Legends in Chu and Han/C8 War breaking out
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Legends in Chu and Han/C8 War breaking out
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C8 War breaking out

Long Tianyu heard the woman's cry and his entire body shook. He immediately opened his eyes and looked down at the woman who was trembling in his embrace like a frightened little bird, her skin was as white as snow, her hair was loose and her long eyelashes were white.

He immediately recognized Guo Family's eldest daughter Guo Yuying. She was a noble lady who looked like a pure ice lady that couldn't be blasphemed, and was currently lying under him. Her cheeks were burning red, and they were filled with shock and shame.

He stared at this beauty that was as beautiful and charming as Yu Ji. Even the High Monk sitting in meditation would find it difficult to control himself. How hard would it be to endure this pressure?

Long Tianyu said embarrassedly: The hero being a beauty is hard, young miss won't be angry at me for being rude, right?

How could Guo Yuying still hear him? She was a little dazed, her ears were completely red, thinking of his noble daughter who had secretly barged into the man's room, uncontrollably falling in love with a man she had just met, she could not help but be embarrassed and panic, not knowing what to say. Shaking her head, her starry eyes were half-closed. She wanted to struggle but lacked the strength to do so. Instead, she turned into a state of allowing herself to be plundered.

When Long Tianyu saw the young girl's cute and beautiful appearance, he was slightly moved. Looking at her cherry lips, he couldn't help but want to kiss her a few times.

"Darling ?" At this moment, Yu Ji's voice could be heard calling out to her husband.

Guo Yuying was extremely embarrassed, she suddenly pushed away Long Tianyu's embrace and slipped out of the tent at an extremely fast speed, just right in front of Yu Ji. She was so embarrassed that her cheeks flushed red, she floated away like a swallow cutting water.

Yu Ji walked into the room as if she didn't really understand what Yu Er meant. She leaned on her beloved son who was sitting on the edge of the bed and smiled, "I didn't think that Miss Yu Ying would be unable to resist my husband's charm. Looking at her shy appearance, I knew that she has fallen for my husband.

Long Tianyu held the beauty in his arms and smelled his sweet fragrance. His hair was moist, it was obvious that he had just finished bathing.

After resting for four hours, the sun was about to set. The sun was about to set, leaving behind a trail of red light in the west.

All of a sudden, the war horse whinnied, and the people outside the tent became agitated and disorderly. Long Tianyu was confused, he anxiously donned his clothes and walked out of the tent to see what was going on. There were around 40 to 50 warriors packing their tent, causing the dancing lady to panic as he held his backpack, preparing to set off immediately.

Long Tianyu walked over to Guo Jing who was directing the warriors and servants and asked curiously: "What happened? Why are you so flustered? "

Guo Jing quickly replied: Tian Yu came at the right time, he had received reports from a spy, the imperial court sent a team of more than a thousand men and women to intercept them, and also killed the nobleman, Han Shen, who had returned to Han Jing He yesterday. At the moment, the Qin Soldier is already chased here, and it is already a distance of five kilometers.

"Father..." As Guo Yuying walked over with quick steps, she called out. "I'm ready."

When she suddenly saw that the person talking to her father was Long Tianyu, she could not help but think of the previous gentle and sweet lady who was almost like a fish in water, her cheeks immediately burning hot and her neck drooping.

Guo Jing took a parcel from his daughter's hands, and sighed at Long Tianyu: "I and my brother know each other well, and admired Tian Yu's talents and skills even more. I wanted to travel together, and asked for more advice, and also invited people to be guests in the palace, but god knows if the heavens will kill my clansmen, this matter does not have anything to do with you two.

When Guo Yuying heard this, her tears flowed, and her chest rose and fell. Thinking of how she was about to be separated from the man, how unpredictable she was, and how meeting him again was easier said than done, Guo Yuying could not help but feel dejected. She lifted her head and stared at him, hoping to forever carve the man's face into her heart.

Long Tianyu was trusted by Guo Jing, and he had even gifted him a silver horse. Originally, he had wanted to retreat, but now that the other party had spoken from the bottom of their hearts, his heroic spirit was aroused, and he said solemnly: "If Mister wants to protect my family, you shouldn't have let me leave!"

Guo Jing shook his head and sighed: "The Qin Soldier has a thousand men, they are extremely ferocious, we only have a few dozen warriors and generals, we can't stop them all. Tian Yu has a plan, and Madam is kind. With Tian Yu's skill and knowledge, he will definitely become an influential figure in the future. I only hope that Young Hero Long can bring away my daughter Ying Yu and send her to longevity spring in the future.

Long Tianyu arrogantly said: "Sir, there is no need to speak anymore. How could I, Long Tianyu, be a person who is afraid of death? If we were to face them head on, the enemies would naturally not be able to stop us. However, it is different if we are caught off guard and have no intention to deal with them! Taking advantage of the time that we have left, mister, please take the young miss and the muse and leave immediately, and bring my beloved wife away. As long as you leave behind ten experts from the palace to help me, I will make sure a thousand Qin Soldier s will not be able to return! "

Guo Jing saw that Long Tianyu's conviction was firm and that he needed to cover them up, and could not help but feel grateful in his heart. When he thought of the thousands of men and women in Qin Soldier, who were fierce and ruthless, felt chills to his heart, but he was not at ease.

Long Tianyu sent Yu Ji to the carriage and reluctantly consoled her, "Yu Er will listen to your words and follow Mr. Guo to longevity spring first. I will destroy Qin Soldier and will definitely come to meet you again in a few days and a month's time at the most!"

Yu Ji washed her face with tears and refused to let go of her beloved son's hand. She vowed to stay with him no matter what, making Guo Yuying to start crying as well.

Only then did he manage to stabilize Yu Ji. He then said to his husband with a low voice, "If anything happens to my husband, Yu Er will not live past my husband's time."

The fire of love that shot out from the beauty's red and swollen eyes almost melted Long Tianyu away. Only she hardened his heart and bade farewell to Yu Ji, perhaps even Long Tianyu himself wouldn't have thought that after this separation, the two of them would have such complicated feelings and ill-fated fate.

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