Legend of Sealing The Demons/C6 The Night Is Not Tranquil
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Legend of Sealing The Demons/C6 The Night Is Not Tranquil
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C6 The Night Is Not Tranquil

Unknowingly, he had quietly slipped away during the day.

After nightfall, although the wolves outside were still not calm, but with the experience from the previous night, the villagers all had a good night's sleep. Of course, Tang Hao and the Village Head were not among those who slept well.

Under the bright moonlight, they saw that Tang Hao had changed into a set of black clothes, giving off a mysterious feeling. The village chief was also wearing a black robe and beside him was the "Immortal Technique" old man, Qiang. The three of them tiptoed out of the house and walked to the warehouse where the goods were stored.

He saw the village chief groping on the ground, bent over, looking for something. Not long after, the village head whispered, "It's done." He opened up a hidden panel, revealing a sinister looking tunnel. Tang Hao looked at the tunnel and frowned. Looking at the situation of the tunnel, it had been useless for so many years. He was sure that there was not enough air, so if he continued, he might suffocate to death. The village chief scrutinized the tunnel and said, "I opened up the tunnel last night to get through the wind. There shouldn't be any problems going down tonight."

Tang Hao hesitated for a moment and said, "Let's be careful, let's find a goose and try it out?"

The Village Chief thought for a moment and said, "There's no need to go through all that trouble. Let's light a torch and go in. Once the torch is extinguished, we will retreat."

Hearing this, Tang Hao came up with an idea. He immediately grabbed a torch and prepared to follow the village chief into the tunnel. Before we left, the Village Head specifically instructed Qiang, "Qiang, after I leave with Hao, I will depend on you to deal with the matters in the village. Before we leave, the Village Head specifically instructed Qiang," Qiang, after Hao left with me, I will rely on you to deal with the matters in the village.

Qiang nodded and said, "Don't worry, I know what to do. But if I can't do it, you don't have to force me. If you can survive, don't worry about being stubborn!"

The village chief smiled bitterly and said, "What a great saying! If I can keep the green mountain, I won't have to worry about the burning of firewood. How many years do I have left until I die?" A man who has half a foot in a coffin, don't worry. After we leave, you should go back to look after the village. In at most two days, the wolves will take action. With that, the Village Head brought Tang Hao into the tunnel, leaving Qiang alone by the storage room. Qiang felt unspeakably sad as he watched the two of them leave. His instincts told him that once they parted this time, they might really part forever.

In this world, there was a lot of helplessness. Countless accidental events overlapped each other, forming an inevitable ending. The only thing that could be done was for the weirdo to be too persistent.

After the Village Head and Tang Hao had left, Qiang walked around the village. He didn't know why (I became very proactive and made fun of Jaylen's song, hehe), but he always felt like something was going to happen today. As an Adept, his instincts were always accurate. After some thought, he realized that apart from the wolves and the underground palace, nothing else had happened recently. He was preoccupied with his own worries, but danger was approaching stealthily.

The tranquility last night made people relax their vigilance. Although there were also people on night watch, they were not as strict as last night. At the side of the village, the torches on the fences were extinguished without a sound. The night watchmen did not notice this. Less than half an hour later, under the lead of the lead wolf, the wolves gathered near the fence and clawed at it with their claws. As the number of wolves increased, the sounds of their movements became louder and louder. There were even some sturdy wolves that tried to use their bodies to fight against these fences. Just when the fences were in danger, the night watch patrol finally discovered that something was amiss. Seeing so many Wild Wolf gathered here, the villagers who were on night watch were frightened out of their wits. They hurriedly sounded the sirens and gathered their manpower to deal with the attacks of the wolves.

Hearing the siren, the sleeping people were awakened. Under such circumstances, it was obvious that the wolves had started to attack the village. All the hunters quickly put on their clothes and armed, and rushed out to fight against the wolves. At this critical moment, under Wang Ning's lead, the brothers of the guard moved a large pile of firewood to the fence. The other hunters that rushed out all aimed their arrows at the wolves and started shooting randomly.

Looking at the situation, Wang Ning shouted, "Everyone pay attention! Everyone pay attention!" Do not waste your bows and arrows, aim at those wolves that are about to enter the village and shoot, do not waste your bows and arrows! "

Some of the more experienced hunters understood immediately after hearing Wang Ning's words. They started to specifically choose the Wild Wolf that was about to jump over to shoot. The other hunters saw what the old hunters were doing and also understood some of it and started to follow suit.

As for the white-clothed old man, Qiang, he rushed here the moment he heard the alarm. However, because this matter had suddenly occurred, he had yet to read out the letter that the Village Chief left behind for everyone to hear. Thus, no one present knew what he was doing. In this kind of situation, Qiang saw Wang Ning as the leader, so he quickly walked over and pulled Wang Ning and said, "Little brother, I'm the village head's distant cousin. My cousin brought Tang Hao out of the encirclement and went to get reinforcements. He arranged for me to stay and help."

Wang Ning was surprised when he heard the old man's words. When the wolves surrounded the village, the village chief still had the ability to leave the village and go up the mountain, which was surprising. However, the situation was urgent, so Wang Ning didn't ask and immediately asked: "Uncle, what do you think we should do this time?"

The white-clothed old man, Qiang, stroked his beard and slowly said: "With the current situation, fighting with the wolves is inevitable, but we have to control this boundary and we can't let too many people die in the village, one of them is that; secondly, I think if the wolves are defeated here, they will definitely think of ways to attack the village from somewhere else. When facing an enemy from the other side, we should relax our grip on this gap a bit and let them think that it's easier to get in here, and then gather our forces to attack them strongly here."

Qiang's words were exactly the same as Wang Ning's thoughts. This was really the same as a hero's opinion. At the same time, Wang Ning arranged for the village guards to gather their men and patrol the village to see if there were any other loopholes. When the white-clothed old man, Qiang, saw that there were too many people here, he couldn't reveal his "immortal arts", and still chose to wait for Wang Ning's men to come back, but he didn't stay there, from time to time he would secretly stab the wolves. Unfortunately, the Earth's spirit energy was too sparse, originally sharp to the point. The wolves couldn't break through this line of defense, so they had no choice but to look at the village through the fence.

After about ten minutes or so, most of the villagers had gathered here, and the guards who had returned brought back the news: This was the only loophole. The rest of the place was pretty tight. After getting the news, Wang Ning casually took over a loudspeaker and said, "Fellow villagers, quiet down and listen to what I have to say. Village Head, he has already broken out of the encirclement to call for reinforcements, we just have to hold on for a while and it will be fine. However, now that the gap has appeared in our fence, if we continue this stalemate, I think there will inevitably be another loophole. "Therefore, I suggest that we prepare to fight to the death with these wolf bastards right now!"

Hearing Wang Ning's words, the crowd clamored again and again, some in agreement, some against it. Wang Ning looked at the noisy crowd, he was extremely anxious, if they dragged this on, it would be difficult for the wolves to come out and block them. Seeing that, Qiang hurriedly grabbed the loudspeaker and said, "Fellow villagers, I am the village head's distant cousin, and all of a sudden, the fence in the village is just a gap. If we defend here, and there are other gaps in other places, we will probably face enemies from the back. "Therefore, I suggest that everyone gather all your armed forces and ambush here. Do not attack first and let the wolves in, and then we will attack them and eliminate them in one fell swoop!"

Everyone disagreed with Qiang's words. One of them said, "Aren't we looking to die if we let the wolves in? Are you that confident that you can kill them? "

Before Qiang and Wang Ning could say anything, a villager ran over anxiously and shouted, "Not good, not good! A large group of Wild Wolf has suddenly appeared at the main entrance and is destroying the main entrance. We can't hold on much longer!"

Wang Ning and Qiang looked at each other with a helpless look on their faces. Since the situation had come to this point, there was no better way out. At the moment, Wang Ning had organized a group of men to rush to the main gate to provide support. Qiang was still hiding in the crowd, sneaking around and casting spells on the retreating wolves. The fact that he could be stabbed by the thorns on the ground for no reason caused a great panic among the wolves. It was precisely because of this that the village temporarily avoided the difficult situation of being attacked from all sides.

In this tense and oppressive atmosphere, the village crisis began. However, the journey of the Village Chief and Tang Hao to the underground palace had yet to begin. It was merely a small step forward in comparison. All of this will become clearer with the passage of time...

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