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C14 Sacrifice(5)

"Old fellow, to think you would recognize this poor monk!"

After he finished speaking, fat monk also retracted his smile, revealing a rare fierce look. He placed his hands together, pointed at the Teng Snake and said: "Teng Python! "You have done many evil deeds, today this humble monk will take you in!"

While speaking, fat monk waved his sleeve, and countless of golden lights flashed, causing the thirty eight banner to fly down, and Shang Zifeng and the rest landed.

At the same time, he stretched out his left hand and summoned a nine-level Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

Despite the darkness of the night, it was unable to conceal the dazzling luster of the pagoda.

The halo of light was sacred and filled with immortal qi, illuminating the area within a hundred step radius. Looking at the Linglong Treasure Pagoda that was covered in golden light, the Long Eyebrow Taoist's eyes were filled with endless ripples as he said in shock, "This … Could it be … "Demon Suppressing Pagoda of the Nine Realms!"

Although he had never personally seen the Demon Suppressing Pagoda of the Nine Realms, he had also heard rumors regarding it.

The Nine Demon Suppressing Pagoda was an ancient immortal treasure, and its might was boundless. It had the ability to intimidate myriad demons, and if it were to injure the pagoda, even if it was injured, it would undoubtedly die.

It was said that this treasure was owned by the Calan Temple's Zen Master Zi Jing and was a treasure used to guard the temple.

Could it be that this monk called 'meat and wine' was related to Zi Jing's Zen Master?

Looking at the person called Jiu Peirou, although there was no such person in the martial arts world, the sword technique he was using was obviously the Heavenly Dipper Sword Technique of the Yuxu Sect.

According to what he knew, in the Yuxu Sect, other than the Great Clan Elder Chen Xu, the only person who had such a high cultivation was the Heaven and Earth Profound Yellow Four Elders.

If he really was one of them, then things were not going well.

Although the Lord Teng was only a step away from turning into a dragon, he was still not a dragon. It was impossible for him to gain the upper hand when facing the nine Demon Suppressing Pagoda and the two almighty cultivators.

Thinking about it, the Long Eyebrow Taoist started to worry, no matter what, he never thought that the matter would go so far in secret, it still alarmed the two experts of Yuxu Sect and Yuxu Sect.

"What? The Demon Suppressing Pagoda of the Nine Realms?"

bamboo hat man was shocked as well. Today was the critical time for Lord Teng to shed its skin and become a dragon.

The most terrifying thing was that it had angered the Lord. If he was unable to make amends today and helped the Lord Teng turn into a dragon, then everyone present, including the hall master, would probably die with him because of this matter!

However, even though they knew how powerful they were, they still knew in their hearts that with their strength, even if they used everything they had, it would still be difficult for them to withstand the two abnormal attacks in the sky.

In their panic, they saw the fat monk throw the pagoda into the sky, and it gradually grew larger, eventually floating above the head of the Teng Snake, pouring out tens of thousands of golden lights onto the Teng Snake, enveloping it within.

As the fat monk chanted the chant, buddhist light and buddhist chanting resounded in all directions from above the sky. One after another, swastika Buddha seals surged out of the Nine Realm Devil Suppressing Pagoda and assaulted the Teng Python like a violent storm.

The blurry moonlight turned into a thin veil, enveloping the entire area with a murderous intent. The battle between the two had already reached its peak, and in the sky, the wind and clouds changed, the cries of the Teng Python resonated in everyone's ears, causing the earth to tremble and the mountains to rise and fall.

The man in white's sword techniques were exceptional. With a few swipes, the sword qi condensed, and rays of dazzling sword light were surrounded by the cold Qi, forming many afterimages that whistled around the Teng Snake.

Every move and every move fiercely smashed onto the Teng Python's body. They worked extremely well with the Nine Realm Suppressing Demon Tower and the fat monk, forcing the Teng Snake to have too much scruples, and it suddenly became extremely strenuous.

Shang Zifeng had a feeling of rebirth after escaping this calamity. If not for the timely appearance of the white clothed immortal, he probably would have long become the food in the Teng Python's stomach.

Just thinking about it made him feel disgusted. Teng Python's mouth was not just stinky, if it really was swallowed by that guy, then it would be like begging for death.

Seeing the fierce battle in the sky, Shang Zifeng opened his eyes wide, and could not help but exclaim.

Good heavens!

What was an expert?

This was what you'd call an expert!

He never thought that the fat monk's strength would be so high, especially the ninth floor's pagoda, it was unstoppable. With just a simple strike, it caused the Teng Snake to scream and retreat several li.

Shang Zifeng could not help but be suspicious, since this monk was so powerful, why did he continue to pretend that he did not know any martial arts and allow himself to be caught?

No, that's not right, fat monk never said he didn't know martial arts, it was just that he thought so. He really didn't understand why these powerful cultivators had such extreme martial arts in their hearts and wanted to pretend to be noobs.

It seemed like the thoughts of an expert were truly difficult to fathom!

Looking at the man in white, who was different from the fat monk in his plain attacking movements, his sword moves were gorgeous, and they had already flashed past Shang Zifeng's eyes. He looked so light and ethereal, so handsome that it made him salivate, and he couldn't help but think in his heart, even if he learnt one of these moves, he could still go back to Yi Yang and his little friends.

As he was bowing, he heard his third brother pat him on the shoulder and say urgently, "Second brother, look! They're here. What should we do now?"

Shang Zifeng turned his head, only to see Shang Ziyu anxiously pointing at the reincarnation hall disciples who were rushing towards him like floodwaters, then casually raising a torch to the ground, trembling as he drew randomly, looking completely helpless.

Shang Zifeng shamelessly shook his body, swung his arm, and said: "What else can we do! When the battle comes, we will fight back. Now look at your second brother's new sixteen moves of capturing the enemy! "

"Second brother, now isn't the time for Hu …"

"Kick, kick, kick …"

"Second Brother!"

Just as Shang Ziyu was about to say something, Second Brother took the initiative to welcome him. Using his comical and half-baked moves, he kicked towards the person at the front.

"Foot —"

With "Foot"

As the sound of his voice faded, a dull sound resounded through the night sky.

With a miserable scream, the disciple was blocked by Shang Zifeng's solid kick, and then the disciple covered his lower body, "Sou!"

He flew up in a straight line.

Under the moonlight, a small figure pierced through the clouds like a flare.

Seeing that, Shang Ziyu opened his eyes wide, pointing at the shrinking figure in the sky, he could not help but stare: "What the hell, second brother, your technique is too powerful, teach me!"

Shang Zifeng was stunned, he did not reply, but stared blankly for a moment, and when he regained his senses, the disciples of the reincarnation hall had already arrived.

His eyes focused as he calmed himself. Pointing at the few figures that were attacking him from the other side, he said calmly, "Third brother, can I leave those people to you?"

Shang Ziyu looked at the few muscular men who were charging towards him and retreated weakly, saying in a trembling voice, "Second Brother, I am afraid …"

"What's there to be afraid of!"

Hate that he had failed to meet expectations, Shang Zifeng gave Shang Ziyu a head smacking: "Use your instantaneous six steps!"

"I …"

"I'll go first, you better take care of yourself!"

The situation was critical, so Shang Zifeng didn't have time to say anything else and gave Shang Ziyu another "can you".

After giving him a look, he dove down and rushed up to fight against the incoming person.

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