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C21 Seduction(2)

"Little brother, you might not know this, but it is not necessarily within Tianji Pavilion that you can learn high grade Tao techniques. I know of a place where not only can you learn Tao techniques, you can also learn peerless sword techniques! Most importantly, handsome brothers and beautiful women are as numerous as the clouds there. During the period of learning, if you manage to woo a Senior Sister, the Sect will even allow you to marry her into their sect! "

Jiu Peirou's unrelenting words were reflected in Shang Ziyu's ears like he had seen Gan Lin. Previously, when Second Brother said that Tianji Pavilion allowed him to take a wife, he was half-believing and half-doubting, as he always felt that being a Taoist was like being a monk, not only could he not take a wife, he could not even eat meat.

Now that he heard what the white-robed uncle had to say, Shang Ziyu's heart was moved. He thought that the white-robed uncle was like a celestial being with strong magical powers, although his smile was a little vulgar, it was not enough to lower his price, and he had to deceive them!

"Senior, where is that place?"

Shang Ziyu asked anxiously, his eyes releasing a dazzling red heart.

Shang Zifeng facepalmed and swung his third brother's blade. This brat, when he heard that he could marry his wife, it was as if he had seen a treasure.

"Hahaha!" That place, it's just... Just the Yuxu Sect of the Northern Region of Tong Zhou! "

While speaking, Jiu Peirou looked at Shang Zifeng slanted his eyes, as if he was observing the changes in Shang Zifeng's expression.

Seeing that Shang Zifeng's expression was shaken, Jiu Peirou added another code, and said: "Speaking of it, coincidentally, a few days ago, the Yuxu Sect informed the martial arts world, saying that in half a month, they would open a mountain to accept new disciples. I've seen the notice. Although there are no clear restrictions on it, but the talent and abilities of those who register are strictly examined. Furthermore, their names are limited! If little brother is interested, why not give it a try, maybe he'll be selected! Of course, if you really want to go down the mountain and think that it is not the ideal place for you to learn techniques you want to, Yuxu Sect would not force you to keep any disciples that you do not wish to keep! "

Shang Ziyu took the lead and said, "Second brother, let's go to Yuxu Sect to try. At least we won't need to shave when we're disciples of Yuxu Sect!"

When he thought about the Daoist Priest's appearance, he felt a chill down his spine. When he thought about the Yuxu Sect disciple's elegant, fairy-like appearance, his eyes curved into a crescent moon.

It was said that the white robes fluttered in the wind, and the beautiful crown on their heads was Xiao Ran. This was the unique posture of the disciples of the Yuxu Sect, and they all looked like dancing dances. Most importantly, from what Uncle Bai said, there were still female disciples in the Yuxu Sect. Hehe!

In short, in short, it was much better than a Daoist priest wearing a tattered hat and plain clothes, right?

Shang Ziyu thought vulgarly, but in the end, another sharp pain came from his forehead. He knew without a doubt that it was definitely another masterpiece created by his second brother!

Second brother said: "Who told you that you had to shave when you go to the Tianji Pavilion? Don't you know that only monks need to be shaved, and Taoists don't need to be shaved! "

While they were talking, the corners of Shang Zifeng's and Shang Ziyu's eyes once again shot a glance at fat monk. The pitiful fat monk's shining bald head had once again become the focus of everyone's ridicule.

Just now, the conversation between the three of them had reached fat monk's ears. Facing their strange gazes, fat monk was truly immune to them, and his expression was still as calm as before, as if the one being mocked was not him.

"Amitabha …"

The fat monk carried his fat body and walked over step by step.

He then clasped his hands together and shot Jiu Peirou a meaningful look: "Brother Rou, since the matter is settled, I will take my leave. I plan to send the citizens back to their homes to help them with their aftermath. In the future, if I have time, I will invite you out again to drink and eat meat together.

Jiu Peirou's old face flushed red, he coughed lightly and said: "Since that's the case, then I'll have to trouble brother Jiu!"

After the fat monk left, Jiu Peirou finally relaxed a lot. Without Brother Wine, he would be able to get someone else from the fat monk.

Even if he wanted to steal her away, he would have to consider her whether she was willing to become a monk or not!

Of course, the answer was obvious. That was impossible!

Jiu Peirou's mouth formed a smile, and he couldn't help but feel nauseous.

Shang Zifeng squinted his eyes and sized up the proud face of white-robed uncle, his heart full of suspicions.

Looking at the white-robed uncle's attire and the moves he used when fighting with the Teng Snake, he couldn't help but think of the Yuxu Sect. If he thought about it carefully now, the sword moves used by the white-robed uncle seemed to be the same as the sword skills used in the Yuxu Sect.

Even though Shang Zifeng had never seen disciples of the Yuxu Sect before, because of the environment he grew up in, he was often inundated by the people around him, and he had some understanding of some of the sects and powers in the martial arts world.

From the looks of it, this white-robed uncle could very likely be one of them.

"May I ask Senior's honorable name? Presumably Jiu Peirou, is that your real name? "

The light in Shang Zifeng's eyes was in a chaotic state, as though there were endless doubts.

When he heard the Teng Python mention the name of fat monk Senior and this white-robed uncle, Shang Zifeng almost gasped for breath as he smiled and fainted.

One was called meat and wine, the other was Jiu Peirou.

Shang Zifeng could not help but secretly curse.

"The name is just a synonym, why would little brother care so much?"

Jiu Peirou smiled mysteriously.

Shang Zifeng curled his lips, and probed without giving up: "Looking at Senior's attire, could it be that Senior is from the Yuxu Sect?"

Jiu Peirou shook his hands and said: "Whether or not I am from Yuxu Sect is not important. The most important thing is, little brother, do you wish to enter Yuxu Sect to cultivate and become a disciple of Yuxu Sect?"

This sentence was clearly directed at Shang Zifeng. Without waiting for Second Brother to speak, Shang Ziyu once again jumped up and made a decision on behalf of Second Brother.

"Yes, of course!"

Shang Zifeng supported his forehead as he sweated profusely. He really wanted to slap his third brother to death, shaming himself multiple times a day.

Seeing that his second brother's expression was ugly, Shang Ziyu felt wronged, "Second brother, let's go to the Yuxu Sect to take a look. If you don't like it, it won't be too late to leave by then! It's still not too late for us to become Daoists in Tianji Pavilion anyway. If we wait until Yuxu Sect is full of people and then if we want to enter the Yuxu Sect again, it'll be too late! "

Shang Zifeng could not bear Third Brother's nagging again and again. He helplessly rolled his eyes and forced out a smile, then said to white-robed uncle: "Senior, since it's like this, then I'll have to trouble you to tell us brothers about the relevant matters!"

Hearing this, Jiu Peirou was overjoyed, but he did not show it on the surface. He indifferently told the Shang Zifeng brothers about the specific location of the Yuxu Sect, how to register, and even the rules of the assessment for the new disciples.

When it was almost time, he continued, "Every year, there will be many disciples from large families that participate in the Yuxu Sect's disciple entrance exam. They have practiced the martial arts since young, and each has their own strengths, so their strengths are not to be underestimated.

As he said that, he took out a dark blue jade pendant from his waist, and handed it over to Shang Zifeng: "If you encounter any difficulties during the assessment, you can take this jade pendant out and let the exam elders see. I think that as long as the exam elders see this jade pendant, maybe they will give me some face so that you can easily pass the assessment! As for the Talent Test … It should be easy to pass! "

Jiu Peirou looked at the two brothers, their Inherent Skills must be top-notch, he shouldn't worry about this point.

When Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu heard this, the look in their eyes simultaneously changed.

Although the brothers were only called scimitars and cowards by others, compared to the disciples who participated in the assessment, they did not have much of an advantage over them. However, they did not bother to use this method to pass the examination, if they did not pass, then they could only wait for Yuxu Sect's next disciple recruitment before taking the assessment!

There was no need for him to use such a shameful method to get lucky.

If he wanted to enter the Yuxu Sect, then he would have to rely on his own strength to enter the Yuxu Sect.

Besides, if he really relied on this jade pendant to pass the exam, he would feel apologetic in his heart!

After all, this was the result of sacrificing the other person's qualification to enter the academy. This was too unfair to the other party!

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