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C15 Sacrifice(6)

As far as he was concerned, his third brother's talent was much higher than his.

Without mentioning anything else, he had taken the Shang family's secret cultivation method of the Zhen Wu Realm, "instantaneous six steps".

In other words, Shang Ziyu had mastered it as soon as he learned it, and achieved a small success in less than half a year, reaching the fourth stage in three years, and now escaping was more than enough.

But as for him, he hadn't even comprehended a single level, so he still wasn't able to use it.

Although there was a reason behind it, it was actually because of Shang Zifeng's [Inherent Skill].

Since Third Brother's talent was higher than his, he couldn't refuse to accept it.

However, Shang Ziyu had one fatal flaw, and that was he was too timid, so he was afraid of going dark.

Now that he was thirteen years old, he did not dare to sleep in the same room by himself. Instead, he squeezed into the same bed as Shang Zifeng.

And every time, the only thought in his mind was to hide behind his brother's back and seek their protection.

Therefore, even if he had the strength, it would be useless.

Shang Zifeng sighed helplessly, with his insignificant strength, he could control him for a while, but could not help him in this life.

If he did not let his third brother fight against an enemy today, and if he met an enemy with extraordinary strength in the future, it would be difficult for him to protect himself with his current level. How could he protect his third brother?

He couldn't let his third brother continue to grow under his protection!

In the end, they were both going to die!

In mid-air, the multicolored light danced chaotically as the violent wind howled.

On the ground, Shang Zifeng was already fighting with the enemy.

From afar, he could see a mass of flesh with a treasured sword hanging on it, moving through the sea of people.

His butt twisted and turned, knocking right into the treasured sword. Dingdang!

He threw it left and right, kicking it right. No matter how big the man was, he could not stop himself from dancing.

Wherever Shang Zifeng passed, shadows flew out.

Seeing second brother's overbearing and unstoppable attacks, Shang Ziyu gritted his teeth, suppressing the fear in his heart and secretly cheering himself on.

At this point, he could only give it his all!

Under the quick channeling of the mantra, Shang Ziyu's eyes stared fixedly. One leg crossed over half a circle, stepped on it cross, and used the instantaneous six steps.

Ye Zichen directly bounced out.

Shang Ziyu was extremely fast, like a gust of wind, he rushed towards the group of people.

He fled left and right while jumping up and down. He took three steps back, then another three steps back, just like that he was going to shamelessly deal with his enemies.

The enemy would usually only see the black shadow float past, but they wouldn't be able to grab onto the real body. This was precisely why Shang Ziyu was using this point to attack and flee, causing the enemy to be unable to find his way to the north.

Shang Ziyu never thought that his unintentional high school movement skill would become his greatest advantage.

In less than the time it took to have half a cup of tea, more than twenty disciples of reincarnation hall were knocked to the ground by Shang Ziyu, and the entire ground was filled with wails and howls.

Shang Zifeng unintentionally shot a glance at his third brother. After seeing the situation, the corner of his mouth couldn't help but curl into a faint smile.

Third brother, ah, third brother, do you know how amazing you are?

After sighing for a while, Shang Zifeng secretly shook his head and sighed for himself.

If it weren't for this talisman, he would probably be hiding behind his third brother!

Watching their subordinates get sent flying by Shang Zifeng one by one, bamboo hat man and Long Eyebrow Taoist all looked at each other at the same time, reading out the meaning within them.

Now that things had come to this, they couldn't avoid being severely punished by their lord. If that was the case, why not drag a few people down with them?

If a tiger's butt couldn't be touched, then he could at least pat a soft persimmon, right?

Yes, they had already treated the Shang Zifeng brothers as pushovers.

As soon as this idea appeared in their minds, one of them raised his blade and the other carried a horsetail whisk, charging towards the fiercely battling ball of flesh and the afterimage.

The bamboo hat man closed in on Shang Zifeng quickly.

His long blade shone with a dazzling cold light, aimed straight for Shang Zifeng's vitals, and vowed to take Shang Zifeng's life.

Shang Zifeng felt the approaching killing intent from behind him. His footsteps moved slightly as the corner of his mouth curled into a cold smile.

With just you, how could you be a match for me?

I'll let you have a taste of my kickass kickboxing style!

In the middle of his thoughts, Shang Zifeng held two disciples from the reincarnation hall in his hands, and let out a "whoosh".

He threw it out.

The pitiful two disciples, whose eyes were still spinning in circles, were thrown into the sky by Shang Zifeng as if he was throwing a ball of silk, one in each hand. Finally, two points formed in the pitch-black sky.

After getting rid of the burden on his hands, Shang Zifeng did not dare to be negligent. He immediately flung his butt, bent his body, and easily dodged the incoming attacks from the bamboo hat man, at the same time using his elbow to push back, and ruthlessly hit bamboo hat man's crotch.

Accompanying bamboo hat man's piercing howl, another eunuch was born!

He thought that he could capture Shang Ziyu, but he did not expect that Shang Ziyu's speed would be so fast. No matter how hard he attacked, he was still short of strength, and in the end, died to Shang Ziyu's strange movement.

In no time at all, the two of them were sprawled on the ground like dead dogs, moaning and groaning non-stop. There wasn't the slightest trace of arrogance on their faces.

They were truly regretful. How were these two brothers soft persimmon? They were simply immortal palms!

Just as the Shang Zifeng brothers were fighting in full swing, the battle in the sky had already reached its climax. Sword Qi sounds could be heard from the sky, endlessly rippling.

In the midst of the multicolored light, the Teng Python was surrounded by the hundreds of thousands of different moves from Jiu Peirou and the fat monk.

On the other hand, the more the two of them fought, the more stable they became, their techniques becoming stronger and stronger, causing the Teng Python to be forced to retreat step by step.

"Damn it! This King is going to eat all of you! "

In a fit of rage, the Teng Python swung its tail and got rid of the two people's attacks.

The roar was thick and powerful, bone-piercing and ice-cold. It had the power to shock the heavens, and it caused pain to one's eardrums.

The shockwave formed by the roar swiftly spread out with the speed of thunder, forming a powerful shockwave.

Caught off guard, the two of them were sent flying several hundred meters away.

In a few moments, the entire body of the Teng Python was enveloped by an extremely dark and evil aura. From within the evil aura, continuous streams of blood glows could be seen, dyeing the clouds within a hundred meters red.

On the ground, what had originally been a chaotic mess had now become orderly after seeing this scene.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked towards the sky.

Their expressions were all different. Some were shocked, some were scared, some were happy, and some were confused.

In short, no matter what kind of mentality they had, at this moment, they all had no longer conquest, no more strife, no more killing, no more grudges.

Everyone's eyes were focused on a certain spot in the sky, looking at it with a strange look.

In the sky, a hundred meters away from the Teng Python, a streak of lightning came crashing down and scattered all around her.

For a time, the world suddenly changed. The winds and clouds changed color, and everything between heaven and earth was filled with a cruel killing intent. It was like a dark purgatory!

"This is bad!" It's going to transform! "

Sensing the sudden change in the aura around the Teng Python, fat monk muttered to himself, "Not a second. This old fellow is probably going to go for broke, is he planning to …" Transformation? How was this possible! and so on... "Could it be …"

When Jiu Peirou, who had tried his best to stabilize his body, heard what he said, he suddenly shuddered. Shock flashed past his eyes and he said in disbelief: "Bro Jiu, what you mean is …"

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