"Kid, what do you mean?"

Bao Tong was surprised. Since ancient times, the number of dice was always higher than three dice. Could it be that this kid knew that his gambling skill was inferior and wanted to shake the dice with him?

Bao Tong wasn't the only one who had the same doubts. Hearing Shang Zifeng's words, the entire crowd went into an uproar. In an instant, all sorts of gazes of disdain, contempt, and mockery shot towards Shang Zifeng.

"What in the world is this kid trying to do? Comparing their sizes, they aren't even as big as three dices. Could they be bigger than a dice?"

"You really didn't say it, but I'm sure you've said it wrong. What if that brat wants to compare the number of points on the two dice?"

At this moment, a mocking voice was heard.

"You guys are wrong. In my opinion, he probably wants to compare the size of the dice with the head storekeeper! "Hahahahahaha!"

"..." People who originally didn't think much of Shang Zifeng, but now they didn't think much of him either. This kid was simply too strange, he made a fool of himself before even starting the gamble. After the gamble, there was no telling what would happen!

Shang Zifeng did not think much of it. After he glanced around indifferently, his gaze landed on Bao Tong's face that did not smile at all. He stared at him and leisurely said, "My meaning is very clear. Do you not understand, head storekeeper?"

Shang Zifeng curled his lips, then continued, "Actually, what I mean is, three dice aren't even enough for me to shake."

His words once again stirred up a hubbub. This time, the hubbub was no longer one of ridicule and disdain. It was one of shock and utter shock!

If this brat said that three dices were not enough for him to shake, then wouldn't that mean that four, five, or even six dice were enough for him to shake?!

This was the biggest joke in the world!

First, let's not talk about whether he could shake out the leopard and whether he could shake it up.

Even Bing Chan, who was sitting on the seat of honor, couldn't help but twitch her eyebrows. She was also wondering if this kid was speaking crazy things, or if he really was speaking the truth.

Since ancient times, the ancestors had set a rule that no matter the craftsmanship or the weight of the dice, every point and every point was strictly checked.

In other words, the dimensions and quality of the dice and dice cup were all determined by the same standard, and the experts of gambling techniques also used strength, sound, and speed to determine the size of the dice points. If there was one more die, or even one less die, all of the strength and sound would be greatly different.

It could be said that a slight mistake could result in a complete loss.

In the lobby, only Shang Ziyu knew what his second brother was capable of, so when he heard his second brother's words, he wasn't too surprised. Instead, he stood calmly on the side and glanced around at the self-deprecating people.

This bunch of idiots, just you wait and see. In a while, my second brother will show you what a comparison in size is!

Bao Tong's mouth twitched, he could clearly feel the sincere determination in Shang Zifeng's eyes, he knew that this kid was not joking. Bao Tong's mouth twitched, he could clearly feel the sincerity in Shang Zifeng's eyes, he knew that Shang Zifeng was not joking.

Truth be told, he had never tried out this method of playing before. However, with his many years of experience, he had some confidence.

"Good!" Then we'll add another die! "

As he said that, Bao Tong called for his servant to bring another die over. However, before he could greet them, Shang Zifeng had already raised his hand and interrupted him.

"What's the matter with you again?"

Bao Tong said impatiently.

"One is not enough!"

Shang Zifeng waved the index finger of his right hand in front of Bao Tong.

"Then let's add two more. Six should be fine, right?"

"Not enough, not enough!"

Shang Zifeng waved his index finger again, showing a playful expression.


Is six not enough?


"Brat, you're messing with me!"

Bao Tong pointed at Shang Zifeng, his eyes fierce. When had he ever suffered such contempt? Had it not been for Owner's presence, he would have had Shang Zifeng and his sister crippled.

"Head storekeeper, since we're going to gamble, we have to get the agreement of both sides before we can proceed with the gamble, isn't that right?"

Shang Zifeng asked.

Bao Tong stared at him coldly and spat out impatiently, "That's right!"

"That being the case, that's good!"

Shang Zifeng nodded his head and smiled. He said word by word to Bao Tong, "Then I will add nine more. Only then will we have a chance to play. What does head storekeeper think?"

and then add nine of them in order to get a chance to play... You can only play with nine pills... Only then can I have fun... Play... Play... This voice lingered in the hall for a long time, unwilling to go away. It was like the raging waves of the ocean slapping down on the cheeks of everyone present, causing the sound of air being sucked out to become a continuous stream.

They didn't hear wrongly, right? This brat actually said that adding nine dice, wouldn't adding nine would make it three plus three plus nine … Fifteen dice already?

Putting aside the fact that there were so many dice, even if they were placed in the dice cup and placed into it one by one, it would become a problem!

This was simply an impossible task!

No matter how calm Bao Tong was, he could not calm down. He slapped the table, pointed at Shang Zifeng and shouted again: "Say it again! How many are added? "

"Add 9 more, a total of 15 dices. That's the only way to play!" If the head storekeeper agrees, then let's begin! "

Shang Zifeng sneered. He crossed his arms over his chest and tiptoed as if he was a hooligan. He didn't care about Bao Tong's reaction and only angered Wu Tie to the point that he almost vomited blood.

[This guy is really young and arrogant. He really doesn't put anyone in his eyes!]


Bing Chan put down the teacup in her hand and stared at Shang Zifeng. Her lips curved up in a sharp smile as she softly said, "Okay."

Then he ordered the servants, "Go and get him another twelve dice!"

The servant did as he was told, bringing over 12 dice and placing them beside Bao Tong. Then, he stepped back to the side.

Looking at so many dices, a trace of anger flashed past Bao Tong's eyes, along with a trace of helplessness. He never thought that there would be such a way to compete in terms of size, much less the day when he would be competing with someone with 15 dice points.

It was fine if he won today, but if he lost … No, he absolutely could not lose. No one could let him lose. He did not believe that Shang Zifeng could grasp the strength of 15 dices in one go!

Bao Tong said, "Kid, let's see if the competition is bigger or smaller. You can choose!"

Shang Zifeng smilingly said: "Fifteen dices, during the process of shaking the dice cup, no one can guarantee whether they will drop dice, the more dices there are left over, the more points they will have, so, if it's a competition, the larger the number of dices, the better it will be on behalf of the person, could it be that the number of dices is lower than the number of dices?"

"You …"

Bao Tong grunted, "Alright! Then let's compete in size! "Since I'm the one in charge, I won't let you down!"

With that, Bao Tong no longer paid attention to Shang Zifeng. He picked up the dice cup with one hand, drew a beautiful arc in the air, bringing along a little air wave, and with a few swipes, forcefully gathered the 15 dice into the dice cup, and then flipped, flipped, shook, and shook it again, dancing in the air.

The brilliance of its aura caused everyone to be dumbstruck.

In one breath, he sucked fifteen dices into the dice cup. If it wasn't for his outstanding technique, he would never have been able to do it.

However, before the sigh could fall to the ground, crackling sounds could be heard everywhere. Everyone could only watch as five dice slipped out of Bao Tong's dice cup and fell onto the table.

Bao Tong's eyes turned cold when he saw this. He seized the opportunity and seized it!

When he turned the dice cup upside down on the table, there were only ten dice left.

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