids were all knocked down by the Qin Soldier's Sword Spear.

When Yu Ji saw this scene, she immediately thought back to her singing and dancing group back then, where she was trapped in the Royal Tomb by the ferocious Qin Soldier. She couldn't help but feel a lingering fear as she held her face in the embrace of her beloved son, unable to bear to look anymore!

Long Tianyu was furious, he did not even let the defenseless servants go, what was the difference between a Qin Soldier and a bandit?

"Ah!" Suddenly, a girl cried out as her left arm was cut by the sword halberd, causing her to stagger backwards.

Long Tianyu looked over with rapt attention, and saw a slim and graceful young lady standing a few meters away. She was dressed in exquisite rusted clothing, had her shoulder as sharp as a knife, and a waist like a silk belt.

Long Tianyu peeked at her from afar and saw the distinct outline of her beautiful face that was filled with spirit energy. He couldn't help but praise his beauty that was like a rainbow.

In a flash, she waved her sword and killed another two Qin Soldier s. However, because of the battle, her forehead was covered in cold sweat and she could not muster up any strength, so she swung her sword twice. Her Qi was lacking, but with a "Dang" sound, her sword was knocked out of her hand.

Seeing that, Tian Yu could no longer hold it in, he jumped down from his horse, and rushed forward, moving like a tiger or wolf, with a powerful and imposing manner.

In the blink of an eye, he had already rushed to the side of the beautiful lady. Grasping her waist and avoiding the long halberd, he took out his dagger and used the fastest speed and the shortest distance to stab the five Qin Soldier s in the chest.

Long Tianyu embraced the girl's waist and lowered his head to look at his in his arms. He was currently looking at Yu Ji with his beautiful eyes, and only felt the spirit aura that she could not hide coming towards his. The jade nose was tall and pretty, the sweet lips were like a cherry red, and his hair was draped over his shoulders.

Lifting her head to look at the man in front of her who had saved her life, she had a handsome face with a fierce gaze that carried a hint of spirit energy. Under the other party's burning gaze, she could not help but blush and her heart skipped a beat as she said shyly, "Many thanks, Young Master!"

Long Tianyu came back to reality and lost his composure, he released his hold on the beauty's arm and smiled, but did not say a word, and turned his head to look at a nearby Qin Soldier leader who was brandishing his sword to command his to kill.

As he thought about capturing the thief first and capturing the king first, he picked up a long halberd from the ground, looked towards the direction, and threw it with all his might. As he thought about capturing the thief first, he picked up a long halberd from the ground, looked at the direction and threw it hard, the halberd flashed like a rainbow and flew out like a rainbow.

"Ah!" A piercing cry came out, causing everyone's expressions to change. They forgot about the fierce battle and looked over, only to see the Qin Soldier general was on the verge of collapse, a halberd pierced through the shield, penetrating through the chest and breaking out a few inches from the back.

With such arm strength and accuracy, there were very few people in the world. All the warriors cheered and cheered, and their morale was greatly boosted, just like a hot knife through butter.

Qin Soldier was intimidated by the man's bravery, her morale was low, and without a general to command him, she was immediately defeated and scattered in all directions.

After a burst of cheers, the warriors flocked over, eager to see who could be so brave, with such astonishing arm strength!

Long Tianyu didn't have the slightest expression because he had become the center of attention. He tore off a corner of his shirt and bandaged the girl's wound, asking his with concern: "Does it hurt so much?"

The girl was so embarrassed that her face was completely red. Since young, she had always been proud and arrogant towards men, never taking men seriously. Right now, her heart was beating like a deer as her long and beautiful neck drooped down like a swan.

Long Tianyu looked around and saw everyone's shocked expression. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled, then ignored the servants and warriors present and slowly walked towards Yu Ji.

"Please wait a moment, warrior!" someone called after him.

Long Tianyu turned to look, only to see a majestic middle-aged man with a purple-gold face and a righteous aura, walking over from the crowd of warriors.

The big sized man cupped his hands and bowed, then said politely: "I, Guo Jing, thank the brave warrior for saving me, my beloved daughter and my clan is safe and sound!"

When Long Tianyu heard his name, he was stunned. Guo Jing? Could it be the one that knew the Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms? Guo Jing was a martial arts novel, Legend of the Condor Hero. If there really was someone in his history, and it was also something in the Southern Song Dynasty, why would it appear in the time of the Qin Dynasty? Feeling relieved, he said: "It's nothing, what's the point?"

Guo Jing obviously admired him a lot, and asked: "I wonder what kind of man this is?"

The pretty girl stood shyly by her father's side, casting furtive glances at him.

At this moment, Yu Ji led her horse to Ai Hui's side and took his arm. Concern could be seen on her face.

Long Tianyu originally wanted to say his name, but he did not expect that the first time they met, they were not familiar with each other. Moreover, he did not know how to explain his identity, so he said: "Why do you have to know each other! My wife and I are from Jiangnan, and we still have to get back to Chudi, so we will part ways here. "

Guo Jing was slightly stunned. After pondering for a while, he finally understood the meaning of 'Why do we meet before.' He couldn't help but look at him higher and said, "Brave warriors, don't worry.

Yu Ji cried out, "Ah!" and said, "Could it be that your father is that Guo Zong Mr. Guo who made the iron ore mine with his own boat?"

Guo Jing nodded his head, and praised them: "That's right, young lady is extremely talented, my clan members and I are rushing back to longevity spring, this place is still far from the south, there are many paths, both of you are travelling together, it is inconvenient for you to stay in the Wind Forest at night, furthermore, your esteemed wife is like a fairy, you should have someone to serve you, if you don't mind, warrior, please follow me on the road, we will meet you on the way!"

Long Tianyu looked at Yu Ji, asking for her opinion. Yu Ji smiled sweetly, indicating that he was in charge. Long Tianyu found it hard to refuse such kindness, furthermore, he did not know the road to Chu, so he said: "It's better to follow my orders than to be respectful, but I will have to trouble you on the way."

Yu Ji had originally wanted to ride with her lover and enjoyed the feeling of being in his embrace, but she was pulled into the carriage by the young girl who was as beautiful as her. Although Yu Ji was extremely unwilling, she felt that her husband was too intimate with her and would be laughed at by others.

Guo Jing and Long Tianyu rode shoulder-to-shoulder in front, looking down at the endless and magnificent scenery!

Along the way, spruce, fir, red fir, hemlock and other various fir trees mixed ginkgo, fragrant fruit tree, phasic tree form a ever-changing natural landscape, not only the paradise of birds, but also the golden silk monkey, macaque, ox and gazelle, floral deer, vigorous life, wild trees and grass covered the high mountains, strange rocks.

Guo Jing enjoyed the view of the mountains, and casually asked: "I still do not know the name of the hero."

Long Tianyu modestly said: "Sir, there is no need to be courteous, my surname is Long, and I have the word 'Grass' [1], Tian Yu.

Guo Jing coldly snorted, "Isn't it all because of Zhao Gao?! From the unification of the six nations in King of Qin, to taking all the weapons in the world, to gathering the one hundred and twenty thousand wealthy families of the six nations, in terms of wealth, there is only three people in the six nations that can compare to my Guo Family.

The first was the great king of the Qin Nation, Wu Yingyuan, who kept so many oxen and horses that they had to be measured in valleys; the second was Baigui, the master of grain and silk industry in the Weiguo; it was easier for him to borrow food in times of drought than to borrow from some great power; the third was Chiydon, who had enough salt in his warehouse to feed the entire world for a few years.

However, more than ten years ago, when the Wu Clan was crowned by the, it was rumored that they were uprooted and their nine clans exterminated. As for my Guo Family, due to the destruction of the six nations, the war being reduced, the weapons can only be used by my Qin Army, my business gradually declined!

In order to consolidate the position of Emperor, to force the Crown Prince to death Fu Su, then kill all the loyal and virtuous people in the imperial court, go on a rampage, and enjoy life as much as possible, causing all the noble families to fall apart and return to their old places. My father and a portion of the clan members had already returned to the longevity spring, who knew that Zhao Gao would suspect them and send a large group of Qin Soldier to assassinate Guiyi merchants.

Long Tianyu could not help but think: The war between the Qin and the Six Nations was not only the final war of annexation of dukes at the end of the Warring States Era, but also the earliest war of feudalism in Chinese history. It took the First Emperor of Qin ten years to eliminate Yan and Zhao from the north, Han and Wei from the Central Plains, Qi from the east and Chu from the south, ending the war and strife between the various dukes who had lived for five hundred years since spring and autumn, and establishing the first centralized power in Chinese history. Such historic feats were admirable.

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