Legend of Sealing The Demons/C8 Fighting the Blood Python's Life and Death
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Legend of Sealing The Demons/C8 Fighting the Blood Python's Life and Death
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C8 Fighting the Blood Python's Life and Death

The danger was slowly approaching.

Tang Hao and the Village Head continued to rush forward. Along the way, Tang Hao kept looking at his surroundings.

As he continued to delve deeper into the underground palace, Tang Hao felt more and more that the underground palace was grand and huge. Before all of these mysteries were revealed, Tang Hao was unable to restrain his curiosity.

He couldn't help but wonder what kind of treasure could be hidden in this underground palace with layers upon layers of traps guarding it.

When the Village Chief came to this underground palace again, he no longer had the shock from back then.

He carefully observed his surroundings, afraid that they would trigger some mechanism that had not been broken in the past, causing unnecessary trouble.

Just like this, the two of them continued to move forward while sizing up the surroundings. Perhaps they were too engrossed in observing the environment of the underground palace?

The two of them could be considered martial artists, but they didn't notice the strange sound behind them. Instead, they continued to move forward with all their focus.

In this underground palace, there lived a giant blood-colored python, guarding the treasure here.

Years ago, when invader came down to the underground palace, he brought along a large amount of gunpowder and firearms. Before this blood colored python could even begin carrying out its duties, it was blown up by invader into its old nest. It was unknown how long it had struggled for, but it had finally come out.

Time quietly passed by and the Blood Python quietly approached. When they arrived at a fork in the road, the village chief hesitated for a moment as he thought about where he should go.

Just then, the Blood Python that was following them suddenly took action, opened its huge mouth that was filled with the smell of blood, and pounced towards the village chief.

At this critical moment, the two martial artists' ability to respond to danger could be said to be superb. The village didn't even turn around as they heard the wind whistling behind them.

Although Tang Hao was not targeted by the Blood Python, he still heard the whistling sound and instinctively avoided the attack range of the Blood Python. He pulled out a battle blade from his back and adjusted his posture to prepare for battle.

Seeing that he was not able to take down a tiny human despite his sneak attack, the Blood Python was extremely angry. It shook its head and opened its mouth, rushing straight to the village chief.

Facing such a crisis, the Village Chief's expression did not change, he even used his movement techniques, as before, he borrowed the wall's force to dodge the Blood Python's attack, but this time, the Blood Python seemed to have become smarter, after one leap, it quickly followed with a sweep of its tail.

At this time, the village chief's face slightly changed. Due to his carelessness, he did not expect this beast to be so intelligent, he helplessly fished out an unsheathed battle blade from his back, placed it across his chest, and closed his eyes to receive the Blood Python's tail sweep attack.

Seeing that the village chief was in danger, Tang Hao did not stay idle. He performed his Qing Gong and stepped on the wall twice, brandishing his battle blade and rushed straight towards the Blood Python.

As for the village chief, he was swept back by the Blood Python and crashed into the wall. His blood was in a mess and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Tang Hao, who was in the air, saw that the village chief was injured and was extremely angry. He shouted and used the momentum from his blade to attack the Blood Python's head.

After the Blood Python succeeded in its attack, it wagged its tail proudly. When it turned around to see Tang Hao's ferocious attack, it lowered its head to dodge. At the same time, it continued to use the same trick to sweep its tail and attack Tang Hao.

Although the village chief took the Blood Python's attack, it did not affect him much. He only spat out a mouthful of blood, and when he saw that Tang Hao was about to be swept away by the Blood Python, he used his inner strength to slash at the Blood Python's tail.

In a split-second, Tang Hao's blade moved according to the head of the Blood Python. No matter how the Blood Python dodged, Tang Hao's blade always attacked the head of the Blood Python.

To Blood Python, the head was more important when compared to the tail.

Therefore, under this pincer attack, the Blood Python could not avoid it. Helpless, it turned into an attack with its defensive posture and attacked Tang Hao with all its strength.

Tang Hao was too old to change his move, so he could only use his blade to block the attacks of the Blood Python. But luckily, with the village chief on the side holding him back, this time, Tang Hao was only pushed back and did not suffer much damage.

At this moment, the Blood Python was extremely angry in its heart. It had lived for so many years (God knows how long), but it was actually unable to settle these two insignificant humans.

Just when the Blood Python was unable to endure its anger, Tang Hao and the Village Chief were also extremely conflicted in their hearts. When the village chief came down, he did not touch this Blood Python at all.

The village chief was already injured. At his age, Tang Hao didn't dare to guess how long he could last under the attacks of the Blood Python. Perhaps, this trip to the underground palace would be the end of their lives.

At this critical moment, the village chief was extremely regretful about why he did not bring any explosives in, but now, it was useless to regret it. The most important thing for him to regret right now was to beat back this Blood Python, killing it was already a waste of time, with its size, standing there motionlessly, allowing them to cut it with their sabers, it was not certain that they would be able to kill it.

The village chief and Tang Hao looked at each other and both saw the helplessness in the other's eyes. Facing this kind of monster, the current manpower was no longer able to defeat it, and it was already difficult for them to continue fighting it. No one knew what to do next, and they could only take one step at a time.

The Blood Python took a deep breath, staring at Tang Hao with its blood-red eyes.

Out of the two humans in front of him, Tang Hao was the one who had caused the most damage to him, which hurt him the most. Out of instinct, Tang Hao was the main target.

This time, the Blood Python was no longer attacking rashly. It kept changing its position to find the best place to attack. Tang Hao and co did not dare to be slow and also slowly moved to maintain the best position.

Ginger was older, after all. As the village head moved, he slowly approached the Blood Python's tail. This tail was one of the Blood Python's main attacking methods.

When Tang Hao saw the Village Chief's movements, he immediately understood. He maintained his attacking posture, constantly attracting the Blood Python's attention. Occasionally, he would make a few moves to provoke them.

Even if the Blood Python had some intelligence, it was still a beast after all, and could not be compared to humans.

Seeing Tang Hao provoke him, the Blood Python was enraged. It roared and charged towards Tang Hao.

The Blood Python looked like a flood, giving off a feeling that it was unstoppable.

Tang Hao did not resist and immediately used his Qing Gong. Dodging left and right, he occasionally attacked with his blade to scare the damned Blood Python and mitigate its attacks.

Seeing the Blood Python rushing towards Tang Hao with all his might, the village head also quickly followed, looking for an opportunity to attack from behind the Blood Python.

The two people and one python made a huge move in the underground palace, so Tang Hao and the village head could be said to have limited destructive power, but this Blood Python was different. Even if it was only a sprint, it would still cause crushed rocks and sand on the walls of the underground palace, making the entire underground palace a mess.

Tang Hao was fighting directly with the Blood Python in front. Relying on his flexibility, he specifically picked those narrow corridors. The Blood Python's body was simply too huge, and the narrowest passage in the underground palace could just fit it.

Under the constant collisions, even though the Blood Python had a strong body, it was still not used to it.

As the village chief followed him, his mind calmed down. He suddenly remembered that the sabre he had brought with him was found at the entrance of this underground palace. Blowing his short hair was indeed a godly weapon.

With such a powerful weapon, he should be able to cut through the Blood Python's protective scales.

Thinking about that, the village chief became even calmer, he calmly followed behind the Blood Python, looking for the best place to attack. As the saying goes, hit a snake for seven inches, if you want to successfully beat back this abnormal Blood Python, you must hit it for seven inches, but looking at the size of this snake, it was too hard to hit it for seven inches, it was not bad if you could hit it for three inches, as long as you can injure this snake seriously, everything would be fine.

Tang Hao was also thinking about this problem. As he dodged, he recalled the corridor in the underground palace that he observed earlier, he wanted to use the terrain to seriously injure the Blood Python. After all, the Blood Python's body was too big, it would be great if it could be stuck in one corridor.

When he first came to the underground palace, Tang Hao was thinking that the tunnel was wide enough. Now that he looked at the Blood Python, he immediately understood that if it wasn't for the protection of this gigantic beast, no one would have spent so much money to build such a wide tunnel.

As he ran, his face suddenly lit up with joy. In front of him was a narrow door, and looking at its width, it seemed like the Blood Python would not be able to get through it in a short period of time. Thinking about this, Tang Hao immediately turned around and said loudly: "Village Head, there's a narrow door in front.

Hearing that, the village chief shouted: "Hao, you don't have to care about me, just think of a way to get this damned Blood Python stuck, I have a way to kill it! "Faster!"

When Tang Hao heard the Village Head's words, his face became unsettled. However, due to his trust in the village, he still decided to listen to the Village Head's words.

The Blood Python's momentum was too strong, it opened its mouth wide and directly attacked Tang Hao. Tang Hao cleverly cut the Blood Python on the head, and with the momentum of the slash, Tang Hao flew back into the narrow door.

As for the Blood Python, after receiving a slash from Tang Hao, its fire of anger became even stronger. It chased after Tang Hao with all its might, not caring about the narrow door at all.

Due to the Blood Python's momentum being too powerful, the narrow door was not able to stop it, it only eased its charging speed. In a split-second, the village chief quickly pulled out his treasured blade, and directly shot towards the three inches away from the Blood Python.

At this moment, in the eyes of the village chief and Tang Hao, it was as if a century had passed. It was only when they heard the loud roars of the Blood Python and the rumbling of the Blood Python falling to the ground that the two of them breathed out in relief and smiled at each other.

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