Seeing that the Blood Dragon was only a few hundred feet away from them, Jiu Peirou and fat monk gritted their teeth and channeled all the power in their bodies, intending to perish together with it!

However, right at this moment, the two of them suddenly felt the surrounding air being pulled by a strong aura, instantly condensing and forming a powerful profound wind that spread out in all directions.

The gale seemed to be hiding some kind of magic. Wherever it passed, the sound of dragons could be heard, coming from a direction where they couldn't be caught.

His voice was clear and pleasant to the ear.

"Where did this dragon roar come from?"

The sound seemed to be right in front of them, but it didn't seem to be right in front of them. It sounded like a divine dragon singing in everyone's ears. They couldn't see it, touch it, suddenly get closer and closer, then higher and lower, then suddenly disappear … Just when everyone was astonished, in the center of the Mystique Wind Fog, an immortal fog appeared. Within the Two Immortal Fog, strands of golden light flowed out, bringing along a strong pressure as they shot out in all directions along with the Mystique Wind Fog.

Immediately, the heaven and earth began to radiate with splendor, and golden light flowed in all directions. The powerful beam of light was so oppressive that it made it difficult for anyone to open their eyes.

Shang Ziyu didn't even have the time to clearly see what had happened before his eyes, before he was pressed unconscious by this unknown pressure. The hundreds of reincarnation hall disciples that fell with him as well.

Right now, only Jiu Peirou and fat monk were not intimidated by the power and remained standing on the same spot. However, their eyes were shining with a strange golden light as they stared dumbly at the scene unfolding in front of them.

They had almost forgotten that there was danger looming over them.

The location where the immortal fog was rising was exactly where Shang Zifeng was standing. It was only a dozen meters away from them.

All of this happened too fast, almost in the blink of an eye.

The heaven and earth suddenly changed. The wind and clouds changed color. The originally blood-red world was instantly covered by the flashing golden light.

The blood cloud was dispersed by the golden light that surged up from the ground. The shocking thunder that seemed to have awakened one's soul had also disappeared at this moment. The sky had regained its former tranquility.

However, this peace did not last long before it was replaced by strands of golden light that shot out from the ground. The golden light accumulated, pushing aside the dense clouds and charging straight into the sky, as if it was going to pierce a big hole in the sky.

Within the golden light, a 15-16 year old boy was lifted up by the celestial mist and slowly rose into the air.

This boy was Shang Zifeng, and he had already returned to his original appearance.

His eyes were tightly shut, his entire body suffused with golden light and surrounded by immortal qi. It was as if he was immersed in a golden ocean, bathing in the heavenly lake's sweet dew and absorbing the essence of the sun and moon. He was so serene that others would think that he was having a sweet dream, feeling the comfort everything brought him.

For a time, the pitch-black sky was illuminated by a resplendent golden light, making it seem like it was day.

Seeing this, the blood dragon, which was vowing to destroy the two of them along with the rest of the Blood Dragon, suddenly felt that something was wrong. This was because the aura exuded by that person was so ancient that it felt as if it was emitting fluctuations ten thousand years ago.

In short, to a Teng Python that had only cultivated for a few thousand years like it, that aura was extremely intimidating. Unconsciously, it slowed it down, as if it had the impulse to submit.

While the Blood Dragon was panicking, Shang Zifeng suddenly widened his eyes. Almost at the same time, he threw his head back and roared. His aura instantly spread throughout his body!

Listening carefully, this howl wasn't that of a human, but a resounding dragon's roar. That's right, this was a dragon's roar.

The dragon's roar was thick and powerful. It pierced through the air, and it was like a shocking clap of thunder. It was spreading in all directions with the power to topple mountains and overturn the seas, shaking the world.

The beast's hind legs bent in unison as they kneeled in the distant jungle.

Hundred birds heard the sound, collectively landing on the ground, with their wings folded in front of them, greeting him with poise.

The resounding dragon roar resounded in everyone's ears. It was so mighty and domineering.

Jiu Peirou and fat monk looked up at the same time, searching for the source of the sound. However, they bumped into Shang Zifeng, who was bathing in a golden ocean.

Instantly, their eyes widened as they looked in disbelief at the location of the incident.

fat monk's eyes turned from joy to surprise and then from shock to shock and then back to shock. In the end, he became as dumb as a wooden chicken and completely lost the demeanor that a high cultivation expert should have.

He stuttered, "Brother Rou, this kid, he's so strange …"

He stared at the scene in front of him in a daze, not knowing how to describe it.

It could also be said that no matter how he described it, he couldn't express his shocked mood, so he only used 'evil way'.

Two words of explanation.

Jiu Peirou's reaction was almost the same as fat monk's. He had a faint feeling that something even more sinister was about to happen. It seemed inexplicably familiar.

Before the two of them finished their conversation, three golden strands of light appeared between Shang Zifeng's eyebrows. Through the three golden strands, they could vaguely see that there seemed to be three little snakes whizzing out from between Shang Zifeng's eyebrows.

Was it a snake?

Wait, how could a snake have four claws?

Wait, could it be … Yes... Yes... Was it a dragon?


Before the two of them could react, the three snake-shaped figures left between Shang Zifeng's brows. Accompanied by a resounding dragon roar, they flew up with their tails wagging, piercing straight into the clouds.

Their bodies continued to grow bigger. Although they were not as big as the Blood Dragon, they were more than enough to crush the Teng Python before they transformed.

Their innate domineering aura and Emperor's aura that looked down on all living things made the Blood Flood Dragon want to retreat, unconsciously retreating towards the vortex.

Under the shine of the three golden scales of the Golden Dragon, the duo's eyes widened as their hearts were deeply shocked. As a result, there were a few words that they didn't know whether to laugh or cry about.

"Brother Rou, those three are … Is it a dragon? "

fat monk asked.

"Yes, it's a dragon …"

Jiu Peirou said lightly.

"Are you sure it's a dragon?"

fat monk asked again.

"Yes, it's a dragon …"

Jiu Peirou answered again.

"Brother Rou has seen the real dragon?"

fat monk asked again.

"I …"

Jiu Peirou seemed to want to say something, but then he thought of something and changed his tone. He shook his head and said, "I've only seen Jiao before …"

As he spoke, he pointed at the weakened Blood Dragon and said, "Isn't that a ready-made one over there …"

"Then how did Brother Rou know that those three things are three dragons?"

fat monk didn't notice the change in Jiu Peirou's tone and asked again.

Jiu Peirou didn't answer anymore. Instead, he asked, "Brother Jiu, have you ever seen a dragon?"

"None... "I, too, have only seen flood dragons …"

After saying that, the pitiful Blood Dragon which had always been used as an example by others had once again become something others could brag about.

"Since you haven't seen them before, then how can you be so sure that the three of them are dragons?"

Jiu Peirou threw this question to him.

fat monk pondered for a moment and said noncommittally, "Amitabha, looks like this is the dragon!"

However, not long after he finished speaking, he shook his head and said, "That's not right … Although the three of them appeared to be extremely flexible, they didn't seem to be real entities. It seemed like they were … It was three streams of divine sense!

"That's right, it's divine sense …"

Jiu Peirou seemed to have seen through it already, so he wasn't surprised.

However, his current calm tone made fat monk a little confused.

That was the spiritual sense of the three dragons! To see someone who possessed the spiritual sense of the Ancient Dragon Clan here, shouldn't it be shocking?

Why did it seem like an ordinary thing to Brother Rou?

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