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C33 Gambling(10)

"Second Brother is mighty!"

Shang Ziyu was full of joy. As expected, Second Brother did not disappoint him, he really won!

When he was rolling the dice, Shang Ziyu had truly broken into a cold sweat for Shang Zifeng. In his memories, Second Brother had never failed before, but today he had failed.

However, when Shang Ziyu saw the dice number, the haze had disappeared. It was only at this moment that he was sure that his second brother had done it on purpose.

Bing Chan's eyes turned cold as she stared at Shang Zifeng with a deeper meaning in her eyes.

This kid really has some skills. No wonder this kid had a solemn look from the beginning. It seems I've really underestimated him!

She got up, accompanied by everyone's exclamations, and walked towards Shang Zifeng, clapping her hands as she walked, and continuously said: "Not bad, not bad, not bad at all!"

"Owner, this little one …"

Bao Tong lowered his head, and was just about to say something to receive punishment, but got glared back with a single glance from Bing Chan.

When he was there, Bao Tong glanced at Shang Zifeng, and then retreated to the side, not daring to say anything.

Shang Zifeng proudly stood there with a light smile on his face. Seeing Bing Chan being humiliated, he felt really happy in his heart!

A indenture contract?

Heh heh, what a joke!

Who wants to sell their bodies to you!

I am still going to the Yuxu Sect to learn my skills, why would I leave it for your servant?

As long as he could win another round, Shang Zifeng and his Third Brother would be able to leave with their money and have them sign a indenture contract or something like that.

"Miss, I won this round right?"

Shang Zifeng asked despite knowing the answer. With a tinge of provocation, his nostrils flared even higher, just looking at Bao Tong, he is truly a newborn calf that is not afraid of a tiger. You dare touch a tiger's butt?


Bing Chan replied with only two words.

"Since that's the case, please inform us as to how we will compete in the second round!"

Shang Zifeng earnestly cupped his hands, he looked quite like a gongzi, but he did not know that his "dress" was called.

However, he had completely betrayed him, causing people to feel a chill in their teeth. Their upper and lower teeth were trembling nonstop.

This brat was way too good at acting!

Second Brother's gentle appearance really gave people goosebumps!

Shang Ziyu also couldn't help but to roll his eyes at Shang Zifeng, as he continuously muttered to himself and protested in all kinds of ways.

Second Brother, I can't even stand watching Third Brother continue like this. If you continue like this, you'll get beaten up sooner or later!

You'd better get your old face back!

"Since we were comparing whose points are greater in the previous round, then this round... Naturally, it's to compare whose points are smaller! "

Bing Chan raised her eyebrows, her tone was calm and indifferent.

"Alright, then we'll still use fifteen dices as the basis. As long as one of them falls in the middle of the process, it'll be considered a loss, how about it?"

Shang Zifeng smirked.


Bing Chan replied indifferently.

"Who can compete with me?"

Shang Zifeng's heart tensed up, could this girl be planning to go up on stage himself? For some reason, he suddenly felt a little afraid of Bing Chan, he felt that the following competition was not as simple as he thought.

"I'll compete with you."

Owner actually planned to go on stage personally, but they had never heard of Owner knowing how to shake dice. Thinking about it, with Owner's power, shaking dice was definitely not a difficult thing for her.

Every single one of them seemed to have come to a conclusion in their hearts. As long as the Owner came out, no matter who it was, they would lose without a doubt.

Bing Chan's reply completely stunned Shang Zifeng. As expected, this girl wanted to personally go up, it seemed that he had no choice but to take on the gamble with 120% of his attention.

It was fine if she won, but if she failed, who knew what method this girl would come up with to make things difficult for them in the third round!

"Then I'll shake it this time."

Gritting his teeth, Shang Zifeng resolutely lifted his hand and sucked all the dices into the dice cup according to the plan from before. Accompanied by the shaking of his arms, all kinds of crackling sounds came out from the surroundings.

When everyone saw this, they cried out in alarm!

It was only then did they realize that Shang Zifeng had done it on purpose the last round. Turns out that he wanted to use the same amount of dice to roll out points that were bigger than the head storekeeper's, to prove that he was stronger than the head storekeeper.

It had to be said that in the previous round, Shang Zifeng had won fair and square, and his defeat was admirable.

Unknowingly, thin beads of sweat had already appeared on Shang Zifeng's forehead. When he pressed down on the dice cup, everyone held their breath and stared at Shang Zifeng's palm without blinking. All of their nerves were stretched to the extreme at this moment.

After a while, he let out a long breath. "Swish!"

With a sound, Shang Zifeng pulled out the dice cup, revealing the layers of lacquered red points inside.

Fifteen dice, all in, forming a triangle with five piles as a column. At the very top, there was a point at the top, and each side was stacked up with the same number of points, neatly and uniformly.

Seeing this, everyone cried out once again. The shock brought about today was just too great. In just half an incense stick of time, it brought them an unforgettable shock.

"III, III … Three o'clock! It's actually three! "

"That's right …" Three points... "It's indeed three …"

"It's simply too amazing …" Fifteen dices, he, he, he actually managed to roll out three dices, and each dices were placed in the same direction. This was too unbelievable! This kid, just who is he! "

"A God of Gamble is definitely a God of Gamble. I dare say that even the Jing Shu Casino's God of Gamble would not be able to fight him! Looks like this time, Owner is going to fall flat on her back … "

"Shh, be quiet!" If Owner hears about this, then don't think that you can continue staying here! "

The whispers grew louder and louder, and the emotions that had been suppressed with great difficulty were once again stirred up.

Bao Tong's expression was now even more wonderful. It was only now that he realized just how big the gap was between him and Shang Zifeng.

This time, he had full confidence that he could win. He had calculated the size and weight of these points before, and the three points were considered the lowest number among the fifteen dice.

In other words, even if she could shake it out by three points, at the very least, it would be a tie and she wouldn't be reduced to selling herself.

"That's right!"

Bing Chan clapped her hands once again, "However, if you think you can win for sure like this, then you're completely wrong!"


Things had already gotten to this point, but this girl was still spouting nonsense. Shang Zifeng could not help but start to suspect this girl's ability to resist the pressure.

This was clearly a conclusion that could not be broken, and he did not believe that she had a way to defeat him.

Just as he was pondering, he saw Bing Chan waving her hand, bringing along her rolling true qi, and messing up the 15 dice, bringing them into the air. At the same time, Bing Chan flicked her sleeves once again, making use of the momentum of the dice cup, waves of true qi condensed around the dice cup, and all the dice were sucked into the dice cup!

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