Legend of Sealing The Demons/C16 The Saint Beast of the Flying Scorpion in Black
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Legend of Sealing The Demons/C16 The Saint Beast of the Flying Scorpion in Black
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C16 The Saint Beast of the Flying Scorpion in Black

At this moment, at this point, fighting was already inevitable. Thinking of this, Tang Hao raised his saber and was about to take action. Seeing this, the village chief hurriedly pulled him back, "Wait a moment before you make your move. Come, you use this blade. Qiang and I will go first. Take the opportunity to make your move!"

When Tang Hao heard that, he looked at the Village Head's eyes that were filled with expectation and could not bear to refuse. Feeling helpless, he could only take a step back and wait for the right time.

The Village Head used his eyes to signal Qiang, then he charged straight at the old man. Looking at the Village Head's movements, he doesn't seem like an injured old man at all. They were all much more nimble than Tang Hao, the uninjured young man. Qiang did not want to be outdone, so he made a hand sign and used the Earth Thrust Technique that he was the most proficient at.

The old man looked at the attacks of the Village Head and Qiang, but he did not do anything. He seemed to be floating, and very easily dodged Qiang's Earth Thrust Technique.

Seeing how nervous the situation was, Tang Hao could not watch any longer. He brandished his blade and charged straight at the old man in black. At first, the old man did not pay any attention to Dian Ang. He casually waved his hand and a similar black qi wrapped around the battle blade in Tang Hao's hand. Unfortunately, this time, the black air did not affect Tang Hao's momentum at all. With a flash of silver light from Tang Hao's battle blade, the black air disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this, the old man's face changed, and he immediately retreated backwards. At the same time, his hand seals continued to change, and the black mist around him surged. As his hand seals continued to change, the black mist became more and more intense, until he could no longer see where the old man in black was.

After weighing the pros and cons, Qiang decided to still use the Secret Art that he had never tried before — — Gale Technique. This spell was not recorded in his Five Elements Secret Art, it was learned from an ancient ruin when Qiang was travelling, but he had never used it because his own attribute could only display the Earth Attribute Secret Art of the Five Elements, and it was hard for him to use a Secret Art with a mixed attribute. However, it was not impossible to use it. One only needed to use their own blood essence to guide it.

Qiang put his hands together and spat out blood. At the same time, he kept changing hand signs. As he did so, the blood in front of him also started to merge with the air around him. Gradually, a chilly wind sounded beside Qiang. Not long after, a small tornado gradually took shape in front of him.

The black clothed old man looked at Qiang's technique in the fog and continued to chant. One by one, he sent out spell after spell, and just as the fog was about to dissipate, the black clothed old man revealed a strange smile: "Come down!" Scorpion Holy Beast! " Just as he finished speaking, a huge, pitch-black scorpion appeared out of thin air. It stared viciously at Tang Hao and the other two with a strong killing intent in its eyes.

Before the three of them could understand what was going on, they were attacked by the Saint Beasts called out by them. Without any hesitation, the village chief carried Qiang, who was in a state of exhaustion, and quickly retreated. Tang Hao also quickly raised his blade to block the Saint Beasts, even though the Saint Beasts he summoned were far weaker than the Saint Beasts he had summoned, they were still not a match for Tang Hao.

When the Village Head and Qiang saw Tang Hao's miserable state, they were surprised. Tang Hao was a martial arts master after all, and his cultivation could be considered profound. They never thought that he would be beaten so badly by this giant scorpion. This was too shocking to the Village Head and Qiang!

After the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast" gained momentum, it continued to attack Tang Hao and the other two, probably because it had seen Tang Hao spit out more blood. In this attack, it did not take much care of the injured Tang Hao, and most of the attacks were directed towards the Village Head and Qiang, which made it difficult for the Village Head to pull Qiang with one hand and the other hand to fight the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast." If it were not for Qiang, the village head might have still been able to deal with it for a while, but now he still had to take care of Qiang.

Under such a critical situation, Qiang struggled to get up, "Don't worry about me. Ah Long and I will stall this damn scorpion. Tang Hao, you go kill that old man!" At this moment, this was the only way to survive this crisis. After Tang Hao stood up, he moved all over his body. Fortunately, his body was not injured and he just spat out a mouthful of blood after being hit. Hearing Qiang's words, Tang Hao exchanged a glance with the Village Head and nodded.

The village chief brandished his sword and performed his Qing Gong, flying straight towards the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast". Qiang also suppressed his injuries and used the "Earth Thrust Technique", which was his limit. If he were to use an even more powerful technique, Qiang's life would be lost here.

When the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast" saw the village chief flying at them, it immediately brandished its pincers, preparing to send the tiny human like the village head flying away. But before it could do anything, Qiang's Earth Thrust technique shot out from below the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast" first. Although it did not cause any substantial damage to the beast, it more or less hindered its movements. The village head grasped the opportunity and quickly brandished his blade, sending a blade qi straight towards the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast's head." Before the beast could react, the blade qi had already landed solidly on its head.

The physical strength of this "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast" was truly inconceivable. Even if a saber Qi were to strike its head, it would not cause much damage, and it would probably only cause a little damage to its head. However, after the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast" received an attack on its head, it was extremely angry. It immediately brandished its pincers and charged towards the village chief. When Qiang saw this situation, he knew that he had already succeeded in half of the plan. He immediately continued to use the "Earth Thrust Technique" to block the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast" to buy time for the village head. The village chief retreated as he stared at the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast", afraid that he would be caught in a surprise attack and lose all his previous efforts. Seeing that the village head and the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast" had already been successfully tied down, Tang Hao immediately ran towards the black-clothed old man.

Under such a tense situation, the old man in black clothing looked at Tang Hao coming at him with a serious expression. Rather than saying that he was extremely interested in Tang Hao, it would be better to say that he was very interested in Tang Hao's sword. As the hand signs were constantly changing, the black qi wrapped around Tang Hao's sword one by one, but every time the black qi wrapped around Tang Hao's sword, it was always repelled by the silver light emitted by the sword.

Seeing that the distance was getting closer, Tang Hao raised his blade and directly attacked the old man in black. But this time, within the pale blade energy, there were traces of silver light. Even Tang Hao himself did not know the reason behind this situation, but the current situation was very dangerous, so he did not have any time to think.

Qiang saw that Tang Hao was about to start a war with the old man in black clothing, so he also cast a "Earth Thrust Technique" towards the old man in black clothing, hoping to be of some help to him. Unfortunately, this old man was not as stupid as the "Scorpion Holy Beast", and flew back several times, cleverly dodging the Earth Thrust. At the same time, he conjured a spell with his hand, and waves of black Qi condensed into a shield in front of him, blocking Wu Tie's blade Qi.

Without waiting for Tang Hao to react, the old man had already attacked him. With a wave of his arm, three black Qi arrows shot towards Tang Hao's chest, and in a split-second, Tang Hao quickly brandished his blade, barely able to block the three arrows. The next moment, the old man grabbed onto Tang Hao, and with his bare hands, he grabbed Tang Hao.

The situation between the Village Head and Qiang was even more dangerous than Tang Hao's. This "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast" had been enraged beyond measure by the village head's saber Qi attack just now. Under its berserk state, its attacks were terrifying without any defense.

Under the fierce attack of the old man in black, Tang Hao was unable to react for a while, which caused him to be only able to defend and not fight back. However, Tang Hao was a martial arts master after all, and his master was a person who had reached the pinnacle of martial arts in this world. Tang Hao gradually figured out the fist technique of the old man in black. With a retreat, he cleverly seized the initiative and launched a storm-like attack at the old man in black. Seeing that Tang Hao started to counterattack, the old man in black changed his plan immediately. He turned his fist into a palm and aimed all his moves at Tang Hao's sabre. From the looks of it, he was going to use his bare hands to stab the white sabre?

In the face of such close combat, the saber in Tang Hao's hand became a burden to him. Helpless, Tang Hao quickly retreated, and with a horizontal slash, he slowed down his attack. Then, he immediately threw the saber towards the Village Head: "Village Head, catch the saber!" They were both fighting with bare hands. Tang Hao had truly shown what he was learning at this moment. His fists were like a torrential river, forcing the black-clothed old man to retreat. Tang Hao seemed to have the upper hand. After the village chief received Tang Hao's flying sabre, he swung both sabers together and managed to block the attacks of the "Flying Scorpion Holy Beast". It seemed that the battle between the two had reached a stalemate.

Tang Hao and the other two fought, while thinking of a plan, but before they could think of a good plan, the black clad old man suddenly flew backwards, spitting out a mouthful of blood essence and continuously chanting the incantation. At the same time, he said, "The appetizer ends here, you guys really have the ability to challenge this place.

Without waiting for Tang Hao and the other two to react, the old man's Blood Curse was completed. The three were instantly covered by the black mist with a blank look on their faces. It seemed like they had been surrounded by the illusion of the Blood Curse!

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