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When they thought of this, Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu did not stretch out their hands to receive the jade pendant. Instead, they said with serious faces, "Senior, if Third Brother and I don't even pass the assessment to become a new disciple, then what right do we have to become the Yuxu Sect's disciple?!"

When the voice fell, Shang Ziyu nodded his head confidently from the side, showing his agreement.

Seeing that, Jiu Peirou secretly approved. He raised his eyebrow, and put the jade pendant back on his waist, and said: Since little brother is so confident, then I will sit and wait for your good news!

Waiting for our good news... Could this senior really be from the Yuxu Sect?

Even if he was not from Yuxu Sect, he was closely linked to there. If not, how could he explain the explanation behind the jade pendant?

"Senior, you … "Huh …" Front... Senior! "

Before Shang Zifeng even finished his sentence, Jiu Peirou had already disappeared without any warning, vanishing into the darkness.

A few moments later, his vulgar laughter came from the sky far away: "Little brother, I still have things to do here, so I'll be leaving first! I believe that we will meet again in the future! "

Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu were speechless. This uncle was really weird, he even said that he wanted to send them home, and in the blink of an eye, he actually left first.

"Second brother, that uncle ran away first. What do we do now? Where do we have to go to get down the mountain? "

Shang Ziyu looked around, just which direction were they supposed to go?!

Since white-robed uncle was able to secretly follow that group of red cloaked men here, he must know the way down the mountain. However, he actually said a lot of useless things, and even more importantly, he did not say anything.

The howls of the wolves came frequently from not too far away. As the cold wind blew across his face, the biting cold wind seeped into Shang Ziyu's skin, causing him to shiver uncontrollably.

"Second Brother, did you hear the howls of wolves? Would there be wolves here? I... I'm afraid, let's leave quickly! "

Shang Ziyu wrapped his arms around his shoulders and said timidly.

Shang Zifeng helplessly looked at his third brother, and leisurely pointed to the sky and said: "With second brother here, don't be afraid! If we head in the direction of the moon, we might be able to go down the mountain! "

"Alright …"

After Shang Ziyu heard his second brother's assured tone, his heart became much more at ease. Just as he took two steps, he suddenly thought of something and said: "Second Brother, Second Sister-in-Law is currently in prison, and has been captured by the red-furred monster. Don't tell me you're not worried, second brother? "I think we should first rescue second sister and then go to Yuxu Sect to acknowledge her as our master. Otherwise, if second sister really is …"


Shang Zifeng was quietly leading the way in front, when he suddenly heard his third brother's words. He stumbled and almost fell down, he stopped his steps, and when he looked back, he ruthlessly gave Shang Ziyu a huge head!

His two bright and lively eyes were emitting a bloodthirsty fire. He was shooting towards Shang Ziyu's eyes without restraint, as if he was setting the whole world on fire.

For three days, he did not go to his room to tear down his roof. Unexpectedly, when he came to his third brother's house, it became three incense sticks' worth of time and he immediately went to get a beating!

Shang Ziyu quivered, and immediately used his hand to cover his mouth, afraid that Second Brother would not be able to hold it in and give him a slap on the face, then he would not lose anything!

Shang Zifeng took a deep breath, waited for his emotions to calm down, and said indifferently: "She won't die! Furthermore, with just the two of us, do you think we can defeat that red-furred monster? "

Saying this, was not because Shang Zifeng was cold-blooded, but it was because he had heard some stuff from Situ Ran's words.

He thought that Mu Zining's family background was definitely extraordinary, if not, Situ Ran would not be so afraid of her, and so, Mu Zining should not be in danger of losing her life in Situ Ran's hands, it was just that … Shang Zifeng thought back to the moment when Situ Ran had sent someone to bring Mu Zining out of the prison. That look, that expression, and that extremely soft, lewd laughter of Situ Ran … Instantly, an unhealthy image surfaced in Shang Zifeng's mind, and his eyes unconsciously narrowed into a line.

When Shang Ziyu saw Second Brother's expression, he shuddered. Clang!

A crisp sound came from under Shang Zifeng's feet. Only at this moment did Shang Zifeng feel that his right chest had suddenly become lighter, as if something heavy had been wiped off.

He stopped and lowered his head to look, only to see a picture scroll made of pure gold fall to the ground.

Even though it was night time, it couldn't conceal the resplendent golden light that was embedded into the scroll painting. The golden light spread out in all directions at that moment, illuminating their faces.

"Wah!" "What is this!?"

Shang Zifeng raised his eyebrows, and just as he was about to reach out to grab it, he saw that his third brother exclaimed and picked it up first.

When he looked carefully, Shang Zifeng was able to see that it was a golden lacquer scroll.

"Second Brother, did you bring this scroll out from home?"

Shang Ziyu glanced at Shang Zifeng in surprise. Since when did second brother like painting!

"I didn't actually bring this with me. It's not like you don't know what your second brother is like. What I hate the most in my life is the writing room, Mo Bao. Why would he bring a painting scroll with him?"

Shang Zifeng squinted his eyes and rubbed his chin. Even if he wanted to bring a scroll, he wouldn't put it in his sleeve!

Previously, his nerves had been in a state of tension, so he hadn't noticed that there was something like this hidden under his robe … Shang Ziyu nodded his head in agreement, as if to say: "Second brother, even you say that you have nothing to say, what else can I say?"

Shang Zifeng rolled his eyes, as if he had seen through his third brother's thoughts.

He glared at his third brother and stretched out his hand. "Give it to me. Let me have a look!"


Shang Ziyu curled his lips and gave the scroll over.

Although the scroll painting was made of gold paint, it was much lighter compared to the other scrolls. It seemed like the craftsmanship of this scroll painting was not ordinary.

"Second brother, tell me, what kind of painting would it be?"

Under Shang Ziyu's burning gaze, Shang Zifeng held onto the rope with one hand and spread it out with force. With no effort at all, he spread the scroll painting from top to bottom!

As the axle head slowly rolled down, it gradually revealed the picture stamen inside it.

This painting definitely came from the work of a master!

A few sketches like the flower brocade, dot ink drawing the drunk person!

Ah, that's not right, this is a poem that describes a lover's drawing. It is not compatible with the artistic conception in the painting, why not use "Giant Beasts that can support the sky and howl towards the sky, an earth-shattering deep abyss".

To describe it was the most appropriate thing to do.

"Wah!" Second Brother, what is drawn on it is actually an ox! No, it should be a rhinoceros! That's not right! This... What exactly is this thing?! "

This was a huge beast. Its four horns were as sharp as a spear, and it looked like a giant bull as it ran through the clouds.

It had two horns that soared into the sky, with two horns that flanked it. It was majestic and tall.

The hair on his body was long and black, just like a rain cape.

It was possible to imagine how powerful and vigorous its four limbs were as it ran.

Even though he was lying quietly in the painting, he was still vividly drawn by the painter, as if a living beast was embedded in the painting.

What he drew was static, and then dynamic. With static, and with dynamic, it combined to form a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering picture of a ferocious beast stepping on the clouds.

Inexplicably, Shang Zifeng's eyes gradually sunk. It was attracted by the huge beast in the painting and sank into the painting. Countless incomplete images instantly appeared in its mind. Dark valley, exploding flames, dazzling golden light, and countless ghost flames.

That huge beast was running in the fire, with countless arrows chasing from behind. From afar, the sounds of killing could be heard. Over ten thousand black armors and sabers were coming at it.

In the end, it was surrounded.

It was angry, and with a roar, it charged into the crowd. Any black armor within three feet of it was torn into pieces. Not long after, fresh blood dyed the entire valley red.

"Da Da Da", the iron hoof of the giant beast

The sound was hollow, but it did not lose its might, and it caused the rumbling sounds in Shang Zifeng's ears to be continuous. Even his heart was beating up and down along with the rumbling sounds, as though it was going to shatter all the bones in his body.

In the blink of an eye, the universe trembled and everything burned. It was as if the world was going to be destroyed in an instant!

"Second Brother! "Second Brother!"

Seeing that his second brother was staring at the huge beast in the painting intently, cold sweat continued to pour out of his forehead as if he was possessed by an evil spirit, Shang Ziyu was extremely worried, he patted his second brother's shoulder, and after a long while, when he saw no reaction, he patted his second brother's head, and after a long while, there was no reaction!

Shang Ziyu could not help but become anxious, he bit down and hardened his heart, and only heard a "pa" sound.

With a crisp sound, a blood-red palm print instantly appeared on Shang Zifeng's face!

Shang Zifeng abruptly regained his senses, as he touched half of his burning face. He glared at his third brother while gritting his teeth, and said hatefully, "Shang Ziyu … "You!"

"Second brother, I was worried about you …" Second Brother... Don't... Don't... "Wuuaaooo ~ ~ ~"

A mournful scream tore through the night sky, sweeping away countless traces of tears …

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