Legend of Sealing The Demons/C20 Return from Hunting Qi Qingkong
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Legend of Sealing The Demons/C20 Return from Hunting Qi Qingkong
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C20 Return from Hunting Qi Qingkong

When the news of Tang Hao's return reached the county magistrate's office, it quickly spread. When the county magistrate, Bao, found out that Tang Hao had returned alone, he was quite surprised; on one hand, he was surprised at the disappearance of Qiang and his brother, and on the other hand, he was surprised that Tang Hao had managed to escape from the underground palace. Perhaps Tang Hao had gotten the treasure, but with this thought, he rushed to the village overnight.

County Chief Bao sneaked into the village under the cover of the moonlight, and according to the Guard Captain Wang Ning's description, he quickly found Tang Hao's house. The house was dark, and just as Bao was hesitating whether to sneak in, he suddenly felt a chill behind his back. With the intuition of many years, his figure flashed crazily, and he saw that there was an arrow nailed to the wall opposite him, causing Bao to break out in cold sweat. "Why are you sneaking around here?"

Only after hearing Tang Hao's words did Bao come back to his senses. He covered up his embarrassment with a cough and then said: "I am Bao."

He looked into Bao's eyes and nodded. He said, "I will explain in detail about the Village Head's matter to you, but there must be something else that you need to tell me for you to come here in the middle of the night, right?"

Bao squinted his eyes and stared into Tang Hao's eyes as he slowly said, "If you can escape from the underground palace, you must have obtained something, right?"

Tang Hao was secretly shocked when he heard this, but he did not have much of a reaction on his face as he said lightly: "Those who don't get anything can't get anything, but my life is almost worth it. The underground palace is simply a scam, there are too many terrifying and unbelievable things inside, and when we go to the deepest part, we don't see any treasure at all.

Hearing Tang Hao's sigh, a look of disdain flashed across Bao's face, and he immediately said: "Let's not talk about those fake, I even have a map of the underground palace, and I also went down there before. That underground palace should be a relic of the ancient Southern Wilderness, and no matter how poor it is, it should at least have some treasures, right? I'm actually involved with this sort of thing! "

Hearing Bao mention the Southern Wilderness ruins, Tang Hao's eyes flashed with surprise. Although he deliberately tried to cover it up, unfortunately, he couldn't escape Bao's eyes, and before Tang Hao could say anything, Bao continued, "I'm not forcing you to do anything, just tell me what the treasure is. If it's a cultivation method or magical equipment, then you can sell it to me? You won't be able to use those things anyways, why don't you exchange it with me for some money. "

He thought Tang Hao was just a hunter born in the mountains and thought that he could buy the treasure of this underground palace with money alone. Unfortunately, his plan was destined to fail this time, so he shook his head and said, "I didn't get any treasure at all, you don't have to doubt that, but the underground palace is indeed like you said, it's some kind of ancient ruin with many dangers and many strange ferocious beasts inside, I really haven't discovered anything else."

Seeing Tang Hao like this, Bao also knew that he wouldn't say anything, so he didn't want to pursue this issue any further. He followed Tang Hao and said a few words to Han Chan, intending to stay in the village for the night, but Tang Hao didn't refuse and brought him to Old Village Head's house, intending to let him stay there for the night.

This time, Bao definitely did not come with good intentions, and looking at his treacherous expression, it was obvious that he came for the treasure of the underground palace. But now, it seems that he did not even know what the treasure of the underground palace was, which made Tang Hao feel a lot more at ease. Previously, the black clothed elder also said that he would find a master for the Black Sorcerer's Orb. However, looking at Bao's vulgar look, it definitely could not be him. He would talk about finding the inheritor later on.

This night was destined to make it difficult for people to sleep, not only Tang Hao, Bao was also tossing and turning. He was constantly thinking about the treasures in the underground palace, and if it really was some kind of earth-shattering treasure, he even wanted to forcibly take it for himself. However, the most important thing right now was to confirm what exactly this treasure deposit was. Looking at Tang Hao's appearance, it was obvious that he would not cooperate. He still needed to use some methods.

On the second day, after Bao said goodbye to Tang Hao, he went back to the county city early, and did not stay for even a second longer. Tang Hao looked at Bao's disappearing figure, and always felt that it was a little strange, but for some reason, he did not know why, so he decided not to think about it.

Upon hearing that there were treasures from the ancient southern border, many people were interested. Bi Han, a natural born ice attribute superpower, was invited along with a woman who knew how to use ultrasound, Ying. Although these two people had never come into contact with any ancient items, they were more or less interested in the legendary treasures, so they came to meet up with Bao on the same day to discuss the treasures.

Most of the men had followed them up the mountain, leaving only a small portion of the elderly, children, and women busy in the village. Bao and the other two sneakily arrived at Tang Hao's house and captured Little Lan effortlessly. Wu Tie was playing outside, so they didn't know what had happened at home. Bao and the other two questioned Little Lan about the whereabouts of the treasure, but how could Little Lan know about it? Helpless, Bao and the other two turned Tang Hao's house upside down, but they still gained nothing. They could only wait at Tang Hao's house for his return and use Little Lan as a weight to coerce Tang Hao to hand over the treasure.

Qize played outside for the whole morning and was a bit hungry. He went home to eat something. When he just entered the house and saw the mess in the house, he panicked and shouted, "Mom, are you there?" Qize did not know what to do. Just as he was about to run out of the house and ask his neighbors for help, he felt a roaring in his ears and his head became dizzy. While he was at a loss, he seemed to hear his mother's voice, but unfortunately, he no longer had the strength to struggle.

Maybe telepathy really existed in this world? When Qize was also captured by Bao and the others, Tang Hao suddenly felt an inexplicable panic in his heart. An indescribable anxiety surged through his heart, but at this moment, he was leading a team to hunt. He mistook this feeling for the existence of ferocious beasts and hurriedly led everyone to search everywhere to prevent being ambushed by them. Little did he know that his family was being tortured by Ao Bao.

After many interrogations, Bao had no choice but to accept the reality — — only Tang Hao knew the whereabouts of the treasure. In the current situation, he could only use Little Lan and Liu Tie as weights and make a deal with Sun Tie after he came back from hunting. Bi Han was a very lustful person and he saw that Little Lan had quite the good looks and had evil intentions, but Bao knew what he was going to do from her lecherous look.

Hearing Bao's words, Bi Han nodded helplessly. After all, treasures were more important. At this time, he could only bear with it.

After two days, the hunters returned triumphantly. Under Tang Hao's lead, they hunted five wild boars, ten deer, and many other small animals like rabbits. From the looks of the prey they brought back this time, it should be enough for their village to survive the winter. The villagers were very happy to see the hunters who returned with a great harvest. Some of them even blew their loudspeakers to welcome Tang Hao and the others back, and Tang Hao was very pleased to see all of this, because the last few days of work had not been in vain, at least the villagers should have had a good winter. Now that the problem of food was solved, they should organize some people to go to the county city to exchange some supplies.

After everything was settled, the villagers had to gather at the square to celebrate. Tang Hao's team of hunters were all dragged away to drink. Even the village chief, Tang Hao, couldn't escape.

Tang Hao didn't know about the crisis in his family. Since everyone was happy today, Tang Hao didn't want to ruin the mood, so he followed everyone else and drank until midnight. Taking advantage of the moonlight, Tang Hao hobbled home.

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