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C29 Gambling(6)

After receiving the scroll, Bing Chan did not immediately open up the scroll. Instead, she turned around and looked at Shang Zifeng, her sharp eyes staring straight into his eyes, as if she wanted to see through everything that Shang Zifeng had done.

It was as if, if Shang Zifeng dared to do anything against his will, she would kill him on the spot without any hesitation.

"Where did you get this scroll?"

Bing Chan's ice-cold voice transmitted over once again.

Shang Zifeng could feel that there seemed to be an indescribable coldness surging up to the back of his neck.

He took a deep breath and pretended to be calm as he said, "You don't need to worry where I got this. You only need to tell me, is this still not okay?"

Shang Zifeng and Bing Chan looked at each other, the surrounding area was completely surrounded by the Jing Shu Casino thugs, preventing most of them from seeing the outside. As a result, they could only hear the conversation between Bing Chan and Bing Chan, but not the picture scroll.

Hearing Bing Chan's agitated tone, the surrounding people started discussing.

They truly did not know what kind of painting it was that would cause the calm and tranquil and calm Owner Jing Shu to behave in such a manner.

Bing Chan ignored the astonishment of the crowd and put away the scroll painting in an extremely secretive manner. Then, she took a step forward and entered a bit closer to Shang Zifeng.

She closed her beautiful eyes for a moment. When she opened them again, the ripples in her eyes had disappeared, and she had regained her usual calmness.

She said indifferently: "Jing Shu Casino has a rule: you can't gamble here unless you have money! In other words, no matter how precious your painting scroll is, you cannot use it as a bargaining chip! "

Shang Zifeng was startled when he heard Bing Chan's words. Since you can't use it as a bargaining chip, then what does it mean for you to keep the painting?

However, thinking back to how terrifying this girl was, Shang Zifeng did not dare pursue the matter any further. He did not know where he obtained the painting from, but it was already good enough to use it as a bargaining chip.

After all, it didn't matter if there was one more or one less.

The moment he flipped open the scroll yesterday, he was shocked to find that the scroll was very strange. If he kept it by his side, it would plant a barrier sooner or later.

"Since lady likes this scroll, then I will use this scroll as a bargaining chip. Whether I win or lose, I will not redeem this scroll. I wonder what you think?"

Shang Zifeng said in a rational and logical manner. Hearing Shang Ziyu's words, his face turned black, why did Second Brother's tone sound so weird … Bing Chan pursed his lips lightly, his beautiful eyes staring at Shang Zifeng without blinking, as if he was considering something. After a while, he said: "Actually, the rules are also set by humans. Today, I can make an exception for you and allow you to make a bet using this scroll. As for the value of this painting, as you have said, it is worth at most a hundred silver taels, which is completely inconsistent with the rules of this place.

"What chips do you need? Please tell me."

On the surface, Shang Zifeng seemed calm and composed, neither humble nor arrogant, but in his heart, he had already paid his respects to all eighteen generations of Bing Chan's ancestors.

Just by looking at the way she looked at the scroll, Shang Zifeng dared to conclude that the scroll painting was definitely worth more than that. Otherwise, with her status, how could he have such feelings for it?

All in all, there must be no hidden good intentions behind this girl's request!

Just as he was thinking about it, he heard Bing Chan say, "Bao Tong, go and get two new indenture contracts!"

He was only twenty-five or twenty-six years old, and his entire body was filled with the aura of a ruffian, yet he did not lose his sense of responsibility. From his conversation with the Shang Zifeng brothers just now, it could be seen that he was not someone who bullied the weak and acted unfairly.

"Ah, ah? Sell... "Body contract?"

Bao Tong was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped. Could it be that Owner wanted to let these two brats enter the Jing Shu Casino?

What kind of place was the Jing Shu Casino?

Its fame was not limited to just the Wangjiang City. If one were to say that the Wangjiang City was the number one city in the world, then the number one market in the world would undoubtedly be the Jing Shu Casino!

Selling one's body didn't sound like much, but Jing Shu Casino's indenture contract was completely different!

Being able to sell himself in the Jing Shu Casino was equivalent to picking up a golden rice bowl. Forget about the high salary, there were also various benefits. Most importantly, no matter who it was, as long as they saw someone from the Jing Shu Casino, even if they were an outsider, they would be respectful to that person.

From this, it could be seen how important Jing Shu Casino was in the hearts of the people.

In the past, there were countless people who came to Jing Shu Casino to apply, but there were only a handful who were able to enter the Jing Shu Casino.

It not only depends on who you are, but it also requires you to be very meticulous about the details of your past life. It is very strict, and even if you came here to be a small boy, you still have to go through all sorts of methods before being appointed.

For mediocre people, they could not even step past the threshold of the Jing Shu Casino, much less work inside there. But now, the Owner actually wanted to take them as her subordinates, it was really hard for Bao Tong to understand, what kind of virtue or ability did these two people have to be able to enter the Owner's eyes?

It seems like people are really different. Back then, if I wasn't … Sigh … Bao Tong shook his head and sighed, at the same time, he turned around and went to get the indenture contract.

Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu looked at each other, both could see that there was something fishy going on, this woman's thoughts were indeed not simple, it seemed like wanting to retreat safely today would be difficult.

Second brother, I told you to call her a little girl. Now, she's depending on you and directly forcing you to sell yourself. Even I was implicated by you!

Shang Ziyu continuously muttered in his heart as he started to recite.

Shang Zifeng seemed to have seen through his third brother's thoughts. He curled his lips, as if saying, who would have thought that this girl was someone who wouldn't puke on people's bones. If he knew earlier, he would have reluctantly called her big sister.


It seemed like he really did hit a hornet's nest, but he could not be blamed. Who told this gambling house to be the only one in Wangjiang City?

Shang Zifeng secretly shook his head, he was truly unlucky to be away!

However, thinking about it, this was a gamble, not a martial arts competition. As long as he won the gamble, she would go back on her word. When the time came, he would be able to retreat unscathed!

Shang Zifeng was very confident in his gambling skills. Who was he, he was Yi Yang's number one gambling expert!

All the money that he had spent in the past, he had won from the gambling houses. Thinking about his past glorious achievements, Shang Zifeng's eyes narrowed into crescent moons.

Thinking back to before, there used to be seven gambling houses in Yiyang City, in the end, there was only one left.

Why was there only one left?

That was because the other six families had all been defeated by him — Shang Zifeng, the second young master of the Shang family!

Thinking about the boss of the last gambling house, the moment he saw Shang Zifeng appearing at the entrance of his gambling house, he would immediately kneel down and beg for his life, saying that he still needed to rely on the gambling house to support a family of old and young. Shang Zifeng felt that he was too pitiful, and had no other choice but to put away his wushen gold and gamble.

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