Legend of Sealing The Demons/C3 It Is Important to Know the Secret
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Legend of Sealing The Demons/C3 It Is Important to Know the Secret
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C3 It Is Important to Know the Secret

After returning to the village, when the villagers saw so many outsiders, they were at a loss of what to do. Fortunately, the village chief came out in time, so they were able to avoid a wave of awkwardness. Compared to the ordinary hunters in the village, the head of the village and Tang Hao were people who had seen a lot of things, so they took everyone to a place similar to the square to eat barbecue. Tang Hao didn't forget to praise the guards' brothers, "If a friend comes to our village, there will be a big piece of meat and a big bowl of wine to welcome him, haha!" Hearing Tang Hao's words, all the brothers of the guard burst out laughing, and just like that, they all went to the meeting to eat.

After working for a while, a burst of fragrance drifted out from within the village. The villagers were very hospitable, no matter who they were, they would welcome them if they came to the village without any malicious intent. While everyone was busy eating and drinking, the Guard Captain nudged Tang Hao and gestured to the Village Head. Tang Hao immediately understood and led the Guard Leader to a small room to have a private chat with the Village Head.

When he walked to the door, the village head signaled Tang Hao to wait outside the door before he led the head of the guard into the house.

The village chief poured a cup of tea for the captain and said, "I don't know which old friend asked you to come and help out, but, hehe, everyone came at the right time."

Hearing the village head's words, the captain immediately said, "I am the third squad leader of the security guards, Wang Ning. I received the county leader's order to come to the village and help, and at the same time, a letter was delivered!" As he spoke, he handed the letter to the village head.

The village chief took the letter and shakily opened it. Seeing this, the village head sighed and muttered, "So it's you. I didn't think that after so many years, you would let go of what happened that year. Since you decided to help, why didn't you come yourself?" Sigh, whatever, after the wolf storm, I will find a talented youth in the village to help you succeed. About that, Little Wang, you must have worked hard all along. Let's go and eat. After we're done, I'll explain to you in detail about the problems of the wolves. " As he said that, the village chief led Wang Ning to the dining area.

When he got there, the village chief saw that there were still people standing around and had already finished drinking. Seeing that there was nothing he could do, the village chief decided to delay the discussion until tomorrow and quickly arranged for the guards to rest.

Late at night, the Village Chief's house was brightly lit. He was sitting inside with an ancient sheepskin scroll in his hand, his head lowered in thought. Sometimes he frowned, sometimes he was lost in thought, but it was unknown what he was thinking. Before long, the sound of hurried footsteps rang out and Tang Hao came.

After Tang Hao entered the house, the village chief was still sitting on his chair, holding the sheepskin scroll in his hand as he pondered. Seeing the village chief acting in such a manner, Tang Hao couldn't be bothered and could only wait quietly at the side. Not long after, the village chief stretched, twisted his neck, looked at Tang Hao and said: "Hao, you've been here for a while, right? "Hehe, I'm getting old. I can't even notice what's happening around me when I look at things."

Hearing the Village Head's words, Tang Hao quickly replied, "I just arrived too. Village Head, your kung fu is so high. Why be so modest? You're still strong!"

The Village Head waved his hand, gesturing for Tang Hao to sit down and have some tea. At the same time, he showed the sheepskin scroll to Tang Hao. When Tang Hao finished reading the sheepskin scroll, he couldn't help but tremble. He even started to stutter.

Tang Hao said shakily, "Village Head, you aren't going to tell me that the things that happened in the village are exactly the same as what was recorded on this sheepskin paper, right?"

The village chief shook his head and said, "You are wrong, Hao. This sheepskin scroll was passed down from the ancestors of the village. In other words, the things recorded on it are related to our village. Do you understand?"

Hearing the Village Head's words, Tang Hao's face changed, not knowing what to say. "Hao, you don't have to worry too much. According to my research, the wolves are mainly there to protect the treasures within, and the wolves are likely to be controlled by humans, but as for who it is, I have no way of knowing, so, unless the person or the person in question has ill intentions towards us, our village should not be attacked by the wolves, which is most likely to be attacked by some third rate wolves. We have to deal with this situation well, so I came to find you not because of this matter, but because of that treasure.

Facing the Village Head's question, Tang Hao answered straightforwardly, "I do, but I don't dare to go. I have to take care of my family and children. If I was by myself, I would have gone back and taken a risk."

He stroked his beard with a confident look and said, "Hao, Little Lan, you don't have to worry, I will let my Xiao Fang accompany Little Lan. As for Qize, I have an unorthodox friend who wants to find a disciple to succeed him as a disciple, do you think that's okay?"

Tang Hao thought for a moment and said, "Since the Village Head said so, then I will be unreasonable. However, Village Head, can I ask something that I shouldn't?"

The Village Chief replied, "Hur Hur, you can ask. There's nothing that you shouldn't ask."

Seeing that the Village Head had allowed him to ask, Tang Hao said, "Village Head, you are not a greedy person. Why are you looking for treasures?"

Hearing Tang Hao's words, the Village Head laughed and said, "If it was when I was young, I wouldn't have come. But now that I'm old, I want to see some weird things. I don't want to die in a coffin like this, haha!"

Tang Hao then said, "How about this, Village Head? I'll arrange things when we get home, and then we'll set off. What do you think?" The Village Chief waved his hand and said, "Go, Hao.

After Tang Hao left, another old man walked out of the room. The village head already knew about the people in the room. The old man said to the village head, "A Long, is this guy really the one that can restrain the Ten Thousand Wolves Array? How come I don't think so? "

Village Chief Ah Long said, "Qiang, what do you know? If you can tell at a glance, there are too many people in this world that can restrain the Ten Thousand Wolves Array. In fact, I feel that if Hao follows us, not only will he be able to restrain the Ten Thousand Wolves Array, but more importantly, he can help us. Back then, when we went to look for the legendary treasure, we were unable to accomplish anything because of greed, and even his own brothers and sisters were killed by him. I watched as I grew up for Hao, and he was pure in heart, so I think that such a person can come with us to the underground palace for the last time. "

Qiang shook his head. "Human hearts are separated. In this world, no emotions can compare to that piece of gold. You should save some for later!"

The village chief pointed at Qiang's nose and said, "You idiot, I didn't have a backup plan that time. If it wasn't for my Earth Fire God Lightning, would you have been able to live to this day? You have no right to say that I'm not holding back! "Humph!"

Qiang said helplessly, "You actually have the nerve to take out those old incidents to settle the bill, it's just that I'm scared of you." "Sigh!"

Seeing that Qiang had given in, Village Head Ah Long said, "Alright, let's go rest early. Before we leave, let's pass on our skills to Qize so that we won't have any more successors."

Along the way, Tang Hao couldn't calm down for a long time. In this world, how many people are unmoved by such a huge amount of treasure? Whether it was a god or a human, both had a greedy heart.

A man loves money. Although Tang Hao wasn't a gentleman, he was a very conscientious person. Even when he finally found the treasure, he only wanted a small portion as long as it was enough for him to let his family live in the city.

After Tang Hao returned home, although he was excited, he did not show it. After coaxing his family to rest, he went alone to the yard to practice his martial arts. Tang Hao's martial arts teacher was a martial arts master who lived in seclusion in the mountains. Tang Hao lost his way in the forest when he was young, and coincidentally, the old man came out of the mountain and saved his life. The old man saw Tang Hao's backbone was not bad, and he also had the simplicity of a mountain person. Unfortunately, before he could finish his training, the old man's internal injuries from when he was young flared up and he was unable to persevere any longer. He told Tang Hao about the taboos of the martial arts world and then passed away.

After hastily performing a set of punches, Tang Hao suddenly thought of his immortal master. For some reason, his originally excited mood gradually calmed down. Perhaps, it was the result of his punching routine? No matter what, he should go on an adventure with the Village Head. Little Lan had Little Fang with her, and the Village Head promised to find a good teacher for Qize. He should not have any worries now.

Unfortunately, the whole thing wasn't as simple as Tang Hao imagined. The Great Wolf Mountain's water was too tight, how could the few of them clear it up?

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