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C20 Seduction(1)

"Young Benefactor, you …"

fat monk wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Jiu Peirou, "Brother Jiu, this little brother has just woken up. He is so weak that we shouldn't disturb him.

fat monk's pupils constricted. From his words, it was clear that he had something to say, he would not allow Zhou Quan to ask him about the Three Dragon Divine Sense, he really did not know what the hell he was doing.

fat monk got up helplessly. He turned his fingers and called back the Nine Realm Suppressing Demon Pagoda, looking around.

At that time, pieces of mess appeared in front of his eyes. He couldn't help but feel sad.

fat monk sighed slightly, his eyes closed and his palms clasped together. Accompanied by Buddhist light flowing out from his fingertips, he pitifully chanted the Rebirth Curse, which was cast for the disciples of reincarnation hall who had lost their lives to the Teng Python, and the ordinary citizens who had met with calamity.

In his heart, no matter how many casualties there were before death, they should still be reduced to dust after death, turning into a cloud of smoke and dust.

Jiu Peirou stood beside fat monk, and stood shoulder to shoulder with him. Looking in the direction where the Blood Dragon had left, he said leisurely: "That old fellow's mana has increased greatly, he is far from someone like you and me, he is not a match for him. Today, we have not taken advantage of his injuries to kill him.

Jiu Peirou did not dare to think further, and he couldn't help but feel regret. If he had known earlier, he would not have been as merciful as he thought a hundred years ago … Of the thirty-eight elderly, weak, women and children who had been captured for sacrifice, only twenty-something were still alive. As the powerful pressure in the air dissipated, they opened their eyes one by one.

Due to their fear, they could no longer suppress their emotions. Instantly, the scene boiled up and sounds of weeping filled the sky.

For a time, a sorrowful atmosphere filled every corner, causing the heavens and earth to be moved.

The fat monk walked up to them and comforted them one by one.

After they climbed up from the ground, they started to flee in all directions in panic, afraid that fat monk and Jiu Peirou would kill them if they were displeased. Among them, the bamboo hat man and the White-browed Daoist, who were beaten black and blue by the Shang Zifeng brothers, were amongst them.

They were all hugging each other. "If we don't run now, when will we?"

and ran away with his tail between his legs... The scene of those two abnormal and Lord Teng's battle was clearly reflected in their minds. How could they possibly fight against an opponent that even the Lord Teng could not defeat?

Jiu Peirou and fat monk did not have any intentions of stopping them, they were here today because of the Teng Python, and as for the disciples of reincarnation hall, since someone was going to take care of them, it did not matter to them.

As the saying goes, when people do something, the heavens look at it. If you do something wrong, you will commit suicide. It's not that you don't want to report it, it's not the right time yet.

If, after this battle, they still didn't know how to repent and still went back on their ways to be the accomplices of a tiger, then one day, they would definitely receive their due retribution!

While feeling sentimental, Jiu Peirou regained his senses and looked at Shang Zifeng. A ripple flashed past his eyes, and he asked knowingly: "Just now, little brother's fighting technique was extremely strange and powerful, I wonder where little brother's master came from?"

Shang Zifeng was confused, he thought to himself that it was his own creation, "Sixteen moves to capture the enemy".

Coupled with the power of the talisman, he was able to achieve such a miraculous effect.

Unexpectedly, in the eyes of others, it had become an extremely strange and powerful martial art, which made Shang Zifeng break out in cold sweat.

Shang Zifeng laughed, he did not notice that this was white-robed uncle trying to probe him, and proudly said: "How do I have a teacher, this is a move that I created myself!"

Outside of the words, Shang Zifeng did not even mention the shadow of the talisman.

Shang Ziyu curled his lips, and couldn't help but secretly roll his eyes.

Second brother, aren't you exaggerating a little too much!

It was clearly a move made by a street hooligan when he was playing around. Now that it's you, it's actually turned into a self-created move!

Different from Shang Ziyu's reaction, Jiu Peirou's eyes suddenly lit up, as if he had found a treasure. He became excited: "Does that mean little brother isn't a disciple of that sect?"

Shang Zifeng looked at white-robed uncle, his head full of question marks. He nodded, not knowing why this senior was so excited.

Jiu Peirou also felt that his attitude was a little excessive, so he coughed lightly and wiped away the awkwardness, before changing the topic: "It's already getting late, this wilderness is full of poisonous snakes and ferocious beasts, I don't know where these two little brother's home is, to prevent more mishaps, I can send you two home!"

How could anyone see the change in Jiu Peirou's eyes? Thus, without thinking, he said without hesitation, "Thank you senior for your kind intentions. We won't go home, my second brother and I are going to the Tianji Pavilion to make a name for ourselves!"

Go to Tianji Pavilion... Outgoing?

Shang Ziyu's words caused Jiu Peirou to freeze. The corners of his eyes and mouth twitched, not knowing how to respond.

He looked at the two brothers dumbfoundedly. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw fat monk's big bald man and his eyes couldn't help but reveal a strange light. Just like that, he returned between the three of them.

If those old bullies from the Tianji Pavilion heard the strange definitions of these two brothers, who knew how many black lines would fall behind.

Hearing that, Shang Zifeng's face turned ugly, he unhesitatingly gave his third brother a blow on the head, and said, "Who told you?

While speaking, Shang Zifeng revealed a wretched smile, looked at Jiu Peirou, and said: "Don't listen to my third brother's nonsense, we are planning to go to Tianji Pavilion to acknowledge and learn art."

"I wonder why little brother is going to Tianji Pavilion to become a disciple? How many sects there are in the world, and why …" "Ugh …" To become a lousy Taoist in the Tianji Pavilion? "

Jiu Peirou calculated in his heart, and in his tone, he completely looked down on Tianji Pavilion for a while.

Fellow cultivators of Tianji Pavilion, you can't blame me. If I didn't despise you so much, this brat would have escaped!

Broken … Taoist … Shang Zifeng's face was filled with black lines. Daoist, why … Or … Broken?

"Ugh …" I... I want to learn high grade Tao techniques! "

Shang Zifeng said seriously: "Tianji Pavilion is the origin of all Tao techniques. I heard that as long as you can become a disciple of Tianji Pavilion, you will be able to learn high grade Tao techniques! So... That's why I wanted to go with third brother to Tianji Pavilion to learn from him! "

Jiu Peirou squinted his eyes as his thoughts raced. After pondering for a moment, he laughed out loud, the sound of his laughter was strange, if not for him saving Shang Zifeng, Shang Zifeng would have treated him as a cunning and wretched handsome uncle.

That's right, it was a handsome uncle, not an old man!

Although Jiu Peirou was truly over a hundred years old, he still looked to be in his early thirties. Taking advantage of his handsome face, he dressed in white, causing people to be unable to help themselves from exclaiming in surprise.

No matter what, Shang Zifeng never thought that the handsome uncle standing in front of them, was an old man who was over a hundred years old!

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