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C9 Maze-maze-maze-crisis

After the Blood Python died, Tang Hao and the village chief both let out a long breath. Nothing could be more inspiring than surviving a disaster.

As a hunter, Tang Hao was extremely interested in this kind of rare Blood Python. Looking at the size of this Blood Python, it was truly unbelievable that an old man like the village chief could kill it. Thinking about this, Tang Hao couldn't help but cast a puzzled look at the village head.

When he saw Tang Hao's puzzled gaze, he turned his head to look at the knife stuck in the Blood Python's corpse. As he coughed, he said: "Years is driving me older. Back then, when I used this move, the Lunar Pursuing Art, although it felt weak, it wasn't as weak as it is now. I'm really old now."

Seeing that the village head wasn't feeling well, Tang Hao immediately walked over and carefully examined the village head's injuries. Seeing Tang Hao's actions, the village chief knew what he was going to do. He quickly waved his hand and said, "My old bones can't be scattered yet, it's fine. Hao, go and bring the knife that was stabbed into the Blood Python's corpse."

Tang Hao was a little confused, but he did not say much. He immediately used his Qing Gong to fly up the Blood Python's corpse. The entire body of the Blood Python was covered in scales, it was extremely smooth. Not mentioning that Tang Hao had no place to land, when Tang Hao stepped on the Blood Python's scales, it slipped down before Tang Hao could do anything else. Tang Hao was very conflicted from this attempt. This damned beast would not let people rest even if it were to die.

Seeing this, the village chief thought for a moment and came up with a countermeasure. He gestured to Tang Hao to insert the sword on his back into the Blood Python's corpse, using this sword as a resting place to remove the village head's treasured sword. When Tang Hao heard this, he immediately acted according to his plan. Not long after, he took off his treasured blade.

After resting for a while, the village chief and Tang Hao organized themselves and continued to explore the underground palace. Although their current location was a little off from their original plan, it did not hinder them.

After walking for about half an hour, the two of them finally arrived at the place where they were initially attacked by the Blood Python. Looking at the two forks in the road in front of him, the village head hesitated for a long time. Although his memory of the past was still fresh, he had followed Qiang and the others back then and did not remember any forks in the road. Now, it seemed that he had taken a fork in the road during this trip to the underground palace. However, no one could guarantee that the original road would be unobstructed. Otherwise, how could those invader's men die inside? As he thought of this, the Village Chief did not hesitate. He picked a path and brought Tang Hao deeper into the village.

The size of the underground palace was too huge. The Village Head and Tang Hao chose a fork in the road and walked for nearly an hour, but still could not find anything. However, as they went deeper, the layout of the tunnels in the underground palace also changed. There seemed to be more patterns on the walls, and looking at these strange patterns on the walls, Tang Hao's mind became a little muddled. Was this an underground palace or a tomb? The Village Chief was in a very happy mood. Back then, they had indeed walked to a similar place, and there were many strange patterns on the walls. Looking at the current passageway, it seemed that the Village Head had returned to the days when they went down the underground palace to hunt down invader.

It was just that in the end, invader's explosive device successfully blew open a path that led to the treasure trove, and it was coincidentally discovered by them. Right now, this path was the same path of death as the one before. Generally, under the underground palace, walking towards that path also meant walking towards death.

Tang Hao and the Village Chief were completely unaware of the impending danger. They continued to explore the tunnels of the underground palace, continuously going deeper. Wolves and villagers were in a constant stalemate. At this critical moment, a large group of security guards suddenly appeared, it turned out that the people from the county had come to help. Under the pincer attack, the crisis in the village was solved. Overjoyed, Qiang and Wang Ning received the security guards from the county city, making them surprised that the county magistrate was the one who came in person this time. Wang Ning, who did not know the inside story, was too surprised to see the county magistrate's arrival, so he immediately asked the county magistrate about it.

Qiang was very surprised to see the county magistrate, Wu Tie. As he walked, he asked, "What happened today? What brings you here?"

Bao looked extremely anxious: "Don't talk too much. Let's hurry up and go. I was making some calculations just now. Ah Long is going to have a bloody disaster tonight. If we're late, we're done for."

Qiang didn't say anything after hearing that. He hurriedly followed Bao and rushed to the underground palace.

Let's take the camera back to the underground palace. At this moment, as time passed, the two of them walked further and further away from the dead tunnel in the underground palace. Along the way, Tang Hao felt that something wasn't right, the pictures on the walls became more and more strange. The Village Chief also felt a little scared. According to the situation, the road ahead was not looking good, maybe he would encounter something even more dangerous than the Blood Python. Thinking about this, the Village Chief stopped, and started thinking seriously.

Seeing that the Village Head stopped to think, Tang Hao also stopped. He carefully looked at a large number of tunnels. A hint of disbelief flashed across Tang Hao's face. It seemed that the frescoes on the tunnels were exactly the same as the ones he saw? With a mind full of questions, Tang Hao said to the Village Head, "Village Head, have you found anything? There's something wrong with this passageway? Are we circling around in the same place? "

When the village chief heard this, he nodded and said, "I didn't dare to believe it at first, but now you think so too. I'm afraid that's the case. Looks like we've met with big trouble." As he spoke, the Village Chief took out a treasured sword and drew a line on the wall. When Tang Hao saw the Village Head's actions, he immediately understood and followed him.

They were a little unsure of their current situation. At this moment, a slash appeared on the wall in front of them, and when they saw this slash, the Village Chief's expression changed, "It seems that we really met that ghost wall. Dammit, why is our trip to the underground palace not going so smoothly?" Tang Hao was also in great pain. He had thought that this trip to the underground palace would not be too troublesome, but it seemed that it would be troublesome. As a hunter, he had never come into contact with these mysterious things before. The village chief was not much better off than Tang Hao. Although he had experienced much more than Tang Hao, it was only limited to what he had seen and heard. If he had to solve these problems, he would not be able to understand what was going on. At this moment, the two of them did not know how to deal with the situation. However, this Wall-Hitting Ghost was just a dangerous interlude. Just as the two of them were at a loss, the mechanism of the underground palace began to activate. Back then, when invader came to the underground palace, he had only experienced a small part of the mechanism. Back then, when invader came to the underground palace, he had only encountered a small part of the mechanism.

As Tang Hao and Tang Hao were thinking about how to deal with this damnable Wall-Hitting Ghost, rumbling sounds came from the distance, and as the sound grew louder, the ground also started to shake. Tang Hao and Tang Hao looked at each other, and they were filled with worry. There wasn't much time for the two of them to worry or guess what was going on. A giant rock rolled towards them, so at this critical moment, Tang Hao and co. didn't have much time to think about it.

Running like this wasn't an option. Seeing that the boulder was getting closer and closer, Tang Hao pulled out his battle knife and stuck it into the ground while running, hoping to block the boulder. Unfortunately, under such a huge rock, this method didn't have any effect at all. With a crisp sound, the battle blade instantly shattered into pieces. The huge rock didn't slow down at all as it continued to attack Tang Hao and his partner.

Tang Hao wasn't someone who just sat there waiting for death. Even under such a critical situation, he was still thinking fast in his mind about countermeasures. As long as he could reach a corner, the danger would be solved. After all, he was too old, and his battle with the Blood Python had slightly damaged his vitality. Now that he was running away and gasping for breath, the situation was extremely critical. It seemed like this trip to the underground palace was a real crisis for Tang Hao and his companion.

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