Smiling slightly, Shang Zifeng didn't mind. He dragged the treasured sword into his palm and swept his gaze over it. Then, he mocked: "Don't misunderstand, I'm just taking out my chips. Look at how scared you are!"

Then, Shang Zifeng raised his eyebrows and chuckled at Bing Chan: "Little girl, look! What do you think about this sword? Do you think it's enough? "

Small... Small... Little girl?




He actually called her Little Girl Owner?

Was there a sky ditch in this brat's head?

Didn't he know that with these words, he wouldn't be far from death?

In a split-second, the entire audience once again burst into an uproar. Like a bolt of lightning, they fiercely hacked down on the crowd's heads, turning them into wooden stakes.

Especially the woman who was quietly sitting under the curtain on the fourth floor; her eyebrows were raised.

The maid at the side did not notice the slight change in her master's expression. Instead, she lowered her head with her brows and puffed up her cheeks. Her lips were pursed into a smile, and her expression was one of pain, as if she was about to suffocate and suffer internal injuries.

The fourth floor was very far from the hall. Although Shang Zifeng was the only person speaking and his voice was not small, it was impossible for everyone to hear him clearly. And, they could hear him clearly.

Shang Ziyu's mouth twitched. He slapped his forehead and sighed: "Second brother, second brother, if you want to tease a beautiful girl, you will also get points, right?"

This woman is clearly a tough nut to crack. You even dare to tease her, don't you think we've lived for too long?

Shang Ziyu had a bitter face as he sat on the ground.

It's over, it's all over. It seems that I have to report this to second brother today.

Father … Mother … Your child is unfilial, I can't take care of your family... Shang Ziyu's imagination ran wild. He even thought of the possible hundred ways they could die. All of these flashed through his mind.

He had to admire Shang Ziyu's imagination.

On Shang Zifeng, Bing Chan's cold face was called 'little girl'.

The moment she blurted out those words, there were finally some changes. However, the scene that everyone imagined did not happen. Bing Chan was still standing gracefully on the spot and did not intend to attack Shang Zifeng.

On the contrary, she caught a fascinating smile at the corner of her mouth.

In a split-second, everyone widened their eyes as they stared in disbelief at this cold beauty who looked like a thousand-year-old piece of ice.

Time seemed to stop at this moment. Everyone quietly looked at the resplendent ray of light that was as bright as the sun blossoming on her pretty face.

It warmed the hearts of all the passers-by.

This was the first time they had seen Bing Chan smile so coyly. Her smile contained no coldness, no killing intent, no ferocity, only pure brilliance.

The faint smile on his lips seemed to be embedded there.

A smile that could topple a city, then a smile that could topple a country, this smile was so beautiful, so magnificent.

However, in the eyes of those who were familiar with her, the cold wind was bone-piercing. They were not used to it. It was clearly a hot summer day, but they couldn't help but shiver … This sword can do, but … "

"But what?"

Bing Chan's indifferent tone made Shang Zifeng feel relieved. As long as it could be pawned, money wouldn't come. However, Bing Chan's next sentence broke Shang Zifeng's beautiful dream.

Bing Chan raised her hand and pointed at the shattered porcelain bottles on the ground, "However, when you came in just now, you broke two of my Jing Shu Casino's porcelain bottles. Bing Chan pointed at the shattered porcelain bottles on the ground," However, when you came in, you broke two of my Jing Shu Casino's porcelain bottles.

The "Young Master" that Bing Chan spoke of.

The two words were like a sharp blade, fiercely stabbing into Shang Zifeng's chest. It sounded so ear-piercing and uncomfortable!

Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu looked at each other and sucked in a breath of cold air. Just now, they were only concerned with getting rid of those thugs, but they ignored the destructive power of the instantaneous six steps. To actually destroy these two expensive pieces of porcelain, what was going on?

They did not doubt Bing Chan's words. After all, with her status, there was no way she could lie in front of so many people!

After exchanging a glance with his third brother, Shang Zifeng raised his head and met Bing Chan's gaze. Wiping away all the misgivings, he cupped his hands and seriously said: "I can use this sword as a collateral, and after I win the money, I will make a claim based on the price of those two porcelain bottles. I wonder what you think?"


Now that he knew he was called a girl, this brat knew how to seize the opportunity!

Bing Chan slightly curled her lips, raised the middle finger of her right hand, waved it in front of Shang Zifeng, smiled and said, "One yard for one yard, since you destroyed my porcelain and you can't take out anything valuable, then this treasured sword will naturally belong to me, as compensation for those two porcelain bottles!"

Saying that, Bing Chan took the treasured sword from Shang Zifeng's hand, and carefully caressed the blade of the treasured sword with her slender fingers, smiling sweetly: "Since this treasured sword has become my thing, how can I let you use it as your bargaining chip? If that's the case, then wouldn't I suffer a huge loss!? "

"You …"

Shang Zifeng was anxious. This little girl was really hard to deal with. Right now, he was like a puppet. He was led by her nose and didn't have any initiative.

Just by looking at this woman's appearance, demeanor, and the respectful attitude of those who treated her well, one could tell that she wasn't as simple as she seemed on the surface.

From the aura she gave off just now, Shang Zifeng was sure that this girl must have possessed peerless martial arts. That kind of pressure, if it wasn't for the fact that she had peerless martial arts, it would be impossible for her to have it!

With their standards, they were more than enough to deal with the disciples of the reincarnation hall.

Moreover, at that time, Shang Zifeng had the help of a talisman, but now there was nothing left.

If they were to fight, it wouldn't be easy for him to escape safely with just his third brother.


Right now, he could only take things one step at a time. He might as well see what this girl had in mind!

If they were forced to do so, the brothers would have nothing to say. They could only fight against the wind and try their best to survive. At worst, they would just die, which was much better than waiting for death to come!

Shang Zifeng frowned and continued, "In addition to the treasured sword, I also have a golden scroll. Judging from the material of this scroll, it should be worth 100 taels of silver. If possible, I can use this as a bargaining chip!"

"One hundred silver taels might not be enough. Jing Shu Casino's lowest bet is at least a thousand silver taels, but …"

As she spoke, Bing Chan spread out her right palm. "You can show it to me and let me have a look at it. I will decide on it after I have determined its true value!"

"Alright, it's not impossible for me to let you take a look!"

Shang Zifeng took out the scroll painting and handed it to Bing Chan.

The moment Bing Chan saw the scroll, her eyes turned cold. A terrifying aura burst forth from her body, causing everyone within fifty feet to step back unconsciously. Cold sweat the size of pearls broke out on their foreheads.

The sleeves of Bing Chan's black hair fluttered even though there was no wind. Waves of air condensed within her body as she eagerly tried to find a place to vent her feelings.

No one would doubt that as long as she used any of her strength, everything here would disappear in an instant!

What a strong woman!

How could Owner, a mere gambling den, look down upon such a woman?

Shang Zifeng was questioning her true identity more and more.

While she was still in shock, Bing Chan had already taken the painting.

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