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C23 Pattern

In the morning of the next day, two teenage boys were supporting each other as they wandered along the yellow mud road. Occasionally, there would be a horse galloping past them as they kicked up sand, causing the air that was washed by the morning sun to become dirty and yellow.

His clothes, which had been glowing brightly, were now covered in layers of dust.

Her long hair that flowed in a black stream was disheveled and messy, adding to her sorry state.

Their foreheads, cheeks, and even the corners of their mouths were stained with dark stains. If they were given a new set of beggar clothes, they would be no different from two little beggars.

However, coincidentally, although their clothes were made of luxurious materials, they were concealed by a few holes, and were in a dilapidated state as if they were beggars.

Both of their eyes were in circles. It was as if if if they didn't find a large bed to sleep in, they would immediately faint. How pitiful would their appearance be?

That's right, these two boys were naturally Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu.

Fortunately, Shang Ziyu was carrying the instantaneous six steps on his back, so he was able to carry his second brother on his back and run down the mountain, thereby shaking off a few packs of fierce wolves.

Otherwise, they would have become food for the wolves.

The two brothers finally passed through the vast sea of trees and descended the mountain. However, they were already lost. They didn't know where they were, and now they were even more hungry and cold.

"Second brother …" "I'm so hungry …"

Shang Ziyu's voice was weak, his stomach was growling.

"Hold on a little longer, we are about to enter the city. Once we enter the city, second brother will immediately take you to a restaurant to eat delicious food!"

When he thought about that white-robed uncle, Shang Zifeng angrily gritted his teeth as he muttered in his heart.

If not for Third Brother carrying him on his back and running all the way, they would have long ago reported this to the. They would not have had their lives taken as Yuxu Sect's disciples!

"But …" "But the silver taels on us …"

Shang Ziyu touched his pockets subconsciously. With a bitter face, he could not bear to continue.

The moment he was forced out of the hotel by the red-furred monster, he realised that the silver he brought from his home earlier was all split up by those detestable reincarnation hall disciples. They were like bandits, they took everything they could take away, and all that was left for them were the clothes they were wearing, and even the two horses, they were all left at the inn.

Not to mention eating and living, he didn't even have the money to take out a mouthful of hot soup. He was just waiting to drink from the northwest wind.

"Don't worry, with second brother here, you won't get hungry!"

Shang Zifeng's words that were filled with confidence reached Shang Ziyu's ears, causing his heart to feel warm.

Since he was young, whenever he encountered difficulties, it would always be with second brother's help. Although second brother's martial arts was still to be seen, and could not even be compared to his own, Shang Ziyu liked to rely on second brother. No matter how small the matter was, he would always hide behind second brother, and have second brother help solve it.

Unless even Second Brother was unable to handle it, Shang Ziyu would jump out and fight in order to protect Second Brother. It was only at this moment that he could unleash his inner potential.

Shang Ziyu pursed his lips, straightened his back, and walked into the city with second brother step by step. As he thought about the delicacies of the mountains and sea in his mind, his falling steps also became more powerful … The number one city in the world, the Wangjiang City, covered an area of one hundred square kilometers, and was a huge city throughout the ages.

Since it did not belong to any kind of clan or power, it was a neutral zone. As such, people gave it a new name — Little Jianghu.

In the last years of the heavenly tribute (seven hundred years ago), the central imperial power had been weakened by corruption. The central imperial power could not be concentrated, it was weak and powerless, and it had unduly relinquished power to the local people.

After his death, the imperial power had been divided, the warlords had been fighting endlessly, the flames of war were raging, the citizens had suffered unspeakably, and in addition to the constant killing caused by the dark fluorescent sword in the martial arts world, the martial arts world and the temple had been thrown into chaos.

The Wangjiang City was located in the north-east corner of the central region. Its location was connected to all directions, and it was located in all four directions. It was connected to the XianZhou in the east, Jiang Prefecture in the west, Tong Zhou in the north, and also from the south to the south.

Compared to the XianZhou, which occupied more than half of the Eastern Region of the Nine Prefectures, the Wangjiang City's economic development was second to none.

Thus, this ancient city had become the focus of the imperial power struggle.

The perennial strife had caused the Wangjiang City to change owners frequently. The citizens of the Wangjiang City had suffered greatly because of the constant clamor from the war.

The struggle for imperial power lasted for three hundred years. Finally, it ended with the division of the Tiangong region into nine prefectures, the implementation of the system of self-rule in the cities, and the rule of the prefectures.

Although the world was set, as for the Wangjiang City s, the various powers were still unwilling to give up and wanted to bring them into their own territory. However, due to the constant war, people were seething with resentment, and the various powers did not want to send any more troops, so they thought of a compromise, and turned the Wangjiang City into a neutral zone.

The neutral zone needs someone to manage it.

After many discussions, the kings of the various provinces gave the authority of managing the Wangjiang City to the famous Six Great Way of the Gods (Yuxu Sect, Calan Temple, Tianji Pavilion, Ling Dan Hall, Caiwei Valley, Castle of Heroes), allowing them to rule it together.

After the Ling Dan Hall was exterminated, the Wangjiang City became the territory of the Yuxu Sect s, Castle of Heroes s, Calan Temple s and so on.

Every year's Dao Gate Great Assembly, or the Martial Arts Competition and other grand occasions of the martial arts world, would be held at Wangjiang City's Qing Xuan Courtyard.

This was how the name of the small martial arts world came about.

It would be more accurate to call it the nine countries with heavenly contributions.

The supreme ruler of the Nine Nations, known as the King.


For example, the largest city in the world, Ning Prefecture, with three hundred cities, was a giant western dragon.

And the highest ruler of Ningzhou was known as the King of Ningzhou.

Three hundred years ago during the Great Fighting of the Righteous Devil, although the Nine Prefectures' Feudal Lords wanted to expand their territory, they couldn't do anything about the riots in the martial arts world at that time. The territories under the jurisdiction of the various prefectures were also in a period of development, so they didn't want to attract any unexpected calamities.

Since ancient times, countless peerless tyrants and tyrants had died on the road to power. However, in the end, only one person had managed to reach the apex of the imperial power and was worshipped by the common people.

It could be said that this was a long and difficult trek up the cliff, with tens of thousands of bones and vines at its feet.

Although it was extremely difficult and dangerous, it was enough to entice others to do as they pleased.

Occasionally, there would be people from the imperial court stepping into the martial arts world, but that would not cause any disturbance.

After all, there were different levels of rules that no one could break.

No one wanted to forcefully become the head of a group of people to stir up trouble. Even though there were a lot of powerful cultivators assisting them, everyone knew that "The Nine Prefectures are in a perilous position and I want to live".

It made sense.

Therefore, even though the Demon Area had been massacred and all the sects in the martial world had been turned upside down, the influential forces of those sects had never shown themselves.

Since it was a matter of the martial arts world, there was a need for it. No one wanted to be involved in this mess.

However, the Nine Prefectures' current situation did not last long before it was disrupted by a new sect.

And this new sect, was the Pixia Palace!

Fifteen years ago, the Pixia Palace was born into the Blue Moon Valley, and in a short ten years time, it quickly grew. Now, it had already surpassed the Caiwei Valley s and Castle of Heroes s of the two great sects, standing side by side with the top three sects, Yuxu Sect s and Tianji Pavilion s.

All of the female disciples of the Pixia Palace were dressed in bright red robes, looking extremely beautiful.

They entered and left using light muslin to cover their faces. It was extremely mysterious, and normal people were not allowed to peep.

As for the Lord of the Pixia Palace, the Holy Maiden and the nine lonely widows who were in charge of the three palaces and six gardens, they were all cold and proud peerless beauties that no one was able to catch a glimpse of.

Even so, the world still gave the title of the number one beauty in the world to the Pixia Palace's Mistress.

If one were to carefully investigate the reason, it would have to start from a few years ago, when Lord of the Pixia Palace led the Pixia Palace's female disciples to the Qing Xuan Courtyard. As a sect leader, she had to participate in the Great Dao Gate Conference.

She wore a white gauze dress, and under the astonished gazes of the crowd, she was escorted by more than a hundred female disciples into the Qing Xuan Yuan Courtyard like a star surrounding the moon.

Her entire being was refined and desolate. Even though she had a light veil covering her face, it couldn't stop her beautiful eyes that were filled with yearning for elegant and refined looks. It made the people of the world salivate and let their imaginations run wild.

However, even though her appearance was stunning, no one dared to take another look, nor did they dare to combine it with blasphemy and obscenity. This was because beneath her world-shocking appearance, there was a sense of majesty that they did not dare to look at.

She was both righteous and evil, her actions were strange, cruel and ruthless, making people unable to fathom her actions. Since the creation of the Pixia Palace, the number of people who died under her hands was even more numerous, among them were some of the most prominent big shots in certain sects.

Thus, to them, even if it was just a simple view of their backs, they would still be satisfied.

Compared to other sects, although the Pixia Palace was in the martial arts world, it was not in the martial world. The unwritten rules of the Dao were like paper to the Pixia Palace.

For the past few years, the Pixia Palace had not been as far away from the mortal world as the other sects.

In a short span of three years, the Pixia Palace had conquered 67 ancient cities such as Jin Yang, Jing Ning and the others, and established his own clan's power. This disrupted the calm and tranquility of the temple, turning it into the current state of the Nine Prefectures.

because of this, the's Mistress became a female emperor that was revered by everyone.

Right now, putting aside the tens of thousands of Pixia Palace's female disciples, just based on Lord of the Pixia Palace's current status, she already has control over millions of soldiers and tens of cities in the mortal world.

For her to be able to use such a short period of time to develop the Pixia Palace into such a huge power, the word "shocking" could only be used to describe it.

In terms of individual strength, the Lord of the Pixia Palace was comparable to the Yuxu Sect's Sect Leader Tian Ge, the Calan Temple's Sect Leader Zi Jing and the Tianji Pavilion's Sect Leader Yi Yangzi.

Three years ago, at the age of fifteen, she used the title of 'Female Emperor'.

The name "Ye Yin Palace".

Ranking, third in the top three, so he was one of the top five experts.

Therefore, whether it was the powers of the mortal world or the elites of the sects, it was normal for them to fear the female emperors.

If it wasn't for the fact that she feared her enormous power and terrifying strength, the title of evil woman would have long ago been crowned as the empress' crown.

After all, even though there were many members in the sect today, they were not in the same boat. As long as it did not involve them, no one would be willing to meddle in other people's business.

Because of this, over the past hundred years, all the great clans had guarded a region and lived in their own world.

This was also the reason why even though half of the XianZhou s had fallen into the hands of the Pixia Palace s, no one asked about it.

Pity the XianZhou King, she could only fight against the strong enemies alone, and could not find any external help!

During this period, people from the five sects tried to come to the Blue Moon Valley to discuss with the female emperor, hoping that she wouldn't interfere in the temple anymore and disrupt the structure of the mortal world. However, the female emperor simply couldn't listen to a single word of his.

This was because they knew that once they accidentally provoked this female Emperor, they would never see tomorrow's sun again.

Therefore, the Five Great Sects and the Feudal Lords were all in a spectating state because they were afraid of the power of the female Emperor.

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