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C25 Gambling(2)


Seeing two shabbily dressed young men walking towards the gambling den, the attendant who was standing at the entrance of the gambling den glared at them. He took two steps forward and held out his hand to stop them, "This is a gambling den, not a good hall. If you have nothing else to do, please leave!"

Good hall?

Shang Zifeng glanced at Shang Ziyu, then at his own attire, and could not help but feel hurt, this guy is not going to treat us two brothers as nothing!

Shang Zifeng frowned, everyone always say that when people look at people with their nose, it seems like the rumors were true, even this servant had his butt towards the sky, being so arrogant and unrestrained, thinking that the boss of this gambling den, could be such an arrogant and conceited person!

Shang Zifeng glanced at the servant unhappily, and said: "I know this is not a good hall, and even if this is a good hall, we are not beggars. Furthermore, we want to enter the gambling den! "

"Oh, you're still young and yet you have the courage to speak!" If I'm not wrong, you are not yet a weakling, are you? And the guy beside you, I'm afraid he just started dancing with you! "

The servant pointed at Shang Ziyu, who was beside Shang Zifeng, and spoke with a tone of unavoidable contempt.

The age of the dancing spoon was between thirteen to fifteen years old, and Shang Ziyu just so happened to be thirteen years old.

However, in Shang Ziyu's eyes, the scornful gaze of the servant was incredibly glaring.

He was really shot while lying down. He didn't even say anything before being naked in contempt!

"So what if you're young? Is there a rule that forbids people from entering casinos just because they're young?"

Shang Ziyu said unhappily.

"You only have a few strands of hair on you. Don't say that you don't look like rich people, even if you have money on you, this place isn't suitable for you!"

As he spoke, he took a step forward and poked Shang Ziyu on the forehead, and said rather disdainfully: "Hurry up and leave, don't hinder us from doing business. If we scare away the guests, even if we sell you all out, you won't be able to make up for our losses … "Ouch!"

Shang Zifeng raised his eyebrows, without saying a word, he kicked towards Xiao Se. With strength that came from nowhere, he actually kicked the attendant down to the ground.

You dare to bully my third brother? I'll have to go in there today!

"Third brother, let's go!"

Ignoring the servant that fell to the ground, Shang Zifeng pulled Shang Ziyu's arm and walked inside.

Shang Ziyu's forehead was covered in cold sweat. While his second brother was in Yi Yang, no one dared to stop him. However, this place was nothing like Yi Yang's.

Sure enough, as Shang Ziyu had expected, after the servant was flipped over by Shang Zifeng, his anger rose and with a call, he attracted a group of helpers who held sticks in their hands. They swarmed towards Shang Zifeng and his brother, and blocked their path.

"Brat, don't refuse a toast and eat a forfeit. If you still don't get out of here, don't blame me for being rude!"

the valet snapped, menacing.

From the bottom of his heart, the servant didn't want to bicker with these two brats. The boss had already declared that every single employee in the Jing Shu Casino would have to fulfill the "Three Intent".


He wouldn't take the initiative to hit others.

He didn't take the initiative to scold others.

He wouldn't take the initiative to lie.

Therefore, even though the servant suffered under Shang Zifeng's hand, he did not act like the others, and attacked the Shang Zifeng brothers in a flustered and exasperated manner the moment he met such a situation. Instead, he gave them a chance to leave as soon as possible.

Facing the aggressive gamblers from the gambling house, Shang Zifeng glanced around coldly and snorted: "Is this how you treat your guests? In broad daylight, in front of everyone's eyes, you people are actually bullying the young, opening the door to refuse to meet anyone. If this were to spread, I'm afraid it would harm the reputation of your Jing Shu Casino! "

"That's right. If you don't want to use the truth to bully the young, then hurry up and let us in!" Or … Or did you know that my second brother's gambling skills were superb and that he won all the money in your gambling house after he was let in, so you kept on stopping us? "

Although second brother's martial arts was mediocre, but his gambling skills were top-notch. It was not exaggerated to say that he was invincible throughout Yi Yang, so Shang Ziyu was not worried at all.

Otherwise, with Shang Ziyu's cautious and fearful personality, he would have stopped him long ago. Why would he follow him into the gambling den?

Shang Ziyu started to coax his, making his voice sound even louder, so that everyone who passed by the gambling den would hear his. He did not believe that under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the people of the gambling den would face their brother in front of them.

Shang Ziyu's shout had successfully drawn the attention of the passersby, and at that time, the sound of discussions could be heard, but the focus of the discussions was beyond Shang Ziyu's expectations.

"Mother, look at that brother, he doesn't look much older than me. Even he can enter the gambling den. Will I be able to enter the gambling den when I reach his age?"

A young boy who looked to be around four or five years old pointed at Shang Ziyu and spoke to the middle-aged woman beside him in a childish voice.

"Stinking brat, no matter what you learn, you still have to learn to gamble!" In the future, if you were like those two big brothers and went into the gambling den to rob, your mother would sell you out and never want you again! Furthermore, this gambling den is not like the others. For commoners like us, it is better not to enter too much.

The middle-aged woman said angrily, while looking at the two brothers from time to time, her gaze towards them was as disdainful as it could be.

"Mother, don't be angry. Your baby remembers. Your baby is just spouting nonsense. Don't mention it in the future!" "Ah!"

The little boy grabbed his mother's arm and shook it left and right, pulling on his tender voice as he struggled to act like a spoiled child, afraid that his mother would sell him out if she was unhappy.

"Your baby is good, your mother isn't angry. As long as your baby knows what to do and what not to do, your mother will be happy!"

"Thank you, mother!"

Seeing that his mother was no longer angry, the little boy smiled, took his mother's arm and left. Before he left, he did not forget to give the two brothers Shang Zifeng a look, "Hmph! Bad kid paper, this baby won't be like you guys in the future! "

The mother and son duo's short conversation made Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu's ears redden for a long time. Especially Shang Zifeng, who glared fiercely at Shang Ziyu, as if to say: It's all your fault, you shouted so loudly, knowing that we would be looked down upon if we entered a casino at our age, just in case others didn't know that you were going to gamble here.

It's great now, you attracted so much attention, and now you're being looked down upon by children. Do you think you're losing face?

Now you don't dare to say anything!

Have you felt better?


Shang Ziyu lowered his head in grievance, the reason why I did all this was for you, second brother, to be despised by others now, it's not my fault!

The boy grinned and said, "Kid, now you know what I'm saying. It's not just me, everyone else is saying the same thing. If you're smart, then quickly leave. This place is not suitable for you!"

Shang Zifeng gritted his teeth as he looked at the servant. If he was not forced into a corner, he would not have wasted his time in the gambling house, and now he only wanted to become a disciple quickly so that he could improve his own strength. Then, he could roam the world with his third brother.

He was in a hurry to carry it out, how could he have the time to chat with others here!


The more they don't want me to go in, the more I want to go in!

"Shang Ziyu!"

"Ah, ah?"

Shang Zifeng facepalmed, and gave his third brother a wink, indicating him to rush in.

"Second brother, what's wrong with your eyes?"

Shang Ziyu was puzzled once again. Why was his second brother blinking his eyes, was there a problem?

"Use your instantaneous six steps, carry me in —"

Shang Zifeng was going crazy.

Third brother, are you a retard?

Was there a need for him to be so direct?

Only then did Shang Ziyu understand. He looked at the startled expressions of the servants and the servants and laughed uncontrollably in his heart. Second brother's expression was too stupid.

Shang Ziyu took a deep breath, and made a seal with his foot. With a swoosh, a gale wind blew past, ah, no, it should be an afterimage that flashed past, causing Shang Zifeng to mysteriously disappear into it.

I six, I six, I six six!

Shang Ziyu muttered in his heart as he ran!

instantaneous six steps, four steps for an instant, two steps for a shadow, the steps were strange, in a blink of an eye it was ever-changing, and its speed was extremely fast, making it hard for people to find it!

The blurry shadow passed through the servant's encirclement, and quickly headed towards the gambling den. By the time the servant managed to react, Shang Zifeng and his brother Shang Zifeng were already in the hall.

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