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C26 Gambling(3)

There was no doubt that the Jing Shu Casino was the biggest gambling den in the entire Wangjiang City, even in the entire Nine Prefectures.

Rather than calling it a gambling den, it would be more accurate to call it a luxurious pavilion. It seemed to contain all the characteristics of a teahouse, restaurant, or gambling den.

The interior was decorated with resplendent gold and jade. It was extremely luxurious, comparable to a king's palace.

Although this place was packed with people and bustling with noise and excitement, it was not like the usual gambling den. It was a place filled with miasma, disorder, and noise. There were disputes everywhere.

On the contrary, everything seemed to be in an orderly fashion, as if they had entered a place filled with the scent of books.

Elegant gambling tables were regularly set up. Everyone was gentle and elegant, their moral character thick and brilliant. They wouldn't make a ruckus over losing money, and they wouldn't brag about having won money.

On the contrary, each and every one of them acted in a proper manner. They stood by the side and watched in silence, not losing out in the slightest to the elegance of a noble family.

Blue and white flowers reflected the sun, the carved sandalwood, jade Yu Qionghua hanging high ceiling, the pearl curtain curtains window, dreamily around the zither music companion, red lights and green intoxicated.

At a glance, the enormous Jade Jade Immortal Restaurant seemed to be able to hold over a thousand people. Every floor was decorated with hanging curtains and curtains, and countless exquisite ceramics were placed everywhere with beautiful decorations.

The peonies were arranged in a row, pointing to the sky as they bloomed. Fragrance lingered everywhere, filling the entire space.

It could be seen that those who came here, not only were they from noble families, they were also from wealthy families. They were all cultivated princes and young ladies of noble families.

Of course, the noble ladies would not gamble. They all gathered at the second floor teahouse. With the help of their respective maids, they listened to the beautiful zither music and quietly sipped their tea, enjoying the nostalgia that the aroma of the tea brought to them.

Here, all kinds of delicious foods could be found. There was nothing that you couldn't think of, and although the dishes were beautiful, they were very expensive.

As such, those who were able to enjoy delicacies here were not the richest individuals in the city, but were considered to be extremely wealthy.

As for the fourth floor, it was not as lively as the first three floors. However, it was empty and strangely deserted.

However, this kind of desolation did not seem like it was real.

In the hall on the first floor, almost half of the people's gazes were on the fourth floor at the same time.

Scorching gazes of admiration and admiration shot out a blinding brilliance, lighting up the fourth floor.

Where everyone's gaze met, there was a purple curtain woven from a curtain as the zither music slowly flowed out from within the purple curtain. Ripples spread out in all directions, and the sound waves were gentle and graceful, like noble water flowing, gurgling and bewitching, like the music of heaven.

Through the purple curtain, the silhouette of a woman could be seen.

Her waist was like a thin willow, and her shoulders were as if they had been chopped. She had a sweet smile and looked forward to it.

She tidied up her makeup and sat down gracefully, with the scent of incense wafting from one side and curling around the drapes.

The woman's slender jade fingers moved unhurriedly on the strings of the zither.

His fingertip flapped gently, the zither music was high, and as his fingertip slightly moved, the zither music didn't seem out of the blue. It seeped through with tiny streams of water, captivating one's heart!

Her movements were fresh and elegant, like a little bird. Although there was a veil and a purple curtain covering her body, it was still unable to cover her beauty that could overturn the world.

Just a single glance was enough to make it difficult for someone to leave her body, even if it was just a shadow … In actuality, most of the young masters who came here were here for her. Many of them were willing to spend a fortune in one go, and even went all out to gamble here for the sake of being a beauty.

The world did not know her name, nor did they know her identity. The only things that were engraved into their hearts were her ethereal figure and her peerless grace.

Thus, everyone gave her an extremely wonderful title. It was Fairy Qin.

From the start of the competition to now, although the Jing Shu Casino had only been open for two years, its business had been flourishing, and as long as the Jing Shu Casino was around, the other gambling houses had lost to it. Even the teahouses and restaurants, because of its existence, had their business plummeted.

Everyone knew that her beauty was something that only ordinary people could see. Even if they had the fortune to see it, they would still say whether they would be able to live to see it or not. Thus, all the men placed their strong hopes for the female emperor onto her, not for anything else but because the zither fairy's figure was too similar to the female emperor in the legends!

But even so, no one would connect her to the female emperor!

For example, why would the famous and famous female emperor of the Pixia Palace come to the gambling den to perform for the common people?

They wouldn't believe it even if they were beaten to death!

With regards to this beauty, the Jing Shu Casino had a rule. As long as someone could play the zither music that could control her rhythm, she would invite that person in and share a cup with him.

But before that, he had to first pay 5000 silver taels. This was because only then would he have the chance to compete with Fairy Qin.

Actually, this could also be considered a gamble. However, the things gambled on were slightly more refined than the others.

As we all know, rhythm is the soul of rhythm. Perfect rhythm is reflected by the balance of speed. Under the premise of full relaxation of mind and body, the pulse and blood circulation of the human body are essential to the rhythm of rhythm, speed, and the influence of strength.

When two or more people played the zither at the same time and competed in zither arts, the zither music and the zither music would often be dominated by mental experts. In other words, in a battle between two powerhouses, a slight frown would cause the zither music to obstruct, break the rhythm, and then lose.

However, to their disappointment, there were countless geniuses from the Nine Regions who came here, and there were even more that could make the heavenly music sound. However, none of them were able to win the skill of the zither, allowing her to walk out of the purple curtain.

As long as they increased the speed of the zither, Fairy Zither would crush them like ten thousand horses galloping, and possess an imposing manner.

Once they slowed down their tempo, the zither fairy would be even slower than them. She would be like a small bridge with flowing water, gentle and pleasant.

In short, no matter how much they changed, they were unable to shake Fairy Qin in the slightest.

The string hadn't broken yet and the sound hadn't stopped yet. As long as she didn't stop by herself, no one would be able to interrupt Fairy Qin's zither music.

Thus, until now, no one had seen Fairy Qin come out, much less see her true appearance. All they saw were strands of a gentle and moving zither music that originated from her hands.

There had once been many reckless and powerful people who wanted to rush into the curtain and hold her by the waist so that they could kiss her well.

However, before they could even get within half a step of the curtain, they were blocked by a large amount of true energy. Even if several experts were fighting with all their might, they would still not be able to break through the curtain.

It was because those who had entered did not exit. It was not because they did not want to leave the world they lived in. Rather, it was because they had lost their lives.

Ever since then, no matter who it was, no one dared to cause trouble in the Jing Shu Casino, or challenge the rules here.

Everyone was immersed in the zither music of Fairy Qin's zither, relaxed and at ease. At this time, a gust of profound wind suddenly blew in from outside the door, causing two porcelain bottles that were as tall as a person to overturn on the ground.

With a 'shatter', the porcelain bottle shattered, breaking the tranquility of this place.

When everyone saw the situation clearly, there was complete silence. For a time, everyone raised their eyes and gasped. Even the gamblers couldn't help but stop the dice cup in their hands and petrify on the spot.

Who were these two deities to dare to come here and ruin everything? Were they tired of living?

Judging from their clothing, they didn't look like the princes of a large family, but rather two little beggars!

Putting aside the stains on his face, his clothes were tattered. There were at least seven or eight holes on his clothes, as if he had jumped out from a bath!

The instigators, Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu, were calmly standing in the middle of the crowd, not understanding the situation.

Ever since they came in, they had actually ignored the expressions of everyone. It was just because the interior of the hall was too dazzling that it inadvertently attracted the gazes of the two brothers.

The more Shang Zifeng saw, the more shocked he became. The more he looked, the more speechless he became.

Here... Was it really a gambling den?

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