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C32 Gambling(9)

Bao Tong took a deep breath, his right hand tensed as he suddenly pulled up, removing the dice cup, revealing the neat rows of dice inside.

Ten dice, up and down two layers.

The six dice stood in three rows, each with five points. The top four dice stood facing each other, and each dice had six points, for a total of seventy-four points!

Although they had lost five dices, everyone was still shocked. To be able to shake ten dices in one breath while also shaking out seventy-four points was already a miracle. If they were to shake it, it was likely that they would have already lost it all long ago.

Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu watched on the side and could not help but exclaim in surprise. If not for the fact that Shang Zifeng had learnt the ability to roll multiple dice at once since he was young, he probably would not even be able to reach half of Bao Tong's level. Shang Zifeng was sincerely impressed by Bao Tong's ability to adapt quickly and his skillful gambling skills!

Looking at the numbers that were rolled out, Bao Tong exhaled, his heart was at ease, the following steps were not as easy to grasp, it was already considered a miracle to be able to shake out all five points, this was already much better than expected, he did not believe, that Shang Zifeng would be stronger than him in a while.

"How is it? Now it's your turn! "

Bao Tong chuckled three times. His expression was as if he was today's defending king.

Shang Zifeng didn't say a word, but placed the fifteen dice in a straight line.

Although his movements were slow, they could not be ignored.

Bing Chan's burning gaze unblinkingly sized Shang Zifeng up. Seeing Shang Zifeng's unhurried and calm expression, she didn't know why, but she felt that this brat had an indescribable sense of familiarity.

From the first time she saw him, she felt that they had met each other before, as if they had known each other for a long time. It was also because of this that Bing Chan displayed such an unusual attitude towards Shang Zifeng.

For a moment, Bing Chan's eyes were wide open, she did not notice the doubt in the eyes of the servant girl beside him.

What's wrong with Owner? From the moment the little beggar entered, Owner's gaze had never left him. Could it be that Owner … Thinking of this, even the little girl herself was startled. This couldn't be, how could this be? This was a bit too shocking!

Why would the Owner set her eyes on this brat!

Shang Zifeng did not notice the changes in the emotions of the people around him. He focused all of his attention on the dice on the table and the dice cup in his hands.


As a wave of air swept across the table, fifteen dice rolled up in succession the instant Shang Zifeng's hand brushed past them. Their speed was so fast that the trajectory of each of the dice rose up into afterimages.

His hand holding the dice cup was shaking non-stop. In the hall, it was quiet. The sound of the dice hitting the cup could be heard.

At the point where everyone's eyes met, they could clearly see that all the dices were spinning, alternating, and jumping around at the dice cup's mouth, but not more than three inches away from the cup's mouth.

All the dice seemed to be trapped in an invisible net.

Seemingly everyone's eyes were following Shang Zifeng's hands and moving nonstop. When Shang Zifeng's hands moved to the left, their eyes would follow him and slip to the left, and when Shang Zifeng's hands moved to the right, their eyes would follow him and move to the right.

Just then, an accident happened again. Just as Shang Zifeng's hand was about to move down and grab the dice cup, a crackling sound came to everyone's ears, and following that, dice fell out of the dice cup one after another. The quantity was not much, just five of them, which was about the same as Bao Tong.

The corner of Shang Zifeng's mouth raised slightly, it had a flash of playfulness, "Pa!"

With a sound, he closed the dice cup. Everything had settled down at this moment.

Was this a coincidence, or was it his intention?

Everyone let out the same thoughts, if it was intentional, but it didn't seem like it. But if it was a coincidence, then this was a bit too much of a coincidence, how could the number of dice drop be the same as the head storekeeper's?

"Tell me, what is going on? This kid …"

"What else can happen? He slapped his own face!" I think that he can only talk nonsense. If he were to get serious, wouldn't he lose face here! "

"Actually, it's not that embarrassing for him. After all, even the head storekeeper only rolled out 10 dices. Not to mention the high and low points, it's already quite good that he can roll out the same number of dices as the head storekeeper!"

"That's right, that's right. No matter what, he is much stronger than me. If I were to roll so many dice in one go, I would not be able to do it!"

"Tch!" What did shaking out ten dice count for? The head storekeeper has six points, five points, four points, and six points. I don't believe that he can come up with these points too! "

Some of them had their eyes on Shang Zifeng, while others had their eyes on him. In short, most people thought that the head storekeeper was just like an undefeatable god of war, even if the brat had some skills, he would still not be a match for the head storekeeper. How could the flame of a candle compete with the sun and moon?

Bao Tong stared at the dice cup in his hand. Unknowingly, his forehead was already covered in sweat, no matter how others looked at it, the experienced Bao Tong did not think that Shang Zifeng dropped five dice because of carelessness.

Every single glance, and every single movement was reflected in his eyes. In the instant he shook off the five dices, a trace of craftiness flashed past Shang Zifeng's eyes, as if he had expected Shang Zifeng to roll five dices. If it was really as he had expected, then this brat's gambling skills … Bao Tong didn't dare to think further. If it was really as he had expected, then he would lose this round.

Shang Zifeng looked at his surroundings, and understood everyone's expression. After he faintly smiled at everyone, his expression suddenly became solemn, and then, he suddenly withdrew his hand and opened the dice cup.

In an instant, everyone's eyes were focused on the dice under the dice cup.

The dice's shape and position were exactly the same as the one Bao Tong shook out before. All six of them formed three rows at the bottom, while the other four stood facing each other.

The only difference was that all of the dice that Shang Zifeng had rolled out, without exception, were six points!

When Shang Zifeng pulled out the dice cup, Bao Tong was the first one to see clearly. His eyes were wide open, and he was already dumbstruck on the spot. Even though he had already guessed the result, but seeing it with his own eyes, he still shook for real!

"It actually …" All of them are six! "

A cry of alarm suddenly came from the crowd. This voice was like a demonic barrier that spread out, pulling everyone back from their daze and back to reality.

Six, six, six, six, six … They really were all 6 points. How was this possible? How could this brat shake out 10 points and 6 points!

The old man who had been staying in the casino all year round kept wiping his eyes, thinking that he was seeing things.

In their dictionary, the three dice were called leopards, and this kind of leopard was rarely seen in gambling. A person who could shake out a leopard would find it hard to succeed without twenty years of hard work.

However, when they saw the head storekeeper wave out six five or four six points, they were completely disarrayed. This result had already overturned their world view.

But at this time, when they finished looking at the points that Shang Zifeng had rolled out, there was no words that could describe their current feelings.

How is this gambling? It's almost like magic, yes, magic!

Only magic can produce these points!

In a split-second, the entire hall was in an uproar. Everyone was in an uproar as they praised and praised Shang Zifeng.

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