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At the beginning of all things, the Great Dao was simple and complex.

Earth, Earth, Heavenly, Heavenly. Dao. Dao was natural.

Daoists were naturally capable of allowing all life to flow, capable of enveloping the vast oceans and the heavens.

Three thousand years ago, there were no sects in the world, only mortals seeking enlightenment from immortals for their entire life.

Most people never achieved what they wanted to achieve in their entire lives. As a result, there were people who took a different path and did not hesitate to step into the side doors, looking for rare treasures to help them in their attempt to comprehend the Great Dao.

What he didn't know was that the cycle of heaven and earth all had its own laws.

The process of comprehending the Dao was not something that could be accomplished in a single day.

Such an action defied the heaven's will, and would bring disaster to the world, and would harm the lives of all.

In just a few years, Yun Yun's evil thoughts had gathered in all directions, causing the sky to crack and the sky to shimmer.

The two beasts were extremely savage in their desire to destroy the heavens and the earth.

At that time, in order to save the people, the Sun Moon Divine Hall's Xi Zhong had started a war with the two beasts on the Yuxu Mountain for several months without any progress.

In the nick of time, Xi Zhong used the destruction of his own divine essence as a price to obtain the blood essence from the stomach of the two beasts and created a Haoyue Formation, sealing the candle in it.

Just as the battle was about to end, in order to prevent the fierce beasts from getting into trouble again, Xi Zhong used the [Treasure Mirror of Haoyue], imbued with his consciousness, formation technique and method of breaking it. He created a jade wall out of it and passed it down to his first disciple, Shu He.

For the rest of his life, he guarded the Yuxu Mountain and established the cultivation sect, the Void Control Sect.

A thousand years later, knowing that he could not be with the Heavens and Earth, in order to prevent the < Treasure Mirror of Haoyue > from becoming coveted by small people, Shu He divided the jade wall into six parts and handed it over to the six disciples for safekeeping.

These six jade walls were Moon Read s.

During this period of time, Candle Sunlight and You Ying still had some lingering thoughts as they tried to release the grudge from the beast to break the seal several times, but to no avail. As a result, the sky spirit suffered heavy injuries, making it unable to maintain its beast form.

In the end, under the activation of the array, the two beasts became the ancient evil soldier — — dark fluorescent sword.

It was unknown when it started, but the martial arts world started spreading rumors that whoever obtained the dark fluorescent sword would rule the world, causing countless people to covet them, but they were all forced by Shu He's power, not daring to make a move.

Not long after that, Shu He died of exhaustion and passed away from old age. At the age of one thousand eight hundred, the younger generation called him "Dao Sect Ancestor".


This battle has been going on for more than three thousand years, but the aftermath has not faded.

After Shu He's death, dozens of sects appeared out of nowhere, the martial arts world was at loggerheads, the killing intent was strong, to snatch the Moon Read to open the Haoyue Formation and kill in all four directions, the True Demons were born.

The Devil Realm was one of the four great demon sects of the Southern Domain. Demon Ridge, Gu Grotto, Poison Sect, and Blood Valley were the most powerful.

As for the righteous path, they respected the Caiwei Valley s of the Eastern Region, Ling Dan Hall s of the Western Region, Calan Temple s of the Northern Region, and Tianji Pavilion s of the Northern Region.

These six great sects were created by Shu He through the six major disciples, Tiange, Zi Jing, Yi Yangzi, Qiu Heng, Gongsun Huai, and Heartless.

Tian Ge was the head disciple of Shu He, he was the most proficient at dancing swords, and his cultivation was the highest. He was established on the Yuxu Mountain, and was named Yuxu Sect, and was appointed to be the protector of the Haoyue Formation, and was dedicated to studying sword techniques, secret techniques, and array formations.

Zi Jing was the second oldest, creating a Calan Temple, studying ancient Buddhist scriptures and creating her own Buddhist techniques.

Yi Yangzi was the third oldest, a good talisman, and had created the Tianji Pavilion.

Qiu Heng was the fourth oldest, with good illusions and hidden weapons. He had created the Castle of Heroes, recruited the hot-blooded people of the world, set up an escort company, and created his own peerless illusions and assassination techniques.

Gongsun Huayu was the fifth oldest. He was good at alchemy and created the Ling Dan Hall as well as the Alchemy Code.

Absolute Heart Ranking was the sixth oldest. It was a great creation of the Caiwei Valley and he immersed himself in the luxuriant flowers every day as he cultivated in order to meditate and comprehend the Dao.

In order to inherit the orders from their Master, the six of them left to start their own sects and accept the legacies.

In just a few short years, he had attracted hundreds of thousands of disciples to create his own sect's mental cultivation method. He also sealed the Moon Read s in every sect's forbidden grounds and protected them strictly.

Three hundred years ago, in the Great Fighting of the Righteous Devil, the Sect Leader of the Ling Dan Hall, Gongsun Hua, died in the battle of the Dark Bamboo Crevice with Demon Mountain. Unfortunately, he was killed by the High Priest "Dongfang Yu".

The Five Elements Eight Extreme Formation destroyed the Sky Spirit and died on the spot.

Not long after, the Ling Dan Hall was exterminated by the Demon Chief, and one of the Moon Read also fell into the hands of the Demon Chief.

After that, the other three major demonic sects succumbed to the pressure because they were afraid of the demon territory's strength.

From then on, the Demon Territory unified the Southern Domain.

As for the orthodox sects, because of their heavy losses, they had all returned to their territories.

From then on, he didn't dare to step even half a foot into the Southern Domain.

A hundred years ago, the Demon Lord Shangguan Baoming had broken through the "Book of Heavenly Mystery".

When he was at the ninth level of the Demon Lord realm, he had unluckily encountered Sky Law and died unexpectedly.

Shangguan Tianze was a pure and kind person, so he didn't want to cause any more wars between soldiers and righteous cultivators. Thus, he decided to settle the grudge with the five factions.

It was because the Demon Territory was already above the five sects and the Castle of Heroes's Castle Lord, Qiu Heng, had suddenly died in the middle of her closed door cultivation, causing the orthodox sects' strength to drop greatly.

After weighing the pros and cons, the Yuxu Sect and the other five sects unconditionally agreed. From then on, there were no longer any disputes in the martial arts world.

Under Shangguan Tianze's lead, Demon Ridge, although mighty in the Great Southern Region, did not have its usual hostility. On the other hand, it began to open its own wine shop, build a house, practice medicine, set up a school, and establish good relations with everyone.

Eighteen years ago, for some reason, the Demon Region that had been peaceful for a long time secretly sent people to steal the Moon Read from the hands of the Five Great Sects.

The sect leader of the Caiwei Valley, Jue Shen Ni, and a few influential big shots of the martial arts world had also fallen because of this.

Once this matter was fermented, the three experts of Tian Ge, Zi Jing, and Yi Yangzi would come out one after another.

Under his lead, the hundreds of other small sects in the martial arts world all agreed, forming a circle around the Demon Region's peaks together with the five great sects.

Less than two days after the incident had begun, a million members of the Demon Area had been massacred by the orthodox sects, resulting in their complete annihilation.

Although the demon territory had been destroyed, fiendish demons and evil cultivators still remained in this world.

During the day, they would pretend to be ordinary people and would return to their original appearances at night. In order to raise their cultivation base, they would kill without hesitation to eat human flesh and drink human blood.

In order to behead the fiendish demons, as well as a pure land, when the various sects accepted disciples, the first thing they considered was the talent of the disciples, thus setting up a series of assessment matters. In order for the disciples to safely carry out the exorcism mission, the level after the assessment would determine the degree of difficulty of their mission.

However, as time went on, the righteous disciples gradually forgot their purpose of establishing their own sects. They disgraced their own ranks, built up their own clans and even wagered their own schemes. Slaughter and conquest were everywhere …

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