Legend of Sealing The Demons/C5 The Enclosure of the Earth Palace
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Legend of Sealing The Demons/C5 The Enclosure of the Earth Palace
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C5 The Enclosure of the Earth Palace

The night was late.

The moonlight shone down on the Great Wolf Mountain. The village at the foot of the mountain was covered in red light, and the fences surrounding the village were filled with torches. The fiery red light shone on the village as if it was day. Sporadic villagers and security guards stood guard in the village, monitoring the movements of the wolves.

Outside the village, the pack of wolves looked at the village filled with torches. They felt anxious and restless as they walked in circles around and around the outskirts of the village. Due to the nature of the wild beasts, they did not dare to attack the village filled with torches. However, this situation made the Wild Wolf panic. What they were worried about was all kinds of howling and digging, but no matter what they did, they could do nothing to this village full of torches. Under this kind of stalemate, the night passed peacefully.

The next day was a clear and sunny day. The peace of the night gave the villagers great confidence. They were no longer as frightened as they were at the beginning of the wolf pack attack. Although they could not go out of the village to hunt or rush to the county town to exchange resources, all of this did not hinder their normal lives in the slightest. The village was as usual, ploughed fields, woven cloth.

The brothers of the guard team watched all of this happen in the village. Although the wolves didn't pose any real threat to the village at the moment, as time passed and the patience of the wolves wore off, they would inevitably do some amazing things.

Tang Hao also felt the same way, but yesterday at the Village Head's place, the white clothed old man's "Immortal Technique" had left an indelible mark in his heart. With the help of this old man, the threat of the wolf pack might be resolved. With this attitude, Tang Hao didn't make any more patrols in the village. After a hasty breakfast, he bid farewell to his family and ran towards the house of the Village Head.

Inside the house, the white-clothed old man was not there. The village chief was still studying the ancient sheepskin scroll, his brows tightly knitted. It was unknown what problem he had in mind. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door from Tang Hao. Hearing that, the Village Head stood up and flicked his wrist, causing the sheepskin scroll to disappear. After pausing for a moment, he went to open the door.

Seeing that it was Tang Hao, the village chief hurriedly pulled him into the house to talk. Seeing that the white-robed old man wasn't here, Tang Hao was very surprised. He asked, "Village Head, why isn't the old man that knew 'Immortal Technique' here yesterday?"

When the Village Chief heard this, he replied, "Oh, you're talking about Qiang? He went out to do some business and will be back in a moment. Are you still worried about the wolves? "

Tang Hao nodded and said, "Even though I've seen the magic of his' immortal arts', I'm still worried. I'm not afraid of ten thousand, but if something really happens, I would really be ashamed of Little Lan and her son!"

"Don't worry, as long as Qiang is here, no matter how many wolves there are, it's useless. When the Wolf King is alternating, they need to come to our village and attack, but if we don't get any benefits from here, the new Wolf King will not waste time here. After a few days, we can let this pack of wolves suffer a little."

Hearing this, Tang Hao was a little doubtful. Seeing this, the village chief hurriedly changed the topic and said, "We once explored the Great Wolf Mountain's treasure trove, but we failed in the end …"

Hearing this, Tang Hao quickly interrupted, "Village Head, since you guys have explored the treasures before, is the incident of the wolf pack back then related to your treasure journey?"

When the village chief heard Tang Hao' question, he shook his head and said, "The incident with the wolves that year was indeed related to the treasure. However, it was not caused by us. Back then, it was during the war, so Japanese didn't know that he had heard the slanderous words of that traitor. He also took a fancy to our Great Wolf Mountain's treasure trove and thus gathered many soldiers to search for treasure there. It is for this reason that I met Qiang, the white-robed old man you saw yesterday, and with him the county magistrate of the present town, Bao, and another man. Back then, they were all members of the magical world in the country, and when they found out that Japaneseson was drooling over the treasure of the Great Wolf Mountain, they came to stir up some trouble as well. Back then, when we followed Japaneseson, we gave them a lot of trouble along the way. When they entered the underground palace, there were less than 20 people left, and the underground palace was filled with danger. After we followed them into the underground palace, we were momentarily curious about this treasure trove. After discussing it for a while, we decided to investigate it, but unfortunately, our efforts were for naught in the end. The underground palace's mechanisms couldn't do anything to us, so we ended up helpless in front of a formation. "

Tang Hao was very surprised. It was true that invader had come to the Big Wolf Mountain that year, but he didn't expect that it was for this reason. Tang Hao immediately said, "So that's how it is. However, Village Head, what was the formation back then? What can I do to make you helpless? "

The Village Chief seemed to have returned to that time once more. The youth was hot-blooded and in high spirits. He slowly said, "Back then, we thought that we would be able to see the treasure once we passed the mechanism. We didn't expect that at the very last moment, a human would appear in the underground palace. At that time, we thought that we would encounter ghosts, but we didn't expect them to be humans. In general, they should be the guardians of the treasure trove. At that time, he also advised us to leave the underground palace, but at that time, how could we be willing to go back? Seeing that we didn't know how to appreciate our kindness, he waved his hand and summoned countless giant wolves. I was stunned. Luckily, Qiang and the others had many strange techniques and knew that this man was a formation master, so the technique he used should be the Myriad Wolf Formation from the legends. "

Hearing this, Tang Hao interrupted, "Village Head, could it be that the wolves from the past were wolves in this Ten Thousand Wolf Array?"

The Village Chief shook his head and said, "The Ten Thousand Wolves Array was summoned by him. It is not a physical entity at all. There is a limit to their existence. Back then, the wolves were also appointed by the New Wolf King. However, when invader went up the mountain, he injected some medicine into the stream and all the wolves became extremely fierce. "If not for this, we wouldn't have suffered so much damage that year!"

After Tang Hao heard the Village Head's explanation, he came to a realization. He immediately said, "Then I can relax. I'm still worried about what will happen to the wolves outside the village if we go to search for treasures!"

The Village Chief laughed and continued, "Listen to me, when Qiang and the other two casted their magic to deal with the Ten Thousand Wolf Array, Bao told me to charge forward to attack that person. Although I was very scared, I clenched my teeth and braced myself to charge forward. Before this, my weapon was completely used up due to the fight with invader, but after entering the underground palace, I found a knife at the entrance. Before this, my weapon was completely used up due to fighting with invader, but after entering the underground palace, I found a knife at the door. Just like that, I raised my blade and charged towards that mysterious man. Although it had been many years, I still remembered his expression. When he saw the knife in my hand, his expression changed drastically, as if he was afraid of it. At that time, I felt that something was up, so I did everything I could to attack him. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a defensive wall in front of him. He danced and danced as he muttered words that I did not understand and retreated quickly. I did not understand what was going on and was sent flying to the wall. Qiang and the others were not in a better condition than me, so they were forced to retreat continuously by the Ten Thousand Wolf Array. Right at this critical moment, the mysterious man suddenly stopped. He repeated his words, telling us to leave the underground palace, otherwise we would be killed without mercy. The four of us can't defeat this mysterious man under such a situation. Rather than sacrificing ourselves in vain, we might as well return. Just like that, we followed the tunnel that invader dug back then and returned to the village. "

After listening to the Village Head's narration, Tang Hao had a better understanding of what happened that year. He opened his mouth and asked, "Village Head, the County Lord wrote you a letter. Is it related to this treasure deposit?"

The village head nodded and said, "Bao wrote a letter saying that he asked around to find information about the Ten Thousand Wolf Array. After so many years, he finally found out about it. "After understanding the Ten Thousand Wolves Array, his heart began to itch a little. Well, didn't he write to me saying that he was going to look for a treasure?

Tang Hao thought for a moment and said, "When the time comes, should we just go on a treasure hunt with someone else?"

The Village Chief thought for a while and said, "Qiang will stay behind to look after the village. Bao won't be able to leave in the county, it should only be the two of us. However, if we are to see outsiders in the underground palace, that would mean that there are people who are interested in the treasure in the Great Wolf Mountain. "

Tang Hao nodded and continued, "However, the village chief is full of Wild Wolf now, how can we go to the underground palace?"

The Village Chief laughed and said, "Hao, did you forget that I just said there was a tunnel dug by invader? "That tunnel will connect the village and the underground palace. We can set off tonight!"

Hearing that, Tang Hao patted his head and said, "Yes, I remember it now. You did say there was a tunnel like that. Chief, I'll go out and take a look at the situation in the village first. I'll come over tonight.

The village chief nodded, indicating that Tang Hao could leave.

After leaving the Village Head's house, Tang Hao strolled around the village. In his mind, he kept thinking about tonight's trip to the underground palace. To be honest, Tang Hao was really looking forward to this adventure. But now, no matter how much he imagined it, he would have to wait until the evening to find out.

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