Legends in Chu and Han/C7 On the Theory of Qin Zhi
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Legends in Chu and Han/C7 On the Theory of Qin Zhi
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C7 On the Theory of Qin Zhi

Guo Jing seemed to especially admire the young man who had acted with loyalty, and was extremely excited when he spoke, and continued to speak: "Since the Battle Country was established, the seven great champions have side by side, and in succession, changed the methods of the wealthy and powerful army. The Weiguo has appointed Li Gou to change, the Chu Nation has used Wu Qi, and the State of Zhao has had a Martial Spirit King reform, but the most effective change is Shang Yang.

In terms of military strategy, the military system is far superior to that of the other six countries. In terms of military strategy, we have changed the far labor force and often lost the war. We have adopted the strategy of Fan Juyuan's close-quarter attack to gradually swallow up and consolidate the occupied areas. "" The military strategy of the military system is based on the military strategy of the counties, the improvement of the military system and the improvement of the fighting capability of the army.

"The Qin Nation destroyed Western Zhou and Eastern Zhou successively, and took over the areas east and south of the Korea's Yellow River. The three counties of Taiyuan, the Upper Party, and the Sanchuan Region are exactly what the Western Sichuan and the Hanzhong Region are for, with jackals serving in the north and horses serving in the north, Wu Shan and the middle of Guizhou for the south, and a letter from the east. In terms of geographical location, we can attack and defend, and we can use thousands of war chariots to fight against millions of enemies with military power far surpassing the other six nations."

"And the six nations have been fighting for a long time, so when they face the threat of strong Qin, the six nations would sometimes" unite against the strong with the weak "and sometimes" use a strong force to attack the weak ". They were unable to form a stable and unified anti-Qin force, and could instead give the Qin Nation the opportunity to defeat them one by one. "The people of a fallen nation, it's fine even if you don't say anything ?"

Long Tianyu never thought that a businessman would have such a thorough analysis of history and politics. He had only read through classical history books in the library many times during his university days, which was why he had such an understanding of the history of countries.

Guo Jing paused for a while, then turned to look at Long Tianyu, as though testing his knowledge, and smiled: "Sir Liu, how do you view Great Qin as one again?"

Long Tianyu met his gaze and felt that Guo Jing's smile contained a probing meaning, but he thought that if he did not reveal his skills, he would be underestimated, so he pursed his lips into a smile and said arrogantly: "The reason why the Great Qin united the six nations, other than the foundation that Qin Xiaogong had laid, is because the strategy and tactics of the Qin Nation were used well. While the King of Qin is in power, the nation's power is plentiful, and they have enough manpower and resources to provide for the war."

"In terms of strategy, they were in a strategic offensive position. They were unstoppable, invincible and invincible, exterminating nations in succession. In terms of tactics, the Qin Nation followed the policy of getting closer, getting weaker first, then getting stronger. First, we annihilated the weaker nation Han Zhao, and then, we broke through from the center, attacking Chu and Wei, and relieved the worries of the north. Finally, we eliminated the strong enemies from both sides.

"The Qin Nation's strategy is correct. For example, during the war to eliminate Han Zhao, according to the specific circumstances of the battle, rather than following the established policy of 'go to Han first to fear the dukedom', the Qin Nation is more nimble in maneuvering, Zhao Ren is the first to attack Zhao, and Han Ke is the first to exterminate Han. The war to exterminate Chu is won by concentrating the superior forces according to the strength of the Chu Nation.

On the contrary, the six nations of the east are weaker in terms of strategy and strategy, so they cannot join hands and fight on their own. They are unable to stop the Qin Nation Steel Cavalry's attacks at all, and could only passively defend in battle.

Hearing that, Guo Jing's body trembled, he looked at him strangely, what he had just said was just the surface, but the young man in front of him was able to analyze the details, the crucial point of the Qin Nation's strategy, the insight into the politics of the King of Qin, he was extremely accurate, not only was he powerful, his knowledge was also extremely knowledgeable, and in the future, he would definitely not be a good person.

He stared at Long Tianyu for a long time, then said: "That's right, long ago when the Qin Army attacked Yan City, the Qin Nation had already changed its target to Chu Nation, at that time, the political parties Li Xin and Meng Tian led two hundred thousand soldiers to attack the Chu Nation, Chu led Xiang Yan to resist, the Qin Army started to march smoothly, and defeated the Chu Army at the peace, and advanced to the City Father."

"General Xiang Yan led the Chu Army to counterattack and defeat Qin Army, Li Xin fled and returned home. In the next year, the King of Qin once again paid his respects to Wang Chai as a general, and ordered him to lead six hundred thousand soldiers to attack Chu again. Both sides encountered each other at Chen, while Wang Zhu was waiting patiently, the Chu Army repeatedly challenged him, and the Qin Army did not fight him, so Xiang Yan led his army and went back to the east."

"While the Chu Army was retreating, Wang Xiao took the opportunity to command and pursue them. He defeated the Chu Army in Jin Dynasty and killed General Xiang Yan. The next year, the Qin Army took advantage of his victory and entered the army, seizing the Chu Du longevity spring s, capturing the King Chu s, prime minister Li Yuan, sigh ? "

Long Tianyu felt sorrow from his words, and asked: "Sir, why do you sigh?"

Guo Jing's tiger-like eyes reddened and he sighed: "To be honest, I have a little sister named Guo Xiu-er, she is indeed the wife of Li Yuan, the prime minister. When Li Yuan left for the army, my little sister had already contracted a serious illness.

Long Tianyu never thought that the Guo Family would have such a powerful force. Not only was she as rich as a nation, he was also related to the prime minister, which meant that there were a lot of political factors involved.

After three days of travelling, they picked up a piece of forest and set up camp for a fire. Some thirty young women came out from several horse carriages, some were around the age of cardamom, some were around twenty years old, all had a beautiful figure, wore a long dress on the ground, and had waists like the crescent moon. Presumably, they were all singing and dancing well by the Guo Family, otherwise they would not have travelled thousands of miles.

Through his few days of conversation with Guo Jing, Long Tianyu had gained a better understanding of the history and customs of the Qin Dynasty. Even though he had overturned many books in his future generation, he was still a drop in the ocean, and only now was he able to realize that the historical records might not necessarily be the correct history. They would more or less change the historical figures due to the author's love and hatred.

Long Tianyu stretched his muscles outside the camp while dancing with his sword. Because he had learnt a few sets of martial arts and sword techniques in the past, most of them were routine fighting techniques, and he did not have much use for them in actual combat, so it was obviously not very useful. When he returned to this era, he had to live on the edge of his blade at all times and master a few unique moves, which could be used to protect his life.

When he returned to the camp, some of the warriors started fires and cooked rice, some patrolled the camp, and when they saw Long Tianyu, they looked at him with admiration from the bottom of their hearts.

Long Tianyu smiled slightly, thinking that if he were to respect heroes and heroes in the future, then it would be strange for them to fight and kill each other without being punished by the law. However, in the Radix Cyperi era, these legal thoughts were still useless, they were useless, and if he wanted the society to be harmonious and stable, he had to restrict the actions of warriors and swordsmen.

Since he had nothing better to do, he returned to the warm house with Yu Ji. Yu Ji was not in the room, so when he looked at the bed within the tent and thought of the beautiful woman he spent every night with, his heart heated up and he fell into a deep sleep.

Not long after, the sound of light footsteps came from a woman outside the tent, and then she lifted the curtain and entered the tent.

Long Tianyu did not get up, he thought to himself: "Yu Ji has always been as gentle as a woman, and she did not dare to be too intimate with me. Let's see how she will react then."

The woman paused for a moment after lifting the curtains, then, after that moment of hesitation, she walked over and sat down on the couch, then stared at Long Tianyu lovingly. After hesitating for a while, her face reddened as she extended her jade-like fingers and touched Long Tianyu's handsome face, her heart pounding, she thought to herself, "He's so handsome, I've never seen a man as charming as him!"

Long Tianyu's face felt his hand, and immediately felt itchy. He thought to himself: "Beautiful woman, you haven't been satisfied after going crazy for the whole night!" He immediately closed his eyes and grabbed his wrist with one hand, and with a flip of his body, he pressed her down. Before she could even scream, he had already sealed his lips.

The woman struggled symbolically for a bit, but after a while, her body reacted intensely and started to cater to the situation intoxicatedly. The other party gave an awkward kiss back, causing Long Tianyu to feel extremely embarrassed, "Why is Yu Er shy today?

Long Tianyu stuck his tongue into the other party's mouth and just as he was about to explore further, the woman's body trembled and he suddenly opened his eyes. Brother Liu... "Don't..."

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