Legend of Sealing The Demons/C17 Verifying One's True Nature in the Illusion of the Lake
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Legend of Sealing The Demons/C17 Verifying One's True Nature in the Illusion of the Lake
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C17 Verifying One's True Nature in the Illusion of the Lake

The black clad old man looked at the three people who had fallen into the Blood Curse. He didn't know what kind of expression was on his face, and he didn't take this opportunity to kill them either.

This time around, the Blood Curse was not as simple as the last time. Tang Hao and the other two were trapped in different illusions and there was no connection between them. In truth, this illusion was the second trial of the black-clothed old man – the true heart trial. Only by passing this old man's trial would one be qualified to obtain the treasures in the depths of this underground palace.

The illusion of the Blood Curse did not only bring you endless danger. If it was just by looking at it, the Blood Curse would not be as powerful as the legends said it was. At least for people with profound magic power, the illusion of the Blood Curse was like a type of decoration. Actually, the clearest point about Blood Curse was that it could create a lot of enticements through illusions. There was money, power, beauties, everything, as long as one had desires in one's heart, they would all be reflected in the illusions. If one could not control the desires in one's heart, then one would not be able to walk out of the illusions.

In his illusion world, he stretched out at the foot of a mountain and in front of him was a cave. Looking at the strange environment around him, Qiang was a bit worried, he only had 2-3% of his power left now. If there were more monsters coming at this time, he would really die. Even though he was hesitating, he still slowly walked into the cave. After all, staying in the Blood Curse was just waiting to die, so it would be better to fight and explore for a bit. Maybe there would be a way out.

He slowly walked into the cave. At first, he felt that there was a bit of light in the depths of the cave. Perhaps it was out of curiosity, but as he walked deeper into the cave, he was still extremely careful. However, when he truly came into contact with the shiny cave, he was quite shocked. There were piles of gold, jewelry, jewelry, and all sorts of treasures piled up in this cave, although it was really itchy to look at, Qiang was not one of them. Looking at the treasures that made people excited, he could only admire them once and continued to walk forward.

As he was walking, he heard someone talking in front of him. He thought it was the Village Head and Tang Hao, so he quickly made his way to the front.

When he walked in, he found that the village head and Tang Hao were in front of him. A bunch of people he didn't even know were busily working in the cave, when someone saw Qiang and came up to him saying, "Boss, you're back? We've already prepared dinner. When you're done, we can eat! " Then, he took Qiang to the bathroom to wash up. All of this made Qiang at a loss. He had obviously fallen into the illusion of the Blood Curse, so how could this be happening? Could it be that I've succeeded in my treasure hunt? Could the treasure outside be from this underground palace? With a stomach full of questions, Qiang unknowingly followed the waiter to wash up.

After washing up, Qiang continued to eat a sumptuous meal here. The endless luxury and enjoyment kept crashing into Qiang's heart. On the table, there were many dishes that he didn't know the name of, but they were indeed exceptionally delicious. After the meal, Qiang was escorted by a waiter to rest. Along the way, Qiang didn't seem to believe that this was an illusion anymore.

After entering the resting room, Qiang was completely dumbfounded. Inside the room, there was a huge bed, and on it, there were three extremely beautiful girls lying on it, each of them completely naked. Their big watery eyes were staring at Qiang as they said, "Good brother, come quickly ~" Ye Zichen looked at the beauties on the bed in a daze. At Qiang's age, he had already lost all of his male abilities, but now, he was actually 'reacting' to these beauties. It was truly weird.

After Qiang woke up from one night of debauchery, the environment around him didn't change at all. The beauty was still there, the splendor was still there. Looking at all this, Qiang had really sunk down. He gradually lost himself in this bountiful environment.

Let's take another look at the Village Head. He is also in the same illusion world as Qiang. Facing the mysterious cave, the Village Head hesitated for a moment and then chose to enter the cave.

Looking at the light in front of the cave, the Village Chief's hand that was holding onto his blade started to sweat. He was just a martial arts expert, facing this kind of Secret Art from the ancient southern territory, he was really uncertain, he could only brace himself and walk forward, there was no way out, he just stood there and waited for death.

When he really entered that bright cave, his surprise was much greater than Qiang's. After all, he didn't take money and treasure as lightly as Qiang did. This time, he went down to the underground palace purely because he wanted to get the treasures of the underground palace; it wasn't as noble as what he said to Tang Hao. The village chief looked at the gold, jewels, jewelry and so on all over the place, he almost forgot that he was in the depths of the Blood Curse, happily running towards the treasures all over the ground, he casually threw down the battle blade in his hand and picked up the gold, his eyes filled with light.

This kind of test of humanity was too cruel. No matter how solemn and sacred one's appearance was, there was always a trace of desire hidden deep within one's heart. A trace of evil, this was human nature, no one could avoid it.

Among Tang Hao's group of three, two of them had already lost themselves in the test. Now, let's see how Tang Hao's performance is!

After entering the illusion world, Tang Hao looked at the cave in front of him and without any hesitation, he took large steps forward. Since he had already fallen into the illusion world, there was no need to be cowardly anymore. From this point of view, Tang Hao was much stronger than the Village Head and Qiang. At least, he had the courage to face those unknown dangers. Only then would he be like a man!

The light in front of him also shocked Tang Hao quite a bit. He carefully walked forward. Although he didn't have any weapons in his hands, he still clenched his fists and approached the light with great vigilance. When he walked into the cave that was filled with light, Tang Hao was completely shocked. As a man that hunts in the mountains all day, forget about seeing so much gold, silver, and jewelry, he didn't even think about it.

After a while, Tang Hao gradually recovered from the surprise brought by the gold and silver jewelry. He carefully looked around at the gold and silver jewelry, gold, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, everything. He looked around in a daze. Tang Hao shook his head and muttered to himself, "Oh my god. I can buy a big mountain of wolves with treasures here?" Good boy, it's still just an illusion. If it was in reality, wouldn't people be fighting over it like crazy? "That won't do, I should hurry up and leave. If I keep watching, maybe I won't be able to walk anymore." After he finished speaking, he walked forward like a meteor without even turning his head around.

After leaving this cave filled with treasures, Tang Hao continued to walk forward. As he walked, he muttered to himself: This time, entering the Blood Curse, is not as dangerous as it was in the beginning. To actually create a cave filled with treasures, it is just too strange. With this thought, Tang Hao continued to carefully explore the depths of the cave (Fantasy).

As he was walking, Tang Hao also heard someone talking in front. He was worried that the Village Head and Qiang were in danger, so he quickly rushed forward. When Tang Hao entered the luxurious place, he was already speechless with shock. His eyes were filled with luxury as he welcomed the two emissaries. "Welcome back, Sir. The dishes have been prepared. You can have your meal after washing up!"

Tang Hao didn't know what to do. As the saying goes, if you don't hit a smiling person, Tang Hao wouldn't be able to do anything. After the waiter finished speaking, he came over to lead Tang Hao to get ready for breakfast.

No matter what the reason was, Tang Hao was not moved by these luxurious things. His heart was not bad, right now he was going to face the last test of the illusion world of the Blood Curse, and if he passed all the tests, he would be qualified to see the treasures of the underground palace. Of course, he did not know any of this yet.

Seeing Tang Hao leave without even looking back, the waiters did not have any reaction, as if Tang Hao did not exist. Tang Hao was a lot more relieved when he saw this situation, if these waiters forcefully stopped him, he might have to fight. However, there was an even greater temptation waiting for him to face on the road ahead.

Before he walked too far, Tang Hao smelled a strange fragrance. He didn't know what was in front of him, but he still persevered and walked down. What was to come had to come eventually, and escaping wasn't an option. When he saw that there was actually a huge bed in front of him, his heart skipped a beat. He just felt that it must be very strange, but humans were really hard to understand. The more curious he was, the more he wanted to know why. With great curiosity, Tang Hao slowly approached the bed.

However, when he really saw everything on the bed, Tang Hao suddenly came over in regret. Although he wasn't a saint, he was not an uncivilized person. He looked at the three beautiful girls lying on the bed and gave him a flirtatious look. He was at a loss of what to do. He could only close his eyes and rely on his memories of the surrounding terrain to walk forward. Unfortunately, these beauties did not seem to plan on letting him go, walking down the bed naked and sticking to Tang Hao. Tang Hao felt the spring in his heart as he felt the beauties around him, those proud breasts. As a normal man, he had already started to react to these beauties, but he restrained himself, not only because this was an illusion, but also because he had a family, and he also had Little Lan! With his loyalty to Little Lan, Tang Hao walked forward step by step with an unswerving determination.

After passing through this area, a beam of strong light suddenly flashed across in front of him, causing Tang Hao's eyes to be in extreme pain. After passing through this area, a beam of strong light suddenly flashed by, causing Tang Hao's eyes to be in extreme pain.

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