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Legends in Chu and Han/C9 polydanshen
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C9 polydanshen

Before Guo Jing left, he grabbed's shoulder and said gratefully: "If I rely entirely on Tian Yu, in the future, when I see you in the longevity spring, I will definitely take care of you like my own daughter."

After a while, everyone jumped onto their horses and left. More than forty generals escorted the five carriages in the middle and left in a hurry.

Long Tianyu gathered the ten swordsmen that he left behind and encouraged them: "I have been raising my troops for a thousand days, today is the time when you all must be loyal to my master and have shown your prowess. I, Long Tianyu, am honored to be fighting shoulder to shoulder with all you brave warriors who do not fear death! Although the Qin Soldier is powerful and prosperous, you are not afraid. As long as all of you obey the orders, you will break the enemy! "

Ten brawny men were infected by his heroic spirit, immediately rousing their fighting spirit as they agreed in unison.

Long Tianyu nodded his head: "You ten are divided into two groups, in the dense forest in front, there is a small path that Qin Soldier must pass through, the first group will immediately set up a trap for the horses, and the second group will go to the right side of the pine forest and take out some pine nuts and combustible materials to spread out on the two sides of the road. I will cut down the large trees in the surroundings to block the Qin Soldier's escape path, and as long as the Qin Army gets there before it arrives, we have a 90% chance of success, we can catch up to the team before the sunrise!"

When the ten generals heard this, they thought it was a brilliant plan. However, when they heard that he was going to cut down the surrounding trees, they could not believe it because a person's arm strength was limited, and they did not have any axe tools, so how could they cut down a towering tree?

Swordsmanship had been formed in Western Zhou during the past few hundred years of culture, and was one of the weapons with the most rich connotation. In the age of war, Swordsmanship was a kind of defensive weapon that could only be used during close combat. After the decline of war, Swordsmanship was once used as a sharp weapon in military combat.

All the warriors scattered with suspicion, splitting into two groups and starting to arrange themselves to meet the enemy.

Long Tianyu took the lead and cut down some of the poplar trees, blocking the surroundings. The five who were picking up the burning materials scattered around a dozen bags of materials on the ground;

The remaining few warriors were busy preparing. Although they were full of fighting spirit, they could not help but be anxious when they thought of how there were so many people in Qin Soldier.

However, when they saw how calm and confident Long Tianyu was, their worry for him lessened significantly.

They were all following his lead now.

The night was getting darker, and more than ten people were standing in the grass outside the forest, quietly watching the movement. Before long, a kicking sound could be heard and a team of more than a thousand Qin Soldier s were rushing towards the pathway in the forest.

Long Tianyu could not help but feel his scalp tingle when he saw this, furthermore, the strength difference between the ten odd warriors was too great. In the ancient war, no matter how brave and fierce a person was, they were unable to stop the army's destructive attacks.

Long Tianyu thought that if he panicked, how could they just run away? He forced himself to stay calm, his left hand habitually spinning the diamond ring on his right finger, maintaining his composure.

In the darkness, there was a sudden scream of pain as the frontmost cavalrymen either fell into a pit filled with spikes pointing towards the sky or fell off their mounts due to the fall of a rope. It was a mess in front but the military formations in the middle were not in a mess as they lined up in formation to prepare for the sudden ambush.

When Long Tianyu saw the formation technique of the Qin Soldier, he could not help but admire the quality of the Qin Army, and remain calm even in the face of danger. No wonder it could unite the six nations, if they were to clash head on, it would be truly difficult to win the favor.

Suddenly, a flame lit up. More than a dozen rockets were launched into the air, landing on the fuel that had been stored in the forest in advance.

After a while, a flame appeared. The firewood under his feet and the branches and trees suddenly caught fire. What was the point of burning? On July day, the branches and leaves of the trees that had dried up without any signs of rain for the past few days could be seen.

The fire quickly spread, engulfing over a thousand Qin Soldier s within it. The entire forest nearby was engulfed in fire, and flames soared into the sky as trees after trees fell along with the fire, increasing the intensity of the fire.

Smoke rose, part of it drifting out. Seeing that he had won, Long Tianyu gave the order to retreat. Just as everyone was about to jump onto the horses' backs, a miserable howl came from nearby, causing two warriors to fall to the ground from their arrows.

Although the fire was fierce, there were still more than a hundred ferocious Qin Soldier s who flew as if they were flying, flying out of the flame tongue, rushing over.

Long Tianyu was shocked, and whispered: "Quickly get down!"

He then looked around at the terrain, and then shouted: I will lure the Qin Soldier away, you guys do what you need to do, and quickly escape!

The remaining eight clan leaders were all stunned, thinking that they had misheard.

Since the Spring and Autumn Warring States, foreign delegates, warriors and family generals have all been provided by the Clan Lord to help him. He had always been used as a shield and as a sacrifice, but he had never met someone like this. He was so excited that he was at a loss for words.

Long Tianyu laughed casually, his left hand formed a fist as he used it as a hand of strength, he said with heroic spirit: "Take care, brothers, let us meet again at longevity spring!" As he spoke, he drew out a long sword and waved it to deflect the incoming arrows. He then leaped onto the back of the horse and rode away.

Turning around, he saw that the eight generals had all knelt down on one knee. Tears welled in their eyes as they watched the hero in their hearts.

Long Tianyu urged his horse to gallop, dodging the arrows flying at him, he ran towards the foot of the mountain, the hundred plus Qin Soldier to chase him, the flames of anger spewed out of their eyes, they were vowing to skin him alive?

Just as the strong horse was about to reach the top of the mountain, it was struck by an arrow in the stomach. With a long hiss, it fell to the ground and with a quick leap, Long Tianyu rolled to the grass, then raised his sword and rushed to the top of the mountain.

"Holy sh * t!" Long Tianyu stood in front of the cliff face and looked at the tall valley, and could not help but shout out his bad luck!

The sounds of footsteps and horses' hooves could be heard behind him as they swarmed over a hundred Qin Soldier s. Their armor and clothes were all charred and their faces were ashen black, as if they had just come out from a pot.

Seeing that he had nowhere to run, the Qin Soldier spread out into a fan shape, surrounding Long Tianyu in the front. One of the riders, General Qin, shouted: "Insolent thief, you dare to ambush Qin Army.

Long Tianyu rushed forward with his sword, although he was proficient at using his bare hands to fight, but in order to survive in the ancient times, he had to be proficient in high level sword techniques. He was like a travelling swordsman with a three feet long blade.

At the moment, he was walking along the cliff as he fought. He had killed more than twenty Qin Soldier s and their fresh blood sprayed onto him, causing him to become even more murderous. The dozens of people who were charging at Qin Soldier were quickly cut down by him and fell to the ground.

"Assemble the formation and kill them!"

With the command given by General Qin, Qin Wei who held a lance rushed forward, his 3-4 m long bronze lance thrusted towards Long Tianyu. This kind of long spear formation was used as a counter to short sword and would make it difficult for the opponent to get close.

Long Tianyu frowned, retreating as he fought, but unfortunately, a single person was not strong enough, and was unable to break out of the encirclement of the Qin Soldier, who had more than 200 people. After all, in the era of cold weapons, it was difficult to fight against four people with two fists, and relying on one's strength and physique, after a long time, one's stamina would decrease, their speed and agility would decrease, and their fighting strength would decrease as well.

"Release the arrows!"

A row of archers shot towards Long Tianyu, forcing him to the left and right. Even though he dodged very quickly, his shoulders and arms were bleeding profusely.

At this time, it was difficult to fight him anymore, Long Tianyu turned and looked at the deep abyss behind him, he casually threw away the sword in his hand and smiled: "Even you all want to capture me, stop dreaming, I'll send you all off!" Just as he finished his sentence, he threw out a piece of sticky explosive that he had brought along with him on his journey. Then, he fell into the abyss with his back facing the sky!

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