In fact, in Shang Zifeng's heart, he had already put this monk into the category of the former and didn't have any illusions about him. If he was really powerful, he would have already escaped and escaped.

Just as he was looking down on fat monk, he heard him reply lightly: "Food and sex, it's a pleasure to have them!"

Shang Zifeng was stunned for a moment and immediately thought of the scene of fat monk eating meat in the inn.

What a lustful person. It seems like you don't have enough meat to eat and are still thinking about women. Do this monk even have a little bit of character or character that a monk should have?!

Shang Zifeng couldn't stand it any longer, so he cursed at fat monk, "You perverted donkey, you're already like this, you're still thinking about women!"

No matter how calm fat monk was, when he met Shang Zifeng, who was a treasure, he could not help but feel exasperated. He was at a loss for words when it came to his unreliable words.

Shang Ziyu, who was at the side, could not hold it in any longer. He was about to die, but his second brother was still teasing the monk. How confident was his second brother?

Shang Ziyu couldn't help but remind him, "Second Brother, what should we do now? Are we just going to wait to be killed like that?"

The wet sensation on his lower body didn't make Shang Ziyu feel embarrassed at all. On the contrary, he felt a sense of accomplishment.

After all, to be able to teach that Long-browed Old Daoist a lesson and let him taste the urine of his underage self was truly something to be happy about!

Shang Zifeng was speechless. He wanted to escape as well.

However, even though he had been trying to think of a way to escape, he still couldn't figure it out.

Ever since he was young, he had never learned anything. Even if it was his favorite Tao technique, it was still at half-step. Facing such a powerful array, how could he still have the ability to escape?

and so on... Dao arts?


Yeah, why didn't I think of it?

At this moment, Shang Zifeng had a flash of inspiration as he suddenly thought of the remaining glyph.

He had already proven the magic of the talisman on Fatty Hua. Although it wasn't a victory, it was still better than waiting helplessly for death. Perhaps a miracle would happen.

Thinking of this, Shang Zifeng's sleeve gently shook, and immediately after, the glyph in his pocket fell out. Shang Zifeng easily held the glyph in his hand.

Thinking back on the origins of this talisman, Shang Zifeng had quite a new memory. This talisman was sold to him by a Taoist five years ago, and he said that he would be able to solve this difficult problem.

Although he did not know the difference between this Dao talisman and the one used on Fatty Hua, his intuition told him that this talisman could be their only hope of survival.

While beaming with joy, Shang Zifeng said to Shang Ziyu, "I have a plan!"

"What method?"

Hearing second brother's words, Shang Ziyu's dull eyes became full of spirit.

Shang Zifeng cupped his chin and directed Shang Ziyu's gaze towards the talisman in his hand. It seemed to mean: Method is this!

When Shang Ziyu saw the glowering glyph, his eyes suddenly focused. Although he didn't know how effective this glyph was, he recalled the miraculous aspects of the glyph from before. Presumably, this glyph wasn't that far off.

Thinking of this, Shang Ziyu calmed down a little.

Suddenly, a biting cold gale blew past, and deafening roars erupted from the whirlpool.

That sound was like a tiger's, like a wolf's, yet not like a tiger's, yet not like a wolf's. However, it was much more terrifying than the howls and roars of a wolf.

For a time, the earth and mountains shook and the sky shook within a thousand meters.

Following the appearance of the fierce beast's roar, a four Zhang wide Teng Snake whizzed out of the whirlpool.

The Teng Snake's body was huge, its huge body covering more than half of the sky, its hard scales shining under the moonlight.

The thick snake tail was like a pillar that supported the heavens. Wherever it went, sand was swept up by it, creating an earth-shattering scene. A powerful shockwave swept through everything within a radius of three miles. The rubble was destroyed, and the grass and trees were all blown away!

The sand rustled in the wind, scraping against his cheeks. Everyone on the banner swayed with the banner.

Under the moonlight, two ominous orange snake eyes stared fixedly at the thirty-eight offerings on the banner.

It stuck out its thick and long tongue and let out waves of hissing sounds.

A terrifying golden light burst out of its diamond-shaped eyes, sweeping across everyone one by one. Every time it looked at everyone, they would feel a chill run down their spines.

"Welcome, Lord Teng!"

The hundreds of guards gathered below and knelt down in unison. Pious voices rose one after another without end.

Seeing this, the crying sounds of the elderly, women, and children became more and more intense as time passed. The thick and desolate panic was filled with the pitch-black curtain in the sky.

"What the f * ck!" There was actually such a large Teng Snake, and also … And it can fly! If only I could ride on its back and walk around, how great that would be! "

Shang Zifeng couldn't help but sigh as he stared at the giant python with a murderous look on its face.

His two eyes were shooting stars, and his mouth was full of saliva. Wouldn't it be great if he could tame it and make it his mount?!

Shang Zifeng's shout caused a haze to appear over everyone's heads. The haze spread rapidly in all directions, spreading upward.

At the same time, countless crows began cawing above their heads.

With a flop, countless withered leaves were taken away …" Everyone around the altar had frozen in place, and over a hundred reincarnation hall disciples were stunned on the spot without even having the time to raise their heads.

They all cursed in their hearts, "How stupid is this brat? He even dares to tease Lord Teng. He is simply acting recklessly!"

The Teng Snake seemed to have heard Shang Zifeng's words, and its gaze landed on him. Immediately, its body emitted a thick cold aura, the cold aura instantly reaching its peak, and it anxiously found a place to vent.

Facing Shang Zifeng's vulgar gaze, the Teng Snake let out an angry roar and charged towards Shang Zifeng with a murderous aura. Its speed was so fast that it had turned into an afterimage!

Shang Ziyu had the urge to crack second brother's skull to see what exactly was inside.

How could he have such an unreliable second brother, he was really killed by him!

He anxiously said, "Second Brother, please wake up. That big guy is charging towards us. Quickly try out that talisman!"

Only after being reminded by his third brother did Shang Zifeng come back to his senses.

He stopped his unrealistic greed and put away the talisman in his hand. He looked at the Teng Snake that was charging towards him at an accelerated pace. Shang Zifeng chanted the chants that the Daoist Priest taught him in silence and activated the talisman.

One second, two seconds, three seconds … Four seconds had already passed, and the Teng Snake was now less than sixty meters away from him, but the talisman did not have any response.

"Second brother, what exactly is this talisman …" "Oh my god!"

Shang Ziyu wanted to say something, but when he clearly saw his second brother's appearance, his mouth opened wide but he couldn't say anything. His expression immediately became extremely wonderful.

He looked at his second brother in shock, "You, you, you, you are my second brother?!"

"Nonsense, I'm not your second brother, I am …" "Huh?!"

Just as Shang Zifeng finished his sentence, he suddenly exclaimed. He heard a woman's voice. It could also be said that his strong male voice instantly turned into a delicate and soft female voice!

How could this be?

How could his voice be like this?

While he was confused, he heard Shang Ziyu exclaim, "Oh my god, second brother, how did you become a woman? What kind of trick are you playing?"

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