Legend of Sealing The Demons/C1 Mountain Teenager's Ability to Show off His Skills
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Legend of Sealing The Demons/C1 Mountain Teenager's Ability to Show off His Skills
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C1 Mountain Teenager's Ability to Show off His Skills

The bright sun shone brightly, and a light breeze blew across the Great Wolf Mountain. The rustling of the leaves mixed with the chirping of the birds made people feel relaxed, just like the spring breeze. However, in the forest on the mountain, a black-clothed youth was running with all his might. From his grimacing expression, it wasn't hard to see that he was running with great difficulty. Behind him, a wild boar was also chasing. The man and the pig ran through the forest, desperately running. However, the birds in the forest were still startled by the chase. Suddenly, the young man's eyes flashed with an undetectable sharp gaze. He rushed straight towards a big tree, kicked off the tree trunk with his legs and did a beautiful backflip. The wild boar followed the momentum and dived straight into the tree trunk. The youth in black reached into the air and took out a crossbow, aiming at the back of the wild boar's head. In a split-second, an arrow was shot into the back of the wild boar's head, and the wild boar died with just a few flicks. When the black-clothed youth saw that the wild boar had died, he sat down on the ground, panting and resting. He was a child after all, and running for so long had already consumed most of his physical strength. After resting for a while, he got up to inspect his spoils of war. The youth in black circled around the wild boar and tried to pull it out of the tree trunk. However, the wild boar's impact force was too great, so he had to expend a great deal of effort to pull it out. He thought for a while and had no choice but to draw his hunting knife. He tried to cut off the trunk of the tree and brought it back to the village with him. He didn't dare to leave the wild boar here alone. Who knew if other carnivorous animals would 'visit' the wild boar after he left. Under the efforts of the black-clothed youth, the tree that had been growing for who knows how many years was finally chopped in half at the waist. It was almost noon by then. The young man tirelessly dragged the wild boar and the tree trunk towards the village …

At times, there are many things we can't predict, especially when you try to avoid them, and they are more likely to happen." He prayed that he would not run into other animals along the way, such as wolves or bears, but unfortunately, things did not go his way. He still ran into a wolf when he was near the village, and fortunately, the wolf was a disabled wolf, probably injured while fighting for food with its own kind. The wolf's right hind leg was lame. When he was very young, his father had already told him to not run when facing his enemy. No matter how strong the enemy was, he had to face them bravely, so that he could have the chance to defeat him! The teenager pulled out his hunting knife and put the boar aside. Although his hand was trembling, he still pointed the knife at the wolf. Perhaps that wolf had been hungry for a long time, it was also so weak that it did not even have the strength to pounce, but after seeing the teenager and the dead wild boar, it looked like it was filled with power as it slowly approached the teenager. The teenager constantly shifted his position, distancing himself from the Wild Wolf to prevent himself from being pounced on, the two of them faced off against one another, one of them being timid and not daring to attack, the other being extremely cautious and powerless due to hunger. As the teenager held the blade in his right hand, he took the opportunity to take out a crossbow from his bosom. The teenager was betting that the Wild Wolf would definitely retreat because of this, so he took the opportunity to shoot the Wild Wolf in the air with the crossbow. It was unfortunate, however, that the youth seemed to have overestimated his shooting ability. The short arrow from the crossbow did not kill the Wild Wolf, but only hit its body, slightly approaching its waist. He regretted not having properly learned shooting techniques and martial arts from the village head before, but it was useless to regret it now. Now, he was unarmed, although the wolf was injured, it was not fatal, how to kill a Wild Wolf without any weapons, this village head did not teach him. At the same time, the injury also affected the movement of the Wild Wolf. Seeing this, the teenager's eyes started to wander, he was still considering how it was impossible to retrieve his hunting knife and kill the Wild Wolf, but the teenager quickly gave up on that idea. Forget it, heaven and earth are together, the young man will not fight with the wolf anymore, he rushed towards the village, the Wild Wolf, seeing the situation, did not chase, but rushed towards the dead pig instead, it was a pity that when the Wild Wolf was pulling the wild boar away, as long as it used its strength, the injury on its body would be extremely painful, and under that helplessness, the Wild Wolf had no choice but to destroy the wild boar on the spot.

As for the teenager, when he returned to the village, he immediately went to find his father Tang Hao to bring the other beasts to chase after the Wild Wolf. Tang Hao brought his hunting dog and bow, and then he followed the teenager. Along the way, the teenager kept describing to Tang Hao how he killed the wild boar, how he brought the boar back to the village, and how he fought against the Wild Wolf. After listening to the young man's description, Tang Hao sighed: "Qize, don't you know how to use a hunting knife to dig out the teeth of a wild boar from a tree trunk? Don't you know how to use your crossbow to aim at the Wild Wolf and shoot? Damn it, where have you learned your usual skills from? "

Hearing Tang Hao's words, Qize's face turned red and he lowered his head without saying a word. Seeing that, Tang Hao did not say anything further and followed Qize to trace the Wild Wolf. Following Qize's markings and the trail of blood, they finally found the Wild Wolf and the dead pig. Sigh, unfortunately, this Wild Wolf seemed to be in trouble. Seeing this, Tang Hao said to Qize in a low voice, "Qize, stand aside and follow A Hu. Let your father teach you a lesson and let you see a real hunter!"

With that, Tang Hao calmly took out his arrows, nocked his bow, and nocked his arrows to get a better understanding of the sick wolf. Then, he took out his hunting knife and used its momentum to climb onto a big tree in the blink of an eye. He nocked an arrow on the bow and shot off the biggest head wolf, the hunting dog Ah Hu saw that he was fighting with the other two Wild Wolf and immediately retreated after seeing that the head wolf had been killed.

Seeing this, Tang Hao burst into laughter. He nocked two arrows and shouted, "Open!" When Qize saw this, his heart was filled with admiration for his father. As a man, he yearned for power, for blood, for passion, and at this moment, he finally decided to learn his father's skills and work hard to become a successful hunter! Four wolves and a pig. This was Qize's family's income.

When the villagers saw that there were four wolves, their expressions became a little sad. Living in the big wolf mountain was very difficult, and it was also the best way to prove that a man didn't have the ability to hunt, but at the same time, the danger of killing a wolf was the highest. The biggest danger in the big wolf mountain was wolves, and at the same time, the big wolf mountain's wolves were also the most vengeful ones. Seeing that, Tang Hao waved his hand: "Don't worry, big guy. The meat from these prey could probably last through the storm, and the harvest this year will be good too." "It's fine."

Just as everyone was discussing, someone came over and relayed, "Brother Hao, the Village Head wants you and Qize to go on a trip!" Hearing this, Tang Hao agreed and pulled Qize towards the Village Head's house.

Although the village chief was already sixty-seven years old, he was still fit and strong. Under normal circumstances, three to five men would not be able to get close to him. Tang Hao entered the house and went straight to the point, "Village Head, I feel that Langshan is not as peaceful as before. Usually, it would not be as close as the Langli village.

When the village chief heard this, he laughed: "Hao, you're quite smart too huh. Hmm, it's about time for the year. Let me tell you this, the wolf kings are in the wolf pack. Do you understand?"

Hearing this, Qize couldn't help but ask, "Village Head Grandpa, what does the exchange of wolves with the Wolf King have to do with this?"

Seeing his son interrupting, Tang Hao shouted, "When adults speak, what do children understand? Don't randomly interrupt."

The Village Chief did not care and laughed, "There is no secret. The Wolf King needs to convince the wolves, so we have to bring a pack of wolves to hunt. We have a direct conflict of interest with the wolves, so when the Wolf King takes over, fighting the wolves is inevitable."

Hearing the Village Head's words, Tang Hao became serious and asked, "Village Head, is there any solution?" How did you manage to get here? " The Village Chief shook his head and said, "There is a way, but it seems that it is not going to work." Back then, the entire village knew a bit of martial skills. Some of their foundations could not be defeated and could be shifted away. But now, you're the most outstanding person in your generation in the village, but you've only just barely reached my level. I've thought about it. The only way to do this is to reinforce the village defenses. We need help. Send someone to the county (now in the 1970s) to get help. Hire people with wolf skins. "

Listening to the Village Head's words, Qize was happy. Qize was eager to communicate with the people in the county, eager to see the outside world, not waiting for Qize to open his mouth, the village head directly said, "Hao, take Qize to the county tomorrow. I'll leave hiring people to you, let Qize have a good look at the county. Since the village chief had already spoken, there was no way for Tang Hao to refuse. Thus, he braced himself and agreed.

See what happens after that, and listen to the rest of it.

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