Shang Ziyu really wanted to knock himself out with a brick. When his life was at stake, his unreliable second brother was still so sloppy, so sloppy, so unreliable!

It seemed like he was really going to die here today!

When Shang Zifeng's wishful expression appeared, not only was Shang Ziyu helpless, even those who witnessed his actions started to laugh nonstop.

Immediately, roars of laughter spread out like a tidal wave, filling the atmosphere of fear with a funny feeling.

This kid, can you not be so shocking?

Our resistance is not as good as you think.

While he was in a daze, the Teng Snake was already in the air above the sacrificial altar, foolishly sizing up Shang Zifeng, as if it did not care about either of us.

It kept baring its teeth and flicking its tongue, its big eyes rolling around as if it was considering something.

In order to resist the Teng Snake's occasional exhalations, Shang Zifeng held his breath, turned his head away in disgust, and cursed at it in his heart.

This old fellow had bad breath. If he were to be eaten by it, what difference would there be between him falling into the fecal drain?


"Lord Teng, enjoy yourself slowly. After tonight, you …"

Halfway through bamboo hat man's words, he smelled something unusual and swallowed what he was about to say.

He really did not know why Lord Teng only cared about that playful brat. Could it be that the meat of that brat was better than the meat of others?

When he took a closer look, he realized that the delicate and tender boy had suddenly turned into a woman. No, it should be called a fat woman.

What was going on?

He shook his head, wiped his eyes, and looked again. It was the same result.

And then, his face turned to stone under the bamboo hat … Under the surprised gaze, Shang Zifeng also felt that something was wrong.

He looked down and his eyes widened. He couldn't see the tip of his foot. His big chest had completely covered the tip of his foot.

Look around again, all right!

His body was actually five or six times fatter than before. Furthermore, from the looks of it, he was clearly a woman!

Shang Zifeng thought back on his third brother's words and suddenly realized something. He couldn't help but sneer: "This talisman is indeed magical, magical to the point that it can change his personality."

That stinky Daoist said that a miracle would happen after it was used up. Now that miracle did happen, but the result was just a bit disappointing.

Shang Zifeng felt indignant and had the urge to strangle that Taoist.

He glanced at Teng Snake, and saw it staring at him, looking as vulgar as it could possibly be. Shang Zifeng was about to go crazy, it must want to eat him even more now!

Shang Zifeng frowned and said while dragging his duck voice, "What are you looking at? Have you never seen a beauty before?"

Because it was too dark and he was panicking, most of the people didn't notice Shang Zifeng. Even if someone did, it would only be for an instant and they didn't have much memory of his appearance or gender.

When the Teng Snake's attention was focused on Shang Zifeng, it attracted a lot of attention.

It was also because of this that Shang Zifeng's words made the atmosphere turn cold. Everyone's expression was as wonderful as it could get!

Everyone was going crazy. She actually called herself a beauty after growing up like this, wasn't she afraid of being struck by lightning?

Shang Ziyu burst out laughing, completely ignoring the crisis in front of him.

fat monk was the calmest. With his eyebrows furrowed, he stared at the Teng Snake. His eyes flashed with a gold light and he looked to be deep in thought.

Upon closer inspection, his hand under his monastic robe seemed to be making some sort of gesture, or perhaps it could be said that … The seals were being formed.

The Teng Snake's eyes froze, and unexpectedly said to Shang Zifeng: "Brat, how dare you tease this king!"

"What joke is this …"

and so on... Who was speaking?

Until now, Shang Zifeng still didn't understand the situation. He didn't know who was talking to him, but he was still foolishly looking around in an attempt to find the speaker.

The Teng Snake asked with its head, not knowing what the guy in front of it was doing, it spoke again: "Brat, this king is asking you a question!"

From the perspective of the Teng Snake, these thirty-eight people had already become its food in its plate, so it was not in a hurry to swallow them.

However, the way it looked at Shang Zifeng was a little strange.

This boy seemed to be different from the other offerings. As for what was different, it couldn't say.

In short, she felt that he was extraordinary, which was why she wanted to ask him about his origins.

It was unknown how Shang Zifeng's mind could be explored by ordinary people. Without full self-control, it would be impossible to communicate with him.

"Holy sh * t, you actually know how to speak human language!"

Shang Zifeng quivered and his eyes flashed with starlight. He said nonchalantly: "Whose pet were you before? It could actually raise you to such a fat and magical state! "

As his words left his mouth, a group of crows flew over the crowd once again, pulling out ellipses wherever they passed … So cold... At this moment, everyone's expression could no longer be described as black lines. They had been completely subdued by Shang Zifeng's thoughts!

The Teng Snake's mouth twitched, it looked no different from the others. It opened its mouth and roared, revealing two large fangs and saliva flowing out of its mouth, like a waterfall that was about to dry up.


The Teng Snake was angry!

Teng Snake's endurance was not as good as an ordinary person's. It roared, its huge head pouncing towards Shang Zifeng, vowing to devour him, "Abominable human, This King will eat you!"

"Brother Rou, if we don't act now, then when?"

Accompanied by fat monk's shout, a green light streaked across the horizon straight towards the Teng Snake. Wherever it went, it drew out a rolling wave of air, cutting off the Teng Snake's fangs and blocking the Teng Snake's movements, saving Shang Zifeng's life.

The Teng Snake felt the pain and leaned backwards, then roared out with a ripping sound, "Who is the one sneak attacking this king!?"

In the sky not far away, a white-clothed person appeared in a flash of profound light in front of everyone.

He was around thirty years old, and his white clothes fluttered in the wind. His black hair fluttered in the air, and his body exuded an immortal aura that was untainted by dust.

He teased fat monk, "Bro Jiu, with your strength, are you afraid that I'll help you break the formation?"

"This is bad!" Someone is causing trouble! "

Seeing the situation in the air, the hundreds of reincarnation hall disciples below pulled out their swords from their waists, preparing to rush over and capture the person.

"Jiu Peirou, it's you!"

As the Teng Snake roared, a Buddhist light flashed. Unknowingly, fat monk had appeared right in front of it, standing shoulder to shoulder with the man in white.

fat monk quipped, "Brother Rou, why does this old fellow only know you and not see poverty as nothing? Sadly, lamentable! "

fat monk's teasing brought the Teng Snake's attention over. When it saw the monk's face clearly, the Teng Snake was shocked and said: "Meat and wine!"

The man in white smiled mischievously. "Bro Jiu, it looks like this ugly fellow still remembers you. It's not bad that we've been searching for it for dozens of years!"

While speaking, the man in white's face gradually turned cold. His eyes focused and a cold light shone from within them. His finger drew across the sword sheath at his waist and pointed at the Teng Snake. "Demon Subduing Sword, unsheathe!"

With a flash of green light, the sword immortal flew out of its scabbard and pierced through the air, bringing about a wave of air that rolled seven inches away from the Teng Snake.

"Bastard!" How did you manage that? How did you attract them over here!? "

How could the angry Teng Snake pay attention to their ridicule? It swayed its body, blocking the incoming Sword Qi, and faced the disciples of the reincarnation hall below, roaring to vent its anger.

Meat and wine?

Jiu Peirou?

What and what?

Before the pitiful reincarnation hall disciples knew what had happened, they were flipped over by the huge wave of air that came out of the Teng Snake's mouth. The area within a hundred meter radius around them was instantly thrown into chaos.

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