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C10 Sacrifice(1)

Shang Zifeng turned his head and looked towards the direction of the voice — — How could it be her?

How could he forget about her? The reason why he and his second brother were locked up here was all because of her.

Seeing the young girl peacefully sitting there with a relaxed appearance, Shang Zifeng gritted his teeth in anger, "You're not the one who's tricked us into being here! Just what grudge do you have with me to make you want to harm me? "

"You and I have no enmity or grievances …"

The young girl tilted her neck and blinked her big, watery eyes. Her tone was extremely mischievous.

"Since there are no grievances and no grievances, then why did you have to speak nonsense in front of so many people? And why did you …"

Without waiting for Shang Zifeng to finish his question, the young lady continued with a harmless look: "What else do you want to say?"

She rolled her eyes and grumbled: "Look at how well-dressed you are, I didn't expect you to be such a creamy boy. If I knew it would be like this, I might have run away, maybe I'm already safe now, so why ruin my own reputation, you took advantage of me!"

After she finished speaking, the young girl turned her head and closed her eyes, ignoring him as she entered into a meditative state.

Her tone was as though she was telling Shang Zifeng how much of a loss she had suffered instead of framing him.

Shang Zifeng was about to explode from her words. Does this girl even have any morals?

It was one thing for her not to apologize to him now, but to even talk back to him, as if he and her third brother were the ones who had harmed her to such a state. She truly had no conscience at all!

Forget it, since a good man doesn't want to fight with a woman, there's no point in being angry at her. I might as well think of a way to get out of this situation.

The monk looked at the girl out of the corner of his eyes, observing her expression as she spoke.

He nodded inwardly, his mind wandering and shaking.




The sound of hurried footsteps came from afar and before long, the prison door opened. Situ Ran and his men walked in.

When the young lady saw the newcomer, she immediately stood up and rushed forward, grabbing Situ Ran by the collar, she angrily said: "Situ Ran, if you know what's good for you, quickly let me go, otherwise one day when I'm out, you will definitely order your reincarnation hall to be exterminated!"

"Mu Zining, do you really think that I don't dare to kill you?"

Situ Ran smirked, and pushed the girl to the side in the blink of an eye, while smiling sinisterly. That sinister smile no longer held any trace of the fear he had towards her.

Mu Zining?

So her name was Mu Zining, what a nice name, but when she thought about what she had done, Shang Zifeng immediately shuddered.

"You! How dare you! Aren't you afraid … "

"Why would I not dare?"

Situ Ran coldly snorted: "Using your words, if you're smart, quickly hand it over, or else …"

With a snort, Situ Ran sized Mu Zining's slim body up and down, and said in an interesting manner, "As expected, the ladies of the Mu family are all beauties!"

"You — what are you doing!"

Seeing Situ Ran's obscene laughter, Mu Zining started walking towards her. She held onto her collar tightly and staggered backwards, looking at him warily. Mu Zining's current appearance, in Situ Ran's eyes, had the opposite effect. It made him even more wolfish.

This little girl was really tempting!


Laughing lewdly, Situ Ran looked to the west, his tone filled with threat: "This place is remote, it is hard for outsiders to find it, if something were to happen to you here, I think your aunt who is far away in the Eastern Region would not know either!"

With that, he turned to the servant beside him and said, "Men, bring Miss Mu to my room!"

As soon as he finished speaking, two attendants came up to him. They were very protective of the fairer sex.

With that, he dragged Mu Zining out.

Although Mu Zining struggled and roared, she could not change anything. It was only when she was out of the cell that her voice disappeared.

Seeing that, the fat monk looked in the direction of where Mu Zining left with a hidden meaning. His mouth formed a curve that no one could see, and his expression looked deep.

When Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu saw Mu Zining being brought out, they looked at each other. The former was gloating while the latter was indulging in fantasy … However, not long after they were feeling proud, they heard Situ Ran order: "Come, count the number of people here!"

"Reporting to the hall master, there are a total of thirty-eight people!"

The one who spoke was a man wearing a bamboo hat. The brim of his hat was pressed down so low that it was impossible to see his appearance.

This person had counted everyone since he came in. Now that he had replied, he answered without hesitation.

"Thirty-eight people? That's right! "Just right."

Situ Ran looked at the fat monk, he turned and looked as though he was hesitating, but after a moment of hesitation, he ignored him and spoke to bamboo hat man with a deeper meaning, "Bring them all out, I don't need to say anything more!"

"Yes sir!"

After his voice fell, the bamboo hat man waved his hand and thirty odd sturdy men wearing red cloaks charged in. Without saying a word, they buckled up on Shang Zifeng and the others and brought one or two of them out with them.

As for where these people went and what they wanted to do, no one knew.

On this long and endless journey, everyone's heart was beating like a drum. They were all worried and didn't know what kind of nightmare was waiting for them.

The sound of dancing fire echoed in his ears. After walking for an unknown amount of time and turning a few corners, Shang Zifeng sensed that the candlelight that shot into his eyes through the black hood was becoming clearer and clearer.

It looked like they were finally reaching their destination!

"This won't do!"

"That won't do!"

"This is too old!"

"This bald donkey is too fat. He will get tired of eating, so put him last!"

"This is still not enough!"

Listening to the same voice, and hearing those unfathomable words that were repeated over and over again, Shang Zifeng became incomparably doubtful in his heart. Even in this extremely dangerous situation, he actually had a little bit of anticipation, wanting to see what exactly these people were up to.

"Bring them here!"

Being pushed around, the masks above the Shang Zifeng and his brother's heads were opened one by one.

What appeared in front of him was an open area. The thick forest in the distance was lit up by many torches, and under the stars, it looked especially bright.

In the middle of the empty space was a altar that was ten feet high. The altar was extremely large, and was large enough to accommodate a thousand people.

About three feet above him, thirty-eight banners were raised to meet the sky. The large censer and three red candles about eight or nine feet tall emitted a sparkling red light that filled a six feet radius.

"These two …"

Looking at the man in front of him who looked like a demon, who was staring at him and sizing him up, Shang Zifeng asked stubbornly: "How is it? Do you think I'm handsome? "

The sudden interruption caused bamboo hat man to be stupefied for a while. He did not react for a long time and even choked on what he was about to say.

Seeing that the situation wasn't good, Shang Ziyu cowered and said, "If you have anything, come at me. Don't hurt my second brother! The flesh on my body is much more tender than my second brother's! "

"You're still trying to show off at such a time!"

Just as Shang Zifeng wanted to habitually give his third brother a ladle in the head, he realized that his hands were tightly bound and he couldn't move them at all.

"These two brothers are quite interesting!"

bamboo hat man grinned and carelessly pinched Shang Zifeng's tender cheek, teasing his: "You're still so glib even when you're about to die, I really want to see what your heart is made of!"

"Young master, I was born not knowing how to write the word 'die'!"

Shang Zifeng was very calm, his life was not easy to take.

bamboo hat man's gaze turned cold, "Put this brat on the stage first. When Lord Teng arrives, we can enjoy him first!"

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