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C30 Gambling(7)

Shang Zifeng did not lack money to begin with, he only gambled to pass the time. But who would have thought that the moment he made a move, he would become the one asking for defeat, he would just kill one whenever he sees someone, and in the end, he would not be interested at all!

Who told people at the peak to be so lonely?

It was terrifying to lose an opponent!

So now, no matter what kind of price Bing Chan offered, Shang Zifeng was not afraid. In his eyes, all the bets were uniform, he had already mastered all of the gambling techniques to perfection.

In any case, he was a gambler from the casino. If he wanted him to lose, the only way was for the deities to personally come!

Not long after, Bao Tong came back with the indenture contract. After handing it to Bing Chan, he stood aside obediently.

Bing Chan took the indenture contract and looked at it. Then, she put the two indentations together neatly and said to Shang Zifeng: "As long as you sign on this, it will conform to our rules here! "If you win, this indenture contract will return to you. If you lose …"

Bing Chan laughed coldly, her beautiful eyes stared straight at Shang Zifeng, as she enunciated word by word: "Stay, be my slave!"

To be my slave, I had to bite the words even more, that kind of cold tone, made people's hair stand on end, it suddenly caused Shang Ziyu to shiver, his right hand unconsciously grabbed onto second brother's left arm, and lightly trembled, as a sign of his fear.

Lightly patting the back of his third brother's hand, Shang Zifeng gave him a comforting look.

As far as he was concerned, so long as it wasn't a martial competition, what was there to fear?

He raised his eyebrows, took a step forward, and met Bing Chan's gaze. "It's a deal!"

Bing Chan raised her sleeves and looked at Bao Tong. Bao Tong understood, and immediately dispersed the crowd of spectators, cleaning up the place.

After Shang Zifeng and his brother signed their names, the scene had already been cleaned up. Everyone was isolated thirty steps away, and at that time, a huge table surprisingly appeared in front of Shang Zifeng.

"Bao Tong!"

"Yes, Owner!"

Bao Tong cupped his hands and waited.

"Go and gamble with him. Remember, you can only win, you're not allowed …"

It seemed that Owner still thought highly of him. Every time there was a big scene, Owner would always send him to take charge.

Without giving it much thought, he immediately answered with a sonorous and forceful tone, "Don't worry Owner, this humble one will definitely not lose!"


After saying that, Bing Chan did not say anymore.

She gracefully turned around and gracefully sat on a chair to the side as she continued sipping her tea.

Seeing Little Si, who was outside just now, walking in his direction, Shang Zifeng widened his eyes in disbelief as he floated between Bing Chan and Bao Tong.

He really didn't know why this girl had sent a gatekeeper to gamble with him. Wasn't he looking down on her too much?

Bao Tong seemed to have seen through Shang Zifeng's thoughts, and so he raised his eyebrows in disdain. He glanced at Shang Zifeng and said: "Brat, the fact that Owner sent me to gamble with you, is because she thinks highly of you! "If an ordinary person wanted to gamble with me, I'd be too lazy to even pay attention to him if he doesn't bring ten thousand silver taels!"

In Bao Tong's eyes, Shang Zifeng was definitely going to lose.

Since he had lost, then he would definitely work with him in the future. Since he would work with him in the future, then he definitely couldn't make things too difficult for him.

If the disturbance was too severe, then the Owner would not be able to account for it, right?

Therefore, Bao Tong did not continue to insult Shang Zifeng. If not, with his temper, it would not be over even if he did not insult Shang Zifeng's entire clan.

However, he still felt indignant in his heart.

Why would they directly enter the Jing Shu Casino to work the moment they arrived? As for himself, he had to spend a lot of money and walk through the back door before being able to enter. If not for his high gambling skills, he probably would not even be worthy in the eyes of the Owner.

Shang Zifeng was furious, no matter what, he was invincible in this gamble, but to be looked down upon by a mere gatekeeper!

What he didn't know was that he was the one who looked down on the other party first, while he was the one who shamelessly complained.

The most shameless person in the world, was none other than Shang Zifeng, what could he do!

However, this was also good. The more he didn't take himself seriously, the greater his chances of winning would be. At that time, he would be able to earn enough money to continue on his journey.

Shang Zifeng straightened his back and raised his head to ask Bao Tong: "How do you want to compete, tell me!"

Bao Tong did not reply, and turned to look at Bing Chan.

Bing Chan lightly sipped a mouthful of tea and lightly said: "Three rounds two wins, comparing the size!"

Comparing sizes?

It was actually a competition of sizes!

Shang Zifeng was overjoyed. Comparing size was his ultimate skill. Today, he would let them experience what it meant to truly compare size.

In Shang Zifeng's dictionary, there was no such thing as humility.

To him, modesty was a form of hypocrisy, so he was never humble.

Whether it was people or things, he would face them with the truest of faces.

After Bao Tong received the order, he walked forward first and stood on the Zhuang family's seat. Then, he held up the dice cup and placed it onto the three dice.

"Who do you think will win?"

"Needless to say? It must be Bao Tong's big boss who is going to win! "

"It is said that in the entire history of Bao Tong's gambling house, it was extremely rare for him to lose, and his strength is only second to … "Ugh …" "You know …"

"Indeed, it seems like this kid will definitely lose!"

"I think so, look at that brat's ragged clothes, there are two holes on his butt, he's even more beggar than a beggar, I really don't know why Owner agreed to his request, and made him gamble here! The most infuriating thing is that the Owner actually allowed them to sign the indenture contract, even if they lost, the two brothers would benefit greatly from it! "

"Humph!" This young master has come here several times to apply for the position, but was rejected by the Owner. I really don't know how could I be inferior to these two little beggars.

For a time, all sorts of emotions rose and fell as everyone was discussing in whispers, raising the atmosphere to the extreme.

Although these voices were soft, they still reached Shang Zifeng's ears. It was also at this moment that Shang Zifeng realized, Bao Tong was actually Jing Shu Casino's head manager!

Who would have thought that a dignified head storekeeper would actually string up a guard? How could he possibly have imagined this?

Judging from everyone's tone, this head manager seemed to be quite formidable. It seemed that he had no choice but to be more cautious. He had to be careful when facing him!

Thinking of this, Shang Zifeng could not help but take a few more glances at Bao Tong.

Bao Tong's height could not be considered tall, with a medium build, his appearance was considered average, but after careful observation, it was not difficult to discover a sense of nobility between his brows.

He had always been an aloof and domineering type of person to the others, and only when facing Bing Chan did he reveal his lousy side.

Shang Zifeng could not help but exclaim, no one could compare to Bing Chan's ability to control people.

Keeping his state of mind, Shang Zifeng's expression became more serious. He curled his lips, and revealed a sly smile, "Since it's a bet, how can the three dice compare?"

Shang Zifeng walked over indifferently and stood in front of Bao Tong. They looked at each other, like little adults.

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