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C16 Metamorphosis

fat monk nodded his head, "This old fellow has trained for a thousand years and absorbed a lot of Sun and Moon's essence and natural spiritual energy. He is only one step away from becoming a dragon. Even so, it already had enough spiritual power in its body. This spiritual power was enough to transform it! However, it has already missed the right time and even the formation has been destroyed by us. If we do not borrow the power of any other things to forcibly transform it, what it will transform will not be a dragon, but … "

"It's a dragon!"

Jiu Peirou subconsciously answered.

"That's right …"

fat monk's tone was solemn, revealing his worry.

The words of the fat monk confirmed what he was thinking. Jiu Peirou could not help but frown: "If that's really the case, once the Serpent Body is formed, it will be very difficult!"

In order to turn this Teng Python into a dragon, it had walked a lot of evil paths and concealed itself, killing who knows how many creatures.

Humans were the rulers of the world. Eating human flesh and drinking human blood could help it cultivate faster. Compared to sucking up birds and beasts, this was a huge benefit.

The Teng Python's killing intent was too heavy, millions of vengeful spirits had gathered in its body, causing blood to continuously spill out when it transformed, and looking at the Teng Python's appearance when it transformed, it was probably going to evolve into a Blood Dragon!

The blood dragon was powerful and could be compared to ancient beasts. With just the strength of the two of them, they were more than enough to handle a thousand year old Teng Python. However, to deal with just one blood dragon, they probably didn't have enough strength … They never could have imagined that the Teng Python would give up its thousand years of cultivation and turn into a Blood Dragon.

In this way, although its strength would increase by dozens, or even hundreds of times, it would never become a dragon. It would only be a lowly Flood Dragon!

However, that was fine. No one would feel regret for such a destructive scourge. Even if it were to transform into a dragon, it would still be a demonic dragon. Sooner or later, it would not be able to escape the hands of justice.

Flamecloud, Tempest of Tides, the transformation of the Teng Python took place in an instant.

Its body continued to grow bigger, and its entire body was emitting an incomparably thick smell of blood. Under the protection of the blood cloud, it was suspended amidst the crackling of lightning and rumbling of thunder.

Its entire body was constantly changing. On its neck, back, and wherever the lightning struck, a bloodthirsty pattern would quickly grow out.

At the same time, two large horns grew out of the huge snake's head. Although they were large, they were not as sacred and majestic as the dragon's horn. If compared to its enormous body, they were as if they were nothing.

Suddenly, a shocking wave of sound exploded in the nearby pond.

At that time, the water in the pool rose up to the sky, as if it was consciously rushing towards the Teng Python. In just an instant, the water gathered around the Teng Snake, and submerged it within.

The water continued to pour into the Teng Snake's body. It baptized the Teng Snake selflessly as if it was endless.

The strong water currents formed a column of water that shot into the sky.

As time went on, the column of water grew thicker and larger, the waves lapped in the air, and occasionally a few drops of water splashed onto people's faces.

Although it was only a small amount or drop, when it was touched by the wetness, it was like ice in an ice cave for tens of thousands of feet, causing people to feel a chill all over their body.

The color of the pool water gradually changed, from blue to black, from black to red, and finally from red to blood-red.

All of a sudden, half of the sky was shrouded by red light, turning everything in the world blood-red.

The sky was red, the ground was red, the clouds were red, the water was red, the trees were red, and the people were red. Even the torches were dyed blood-red.

Everything was dyed red with blood.

Rows of figures were quietly standing where they were. From afar, they looked like Shura in hell welcoming their master.

During this period, Jiu Peirou and fat monk had tried to stop the Teng Python from transforming, but every time they went forward to stop it, they were bounced back by the strong waves of air that shrouded the Teng Snake's body.

Right now, they no longer had the domineering aura from the battle with the Teng Python earlier.

The divine light that had pervaded the Demon Suppressing Pagoda and the Demon Subduing Sword of the Nine Realms gradually faded away as well. It hovered in the air like a piece of scrap metal, completely useless.

"Second brother, what is this guy doing?"

Shang Ziyu blankly stared at the Teng Snake that was wrapped in the blood pool, as though he could not sense anything, and felt a chill on his forehead, as though in the next moment, he was going to die.

Shang Zifeng's attitude was solemn, and he did not reply.

His eyes were deep as he stared at the sky without blinking, as if he wanted to take in everything that happened in the sky.

Suddenly, the blood pool exploded around the Teng Python. At that moment, blood splattered everywhere, and the Teng Python's gigantic body was completely exposed.

It twisted and swayed in the air, roaring.

Finally, it successfully transformed!

The Teng Python that had completed its transformation was extremely similar to a dragon. It was a hundred meters long and shockingly big. Looking up, it was as if the entire sky was unable to contain it.

The two limbs of its body possessed a dark color that could make all demons tremble. Every single one of its limbs exuded a bone-piercing coldness, as if they were the demon notes that had come from hell.

Teng Python, no, it should be called Blood Dragon.

Its four legs were like oars, floating in the blood pond in the air. It looked like a fish that had just seen a clear spring.

However, that kind of fresh and elegant scene was completely unsuitable for the moment.

Now, the clear spring had turned into a pool of blood, and the agile fish into a terrifying Blood Dragon.

In addition to the thick smell of blood, it was disgusting and terrifying!

"Meat and wine, Jiu Peirou, This King will send you to the west!"

The Blood Dragon raised its tail and pointed the spike at the two of them.

With just a slight movement, the spikes pierced through the sky. Strands of threatening air currents were like a violent storm as they swept towards them. Wherever they passed, gusts of cold wind billowed out with murderous intent.

The two of them could not dodge in time and were injured by the wind created by the blood dragon. They spat out mouthfuls of blood and fell heavily onto the ground.

Seeing this, the Blood Dragon roared towards the sky and quickly adjusted its body. It dived down towards the two of them and vowed to pierce through their bodies with the spikes on its tail.

The aura of the blood dragon gradually condensed as a rotten and rotten smell wafted out from its mouth. Poisonous black saliva dripped down from its tongue and fell to the ground, corroding everything and forming large areas of black smoke.

If there were people standing there, they would have already turned into a pool of blood.

Above the blood cloud, thunder rumbled. Beneath the blood cloud, a Blood Flood Dragon was diving down towards the crowd.

The biting cold killing intent streaked through the sky like a bolt of lightning, heading straight for the crowd's heads.

Although its target was Jiu Peirou and the fat monk, its enormous body had already covered an area of a hundred meters around it. No one doubted that with just a slight movement, it would easily destroy everything within this range.

Therefore, if the Blood Flood Dragon's attack succeeded, not only would Jiu Peirou and fat monk be unable to escape death, all of them would also disappear along with the Blood Flood Dragon.

At that moment, everyone's feet were shaking nonstop. They were terrified, they were terrified, and they wanted to escape.

However, the truth told them that they could not escape.

and the fat monk looked at each other, the light in their eyes showed their determination to face death with equanimity. Even if they had to die together, they had to get rid of the Blood Flood Dragon.

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